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13/6/2002 12:29 GMT  Nic
5Aside is booked for Tuesday 18th June as D.Hyman. I have got about 12 names so far. If anymore are interested then contact either Stan or myself; and if need be we can get another pitch booked. All welcome. Looking forward to seeing everyone again. 
10/6/2002 18:44 GMT  Matt
I've been told i'm up against one of you lucky lasses in the 5 a side thursday... good luck! 
1/6/2002 23:14 GMT  ???
who the hell is kelly stier 
1/6/2002 18:53 GMT  Kelly Stier
This message goes out to Kelly Stier. I came across your name by accident because it is my name too. If you get this send me a message. Kelly Stier 
29/5/2002 19:03 GMT  scalby
hi can u add us to your links pls its thanx 
25/5/2002 01:06 GMT  Nic (Norton LFC)
Hi, we've just set up a website and were wondering if you want to swap links & I just want to say, congratulations on his season & good luck next year in the Combination. 
16/5/2002 15:52 GMT  nic park
I am just waiting for Stan to get back to me about a venue and then we can rock and roll. Come along June; it'll be a laugh. Either myself or Stan will keep you all informed. 
15/5/2002 22:25 GMT  karen - Reserves manager
sorry training ended last week.i will e-mail you with some details about us.glad your interested in Nic`s 5-a-side,should be good fun. 
15/5/2002 20:21 GMT  June Cowling
I am interested in joining Barnsley Ladies. I used to play for Rawmarsh and Rotherham but I am a bit rusty now. Could you please e-mail me when training starts as i cannot find a contact number on the site. i am interested in playing in the 5-a-side as mentioned by Nic Park. PS felt a fool turning up for training on 15/5/02 with just me and the gateman. Look forward to hearing from you and congratulations on last season 
13/5/2002 17:19 GMT  Matt
I'm doing a sponsered 5 a side @ oakwell next month. It's all 2 raise gud ££ for a worthy cause, and u may wanna enter a team (if ur allowed!) Anyway ur all welcome 2 come and laugh @ me :) 
13/5/2002 16:23 GMT  Nic Park
Hello there, hope you have all recovered from saturday night by now anyway. This is a message for both the reserves and the first team - I am trying to organise a weekly 5 a-side session if anyone is interested. It seems that Dorothy Hyman is cheapest Sports Centre; so if anyone is interested either txt me; if you have my number or email me at I just want to get an idea if I am gonna be playing one-women-wembley or if people are interested in doing it. So let me know. All welcome.  
13/5/2002 09:30 GMT  rocky(scunny united reserves)
hiya ppl! i heard you went to the end of tournament yesterday how did you get on? i also hear that scunthorpe got to the final and missed out by one penalty as it went onto penalties! i was meant to go but i was sort of double booked with the pub! no im only joking i went to go watch mighty birmingham beat norwich! hopefully they will beat everyone in the premiership exept leeds! and maybe liverpool anyway good luck in the future especialy to the reserves as they are in our leauge but i might not be playing for scunny next season as i have a trial for donny bells anyway i will keep visiting your site so feel free to leave a msg!!!! TTFN!  
9/5/2002 17:06 GMT  Matt
I neva said she was desperate!! just that i am (proberbly!!)  
9/5/2002 15:25 GMT  Anon
Hey Matt,Amy aint desperate for anything.I know that she has a bird so shes quite busy.Hiya Amy! 
8/5/2002 15:36 GMT  suzanne gunson
This is a message for Michelle Herbert. Hi Michelle, I'm trying to make contact with you, nothing to worry about at all!! can you email me with your contact no if poss. TTFN Suzanne 
1/5/2002 18:25 GMT  Matt
For a second i actually believed u'd made a site amy :) How r u? and y'd u neva reply 2 my txt's, u lasses are all the same. (btw im still available if u get desperate!!) Anyway i'll cu round proberbly...  
30/4/2002 21:26 GMT  Martin
Any information would be much appreciated.thanks Martin 
30/4/2002 19:13 GMT  amy carter
hiya!!... is it just me or has anyone else fallen madly in love with ZIPPY! tee hee hee. i watched 10 episodes of rainbow last saturday and now am hooked fer life! So much so that av just bought a massive zippy from argos yer know! Not just that yer know.... but ive created me own website especially devoted ter the little one. check me and zippy out on Its great yer know. laters potaters!!! 
29/4/2002 16:25 GMT  Blyth Town
Hi we r a U14 girls team lookin 2 start a ladies team nxt year visit us @ C U! 
26/4/2002 11:43 GMT  kirklees ladies fc
hey girls..join our "Sod Chip! Save Our Points" campain. the league have unfairly deducted points off us this season and we are appealling against it. we'd be gratefull if any of you could leave a message of support on our guestbook. thanks. 
25/4/2002 11:57 GMT
Hello, i am a commercial manager who specialises in raising funds for sports >clubs, i am part of a lottery syndicate that help fund clubs of all sizes and >budgets, there is no charge for this service. I can show you how to raise the >funds you need to run your team/club whatever your sport or size of club, >professional or amateur. So if you need our help or advice just send me an >email and we will arrange to raise the funds. > >P.S you do not need any complicated paperwork or expensive reports to apply >for this, and all clubs and sports are guaranteed to be accepted. 
24/4/2002 14:27 GMT  becky teale
hey id just like to say unlucky last sunday losing to us 4-2 good luck tonight against donny rovers!! 
23/4/2002 09:00 GMT  Michelle Atkin
Good Luck to the Reserves on Sunday. Sorry I won't be there. 
22/4/2002 17:16 GMT  me
u may be waiting a while martin... the've been saying they're gettin pics but theve still not  
14/4/2002 10:24 GMT  Martin
does anybody know who she is playing for now?also how i could get in contact with her about some trials.Martin  
13/4/2002 14:54 GMT  karen
Lauren dosent play for us anymore. 
13/4/2002 14:18 GMT  Martin
Do you have a girl playing for you called Lauren Emerson?because i would like to come and watch her play i've heard she's a very talented young player.Any information would be much appreciated.thanks Martin. 
10/4/2002 15:17 GMT  Martin B
Press enquiry... Couldn't find any contact numbers on the site. Who can i speak to about a documentary idea about the men behind the women...? Any help most appreciated..  
4/4/2002 18:42 GMT  Spider
Just a note for the reserves.....we are away at Bradford on Sunday in our last but one league fixture. Meet in the courthouse at 11:45am please. Well done to the first team for a great season, and good luck for Sunday at Goole ( the pitch is very nice!! ) P.S. I actually managed to spell everything right this time!!  
4/4/2002 17:35 GMT  :S
There's no chance of pics on here :P 
4/4/2002 10:59 GMT  Hales
well done everyone what a season, lets just do it again next season!! The combination league won't know whats hit em! lets make sure we all celebrate in style on sunday nite!! Bring on both the cups now!!! 
4/4/2002 09:53 GMT  Treacle
Great site!! Would be even better if you had some pics on here for us to look at, especially of Amy!! 
24/3/2002 21:44 GMT  simo
I'd like to thank your lasses for a very enjoyable game today,yes we were beaten but we have to learn somewhere and playing better teams will help like yourselves.Good luck in the next round and good luck in the combo next season. 
22/3/2002 20:51 GMT  fi
thats very brave of u hudds-arent u hard and clever. anyway well done on winning the leauge.good luck next season in the combination! 
22/3/2002 11:22 GMT  Megan
As an outsider looking in - the score line said it all Hudds!!!! 4 - 1 wasn't it? 
22/3/2002 10:53 GMT  Hudds
kicked r ass, neva!!ur a rite load of dirty bitches!! 
20/3/2002 19:09 GMT  The Massapequa Rainbows
Hi Ladies. Thanks for the visit and linking us on your site. We have returned the favour and have linked you onto our site. Coach Greg 
18/3/2002 14:26 GMT  Spider
Congratulations to the first team for winning the League title this season. On behalf of all the reserve squad, I just wanna say we are all very proud of ya! Also, very well done to the reserves for their win yesterday over Huddersfield, it was a great game, and we kicked their ass! ( Even if they do think we are soft! ) Special thanks to all the people who turned up to support us too, it was great to see you there, and very nice to get a round of applause as we came off - it really meant a lot to us. Ta. 
16/3/2002 17:47 GMT  Martin (Ossett Albion LFC)
By my reckoning with Beverley folding you've won the title without kicking a ball this week, well done and good luck in the Combination next season. 
9/3/2002 17:06 GMT  Sparky
Hi there, thanks for coming to visit the site, did u visit the main site as well, because I have only put an intheteam site on here as a doorway to the other, if you didnt go have a look and sign the guestbook. Anyway, I have put a link for you on there, u look like a good team to have a preseason friendly against. I am looking for a team to come down and play us a Layer Road (ColUtd ground) for a friendly before the mens friendly in the summer. By the looks of it from your table your on for promotion this year like us, so give us a shout if this game would interest you. Bye for now SPARKY 
9/3/2002 15:35 GMT  fi
hi!nice site you have got here.any chance of a link 
5/3/2002 17:57 GMT  Spider
I know, I can't spell - it should say toilet roll!!! 
4/3/2002 16:07 GMT  Spider
Anyone got a toilet rol? I think I need one after yesterday!!!!!!! 
2/3/2002 14:41 GMT  muffin
yo spider the lasses r doin ok we've won the league as u well know i just thought i'd rub it in a bit haha the cup matches r goin ok aswell as far as the corned beef pies go well wot can i say TILL WE MEET AGAIN!! 
27/2/2002 14:55 GMT  Spider
Don't worry Muffin, we know who ya are!!Hope you're all doin' well up there, how's the corned beef pie? 
25/2/2002 15:10 GMT  Georgie
Hi Ladies, great site! Good luck in the future from all at Docklands Ladies FC. Come and visit our website on and be sure to leave a message in our guestbook! See ya! 
24/2/2002 18:06 GMT  muffin
well hiya hows yo footie goin just in case u dont recognise my name its the little one from cls ladies u know small lass big gob  
24/2/2002 16:07 GMT  me again
well thats the point! if u've thought about it why not DO it?? it wud save people clutterin the guestbook with requests wudn't it! 
22/2/2002 09:25 GMT  player
You aren't being offensive you are being annoying! Don't you think we have thought about using a normal camera? The last thing on any members mind on a match day is taking pictures!  
21/2/2002 21:40 GMT  Matt
I know that my msgs are getting taken off. i dont mean to be offensive or anything. I just read what people want (i.e. the pictures, u said u'd thought about using a normal camera... why not?) also has any1 apporached the site manager (of the one with all the pics on..) i understand he was willing to do buisness with the club in order to get his banner up, so if you ask him he may let you have the pictures. Again, just trying to help you with the request of the masses Matt 
19/2/2002 23:40 GMT  Tor
Hey girls, just thought you'd be interested in viewing our site, its still in the production process, but check it out and dont leave without signing the guestbook!! the address is  
19/2/2002 20:06 GMT  player
go shell...go shell...go shell!!!! 
18/2/2002 16:26 GMT  Michelle
You may have put the link on but if you haven't noticed you can't get those pictures off that web site without buying them! (They can't be saved like other pictures can). If you are that worried about pictures why don't you put your name and e-mail address on and I will contact you? From now on if you don't leave your name you won't get your message on the site. The choice is yours. 
17/2/2002 21:30 GMT  why have u deleted my msg?
i did already put you a link in a msg but someone decided to delete it it is: 
17/2/2002 19:23 GMT  Hamish
Want to see a good site come to 
14/2/2002 17:34 GMT  Michelle Atkin
Give me some pictures and I'll put them on! I can only add things to the site if I have them!!!!  
13/2/2002 02:26 GMT  Zoe
Hiya Barnsley Girls!! Just thought i'd see whether you would be interested in checking out our site??  
9/2/2002 20:11 GMT  gilly
great site, apart from i can't login! how do you do this?? see you soon 
5/2/2002 11:59 GMT  gemma
well done lasses you certainly kicked ass on sunday. It wa good to see you all wi no hard feelings coming at me. See ya all soon.  
5/2/2002 09:33 GMT  rocky -(karen)
hi karen scunny first team did beat man.u. ladies 4-1 i have been told. although they lost to newcastle away this week 3-1 but the thing is we seem to thrash other teams at home and not do that good away anyway i will let you know about further results write back from rocky 
4/2/2002 21:18 GMT  Spider
Well done to everyone in the first team for the fantastic victory over Doncaster Rovers yesterday, I am very proud of you all. Apparently, Barnsley were supposed to "bottle it" according to a certain person connected with another club in our league, ( someone got their facts wrong there then, eh? ) Also well done to all the spectators for their support, it was great to see so many there. Reserve fixtures will be posted as soon as we have them, and instead of training Wednesday, we are training Sunday morning at Carlton - 11:00am. Congratulations again lasses, you kicked some serious butt!! 
4/2/2002 16:49 GMT  Jonesy
Just want to say congratulations girls we did it, kicked their ass!!! Thankyou to the reserves for our support. 
3/2/2002 20:49 GMT  Michelle Atkin
Congratulations to the 1st team for today. You did us all proud! 
3/2/2002 19:24 GMT  karen
congratulations to the 1st team on your victory over Donny Rovers.You definitely kicked some ass. 
2/2/2002 17:38 GMT  Jonesy
Would like to wish all the girls good luck for tommorow. Lets kick some ass Barnsley !!!! 
30/1/2002 09:39 GMT  Gemma
I'm gonna come down tonight and watch you train. Thanx Karen i'm fine hope your ok!!! 
29/1/2002 18:16 GMT  karen
thanks Gemma.Hope you are ok.You`ll have to come and see us so we can catch up. 
29/1/2002 15:37 GMT  Gemma
Hey all. Just thought i'd gi a visit to see how me old teams going. hope ya do well this year!! Good luck to both teams. Gemma 
27/1/2002 23:54 GMT  CLS Reserves - Dennis
Sorry to read about the injury to Caroline - please give her our best for a speedy recovery and a really hard time against our defence next season!! 
27/1/2002 15:41 GMT  cath dyson
Well done lasses, really enjoyed the game that i came to watch last week! Keep it up! Miss my team mates loads. Hope the foot mends soon cazza, p.s when r u and shell coming up to c me? xx 
25/1/2002 12:20 GMT  ROCKY(SCUNNY GAL) - KAREN
hi karen thanks for your msg. i dont know the first teams score yet as i havent been able to go training i will ring cookie or chockie later and find out for you! i do know they beat them last time they played. my knee should be ok soon i had a little camera put in it last night to move the nerves and i am in pot for 2weeks! (whaaa) but luckily i (should) be ok for our cup game on february 24th against middlesboro! anyway as soon as i find out i will let you no keep leavin msgs though see ya from rocky!!!!! 
24/1/2002 20:58 GMT  MULFC
There's nothing wrong with MU lasses, give them time and the'll be as good as the first team. You have to consider the fact the've only been together a year or 2, (there was a team long time ago but they had to close due to lack of numbers) Hopefully, the next time they play u' it'll be in the final  
24/1/2002 18:42 GMT  Karen - Rocky
Hope the knee gets better soon.I hope we beat them did your 1st team get on against Man U on sunday,Hope they beat them,they knocked us out of the F.A.Cup 2-1. 
24/1/2002 10:53 GMT  ROCKY (SCUNNY GAL) (N.O.6)
hi girls did you watch the game last night go on you spurs! i support leeds but i hate chealsea! arsenal won again (doh) who thinks man.u. is gonna win it? not me arsenal,newcastle or leeds hopefully leeds though. i hope you beat boro on sunday we are playing them soon in the cup they are a preety good team anyway ive got to go cos im due at the hospital in a hour cos i pulled my hamstring playing you on sunday and trapped 2 nerves in my knee. i will probably come bak on later so bye for now... 
23/1/2002 18:48 GMT  Matt
i know that i'm not wanted to do the site (cos this 1's better neway) but if u want nethin doin just ask :) 
22/1/2002 17:01 GMT  Spider
Well done to everyone for Sunday's victory against Scunny, I thought the linesman in the first half played a blinder !! ha ha ha. Let's keep it going for this Sunday against Middlesbrough - we rae at home - kick off 2:00pm. Well played Andi, you did great, and nice to see you there Caz, hope the hospital soon find yer x- rays!!  
22/1/2002 14:15 GMT  Rocky (scunny united reserves) (n.o 6)
hi girls well done on your victory over us on sunday i thought everyone played really well great goal to the person who shot from quite far out and it landed in the top corner. sorry i dont know your name i thought i made a few good runs only to be stopped by your keeper who i thought played very well.we look forward to playing you again and are looking for revenge ha ha. anyway good look in the future and i hope you continue playing well. bye for now i will keep visiting your website and signing your guestbook bye. 
22/1/2002 11:11 GMT  jo-wlfc
karen....thanks for the msg in our guestbook about keith...i'll try and make sure that it gets passed on to lauren and family 
21/1/2002 19:35 GMT  Chester le Street Ladies Reserves - Dennis
Many thanks to Michelle and all the girls at Barnsley for their congratulations on that League thing!! Tell Spider there will be some corned beef and potato pie next time we meet. Looking forward to meeting you all again at some stage - best of luck and keep on kicking!! 
21/1/2002 13:03 GMT  Mary
Well done for sunday. sorry i missed it. looks like it was a real good game. good write up shell. Well done again. 
20/1/2002 18:14 GMT  caz allott
thanks to everyone who helped with my injury on wednesday much appreciated hopefully it it not as bad as first thought,thanks again CAZ 
20/1/2002 15:12 GMT  Michelle Atkin
Well Done to the Reserves on their victory today. It was a good team performance, lets carry it on to the next match. 
19/1/2002 00:01 GMT  Matthew (again)
Just read in the news bit about Caroline Allott's injury and your lack of strikers.. Anyone thought of askin Kath Pickstock?? I know she's busy with her school job but i'm sure she'd help if u asked her :) 
18/1/2002 22:13 GMT  Matthew
Good to see that you've got a proper site for a change. All being well i'll be there soon 2 watch u all Does this mean that the tarn1 site has been cancelled? Anyway hope all's well and that you'll all 4give me for being so stupid about the site before, this is much better than id do. Matt Http:// 
18/1/2002 21:30 GMT  Michelle
Thanks Foz! 
18/1/2002 20:16 GMT  Foz
bloody good new site this Michelle. Like it baby!! could we have some sexy pics? 1st team, make sure you beat thorpe on sunday cos ive got a bet on. Thanks pumpkins xx ps,ickle has fallen in love, awwwww bless her! 
18/1/2002 15:27 GMT  rocky (scunny united reserves) n.o (15)
hi girls do any of you know if bradford have a website because i need to get hold of danni and sadie if anyone knows if they have could you leave it in the guestbook and i will get it tomorrow thanks from rocky 
18/1/2002 13:44 GMT  Mary Ward
Yeh caz, i wish you a quick recovery, my thoughts are with you during this period of time. best wishes  
17/1/2002 16:12 GMT  Nic Park
Yeh Caz, we are all wishing you a speedy recovery. Who am I gonna take the mickie out of if you aren't here Caz!!! 
17/1/2002 10:48 GMT  Michelle Atkin
Get well soon Caz! 
15/1/2002 11:04 GMT  christine
hi girls! good luck for the rest of this season! please visit us at and sign our guestbook 
13/1/2002 21:00 GMT  Michelle Atkin
Alot of players still haven't handed in their kit sponsor money. Anyone who has got some money to hand in please bring it to training on Wednesday. 
12/1/2002 15:51 GMT  Christopher Booth
good luck for the rest of the season 
11/1/2002 17:50 GMT  Spider
Fine job, Shell. Just one thing though.......where's my nickname? cos people keep asking who Jo Vicary is !!!! 
10/1/2002 15:08 GMT  Nic Park
Great Site Michelle, its easy to use has some gr8 features. Well done. PS. Good luck to both the reserves and the firsts for the year 2002!!!! 
5/1/2002 18:01 GMT  wlfc
good luck for the rest of the season! pls visit us at 
4/1/2002 22:30 GMT  Kelly Swift
Great site Shell well done, its about time. Now whos going to give Doncaster rovers our address? im sure they will find it. Good luck to every one this year in both teams, i can feel its going to be a good year.  
3/1/2002 14:52 GMT  Martin (Ossett Albion)
Just found your site, we have a link page on our site with all the intheteam ladies sites, i will put your team in asap. any chance of linking our site in return? 
2/1/2002 22:55 GMT  Mick
Great site michelle, lets get all the details filled in as quick as we can. Well done! 
30/12/2001 20:16 GMT  Tube
Merry Christmas ladies!! I am the manager of a football team called Late and Disorientated in the United Kingdom and our team is on this web site. Just wanted to say hello and hope to hear from you lot on our guest book with some interesting chat since out team is so dull! 
30/12/2001 18:25 GMT  karen
good site. all we have to do now is fill it in. 
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