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Any club member who logs in may delete entries in the guestbook. intheteam reserves the the right to delete any offensive entries in the guestbook.
14/12/2001 03:34 GMT
Great site. I've been enjoying this 
16/5/2001 13:59 GMT  A.Star
excellent site,vespa GL owner and life long fan.Brighton mod looking for exactly this sort of website content.Amazing ive found home...cheers  
7/3/2001 22:54 GMT  Lee Quinlan
I thought we shut this website down ages ago its terrible, and whats all this scab mechanic melarky 
12/2/2001 09:08 GMT  Bob & Brenda from Peterborough
I am a black male neatly shaven and hung like a Donkey. Brenda is 5ft 9in slim and blonde(blacks on Blondes)yer baby. ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  
28/1/2001 17:36 GMT  mark maslin
Ha Ha serves Man U right for pre booking hotels for the F.A. cup final. smug twats !!! 
21/1/2001 21:09 GMT  george graham
yeah they won it in black and white 
19/1/2001 16:50 GMT  M.E.H.S.T.G
My Eyes Have Seen The Glory Of Cups At White Hart Lane. Oi Cockney Scum, Have you ever won the League? 
17/1/2001 08:55 GMT  mark maslin
mark can u contact me at ponders end station 0208 363 1678 re pitch rescue  
22/12/2000 09:36 GMT  dennis rockall
if any one see"s that bald headed yiddo from romford called "BRAND" tell him he"s dead , computer at h4 now free of yid virus !!!!!!!!!! 
27/11/2000 00:13 GMT  Paul Ray
See you later Rio Ha Ha Ha never worth £18,000,000 load of old crap responsible for the goal against England Leeds must be mad this is the start of the rats leaving the sinking ship watch this space. Yid army!!!!! 
24/11/2000 08:49 GMT  Mark Maslin
f.a.o DENNIS ROCKALL. yes Den Ill be in touch shortly. Regards MM.  
16/11/2000 11:13 GMT  dennisrockall
mark m can u contact me regarding what the hammers gave u i.e./money equipment i think the same set up is going to happen at the double/winner"s < sorry arsenal> some time in the future, dennis 
12/10/2000 18:16 GMT  Eddie Brand
You Jellie EEl eating Homosexual's 
26/9/2000 04:54 GMT  Eddie "gayboy" Brand
ok boys ill admit to you that im Gay, and so are all my Tottenham mates. xxx 
26/9/2000 00:30 GMT  eddie brand
Im so sorry to all you west ham boys I now know that west ham are far superior to those spurs and gay regards from white hart lane xxxx 
22/9/2000 18:04 GMT  My eye,s have seen the glory of the cups at White
West ham bottom of the league HA,HA,HA 
17/9/2000 10:31 GMT  Yiddo's
1-0 1-0 
17/9/2000 10:29 GMT  Yid Army
15/9/2000 17:35 GMT  West Ham Boy
Eddie Brand is a fat yid with a small dick !!! 
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