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Any club member who logs in may delete entries in the guestbook. intheteam reserves the the right to delete any offensive entries in the guestbook.
3/7/2002 19:03 GMT  AD
What the..????? I am a mere 28 years!! 
3/7/2002 17:24 GMT  ANDY DAVIES IS 30 TODAY
3/7/2002 17:15 GMT  Pam Ayres
ODE TO THE LEGEND.......OH MICK HUBBARD, what went wrong?? Everything you bowled hit hard and long. "Don't worry youth, its just bad luck" and then you got another duck!! You used to be the cream of the cream; an asset to any cricket team. YMF are a bunch of nurds. Next time mate, your in the THIRDS!!!!! 
3/7/2002 16:00 GMT  General MacArthur deceased
Was that just before he got shot 
3/7/2002 13:05 GMT  mickhubbard (legend) all my loyal the words of general Mcarthur "I WILL RETURN". 
2/7/2002 13:48 GMT  Twiggy (GBUCC)
Congratulations on kicking Walsall YMFs ass. Keep it going and can u please beat some of the other top teams please. See u later in the season. 
1/7/2002 22:29 GMT  AD
The Legend will fight back, it's only a matter of time before you are all bowing to him yet again. I however will never lower myself to such an act!!! 
1/7/2002 16:14 GMT  Neutral
Hubby fight back 
1/7/2002 14:37 GMT  The Voice Of Ansley Cricket Club
Hubby its time you hang up your boots you are too old man to keep getting whacked around the field. Its better known as buffet bowling I.E help yourself. 
1/7/2002 07:19 GMT  Told You all along
Hubby , you were well and truly shafted 
30/6/2002 18:29 GMT  Ansley stiff
Please take Hubby back AD the leg end belongs in the 1st X1, especially after his performance at YMF. 
28/6/2002 15:37 GMT  AD
Hubby (Legend) making statements like "long live the king"....until now that has never been heard of, him voicing his respect towards me! Be a good boy Mr. Hubbard and I will reinstate you to the place where you belong - The 1st XI. 
28/6/2002 13:20 GMT  hubby (legend)
Im looking forward to my trip to wymf with my new team mates,now were on a winning run.Could it have something to do with the legend that the stiffs have won their first game of the season?.I will be looking forward to a pint at the griffin on the way home after our second win off the season.Looking at the batting & bowling of our new stars long live the if your looking for a job i need a bag carrier & i`ll buy your tool kit off you (i need a lump hammer). 
28/6/2002 11:11 GMT  In Favour
It all fits into place , reading the last few entries A.D. must be quietly laughing his head off . Its obvious . Hubby is a top quality player who should be in the first team . Why would he be in the seconds - so that everyone can have a good laugh about him having to go to Walsall YMF this week , and again for the first team game later on . Twice in one season - you've really stitched him up there A.D. ( Hubby , have you not cottoned on to this ? )  
28/6/2002 07:39 GMT  Prince William
I am a future King of England and am looking for my father who I'm told is in his 50's , baldy headed with a funny voice . I've heard that the King can be found at Ansley , could this be the father I am looking for ? King Hubb if you are my dad come to Buckingham Palace this Saturday to meet me , where you can have untold wealth and proper admiration from millions of loyal subjects . Or , go to Walsall YMF and play cricket in those lovely surroundings . Why take a shower when you can wash yourself in a sink in a container 
27/6/2002 16:45 GMT  A . Contractor
Picture the view at Walsall YMF . Glorious containers glistening in the summer light . No poxy sight screens to spoil the view and lovely shin high grass flapping over the top of your clean boots . You can wear a lovely tight helmet on your head while fast bowlers chuck the red ball onto the uneven wicket with dark trees in the background . A couple of cul-de-sacs would fit in very nicely on the ground with about 30 detached residences . A nice tarmac road could be laid straight across the middle . Why do all this when cricket can be played . ps Hubby - hope you are looking forward to your trip there this week  
27/6/2002 10:35 GMT  Home player only
A judge could send criminals to the Walsall YMF containers ( sorry , pavillion ) as a punishment for their crimes . This would solve to a degree the problem of overcrowding in prisons . Could we get cloudy running water a bit earlier ? say 2005 , and lets face it our ancestors made do with cess pits so why is everyone whingeing now about there being no bogs . Can Walsall YMF leave a shovell , so that we can make use of nearby open land when we want a crap . ps Hubby - enjoy your trip there this Saturday  
27/6/2002 08:09 GMT  Jamil Latif
It is actually a pavillion, not a 'container' as you disrespectfully refer to it. Its not surprising the rest of the league hate us with this kind of negative publicity. Our facilities are second to none- we should even have a toilet and running water in time for the 2009 season. 
27/6/2002 07:18 GMT  UB 39
Without Hubbard we will lose every time. Time for the great man to return . The captain should take account of public opinion and re-instate the great man . Hmmm , actually thinking about it well done A.D. Sending Hubby over to Walsall YMF for a day out in the Containers is quite funny . The old git can suffer over at Dead End Street while we stay at home . Enjoy your day out Hubby ( not ) ha ha ha  
26/6/2002 20:20 GMT  hubby (legend)
my coments about AD are not meaned to be seriuss. i respect him and admit that he showed me how to be a beter bowler and bastman. the king is greater than the legend at kriket 
26/6/2002 20:18 GMT  FJS
Tractors my arse. Gissa job!!! 
26/6/2002 20:09 GMT  Pat Greenfield
Long live the KING 
26/6/2002 19:27 GMT  AD
Is there a mutiny on the HMS Ansley? Disloyal servants to myself will be strung up by their boll*cks and have cricket bat handles inserted into the rear orifice. This has always been a rule of the club, hence why "The Legend" participates in such slander towards my good self....he thoroughly enjoys the punishment. I also quote rule number 123.5A in Ansley CC's constitution, "All members are hereby directed to worship AD, The King of Ansley - And not, I repeat...NOT...The Legend, Michael Henry Hubbard. Any such person found to be a supporter of "Our 'Enry" shall suffer the same punishment as a disloyal servant". Also, in answer to Conspiracy Theorist's question.....YES, The Legend is in the reserves again this week!!!  
26/6/2002 16:27 GMT  Cowdrey
Stephen Fleming in the strokers XI , is there a mistake ? The Stephen Fleming I have known for many years is a true gentleman who has earned respect from everyone for his perfect behaviour and stiff upper lip . Admittedly his head is an abnormally small size , hence the nickname Baked Bean head , but hardly meritting qualification for the Strokers XI or " Team from Hell " . Also , how can anybody question whether Hubbard is any good ? You should be placed in stocks and pelted with last weeks tea left overs . Dont let A.D. throw it though , he would miss the target wheras Hubby would hit the target bang on every time  
26/6/2002 15:35 GMT  Nasser Hussain
Congratulations on Ansley's first Stroker award! AD - this is not a side that you want to be in! Have you been stirring with our mates at Great Barr? 
26/6/2002 14:21 GMT  Another Club member
After reading your Guest book for for the last few minutes, I have only a few observations. 1.) There is a great spirit between MOST of your members. Although not knowing any of them, I do think however that there may be a little bit of needle between some. You know who I mean 2.) I realise that you HOld Mr Hubbard in high regard as a 'Legend', but the question that I am sure many outside people would ask is 'Is he any good??' 3.) I am and will be pleased to make the aqcuaintances of anybosy who thinks YMF should have been chucked out of the league. HAving been to the 'Containers' already this year I can safely say that it is horrible. Although their teas are very nice. Best Regards folks 
26/6/2002 14:03 GMT  David 'Dicko' Graveney
Congratulations! I am delighted to announce that Mr Fleming has been selected to play for the WCL Strokers XI. This is quite an achievement, having met the rigid criteria of having conducted oneself like a complete and utter tosser at some stage during a WCL match this season (namely a failure to walk when clearly out, and petulant verbal abuse). We will be in touch with you shortly with details of forthcoming fixtures. 
26/6/2002 06:52 GMT  Conspiracy theorist
Following the legends remakable return to form and fitness will we be seeing him feature in the first team this week ? Or will the less talented than Hubby first team captain banish him to the second eleven in what is obviously an attempt to force the great man into retirement  
25/6/2002 06:45 GMT  Spokesman
ATT. Paul Villiers. F**k off you spaz 
24/6/2002 15:45 GMT  Uri Geller
All the positive energy has worked wonders . Throw Hubby the legend positive vibes and there is no saying what the man could achieve . Keep feeding him with insults and negativity and you will have a bitter and twisted super power on your hands 
24/6/2002 13:25 GMT  Hoppa Long
Good to see Hubby the great back to fitness on Saturday . Only a truly great man could bowl over 20 overs after being virtually crippled only days before . That is why the man is Ansleys greatest ever player  
24/6/2002 09:34 GMT  hubby (legend)
well batted brian boyd on saturday.I enjoyed my battle with you & i think it was honours even.It was a most enjoyable game & was played in the right spirit.Look forward to seeing you again. 
24/6/2002 08:51 GMT  Paul Villiers
I have been alerted to the comments placed in your guestbook and would remind you of the legal powers afforded to the Commission for Racial Equality under the (amended) 1976 Race Relations Act. Your committee will be hearing from us in due course. from Paul Villiers, Media Policy Officer, Commission for Racial Equality 
23/6/2002 21:31 GMT  Brian Boyd
Enjoyed my first visit to Ansley on Saturday. Well done Ansley Reserves, pipping us on the penultimate ball of the 58th over. It was a pleasure to meet and shake the hand of Mick Hubbard, the legend of Ansley. It was clear the respect and awe with which his subjects hold him. Excellent tea, good company. Well done Ansley. 
23/6/2002 19:22 GMT  Pat Greenfield
Well said AD, everyone knows we try to make friends with all our opponents and that is why we are such a friendly club, anyone wanting to call opponents should as mentioned before have the guts to leave there name.  
23/6/2002 17:37 GMT  AD
Offensive messages shall be deleted. Ansley CC members do not show any disrespect to our opponents, only eachother. 
23/6/2002 14:36 GMT  ansley player
Anyone leaving an offensive message should have the bollox to sign it. 
21/6/2002 15:43 GMT  jamil latif
Your anti-YMF comments are deeply offensive 
20/6/2002 07:51 GMT  Razor
Could things be looking up ? A Kiwi star arriving at Ansley , Hubby set to play on Saturday , whatever next . All we need now is the great man to give in to public opinion and get himself a wig . 
18/6/2002 11:54 GMT  Mr Merrick
Well , I certainly gave it a load of negative energy . Hubby , you may have developed a long trunk and big grey floppy ears  
18/6/2002 08:19 GMT  Uri Geller
We need combined positive energy to address the problems that we are facing . At 12.00 noon today , everybody focus their energy and concentrate on Hubbys injured thigh . Nasty sight as it is ( probably red and rashed), but the collective positive energy will help it heal . Alternatively at 12.00 noon give off a load of negative energy and we might be able to turn him into a disfigured elephant type creature  
17/6/2002 20:30 GMT  Realist
Let's be honest with ourselves for a moment. How on earth do we expect to beat Great Barr this coming weekend with injuries to Mick Beale, Mick Hubbard and Martin Horne, Combined with unavailabilities of Rob Lovegrove, Dave Parnell, Steve Emery, Steve Fleming, Ahsan Sayed, Richard Franks and Neil Streeting, and not forgeting Andy Davies and Paul Glover, who both resigned and retired last weekend. 
17/6/2002 18:10 GMT  Nicko
Whato said de ting. Dooon't meddle wit tings ya doon't understand. 
17/6/2002 07:46 GMT  Merlin
I refer to Mr Boyds comments and stress that pointless weeks in terms of cricket results is one thing , but the real trick is to avoid a pointless existence . I think a poll could be necessary to decide who fits into which category . Thrash us if you will , but with Hubby the legend injured it would be a shallow victory 
16/6/2002 21:52 GMT  Brian Boyd
In response to Spokesman's message to all Great Barr Unity Visitors, please rest assured that our lads will enjoy doing battle on the greensward with you guys from Ansley next week. Our boys are a motley crew but we shall do our best to give you a pointless week. We thoroughly enjoy your website and hope that our few additions to your website have been taken in the spirit of one bunch of club cricketers having fun with another. I was hoping that Hubby Legend would be fit to take his new place at the top of the batting order so that we so called yammers may witness the great man first hand.Having robbed Ward End Unity of their 'unbeaten' tag in the ones this week, you might expect us to take an easy 24 points off Ansley. Unfortunately, we are excellent at losing to the lesser sides.You should be able to beat our 2nd. X1 because we can't hit it off the square at the moment. I am flattered that Spokesman wishes me to play against Ansley. I hope that the selection committee retain my services in the 2nd. X1 after my masterful 17 in 34 overs against Ward End yesterday. Selection committees don't always appreciate talent, so although I hope to be visiting Ansley common on Saturday next, it is all in the lap of the Gods.I also look forward to a post match pint with some of you guys. May the best teams win. 
16/6/2002 11:08 GMT  Spokesman
TO ALL GREAT BARR UNITY VISITORS: Owing to your previous comments regarding your inevitable forthcoming wins against us, I am forced to warn you that our current league position is due to injuries, unavailabilities and pure luck on our opponents side. We always play the game in a sporting manner regardless of the outcome or opponents attitude, I hope you adopt this manner during the battering of your bowlers and the bone crunching body blows to your batsman this coming Saturday. May I also request that Mr. Brian Boyd plays in this match...for obvious reasons. 
14/6/2002 16:23 GMT  Hob Gobblin
We are doomed . Without the great man we may as well all pack up and go home . We need to do a witch hunt to find out who is sticking pins in the Hubb . I suggest we burn Flem first to find out if its him . Hubby you must contact your ancestors or your mate Merlin to use their magical healing powers . While you are at it , get them to advise on basic English grammar as well  
14/6/2002 12:50 GMT  hubby (legend)
hi to all my loyal subjects.unfortunetly as you know i`m injured at the moment & i think someone as employed a voodoo witchdoctor to stick pins in a effigy of me because they are jealous of the superb job i`m doing of opening the i`ve got in touch with my ancestors to use there mystical healing powers on all is not lost my loyal subjects i`ll see you i can get more wickets & score more runs than you on one leg you 2nd team nobody. 
13/6/2002 21:38 GMT  Tord Grip
Sven you talk boll**ks. How many times have I told you that Hubby is an unfit, fat, over the hill, bald idiot. 
13/6/2002 12:14 GMT  Sven
Hubby are you fit ? Now that David Beckhams foot is ok your injury is the biggest concern 
13/6/2002 06:53 GMT  Outfielder
I reckon Hubbys injury must be chaffing of the knees from all the diving he doe fielding in the gully 
12/6/2002 20:19 GMT  Paul Zseli
What is Hubby's injury? A finger strain from all the bullsh!t he keeps typing on this damn guestbook !!!!!! 
12/6/2002 12:18 GMT  Worried Local
Are Ansley in dire straits now that their greatest ever player King Hubbard is injured ? What will we do . Hubby , your loyal followers need a message to boost morale in this darkest of times . ps John The Duke Wayne - I thought all your films were crap and no where near as good as The Terminator  
11/6/2002 07:27 GMT  General Custard
Hey Sitting Bull , ready for some payback for the Little bighorn . You rally your cherokees with the smoke signals and I'll call the Duke on his mobile phone . Lets get it on for the biggest pow wow this side of the Wild West . I'll make you squeal louder than Hubbard appealing for LBW and pump your mate Tonto full of Buckshot . I'll make your squaws my slaves and use your so called fancy totem poles for firewood . So come on down and get your verukas bazukered by the real kings of the Wild West  
10/6/2002 20:00 GMT  AD
I go away for one week and the website has become a meeting place for wierdos!!! 
10/6/2002 14:26 GMT  Sitting Bull
That John Wayne , he speaks with forked tongue . He should never kiss a balloon 
7/6/2002 22:08 GMT  A real babe
Hubby is to Ansley what hankies and bells are to Morris Dancers, butter to bread and Cov City to Division One. 
7/6/2002 16:21 GMT  a.babe
Ho Hum!! I wonder why some people suggest cricket may be BOOOORING?!! 
7/6/2002 16:19 GMT  John The Duke Wayne
Anyone know where I can find any injuns to give a blasting of lead shot ? Yeehaw I luv to squeal as I let the pesky little red necks have it . Scalp em then set fire to the thar totem poles 
7/6/2002 08:02 GMT  Coventry City Loyal supporter
I'm dismayed to read abuse directed at Hubby . Why cant we all just praise the legend for allowing us to associate ourselves with him . He may have his faults such as supporting Wolves but at least he hasnt used his magical powers to help them get promoted . This is a measure of the greatness of the man  
6/6/2002 06:38 GMT  Royal servant
Can I remind paul zseli that referring to the King as an ar*e is a treasonable offence . The great man should be worshipped for his huge talent and vast knowledge on all subjects , not referred to as a smelly brown orifice 
5/6/2002 20:18 GMT  Paul Zseli
Finest home grown talent(my ar*e), yet 'king' hubbard as you call him, is a wan*y wanderers fan. So he is even worse, he's a plastic yam yam!! 
5/6/2002 14:11 GMT  Head of Immigration
Are you suggesting we have yam yams within our ranks ? root em out and string em up as an example to others before it is too late . Only the finest home grown talent should be allowed to wear Ansleys fine colours ( King Hubbard for example )  
5/6/2002 12:34 GMT  Informer
Fuelling the fire! It is becoming common knowledge amongst certain circles that Ansley itself is now harbouring three of these so called Yam Yam immigrants within it’s ranks. Yet to make any real name for themselves, the question still remains. Is it a reflection of the so aptly named “Great Barr” that three of their local boys prefer to travel to the much leafier suburbs of Ansley Common?? Or is it simply that Ansley now have some sort of secret agenda?? The conclusion remains uncertain!!  
5/6/2002 10:25 GMT  Davey Crockett
The Bison is a cumbersome hairy dumb animal that hangs around in a big pack thinking this will protect him from Lions . The buffalo is a close relative of the bison 
5/6/2002 07:24 GMT  Bison hunter
I find disrespect to other members of the cricketing fraternity completelly uncalled for . Its true that anyone ( cricketer or not ) from North of M6 junction 3 indeed should stick to yam yam land and breed merrily amongst themselves . There is no need for disrespect . Bison ( or was it buffalo ) Boyd is obviously practising to be a wit , although he is only half way there at the moment . He may with practice become a wit , by say , 2038 .  
31/5/2002 13:12 GMT  AD
There is absolutely no need for "Ansley Player" to reply to "Boring Buffalo Boyd" in that way. I'm sure that in reality, Mr. Boyd is a nice, pleasant old man and there is no truth in the rumour that Bealey is to buy a stuffed version of him to go with his other fat, hairy and ugly stuffed animals. 
31/5/2002 11:02 GMT  Ansley Player
Great Barr puffs, F**k off back to yam yam land. 
30/5/2002 22:50 GMT  B.R. 'Buffalo' Boyd.
Further to David Attenborough's recent contribution to this guestbook, I must point out that there can only be one preying mantis in club cricket and he is Peter Bennett formerly of Robin Hood C.C. and latterly of Wythall C.C. Peter's gate is akin to Grandma in Roald Dahl's 'George's Marvellous Medicine ' after she had taken her grandson's elixir. Certainly since 1986 he has been known fondly in GBU circles as 'the preying mantis'. Peter was a difficult batsman to dislodge and delivered pies from his great height. Far from a figure of fun, Peter was a very nice man and was seen on TV in recent months winning Britain's Brainiest Teacher programme. Perhaps Mr. Fleming could be a water scorpion instead. 
30/5/2002 12:27 GMT  David Attenborough
If you are interested in stuffed animals you could build a collection based on cricketers . Weasel / Stoat ( Hubbard ) Mad Dog ( Davies ) Dapple the Horse ( Robert Curly hair lovegrove ) Babboon ( Glover ) Rat ( rat boy - several candidates ) Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pig ( Ray Emery ) Pig ( Ruddy faced - Slim Deeming) Rabbit ( Starmer ) Chimp ( Franks ) Warthog ( Worrall ) Sea Lion ( Martin Horne ) Bearded Tit ( Several ) Preying Mantis ( Fleming )  
30/5/2002 10:01 GMT  M Beale
I have been alerted to the lambasting given by concerned player on 27/5 and as ever find the endless drivell mildly amusing . I dont think I am losing the plot but am struggling with fluid on the knee rather than fluid on the brain . I admit to owning some stuffed animals but I have no Grizzlys in my spare room . I was offered a stuffed Giraffes head but since I bricked the giraffe at Twycross zoo and it ran over making a funny barking noise I've been wary of them ever since . I have a number of ferrets which I am breeding and intend to erect a Dinosaurs skeleton on my back garden . I am going for a T Rex but am worried about problems with the neighbours and the council . It may have to be a Velociraptor instead . 
29/5/2002 12:11 GMT  Sherlock
King Hubbard is correct ( he is never wrong of course , just ask him ) . I have to point out also though that Detective Ironside has a greater track record of walking than King Hubbard . Three words , pot , kettle and black spring to mind .  
29/5/2002 11:48 GMT  mickhubbard
i agree with you madass i don`t like castle brom,just a bunch of brummie t*ssers the skippers nice to (not).the only time he walks is when he runs out of petrol 
27/5/2002 17:07 GMT  concerned player
Does anyone think Bealey is losing the plot . He blames his knee for his head and has bought a bat with holes in saying it lets the wood breathe . He refused to do any running and did the most pathetic dive i have seen when fielding . He has been saying that cricket is crap and he is going to buy a hound dog and take up animal tracking . Franksy says that he has a load off stufed animals in his house and is going to buy a stufed bear to put in his spare room . He paid no attention to the cricket and thought it was funny doing what sounded like wet farts waffting them around as well . i am worried and thing he has lost the plot . Does anyone else think so as well. 
27/5/2002 15:08 GMT  Madass - GBUCC
Brian Boyd tells me he has been peppering your guest book and was told somebody called him a prick so I thought it was worth a look. I really like your website and we look forward to the fixtures against you. I read you dont like YMF, what do u think of Castle Brom? We usually have a good slanging match with them. We got bowled out for 81 by YMF on Saturday nd that Amar isnt slow! 
23/5/2002 23:23 GMT  Bonnie Prince AD
I disagree Sir Hubbalot....The Flem batted superb against Leek Wootton and Newdigate, proving he is more than capable of batting in the top order. 
23/5/2002 17:14 GMT  hubby legend
now my old mate flem claims to be a bowler,perhaps he would like to join the other bowlers down the order.May i suggest he can take my spot at no.10 
22/5/2002 20:12 GMT  Bonnie Prince AD
Good Idea Sir Hubbalot, I'll do it right now!!! 
22/5/2002 10:43 GMT  hubby legend
hey bonnie prince davies,well i`ll call you that being as you are the pretender to my throne.Why don`t we have a decent poll next time & vote on who is going to take my no.10 spot now that i`m back at my rightful position at the top of the order. 
21/5/2002 13:24 GMT  AD's Rectum
Pat please remove yourself from me 
20/5/2002 21:54 GMT  Proud Son
Well bowled dad!!!! I would just like to warn any unsuspecting division 3 batsmen who happen to stumple upon this fine website, Andrew Davis is the ultimate quick bowler who single handed can blow ANY side away!! I should know, I was his 500th victim and I didnt have a prayer!  
17/5/2002 17:08 GMT  Realist
Have we all been brainwased by the Hubb . You think about it he can be pretty annoying at times . This King business could well be a bit of a sham just so that he can prolong a few more years of his petty existence and hero worship from his brain washed fans . Davies has got quite a few more qualities than Hubb , and perhaps he is the real King after all  
17/5/2002 07:03 GMT  Kings Counsel
Interesting how people view others as pricks . Take Ansleys greatest ever player , King Hubbard himself . Absolutely worshipped by everyone at Ansley and deserves his very own bag carrier ( several candidates for that ). I should think other clubs may not have this opinion . Squeaky voice , oof like cries , annoying appealing , disgust openly shown towards misfielding off his bowling etc etc . Does this mean that he is a prick and a far greater ambassador for the club such as Mr Davies deserves the royal title instead ?  
16/5/2002 07:27 GMT  Psycho Analyst
I must point out to Mr Boyd that all witches and warlocks were persecuted to extinction in Ansley many years ago . The only exception was an ancestor of the Hubb who passed his magical powers through the generations to the Hubb himself . It is very obvious how the King uses his apparent supernatural powers to manipulate weather conditions to aid his bowling for example . If you are a fat , bearded , bespectacled old fogey as you say you are I would be very suprised if you aren't indeed an annoying prick that is constantly ridiculed by his own team mates . A pass degree is a sign of a lack of education . You should have tried harder in your younger days , at the same time spending your pocket money on razors instead of chips .  
16/5/2002 06:59 GMT  Brian Boyd
Ouch! I seem to have hit a nerve with Mr.AD. It would seem that my assessment of his personality must be somewhere near the mark. May I suggest that the role of pantomime villain might be a suitable off season pastime for the gentleman. As to his assertions about me, I must admit that the words 'annoying', 'pr**k', and 'idiot' have been banded my way over the years and that it only by family and friends when being polite. As to the 'uneducated' gibe, I must admit that it was only a pass degree.Others, particularly Twigg, would probably suggest that the term 'w**k*r' was the accololade that most fits me. I would describe myself as a fat, bearded,bespectacled old fogey of slightly more years than the Legend, who has been mistaken for W.G.Grace when on the greewsward and Father Christmas when not. A cricket nut who thoroughly enjoys the richness of amateur cricket, which is what makes the Ansley Guestbook such an enjoyable read.  
15/5/2002 23:04 GMT  AD
Brian Boyd, you sound like an annoying prick who tries to be a funny guy, but succeeds only in making yourself look a complete uneducated idiot. Before making stupid remarks may I suggest you make some enquiries as to whom you are refering, otherwise you may find those witches and warlocks prancing about on your face, not the pavillion.  
14/5/2002 14:26 GMT  John Twigg
Hello i would like to introduce myself as 1st team captain of Great barr unity CC who have just breezed into top spot of our division. I am looking forward to the game and our inevitable win which will come about by me bowling you out with my mesmorising moon balls. congratulations on not liking YMF who are arseholes and have been 4 years ! Good luck for the rest of the season. J.TWIGG 
14/5/2002 12:01 GMT  Royal Fan Club
There is only one King of Ansley and he is not Mr Davies . How can anyone other than the Hubb be King . Take his credentials - 30 years since his debut for the club . Apart from an enforced absence in a penal institution (the Magistrate was far too harsh , a period of community service would have been a far more appropriate sentence ) he has been top man by a mile . Only last week he was whacking opening bowlers all around the ground and only got run out so that he could take his afternoon rest , as all 50 year olds like to do . Stop knocking King Hubb . We are only worthy of being his worshippers .  
13/5/2002 22:09 GMT  Brian Boyd
The Ansley Cricket Club Guestbook is becoming addictive. Indeed, I have added it to my list of MSN Favourites. It is a cross between Ambridge and Emmerdale, full of human interest, factionalism, jeolousy, plain speaking, topped off with a dose of English nationalism with the Morris Dancing saga and the odd smattering of cricket! The King and the Legend have become part of my daily life. I have seen the pictures in your gallery but, to me, Hubby sounds like a very worthy fellow, perhaps a cross between Captain Pugwash and Noggin the Nog. Lou Carpenter from Neighbours is another who springs to mind when I think of Hubby. AD, on the other hand, sounds like a bit of a flash Harry, one of those people who right thinking people would love to hate. My I suggest a coven of witches and warlocks prancing about in the cricket pavilion at dead of moonlight and an input of one or two highly sexual sirens weaving their mayhem between the two factions, might add to the storyline. Keep up the good work, Ansley. 
13/5/2002 20:39 GMT  Morris Dancer
AD i hear there is a another tour in the winter is there any dates set? 
13/5/2002 19:41 GMT  Disciple of AD
AD is the true King. Hubby may well be a legend, but he will never take the coveted "King of Ansley" title from the skip. 
13/5/2002 19:14 GMT  AD
I think you're a twat. 
13/5/2002 18:09 GMT  ANON
to the editor or manager of website during a brief look at some of ur players in ur picture section it has come to my attention that some of them look like ex pornstars, it would be a good idea to create a porno lookalike a section, what do u think?  
13/5/2002 17:55 GMT  Hubby Worshiper
how do u do it king hubby , at ur grand old age eeeeeeeee gringo ????????? 
13/5/2002 16:58 GMT  hubby. legend
Thank you mere mortal for those kind words,but i`ve been saying along my rightful place is not wasted at ten & eleven. 
13/5/2002 16:15 GMT  Never As Good
What a man King Hubbard is . Just when he is being slaughtered as a Morris Dancer , he bounces back with a top performance . Compared to King Hubbard we are all just mere mortals 
10/5/2002 12:49 GMT  AD
Strange....very strange. 
10/5/2002 11:47 GMT  Tinker Bell and the Magic staffs
Is Hubby now a Morris Dancer ? He is too old to be a Northern Souler any more . Morris Dancing is far more applicable to his age group  
10/5/2002 07:53 GMT  Heavy Metal till I die
Morris dancing is a pastime undertaken by ageing , heavily bearded men ( and women where applicable ) who live in villages , a comfortable distance away from the nearest conurbation . The dancing is followed by the slaughter of goats tethered to posts on the village green . The blood from these innocent animals is then splashed over the dancers naked bodies as they perform Pagan rituals around a roaring bonfire . There is no place for this sort of thing at clubs like Ansley 
9/5/2002 17:53 GMT  MORRIS DANCER
im pleased to see that there is some interest in morris dancing in the club.  
8/5/2002 17:11 GMT  Morris Dancer Appreciation Society
Dear Ansley Player. How dare you insinuate that I am a big puff. Just because I dance with bells on my legs and enjoy banging my stick with my fellow dancers, does not mean I am of the gay fraternity. This is a preconception and is truly insulting to our fellow dancers. After all Morris Dancing is a promoter of fertility. Perhaps we could introduce some dances as a warm up, an alternative to the "hacker" maybe??? 
7/5/2002 21:08 GMT  Ansley Player
Get lost Morris Dancer you big puff!!!!! 
7/5/2002 19:58 GMT  MORRIS DANCER
i hope to make an appearance in the thursday team as soon as opening appears.  
7/5/2002 16:07 GMT  AD
For once Hubby, I agree with you!!! An innings like yours at Offchurch would have been superb on Saturday....that's why you should start to prepare for opening the innings against Birmingham Co Op. 
7/5/2002 10:21 GMT  hubby legend
Hi.Fatboy.Here`s your first reminder of the season,& it`s only the first game.What was it you said about my backs to the wall innings at offchurch.I bet you wish some of the so called stars could have done that at bablake on sat.ENOUGH SAID. 
3/5/2002 09:59 GMT  Pat Greenfield
N.B. A notably performance again by ' THE LEGEND ' despite having a traumatic week with the football. Sure this man deserves to be opening on Saturday against Bablake. After a good nights sleep I feel able to go against the wishes of my team mates and praise ' THE LEGEND ' !!!!!!!!!! 
2/5/2002 21:48 GMT  Pat Greenfield
A big up to the king of Ansley 'AD' for another match winning performance tonight, what a star, also congratulations to Michael Kiernan for helping out at the death when we really needed it ( top man ) also well played to A.Blackmore, D.K, S.Fleming, R.Franks, R.Evans, R.Lovegrove, N.Stringer and A.Morgan well played lads.  
30/4/2002 20:43 GMT  WALSALL YMF
WHAT ARE YOU WANTING!!!!!!!!! BUD BUD DING DING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
29/4/2002 19:20 GMT  AD
What the hell????? Okay, so I have put on a pound or the middle of the season I will be back to my normal fit self!! Hubbard...I see your trying to be funny, but yet again you make a complete fool of yourself....look at the way you have spelt "physique". You really must try harder if you are to succeed in insulting me. DOH!!  
29/4/2002 16:45 GMT  9 stoner
Sorry - must correct you all . Physique is all important . A fat b**** is a fat b**** in anyones language . Cheesy wotsits I assume refers to a disregard for basic personal cleanliness 
29/4/2002 14:09 GMT  a.babe
hey hubbard!! I do hope you aren't trying to suggest that I may be an ugly bird. There is more to a person than their physique (and I am sure there is nothing wrong with yours AD)and if it is his wife's description then she mustn't have any complaints (or she would be his EX-wife). 
29/4/2002 12:13 GMT  hubby (legend)
so ad thinks my backs to the wall innings was boring,I`ll remind him of that throughout the season when the so called stars are back in the hutch.Do you remember the castle bromwich game,that innings probably kept us up.AD a babe magnet do me a favour,why don`t you show the girls a full length photo of your pyhsique fat boy,& include your cheesy wotsit.(your wifes description not mine). 
29/4/2002 07:50 GMT  King Hubb
The only women that would be attracted by Davies are the ones that run after sticks that have been thrown by their owner .  
28/4/2002 21:34 GMT  AD
The AD fan club has absolutely nothing to do with me I can assure you...however, I admit I find it very flattering!! 
28/4/2002 21:07 GMT  a.babe
The AD club wouldn't happen to be fronted by Andy Davies himself would it? By the that newsreader a trans-sexual (or something)? I could swear she (he?) is saying 'blow me off'!!! Maybe someone can tell me what is really being said? 
27/4/2002 21:51 GMT  Pat Greenfield
We must be the luckiest club in the country with first having the LEGEND and now we have the KING aka Andy Davies, congratulations must go to the king and Gloves for a match winning partnership today, much respect. 
26/4/2002 21:15 GMT  We Love AD Club
a.babe and a real babe can join our club. AD is drop dead gorgeous, funny and his cheeky grin sends us girls weak at the knees. Ansley wouldn't have any female fans if AD didn't play for you, we come to drool over him, not support your club. AD IS SOOOO SEXY 
26/4/2002 20:44 GMT  Walsall YMF
26/4/2002 17:53 GMT  A real babe
AD- he's no pussycat. He's a hybrid rottweiller/ british bulldog cross, who likes nothing better than 15 links of raw sausage, before he bowls a ball. Known as "MAD-DOG" to his mates!! 
26/4/2002 17:28 GMT  a.babe
AD - you make yourself sound like a real old git with your comments on here but I bet you are a sweet, pussycat really. Brian Boyd made me giggle though, how could he think that this bunch of old women could be a threat!  
26/4/2002 16:28 GMT  Court Jester
There seems to be some debate about the skipper . There is only one possible solution - ask King Hubbard . Ansleys greatest ever knows everything there is to know about every subject , including prison food . Just see how quickly he does the Sun crossword . Your majesty , please advise your loyal devoted subjects 
26/4/2002 12:09 GMT  Lindon Fenn
I agree with Flashing Blade that the skipper is unfashionable . As a previous skipper I do feel that the current skipper is a poor fashion statement for the club. I agree that Mr Beales trousers did leave a bit to be desired , along with his blue pants but other previous skippers such as Steve Gosling and Mick Worrall were perfect role models . I myself wear sun hats ( 24 hrs per day ) , knackered white pumps and black trousers purely because I want to . Nothing wrong with that . All my cricket gear is knackered because I've been retiring for 20 years so its got to last a bit longer . Its not because I spend all my money on beer in the Punchbowl and dodgy bets in Ladbrookes  
26/4/2002 09:25 GMT  Brian Boyd
Have down loaded much of the information about your club and its players to help my club prepare to annihilate Ansley when you meet Great Barr Unity in our inaugural meetings this season. The Ist. X1 captain will create a dossier for his players so that they are fully conversant with your chaps. Included will be input from our sports psychologist having got into the minds of your fellows through the excellent guestbook that you run.Hopefully, we will then take 48 points off you!! Seriously, a very good website. Look forward to locking horns with a vibrant sounding club on the greensward this summer. 
23/4/2002 21:21 GMT  AD
The skipper...a fool??? unfashionable trousers??? Surely you must think that Mick Beale is still skipper! 
23/4/2002 17:34 GMT  Rosemary Conley
Perhaps Mr Cannings can come along to my slimming world class, to run every Saturday for 95%of the Ansley team 
23/4/2002 17:08 GMT  Snicker
I agree with flashing blade . Agnus Magnuss doesnt know what he is on about . Hubb is a legend because he has been a master ( bator ) with bat and ball for decades . If you dont believe me put it to the vote . The small minded minority should get behind King Hubb and he will lead us to many victories 
23/4/2002 16:52 GMT  Flashing blade
If the skipper doesnt like or rate the Hubb then he is a fool . Its as simple as that . The great man is far too good for 2nd team cricket and was a mega star when the skipper was still wearing short trousers ( un-fashionable ones at that ) . He is good enough for the top order and should be promoted immediately  
22/4/2002 21:13 GMT  Wayne Canning
22/4/2002 20:04 GMT  Magnus Magnuson
Number 10 - The answer to your question is so simple....the skipper don't like or rate him. However, this season will see the mighty Hubbard rise up the the rezzers!! 
22/4/2002 12:21 GMT  Number 10
Why oh why does the Hubb bat so low ? The great man has been the saviour of Ansley so many times , although not outs are usually the sign of a selfish man deliberately trying to improve his average with no consideration for anything else . He should be promoted up the order NOW 
22/4/2002 10:07 GMT  hubby (legend)
The not out king does it again. First game of the season & the legend carries his bat again when wickets were falling like nine pins on a bowlers paradise. why does this man bat so low. When once again he showed superb technique on a very difficult track.I will be doing a weekly report on all my heroic deeds throughout the season.That will give you something to look forward to,in your mere mortal lives. 
21/4/2002 07:22 GMT  Rosemary Conley
I don't have any "ballacks"!!You used to be such a sweet boy. Wot happened??  
20/4/2002 21:20 GMT  Andy D
I agree with Pat!! 
20/4/2002 19:56 GMT  Pat Greenfield
RC use your real name or i'll get Tez to rip your ballacks off!!!!!!!! Davies and I can't help being the pinup boys of Ansley CC. 
20/4/2002 13:59 GMT  hubby (legend)
nice to see that little gob sh*te franksy as found his true spot for the season,looking at the team selection for sunday.pick the bones out of that lizard tongue. 
20/4/2002 07:59 GMT  Rosemary Conley
Pat, we know you worship Andy Davies, but do you have to model your physique as well as your cricketing on him!!!! 
19/4/2002 20:11 GMT  Pat Greenfield
Good luck to everyone playing Sunday and to everyone for the coming season, thanks to Andy Morgan I have got one eye completely closed after Thursday nets my eye has really swollen up and is bloody sore. And finally a message to all players about this seasons fantasy cricket see AD or myself for an entry form, please take the time to have a look and join in as all profit goes to your club ( Ansley CC ) and at £5 makes a small but worthy donation to club funds. 
16/4/2002 17:13 GMT  A genuine 5ft 11in person
5ft 11inches!!! Now take your high heels off Mick and re measure yourself. 
16/4/2002 11:38 GMT  hubby (big leg end)
what are you on about you cretin.I am the national average. 5ft 11in 
13/4/2002 22:09 GMT  well hung
Nice to see Ali G has been on the web site he has a big dick prehaps he could lend Hubby a couple of inches to make his up to the national average ?????????? 
13/4/2002 18:26 GMT  Ali G
Howz it goin'? I think Ansley is wicked, especially that Mick Hubbard, he's boy acasha. RESPECT. 
10/4/2002 10:54 GMT  Pat Greenfield
Alan Metcalfe what the F**k are you on about, still its great someone as famous as you takes time out to write on our website. Who are your picks for the stars of the coming season. 
10/4/2002 06:41 GMT  Alan Metcalfe
During my studies of the game , I have come across a number of strange reasons for players to retire from playing cricket. Willie McCarthey was a window cleaner by trade and was an habitual whistler . He was banished to the boundary edge by his team , Jackwell , as he constantly put the batsman off with his whistling . Although this was not malicious he couldnt help it . He retired from playing because he hated fielding in the deep . Dave Watson was an excellent batsman who played for Morton Mallett . He scored 666 runs in a year , twice in succession in the 1980's , the second season averaging 66.6 as he was dismissed on 10 occasions . He was a superstitious man , and when people started referring to him as the devil ( 666 ) of Morton Mallett he retired from playing . Then there was Brian Francis , the taxi driver from Darlington . He had a habit of sitting in his cab with his arm resting out of the window and constantly got sun burn on his elbow which prevented him from bowling . I dont want to clutter up your web site , so if you want me to stop leaving examples of the amusing stories I have come across please let me know .  
9/4/2002 21:05 GMT  Patrick Greenfield
Well said AD, who the eck does he think he is Davies is the king. 
9/4/2002 19:40 GMT  Andy D
F**k off you woggy witch doctor. I'm glad you got battered to sh*t by the aussie fans. Save your criticisms for someone who you can smack round the park, not someone who took your wicket in both games. You're my little black rabbit and always will be. 
9/4/2002 12:11 GMT  marlon black
whats this i here,you`ve been trying to rough up my old mate hubby the (legend). seems it did`nt work,he smashed your so called fast bowler i use the term lightly.into the farmers field & you lost your new balls,serves you the way i here fat boy as been bragging about hitting hubby on the thigh a couple of least he got in line. when i played for sphink a few seasons ago for me to hit davies i would have to have bowled at the square leg umpire. 
7/4/2002 11:40 GMT  Lou
Hope your opening went well yesterday. 
6/4/2002 20:45 GMT  Andy D
Azza - Sorry my son, but your details have not worked. Email me what details you want and I will upload them correctly. Dad 
5/4/2002 20:06 GMT  PZ
I think we should play the BORO in a charity match. Any proceeds should go to the memorial fund for the families of Cal, Lash and Sean. 
5/4/2002 13:32 GMT  son
Dad, i've just put my details in. I dont know if it worked. Please check and respond. son  
4/4/2002 17:52 GMT  OLD MOTHER HUBBARD
Hubby should be made MAYOR. That will solve the problem. Michael dear, your mum will get on to the council immediately. 
4/4/2002 17:08 GMT  Hubbards Old Mother
The self centred ego merchants who call themselves the committee need to go . Hubbard should be General Manager and allowed to make proper decisions . Everybody looks up to him as the top man . Give him the scissors to cut the ribbon unstead of the mayor . I do however disagree that he has the talent to spot a good boozer . Due to his immense other talent we can overlook this  
4/4/2002 16:31 GMT  The Mouthy Committee
We will never resign for we honestly believe that Mr. Hubbard is good for nothing more than picking out a good boozer. The view that he should be the General Manager is ludicrous and should fall upon deaf ears.  
4/4/2002 11:12 GMT  General Hubb
Shabby and shamefull of the committee. They should all resign and we should appoint Hubbard as General Manager . As Ansleys best ever player its only right he should have control over absolutely everything , including cash . Hubbard should open the nets instead of the mayor . The committee need to act now or resign 
3/4/2002 18:43 GMT  The Silent Committee
We rule this club and will never surrender to your ridiculous demands. Bollux to all of you who throw your support behind Hubbard.  
3/4/2002 14:13 GMT  Nasser H.
The time is drawing close . Is Hubby opening the nets or what . Why are the committee silent on the matter , protecting their egos no doubt . If top man Hubby cannot open the nets then I call for a media blackout and mass resignation from the committee  
2/4/2002 09:26 GMT  Hubbys brother
Your remarks in respect of Hubbard are shamefull . Yes he is fat , bald and he does wear ridiculous kermit type overalls , but he is far and away our best ever player . He could borrow a sports jacket for the grand opening of the nets and photographs for the papers . Why are the committee stalling over this . Hubbard should do the honours . Why do the committee hide behind a shabby cloak of silence 
1/4/2002 18:58 GMT  Andy D
Hi there Aaron...My Boy!! I remember the good old days when you couldn't bat or bowl. You were just a mere tapper and chucker...but alas I got hold of you and coached you into the player you are today. You are my son and I can fully understand how proud you must be to have me as your father. 
1/4/2002 14:33 GMT  Aaron
I am the illegitimate love child of AD. Hello dad. 
30/3/2002 16:56 GMT  Lou
Mick....yes I am indeed female, and I think I will pass on your invitation thanks all the same. Although it has nothing to do with Andy D's comments (thanks anyway AKD) as I have already seen your pic on the profiles. I hope all this 'nastiness' is just playful jesting.....I would hate to see your team play if it were would be more like a battlefield!! 
29/3/2002 20:57 GMT  Andy D
Some of us refuse to hide under ridiculous names!! It is quite clear to see that "everyone" who gives Hubbard support consists of a mere couple of people using aliases. Over my dead body will the green, bald tosser open the nets....I would rather McCloskey honour us with his presence for yet another season. By the way Lou...I suggest that you do not take up Mr. Hubbard's offer as you may be dissapointed in your findings, that is unless of course you would enjoy a date with someone who looks remarkably like one of Harry Enfield's Old Gits. PS. Hubby....YES, DAVIES WILL GET HIS OWN WAY AGAIN!!! 
29/3/2002 12:01 GMT  hubby legend
thanks for your support everyone.I would be honoured to open the nets.But are the committee big enough to say they got it wrong,or in other words will davies once again get his own if you are a female i would love to meet you.I`m not that old. 
28/3/2002 18:25 GMT  Terry McCloskey
Hubbard is going to have an ego the size of a beach ball. I say, NO TO HUBBY, the man is too mean to buy me beer, fags and dog food. He forced me out of a club where I had many friends (?). He should not get the VIP treatment. Instead I could be a guest of honour and Ansley could treat me to a free meal and drinks (for a change) and be seen to be helping the less fortunate. I could arrange for a press release, accordingly.  
28/3/2002 17:24 GMT  Pete " Heavy" Miller
That Alan Metcalfe is a star or what . Alan - you've got to tell us more . p.s. Hubbard is the top man by a mile . Cobblers to the mayor . Hubbard the legend is far more important . 
28/3/2002 17:14 GMT  Alan Metcalfe
I would like to thank Clubber Johnson for his kind remarks , although I assume it is not THE Clubber Johnson as he died 4 years ago . I visit many cricket web sites and think Ansley's is excellent , with plenty of interesting comment . I will at some point enlighten you further with other tales I've picked up over the last 43 years , such as "Mad" Jack Wilson who once ate 28 sandwiches at tea and then bowled 17 overs on a hot summers day . Or Pete"Heavy" Miller the 26 stone wicketkeeper of Long Croxton . Theres Walter "grey man" Groves who played until he was 88 and Martin "all day" Bradshaw , the crease limpet opener who carried his bat 4 weeks on the trot while playing for Hatchets O.B. in 1969 . Every club has someone who is part of folk lore . Mr Hubbard would seem to be Ansleys 
28/3/2002 16:57 GMT  Lou
You are all nuts! Completely and utterly bonkers!! What have you been polishing your bats with 'cos i think some of you have been sniffing it!! All the same, from someone who doesn't actually know the guy, I say give Hubbard a bit of recognition, it seems to me he deserves it, give an old man some joy! 
28/3/2002 13:51 GMT  Clubber Johnson
Some fantastic comments here . Alan Metcalfe is a star - great read or what .  
28/3/2002 13:20 GMT  12th Man
When will we see any official word on the opening of the nets ? Its perfectly clear that eveyone wants Hubby to be involved in a big way , and all the time the Committee remain silent on the matter , presumably counting down to the big day when they can rub shoulders with important people . Come on Committee , explain yourselves . We want Hubbard . 
28/3/2002 08:15 GMT  Alan Metcalfe
The debate in respect of Mr Hubbard seems to go on and on .You simply must recognise the mans talent and every one of you must get on his side or your best ever player will leave . I remember a similar scenario in Morpeth , where Bishop Grange's star player John " Clubber " Johnson was forced out in a similar way by the less talented squad members . He joined local rivals Old Swillington and scored hundreds in 3 consecutive seasons against his old club . Beware or the same thing could easily happen to you .  
27/3/2002 19:40 GMT  The Anti-Hub Society
It seems like many of you are as full of sh*t as Hubby, Metcalfe,etc. May I recommend that you study the record books to discover when Hubby last won anything. If mt memory serves me correctly, he has won a mere two awards in the past four seasons, hardly a record to be proud of. In short, he is an over the hill, fat, bald, ugly tosser who deserves nothing in recognition of his achievements. Many people would testify that he actually lives off the mighty fine all rounder who goes by the name of Andy Davies who surely is the best all rounder to grace a Nuneaton side with his presence. Hail the true hero, Davies. 
27/3/2002 18:26 GMT  The Hubby Appreciation Society
Let me reflect on why Hubby is surely a great ambassador for our club....firstly, he was instrumental in the departure of Flakey, secondly, he is the best number eleven bat in the history of Ansley, thirdly, he is the only player in our club to know how to use cutlery and therefore, will not be embarrassed to eat with other VIP's and finally he has a fine selection of green trousers for wearing at the opening of the nets, so will not need to hire any formal dress. 
27/3/2002 14:52 GMT  Silly Middle On
Why do we want the Mayor to open the nets ? Hubby is one of the best known and most highly rated players in Nuneaton , and a great ambassador for Ansley C.C. What has the mayor ever done for us ? has he taken over 500 wickets and scored thousands of runs like Hubby has ? ( lets forget about his prison sentence ) Hubby should be given the scissors to cut the tape . If not then why not  
27/3/2002 12:40 GMT  Middle Order
I agree . Hubbard should definately open the nets . If we are committed to the Mayor coming , then Hubb should definately be on the front line 
27/3/2002 07:31 GMT  Nuneaton Branch
Hubb should open the nets . Everyone thinks so . Player power should win . Sack the committee if they dont agree 
26/3/2002 22:29 GMT  Ansley player
Leave poor Franks and Hubby alone two of the nicest people you could ever meet pick on the real bankers like flakey 
26/3/2002 18:47 GMT  The Hubby Appreciation Society
....maybe Hubby should open the nets, rather than the mayor... and get the full VIP treatment. More people at Ansley will recognise Hubby!! 
26/3/2002 08:09 GMT  Alan Metcalfe
It seems my views are not accepted by all , but as an author and Cricket historian I can accept that . I still say that you need to be careful in the way you treat your star player otherwise it may wear him down. I've seen it elsewhere in the country . Why is he not opening the clubs nets as recognition of his long service and the fact that he is the best player in the clubs history ? He would be a much better choice than the Mayor .  
25/3/2002 20:57 GMT  The Anti Hub Society
That Metcalfe bloke is full of sh*t. 
25/3/2002 13:50 GMT  Alan Metcalfe
I am an author of 2 cricket books and have made extensive study of grass roots cricket all over the country . A common finding in many other clubs is the existence of a "superstar" who is apparently superior to the rest of his team mates . My observations are that Mr Hubbard falls into this category as I detect a certain amount of jealousy from his team mates who are less talented than him . For your info , the signs are classic in comparison with other clubs . Superior talent , jealousy from team mates who resort to personal insults ,arrogance and a "jack the lad " background ie prison , little attention to education . I don't know him personally but I bet he has been a match winner over the years . 
Give us a H...H, Give us a U...U, Give us a B....B, Give us a B....B, Give us a Y....Y. WOT DO WE HAVE...HUBBY 
23/3/2002 19:02 GMT  Hubby lover
What a joke ZSELLLLLLLLI would NOT lace your left boot. Hubby we love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
23/3/2002 16:59 GMT  PZ
Hubby, if you would ever bother to read the profiles my surname is spelt Z.S.E.L.I. I wouldn't want you to leave the club.. who else would everyone take the pi@# out of throughout the summer 
23/3/2002 13:03 GMT  hubby legend
great news everyone.I`m staying thanks for your support jules. 
23/3/2002 02:22 GMT  The Anti-Hub Society
See Ya Hub.....and good ridance!! 
22/3/2002 18:36 GMT  jules
22/3/2002 18:19 GMT  hubby legend
Well i did warn you. In the words of our 1st team skipper.I`m of to beduff.I hope you have a sh**te season. 
20/3/2002 17:28 GMT  Cricket mad lads
Why is it there's women on your site and no pictures.Surely you'll get more hits.We'll keep looking with anticipation. 
20/3/2002 17:13 GMT  Hubby Fan Club
Quick everyone vote for zseli and get rid of hubby once and for all! 
20/3/2002 11:18 GMT  hubby legend
come on lads if zselli wins the poll i`m retiring.(honest) 
20/3/2002 06:26 GMT  COSMOS
19/3/2002 14:16 GMT  Pat Greenfield
F**k off Tez leave our Paul & Ju alone or else we will put you in the nets and get AD to bowl at your spotty head again.  
18/3/2002 08:22 GMT  Terry McCloskey
Instead of Rott & Weiller try Rick and Waller  
17/3/2002 11:52 GMT  Paul & Ju together Glover
Hubby, we didn't realise you were such an expert on relationships!!! Lets just reflect on your most recent relationship . We say relationship very loosely!! No, we could not be so cruel as to mock the afflicted. Is there an invite to your wedding coming our way this year?????Or has Shirley finished the decorating now, so you are not going to bother. (ouch)Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  
16/3/2002 19:21 GMT  hubby.legend
you can`t give glovsey a new nick name without giving his (we do everything together wife)one also.May i suggest ROTT & WEILLER. 
16/3/2002 16:10 GMT  Site Boss
Alan....the shabby treatment of Mr. Hubbard is indeed intended to force him out of the club. 
15/3/2002 07:52 GMT  Alan Metcalfe
I hear that there is to be a ceremony for the opening of the outdoor nets which includes ticker tape and local dignatories such as the Mayor . Why has Mr Hubbard not been asked to perform this ceremony ? He is clearly a legend and despite being half illiterate would portay the club very well as long as he is not required to write anything . Shabby treatment of club mega stars will force them out of the game , and leave them bitter and twisted towards those less talented than themselves 
15/3/2002 01:26 GMT  Lisa
Hi Andy, just returning the compliment...what a great site. It's hard to find club cricket sites that are as nicely presented and up-to-date as this one. Keep up the good work! Cheers, Lisa 
13/3/2002 18:51 GMT  Andy D
Hubby....Each time you leave a message on here, you type the incorrect email address for dopey's that?!!! 
12/3/2002 18:40 GMT  Carol Vorderman
Answers are: 1, Michael Legend Hubbard, 2, Paul Darren Glover, 3, Andrew Kevin Davies 4, Robert Lovegrove, 5, David Parnell, 6, Michael Beale, 7, Andrew Beale, 8, Steven Fleming, 9, Andrew Kevin Davies, 10, Paul Rowley, 11, Andrew Beale (again!!!!!!!!!). Until next time. Adios amigos. 
12/3/2002 18:09 GMT  Andy D
Well done Mr. Hubbard, for it looks like you have enrolled on an English evening class. Although very much improved, you still need to realize that "over ate" is one word. Also, when speaking on behalf of oneself, "i" is spelt in upper case (that's capital!!).  
12/3/2002 09:54 GMT  hubby.legend
Listen pilsbury dough boy,i maybe overated but it`s better than over ate. 
11/3/2002 10:53 GMT  hubby legend
you make one mistake in life & some small minded people never forget.But will not use their real names when attacking the legend. 
11/3/2002 08:33 GMT  Edward Monsoon
I see from your clubs home page that Ansley pretends to be a friendly club . Well , reading through the drivell included on the club message board , it is very obvious that the members like nothing more than to mock the afflicted ( Mr McCloskey would appear to have some kind of problem , probably hereditary and no fault of his own ) . Mr Hubbard would appear to be someone who has played a long time and likes to think of himself as a legend . He clearly has forgotten most of his English Language education and thinks of himself as a wit , although he is currently only about half way there at the moment . Why someone would spend hours thinking up anagrams of peoples names represents a sad use of the gift of life . I am now investigating joining a more friendly and socially acceptable club such as Ambleside or Haunchwood . 
9/3/2002 09:37 GMT  Carol Vorderman
How appropriate our names are. A few conoundrums for you to mull over: 1, BALDHEAD LECHERING BUM 2, VULGAR AND DEPLORER 3,IVE WA*KS INVADED 4, EVOLVE BOG TERROR 5, DRIVEL AND PAL 6,IM A BELLY ACHE 7,BEWARE LADEN 8,ELVES N FIGMENT 9,A VIVID DENSE WA*KER 10,A PURE LOWLY 11 BEWARE LADEN. All are Ansley players. Answers to follow shortly 
8/3/2002 17:20 GMT  hubby appreciation society
You could never have been a tadpole . Porpoise maybe , but definately not a tadpole 
8/3/2002 17:18 GMT  Andy D
HUBBY....When you started playing in 1970, I was a mere tadpole in my fathers sack, hence why my records don't go back that I said before, your mathematics need improving. 
8/3/2002 16:05 GMT  Statto
Just for the record , should we be including in your career stats all the wickets you took while playing for the Winson Green Prison select XI  
8/3/2002 14:29 GMT  hubby.(legend)
glad you were paying attention with the deliberate spelling mistake.Fat boy davies you get more like an mp with your juggling of the figures,what you don`t tell the public is these stats only go back to the start of the warwickshire league not 1970 when we first started playing league cricket. 
8/3/2002 13:55 GMT  Anna Conda
I see you are all very brave now Mr McCloskey is no longer around . How many of you asked him if he was going to swim the channel when applying grease to himself on hot days ? How many of you directly chatted to him about Tallos the Mummy ? How many of you pointed out to him that puppies need to be fed regularly in order to survive ? How many of you offered directions to shops where cigarettes are openly on sale to people willing to part the appropriate amount of cash ? None of you . You are all brave enough to add sarcastic remarks in a forum not available to Mr McCloskey . I , for one , will not be attending the proposed corn flakes appreciation society meeting .  
7/3/2002 19:26 GMT  Carol Vorderman & Richard Whitely
Hubby you thick tosser wot the f**k is a "legand" you can take your place as a top, illiterate, under performing, balding, lonely, washed-up has-been, with no mates, few brain cells and the charisma and talent of an earth worm. We would however like to consider you as a contestant on the new series of COUNTDOWN. 
7/3/2002 19:24 GMT  Andy D
HUBBY...You succeed in making a fool out of yourself yet again. If you click on the statistics page, you will learn that your record stands at one wicket every 5.7 overs, whereas mine stands at one every 4.4 overs. Not only does your literacy need improving, but also your understanding of mathematics!! DAVIES WINS AGAIN!! 
7/3/2002 13:37 GMT  hubby.(legand).
I feel i must write & strongly complain about the way i was seriously under bowled during mick "cindy"beales reign as ansley skipper.I feel this as robbed me of my rightful place as ansley`s no.1 bowler,instead of fat boy davies.Who is following in beales footsteps & doing the same to me.But don`t take my word for it,check the record books it proves that the ratio for overs bowled to wickets taken if i had bowled as many as davies then the legand would truly take his place as ansley`s finest bowler. 
6/3/2002 12:00 GMT  Terry McCloskey
To hell with you all you are just a bunch of useless muppets especially that fat one Hubbard. 
5/3/2002 22:01 GMT  Pat Greenfield
The idea of a McCloskey night sounds a good idea but no one would buy the beer!!!! and everyone would be scrounging fags off everyone. 
5/3/2002 21:29 GMT  Anon
Good idea trace....however, I would vote for a McCloskey night where we can all come with cornflakes glued to our faces and our bodies draped like an Egyptian mummy! 
5/3/2002 19:50 GMT  tracy beale
Wot do you all think about a themed Christmas Party? I thought a 70's night would be good and Mick looks particularly fetching in an afro wig 
3/3/2002 14:42 GMT  jules
For your information, I have booked the Christmas Party for Saturday December 14th at Stockingford Labour Club, Arbury Road. Any thoughts on whether you want a buffet this year. A bar extension will cost around £40 for half an hour and this will be reflected in the ticket cost if required. Let me know what you think by e-mail. See ya 
2/3/2002 11:13 GMT  Andy D
Even off a short run I can still take more wickets than you Mr. Mick "It aint my conditions" Hubbard!! 
1/3/2002 20:06 GMT  FJS
that hubby knows a thing or two about the spin bowling departement. 
1/3/2002 19:23 GMT  jules
hubby you know u love me really. 
1/3/2002 18:48 GMT  hubby
well done the fat controller on signing a new opening bowler who is fit & quick & won`t come off a short run after a few overs. Now you can concentrate on your batting.Leave the spin bowling to my mate flem. 
28/2/2002 12:46 GMT  Shane Warne
Hi poms how ya doing I just shagged a couple of sheep, good fun and also good exercise for fat b*stards like me. A couple of Ansley players could do with this type of exercise as you have a few fat f**kers in your team. See you all love Warney 
26/2/2002 23:48 GMT  Andy D already have a password so you can get into the forum any time you want. Call me and give me your email address, then I can mail you your password  
26/2/2002 23:18 GMT  Lou
Andy D What a ridiculous poll!!! After all, I am a decent, moral person............ Of course you should put the bl**dy pics on, I haven't had a good laug h in ages (a legand hey?!) 
26/2/2002 22:53 GMT  Pat Greenfield
To Andy, Everyone knows Manor Parks standards deteriorated a little each year so obviously you being considerably older than me you have had a heads start and as such I have on Franksie, how do you obtain a password to enter the club forum Andy. P.S AD IS A LEGEND.( Creep, creep ). 
26/2/2002 21:03 GMT  Lou
Wow!! English lessons......fantasy cricket.....this site is just jam packed with action!! Hey....Andy D, hope you are getting those pics ready, you can't argue with 100%. (But I am sure you will try!) 
26/2/2002 20:42 GMT  Andy D
PAT...who the hell is Smalsall?? and what does laught mean??? you sound as illiterate as Hubby. 
26/2/2002 19:33 GMT  Andy D
HUBBY....Remember to start with a capital letter after a full stop, there's a Capital letter at the start of someones name, there's an apostrophe used to omit certain letters. i.e. "Pat's" and not "pats". May i suggest enquiring about an evening class in English, hopefully you will then learn the difference between a comma and an apostrophe. I've been reliably informed that the college do special rates for senior citizens so you will be okay. 
26/2/2002 14:26 GMT  Pat Greenfield
Thanks hubby, lets stuff Smalsall tonight and laught at the s**t when they lose to Preston.  
26/2/2002 13:57 GMT  hubby
fat boy davies leave pat alone & pick on someone your own size if poss.pats a nice lad & also a wolves fan.premiership here we come.f**k off west brom. 
25/2/2002 15:04 GMT  Pat Greenfield
It's this modern technology it beat's me every time. I heard Fenny went out and brought 5 copies of Will's new song this morning. And seriously AD how about the next poll on what to do with Walsall YMF personally I would relegate them. 
24/2/2002 23:00 GMT  Andy D
Okay, okay, okay Pat!!! we heard you the first time!!! It's a bad stutter you have there, you sound like Gareth from Pop Idol! Huh, Huh, Huh!!! 
24/2/2002 22:53 GMT  Patrick Greenfield
Hubby how's the football going heard today you had a blinder. And AD how about a poll on the worst bowler ever to have played for Ansley, I am sure I would be fav. for this award. 
24/2/2002 22:53 GMT  Patrick Greenfield
Hubby how's the football going heard today you had a blinder. And AD how about a poll on the worst bowler ever to have played for Ansley, I am sure I would be fav. for this award. 
24/2/2002 17:47 GMT  Terry McCloskey
Hey....I love Hubby, I'm his best mate...the only thing we argue about is who's gonna buy the ale. 
23/2/2002 17:34 GMT  Everyone connected to Ansley CC
Hubby you stink off p1ss and you have no mates. 
23/2/2002 14:36 GMT  posh
we might be posh n becks but its better than being billy no mates. and next time we open up beckingham palace guess who wont get an invite?!1 
23/2/2002 11:45 GMT  hubby
I feel this club still as a long way to go.Man utd have posh & becks wev,e got jules&glovesy how sad is that 
23/2/2002 00:26 GMT  Lou
Hey Andy D!! Well there is one vote so far......hmmmmm ......I wonder who made that one?!! (Getting voting 'YES' everyone....'cos u know you want them too!! ....Or will I wish I had never asked?! LOL) 
22/2/2002 23:09 GMT  Andy D
HEY LOU!!! If this week's poll goes in your may well be viewing the pics you requested...LOL!!  
22/2/2002 20:24 GMT  Steve Tandy
Wo do yu meen by caawing mee Tenko? I will ge my fwends and join up wi "Flakey" to ge yu back for this. Yu ar nuffink bu a bastar 
20/2/2002 10:41 GMT  Terry Mc Closkey
How dare you Ansley people call me, I have friends in high places, like Gerry Adams we will come back and get our revenge by blowing your ground up. I can't help it if I am flakey I take after my dad. Can any one lend me a couple of pounds for a drink. 
18/2/2002 00:19 GMT  Lou
Thankyou for clearing that up Andy D. I know I commented on the lack of pics but that wasn't quite what I was looking for! (thanks for the offer anyway, and do you REALLY have such pics?!! LOL!!!) 
17/2/2002 13:59 GMT  ju glover
close call on the vote this week between flaky and tj! see ya all soon 
16/2/2002 20:42 GMT  Andy D
Hi again Lou!! Everything I write on this site is true!! By his own admission Mr. Rowley finds the odd shuffle or two particularly enjoyable. As for strangling small's more like choking the bishop!!. I'll try to get you a picture of him engaging in such acts!!  
14/2/2002 22:36 GMT  Lou
I take it Paul Rowley is not the administrators favourite person. How have you got away with writing such a thing?! (You KNOW what I am talking about!)  
8/2/2002 18:37 GMT  Lou
Hi, nice site, interesting nicknames. Wishing you the best for the season ahead and maybe I will come back to see if you have added any more pics to your pathetic collection!! (or am I missing something?!). 
4/2/2002 20:53 GMT  ju
saturday 23rd feb for a night out???? nuneaton or jaks. let me know numbers and if necessary i'll arrange a minibus.Or does anyone have any other ideas? Pass word round and e mail me on Approx cost for a minibus £10 return to cov. lol ju 
4/2/2002 17:29 GMT  shirley
Definately up for a night out let us know when .I think it should be for anyone who wants to go rather than couples.See you soon  
31/1/2002 19:06 GMT  paul
yeah, but i least i dont need to have plastic surgery on my cheesy wotsit 
29/1/2002 19:39 GMT  Perverted Pleasurist
What the hell are you on about you fat, ugly, bald green tosser? 
29/1/2002 19:14 GMT  SHREK
24/1/2002 19:09 GMT  ju glover
oi, trace, jane, shirley, naomi and dawn...... r we going out or wot????? 
23/1/2002 20:44 GMT  Richard Franks
If that was the case Hubby, you would have won it for the last 30 years. 
18/1/2002 12:48 GMT  mick hubbard
congratulations franksy on winning clubman of the year.but i,d be worried. they only give it to players that are f***ing crap. 
13/1/2002 12:08 GMT  ju glover
Anyone up for a night out in February. I could do with a good boogie!!! Shall we have a couples night or a meet up at the end of the night at Chicago's?? Let me know what you all think. 
5/1/2002 12:05 GMT  wlfc
great site! good luck for the season!! 
2/1/2002 21:27 GMT  Andy Davies
Glovesie you need to be intelligent to be comical. You have the IQ of about room temperature 
2/1/2002 21:11 GMT  Paul (the slimmer one of the 2 brothers) Glover
Andy we hope you are feeling better after your(cartilidge!!!) operation. Otherwise known as fat transferal from gut to cheesy wotsit so you can improve the girth 
2/1/2002 20:54 GMT  Andy Davies
By the the Glover clan to think of BBQ's....fat pair of ugly trolls!!! 
2/1/2002 20:44 GMT  Andy Davies
Just remember who owns the rights to this site, I can put anything I like on your profile, Mr & Mrs shut it!!! 
1/1/2002 19:37 GMT  JU AND PAUL GLOVER
It has come to our attention that our 1st team captain has failed to submit a nickname on his player profile. Suggestions include CHEESY WOTSIT, SUMO,YOU FAT BASTARD,MAD DOG,ANDY ANDREX. Will players please submit more suggestions. MAYBE THIS COULD BE NEXT WEEKS POLL??? 
1/1/2002 19:05 GMT  ju and paul glover
Happy New Year to everyone. Here's looking forward to a great 2002. Who's doing the first BBQ???? 
24/12/2001 21:53 GMT  Andy Davies
It breaks my heart to say it to a bunch of tossers...but....Merry Christmas to everyone!!! 
12/12/2001 16:04 GMT  Bishops Castle Cricket Club
Welcome to intheteam, good fun and easy to ues, visit us @  
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