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16/3/2002 22:10 GMT  tez
fcuk you dcik i'll nail your ass to the floor! 
13/3/2002 18:39 GMT  Dean
You could cum get me too cos im so scared that you cant even write your name!!!! 
13/3/2002 00:13 GMT  Anon
Are you scared yet Al? Once Al is out of the way I will come and get you Tez and your precious Renault Clio. 
12/3/2002 21:54 GMT  TEZ
12/3/2002 17:57 GMT  Al
there int gonna be a fight, i dont know who anon is so i ant got a problem wi him, tho he has wi me and tez for some reason?!?!?! to the NC soldier, cheers, glad to c u love us all!!! lol. are any of u out on weds by the way? lewins? mwale? Dazzy V? put a note on melthams guestbook if u r, laters al 
12/3/2002 13:52 GMT  nc solider
NOT FCUKIN READY!!!!!!!!BIATCH!!!! U ALL ARE FCUK UPS!!!!! you really wanted to go 2 tech greenhead was the nearest place, couldnt hang wi the sloffs not ready 4 the downers!!!!!!! SH1T BRICKS!!! NOW PLEASE SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
11/3/2002 19:05 GMT  Champ
I don't really like jocks, but that anon guy is a nob head! I hope al punches his fcuking face in if ever theres a fight. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 
11/3/2002 18:24 GMT  Al
whos got a beef wi me? love to konw what ive done? 
10/3/2002 12:33 GMT  re: anon
who is alm? obviously you go to new college! put your name you pussy! Re: hater, you cant swear cos of the intheteam rules. Why do you wanna swear? does it make you hard or is it cos there the only words you know you thick NC b@stard! 
9/3/2002 13:24 GMT  Greenheader
Get out more? Err i think you'l find that every Wednesday and Saturday were out!!!!Poor Lad New collegers really are thick arent they. But you might not see us because youre probably thinking your something your not @ Bar Non or some sh1t like that 
9/3/2002 10:09 GMT  greenhead hater
all greenhead people are wa@$ers, you should all get a hobby and get out more. You should stop talkin about all this fighting because your all a bunch of fukin fag@ts who would cak themselves at the sight of a real fight. now get a fukin life. the fact your not allowed to swear on this fuk up of a site shows how gay you are 
9/3/2002 00:19 GMT  anon
alm and tez are gonna get fuked up. believe it white boys. 
8/3/2002 19:58 GMT  Dudek
Anon is a soft p*ssy and would run away from a boys fight! 
8/3/2002 16:08 GMT  Dean
Soz lad but al wont be out Sat Nite 
8/3/2002 00:38 GMT  re: who is anon
ill fcuk u up as well boy! ali will find out satnite!!!  
7/3/2002 23:18 GMT  Who is anon?
Why doesn't he put his name? R u scared that if we find out who you are you'll get tw@ted! 
7/3/2002 20:27 GMT  I wanna Mullet
dude you forgot friday night in leeds on ya little votey thing. Tut tut 
7/3/2002 16:48 GMT  concerned fan
think u need 2 do sum stuff on this site cos its cr@p at the moment 
7/3/2002 15:40 GMT  Dean
Im sure he is!!! 
7/3/2002 15:28 GMT  anon
yeah well why is al totally sh*tin himself then. L8Rs al c u satnite 
6/3/2002 18:42 GMT  BIG 'L'
Start it up on your page seens as though Meltham have stopped it on theirs. Il start you off - Al-Tori, Ben-Sam, Tez-Zorro, Greg-Bird from work, Dean-Amy,Jo-Burgin, Jonesy-Liz........keep on going 
4/3/2002 18:51 GMT  Al
who is anon? wots his problem wi me?? 
4/3/2002 17:40 GMT  THE GUY BELOW IS SO HARD
He must be so tough, have you seen that he is so strong he doesnt even have to put his name 
3/3/2002 21:38 GMT  anon
This site is so sh*t.God how sad are you .I know who you are and i'm gonna kick the sh*t out of al if i c him trying to go with my ex again.b warned. watch your stride white boys. 
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