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22/5/2002 22:15 GMT  Wheeze
Sorry, Alzheimers kickin' in. I was a Fisher Boy 70-75. It must have been all the clouts around the head with a rolled up newspaper from Dinky Dunworth. 
20/5/2002 00:26 GMT  Simon Blease (Wheeze)
Fisher Boy 71-76 along with Drewett, Holt (jnr), Cutler (Forbes), Bridger (Squidge), Pearce (Flobby), Dale, Mackenzie, Kiwi, McKewan, Corbett, Hunter etc and hey, is that you Moody down in Aus??? Guess you've got about as far away as you can! Who remembers PJ getting tackled in that staff/students match? Dave Holt, can you let me know where I can get in touch with Drew. Last time I saw him was a mid 70's picture with giant sideburns and a Datsun 240Z!! On a more sombre note, this is a sad year because we lost probably the brightest star in our team when Paul Cartwright was taken from us at a tragically early age. No one can ever forget his rapier-like abilities on the wing. So long old pal. 
15/5/2002 08:04 GMT  david more
I so much love the site 
13/5/2002 16:47 GMT  John Devereux
From a real "old" old boy ... 1954/1960. I remmber Fr Fawcett and also Les Quilty who started rugby at John Fisher in 1958. I was part of the small group with Tony Meade and Brian Murphy who started the JF OB Rugby. I wonder if anyone from back then will pick this up. Great to see you guys are surviving and thriving ... even if it did take a merger with "Old Purlians". You have a great site ... good luck and success. 
19/3/2002 16:10 GMT  Bryan Whicher
Hi Miles, hows Adelaide, what are you up to nowadays ? Hope all's well with you. Hamish Nicholl, I remember Richard Wood talks about nothing other than the £20 you owe him, please send it to me & I'll see he gats it ! 
16/3/2002 17:01 GMT  hdkjsfj
16/3/2002 12:02 GMT  kirkleesladiesfc
hey guys! we've finally managed to get our pictures on our site, check us out at click on news and from there your in for a host of delights! :) 
13/3/2002 17:42 GMT  G
4/3/2002 17:06 GMT  Cheesey McPeasey
Its over a week since Warlingham lost to PJF, and I'm glad to see there's been very little gloating going on. Perhaps we all actually feel a little sorry for the boys from Hamsey Green. They used to be quite good once. Maybe a merger with Chipstead or Shirley Wanderers could be aranged? 
1/3/2002 06:31 GMT  George Hunt
I remember Perry and Fawcett. Was at Fisher 70-72. Live in the States now (Chicago). Peter Campbell and John Veglio, where are you? 
15/2/2002 11:40 GMT  Martin Johnson, Leics,England,British Lions
My pals at Warlingham don't like you- that means I don't like you. Sorry about your losing next Saturday. Ha ha ha. 
8/2/2002 11:27 GMT  alberto tomba
you bunch of handbag waving shandy drinking pikeys will have your arses kicked by the mighty warlingham on the 23rd ! very ware !! 
7/2/2002 15:59 GMT  Upton
Such arrogance - sorry but you wont beat Warlingham again this season. 
4/2/2002 22:42 GMT  Clive Frampton
Hi,used to play for Purley back in the 70's with Chris Collins ! Anyone else left? I coach Colts at Colchester rfc.We're not you run a side (or U21's)? If so, fancy a fixture ? Cheers, Clive 
2/2/2002 03:24 GMT  Collin Moody
Hey there from downunder, love to catch up with anyone from 71 to 76 who served under Perry, Sinott, Liddiard and their various dunlop specials. "Better suss that out for yourself Laddie!" 
23/1/2002 00:06 GMT  Miles Yorke
Hi - JFS old boy 1963-1969 or so. Yes, remember freezing cold rugger b***r days on that pitch near old Croydon aerodrome. Is is the same Perry that loved to use old Clarke's Dunlop Volleys? Dave Holt - are you the guy whose Dad had the Plymouth Barracuda and lived in Selcroft Road? Funny old world. 
17/1/2002 11:11 GMT  Ian Horgan, Richmond Saxon's
Thankyou for the game on saturday, and making us play until the end.Good luck with the rest of the season. 
11/1/2002 14:31 GMT  Peter Perry
Petes e-mail address is in the throws of being fixed, in the meantime if anyone would like to contact him (ie Dave Holt), I will forward any e-mails on. Regards, Mark Perry (Son) 
21/12/2001 19:34 GMT  Peter Harrison
Hi I was a boarder at JFS from '62-'67 - played all teams including some relatively inauspicious moments in Ist XV. Remember Perry quite well, especially x-country activities in freezing cold - doing push-ups in the snow shrinks one's appendages quite dramatically - the shrieks on the shower as warm water brought blood back was amusing - afterwards. Any old boys interested in contact - pls email me here in Sunny Los Angeles Peter 
5/12/2001 16:00 GMT  Ian Horgan
Sorry about our fixture saturday against your 2's, out of my control. Would like to rearrange on 15th Dec if poss. 
29/11/2001 09:42 GMT  Fat Prop
Incidentally the torag called Vinny is a girly football player and his site is the Red Star football club in Airdrie - or something like that - feel free to hunt them down and abuse them - they are a bunch of buckfast drinking torags - do you have buckfast down there? Must say however your guest book looks a bit like a contact area for gays who once got onto a rugby pitch at primary - no wonder you fairies can 't win a grand slam. I was in Purley once -it consists of one huge roundabout with a tesco - got out quick though looked like a real place to commute from - and never return - don't even mention coulsdon - queersville 
26/11/2001 11:53 GMT  Ian Horgan
Can your fixture sec contact me on above address re this Saturdays fixture. Thanks. 
15/11/2001 00:22 GMT  Hamish Nicol
Alive and well in Houston, TX. 1st XV 79-81. Played at Swansea/ Wales Univs and Studes and did my bit for London Scottish 1st XV helping them to a well earned relegation. Ended my days as a hopeless, wheezing old has been at Lensbury (It was next door and involved no effort) after coming back from crushed vert and packed it in. Always enjoyed playing for JFS OB. Would like to get in touch with Richard Wood as I owe him 20 quid.  
1/11/2001 21:49 GMT  Martin Harrison
I remember PJ Perry. I left 1n 1970 so did not pay in the 1st's however my older brothers Andrew and David still keep in contact with some of their old school friends. Thadius Kubiak for one. 
20/9/2001 01:24 GMT  Dave Holt
Past 1st XV prop 1970-1971. Coach was P.J. Perry. Looking for other past OLD BOYS. Brendon Hagen, Thadius Kubiak,John Doyle, Gerald Winston to name a few. Also played for Fr. Fawcett under 13. Left John Fisher summer 1972 to attend college back in USA.Would like to hear from past old boy ruggers with whom I shared many great rugby moments. As coach Perry would say come here my little flowers. Wuold like to get his email address if anyone knows.  
2/7/2001 10:23 GMT  Tim Curtis
Don't let a 17 stone flanker drop his knees into your back during a match. You'll probably suffer a slipped disc and have to miss the last 4 months of the season. 
9/6/2001 13:51 GMT  Nigel Dufton
Looking forward to seeing all you Pommie tourists ( Brooksie & Co) here down under. Rod bird has advised of your imminent arrival - N Dufton, 1979 - 1982, D Dooralong, NSW.  
8/6/2001 13:29 GMT  John Moore
It'll be hard at Chard - Found an old red nose and whistle and thought of you lot ..., Old Purleians, the original Purley Colts 1976-77 (tight head), Surrey Colts (vs Holland); Sussex Colts (in Portugal); and Purley tours too many to mention, Edmonton Leprechauns, Alberta, Canada; Eastbourne RFC. I'm playing happy families at Plumpton Green (by the race course Chris, Stav!), Be in touch!! (the minister) 
10/5/2001 12:33 GMT  Carl Wideman
Remember many of you from Surrey Under 16 days, I was hooker for JFS (Bob Dickenson was my prop, I joined Royal Navy as submariner in 1980, served for 10 years, went to South Atlantic and all that, played for Royal Navy at Under 19's and Under 21's then tore my bloody anterior cruciate and that was it...time to learn the rules and ref!)...(Never did) now I run own business in Crawley & Horley...doing very well thankyou despite b***** all education from John Fisher ! Live in Hassocks with Blonde Finnish bit of totty for wife with two sprogs, one 14 plays football (Fairy!) and a sweet little daughter aged 4 who will no doubt end up seduced by one of you rugby sorts one day ! Feel free to email me reagrds Carl Wideman 
26/4/2001 12:03 GMT  Luke Ridding
Great tour people. Good results and good times. Lets make sure we do it again next year! 
18/2/2001 19:09 GMT  steven care
Whats happening to the training? last thursday is another example of wasting my time and others who are committed to training. It shouldn't work on no-show at training play on saturday...i could be doing other things on thursdays aswell. 
10/2/2001 02:34 GMT  John Doyle
Greetings from Brisbane Aust. I am an oldboy(68-71)of John Fisher. I would love to hear from any of my friends many of whom were keen rugby men. Thanks. 
8/2/2001 20:10 GMT  bilch
The guestbook doesn't seem to be going too well. One message a month isn't very good. I thought everyone these days was a computer nerd. The web site's good but running out of steam. Martin, you haven't entered my drop goal in our heroic defeat against o.Emanuel. I don't get many points. Hello to Tim up in Brum. I hope all is well and you're still running with the big dogs and weeing in the tall grass. 
2/11/2000 13:20 GMT  Tim Curtis
Martin, very impressed with the new site... but you haven't recorded my 2 tries scored for the 2nds on 21st Oct! Playing 1st team now for Old Halesowenians - we're currently 3rd in the league. Lost to the league leaders last week. Well done to everyone at CLOB. Send greetings to the boys. Hope to catch up with you all around Christmas. 
30/10/2000 16:12 GMT  Alan Davies
Thanks for the update. Please continue to keep us all informed AND keep winning! 
15/9/2000 00:41 GMT  bilch
Greetings Mart me ol' china plate. very impressed with the web site. Chin chin carry on with your mud pie. 
8/9/2000 12:57 GMT  Simon Marus
Martin Very nice picture of you old chap. See you for a Britney soon.  
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