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11/3/2002 21:16 GMT  Wee Al
Hey, Hey, bill'y boy come on down! WEE AL Scotish champ nothern indoor u19 and senior champ, and 3rd in british indoors! Has a firstbend footslide with your name on it. And how aint you rideing now FATSO to old and overweight? Down with the fat oldtimer!! And up Wee Al. Reply to this message soon, or show your face looser, thats if you can still get passed the front door. HASBEEN! 
9/3/2002 21:17 GMT  Alan Hewitson
Congratulations to Jeanette Newsome Winner of the third Allsorts Lottery. #6 and £25.00 tomorrow at practice. Only four numbers left, 35 39 41 & 48 @ £1.00 per week per number, with a chance to win £25 
2/3/2002 20:07 GMT  Alan Hewitson
Winner of the Second Allsort's Lottery 2nd March, #30 Congratulations to ................................Fuz. £25.00 on its way tomorrow at Practice. 
1/3/2002 16:34 GMT  Bill
i used to race for scotiacsc when i was a lad!i then became on to be world champ! how amazing am i! i watched you guys last season and you were all useless!esspecially that boy with the specks!ill come down and teach you all how to ride! 
25/2/2002 19:14 GMT  PJ
Thank you for your link back to my site! This site can also be accessed via - In the 'Club section. Also see map and aerial photos of Scotia track. 
16/2/2002 20:08 GMT  wee Al
Alrighty fatties that training session was easy peasy, but some of yous looked a little unfit. I'm not mentioning any name's just get the finger out fatties!! 
14/2/2002 21:23 GMT  Alan Hewitson
Any Allsorts Rider that rode in any meetings other than Scotia matches, I've got some, could you please give me a copy of the meeting. Brit Indies, 16s, 19s, Snrs. and, Vets. North Vets. I would be most grateful. 
12/2/2002 18:54 GMT  PJ
Hello Cycle Speedway in Scotland! Good luck for the 2002 season. Please visit & sign the guest book! Chart CD's from £6:99 via site. 
10/2/2002 20:33 GMT  Calum
Just a message to congradulate Davey Baxter for his efort in preparing the training sessions!We should bee right up there this year!Come on boys! 
5/2/2002 12:44 GMT  Ewan Tulloch
Hello to everyone i should be able to get to training by 1:15 on Sunday 
31/1/2002 20:58 GMT  Fawzia
Hi boys. Good luck for the next season, mind and stick in with the training. x x x 
9/1/2002 22:17 GMT  calum slight
its big al,wee man.good to see the site up and running again!STICK IN BOYS! 
6/1/2002 18:11 GMT  Wee Al
Alrighty everyone good luck for the new season. And goodluck to the new captain Big Al or Noose??? 
16/12/2001 20:11 GMT  Stevie Gilroy
Good Luck to Eddie and Craig, next year for what promises to be just as exciting as ever at Redbraes. Will be there every match and can't wait to see the 2002 Allsorts in action!! 
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