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4/1/2002 09:47 GMT  durham city ladies
nice to see another north east team with a website - hopefully we'll play you lot pre-season again next year, all the best, 
2/1/2002 19:19 GMT  Dennis
Bill's 65th birthday will be celebrated at Moor Park Friday 4.2.02 at 7.00pm. Everyone involved with the Club is welcome to come along - there will be a buffet. Phone Dennis if you have a query  
30/12/2001 21:03 GMT  Becks
Hi Rach n Sam my unbelieveably noisy neighbours at college!! Just thought id leave a message as ive just found ur site cos im bored at home!! Letz get to Newcastle soon Rach eh?! Hiya to Vicky, Laura and Holly too if ur reading.See u all at college guys! Get the early mornings in!! Come on Billingham!! Love Becks xXx 
30/12/2001 19:01 GMT  pops
we are ats pop's having a drink its gud & we are havin a gr8 time and the snow ball fights are wkd in the bac garden we are sorry for the neighbours disturbance but hard luk. from smiley & kim and Lee & Pops & laura & amy 
22/12/2001 21:53 GMT  Lyn
So Farmer you recovered yet then? Did you enjoy my hand outs? Did you even look at him, wot a minger! Any way I thought that clubbing was fun! Have a good X-mass all!  
19/12/2001 20:51 GMT  Farmer
So whos going to the christmas party then? 
18/12/2001 12:45 GMT  Rach
HEY U GUYS JUST THOUGHT I'D LET U ALL KNOW THAT U CHAT POO LOVE RACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
18/12/2001 12:36 GMT  Smiler :o)
Hi every one! How are you all? Who is going to the christmas party?? See you all later love Smiler :o) x 
16/12/2001 13:08 GMT  pops
What can i say about the u11 games on sunday, it was fantastic, brilliant, and awsome . hope that covers it, but besides all that I was very proud to watch booth teams playing and enjoying themselves, also the parents were very well behaved, well done to you all. A great advert for girls football and those doubters just come and watch. 
15/12/2001 12:03 GMT  jemma
Happy birthday 2U2 
15/12/2001 09:58 GMT  Mark
Happy Birthday to me!  
14/12/2001 20:48 GMT  vicky
thanx for the message our guestbook. good luck in the future, vicky 
14/12/2001 15:06 GMT  pops
yer I know I admit it, But its took me years to get this ugly, but its only toook you lot less than 16 
14/12/2001 13:31 GMT  michelle
our ugly mugs aren't half as bad as yours 
14/12/2001 11:44 GMT  pricey
I got 95% is was easy. When's your first game?  
13/12/2001 22:03 GMT  pops
I am in the process of changing the web page so we can have more web space, then we will be able to have a proper gallery page, then i can show all your ugly mugs that i've collected over the years, be afraid--be very afraid. 
13/12/2001 20:48 GMT  Pricey
Erica stop calling yourself Smiler coz i keep gettin confused with Smiley. Wots wrong with 'Marsha' or 'Swany'! 
12/12/2001 23:10 GMT  Pricey
The ref exam was easy this year if you know the laws but next year its gonna be hard. Wot percentage did u get Donna? I got 93%!!!!! Merry xmas every1!!! 
12/12/2001 13:18 GMT  michelle
If you think life’s bad imagine been a chicken egg…You only get laid once, you only get smashed once and the only bird to sit on your face is your mam!!!! I didn't know bout farmer either 
12/12/2001 13:16 GMT  Smiler :o)
Eh i didn't know that Farmer fancies Baz! Who said that? Congratulations Pricey is the test easy? See ya all later Smiler 
12/12/2001 11:19 GMT  pricey
did u pass the exam on monday? i passed and am a ref now. 
11/12/2001 13:36 GMT  Smiler :o)
Thankyou Dennis! Now i know! Well i've got to go because i am in a lesson! See you all later love Smiler :o) Ps-Keep Smiling ;O)  
11/12/2001 13:21 GMT  pricey
what happened on sunday? how many goals did u allow in? Donna 
11/12/2001 12:42 GMT  karen
hi everyone!!!! good web site well done but wheres all the photos c u all soon luv karen 
10/12/2001 22:47 GMT  pops
10/12/2001 20:42 GMT  Dennis
For Smiler the answer is you can leave as many messages as you like as long as you identify in some way who you are - no more unidentified flying owls (UFO!)as Pops friend Potter would say.... 
10/12/2001 10:46 GMT  Smiler :o) (erica)
Dennis what do you mean about messages? Are you only allowed to write one message all together or only write one if you put your name??? You have to explain i'm BLOND! (hehehehe) Well apart from that keep up the good work! BUT why aren't the members bits coming up? And why aren't there lots pictures? Well i guess i'll see you all later love SMILER :o) x 
10/12/2001 01:54 GMT  JIMMY
9/12/2001 23:00 GMT  Dennis
CLS Girls - please only leave a message with a name, or nickname, and no more messages from any "guess who" or other unknown origins - thank you. 
9/12/2001 22:26 GMT  Reserves
Many thanks - Farmer - for doing a job that no one else would!  
8/12/2001 14:19 GMT  wakefield ladies fc
great site...good luck for the rest of the season! pls visit us at 
4/12/2001 18:11 GMT  joolz (Hexham)
Great result girls. Keeps the league interesting, anyway... 
3/12/2001 19:27 GMT  jimmy
well played on sunday, regards from blyth town u14's 
3/12/2001 13:23 GMT  Smiler :o) (Erica)
Hi every one!Hows life?The reserves won on Sunday against Barnsly 4-2! I scored 1 BUT got a yellow card! Naughty Girl!Well i'll see you all soon love Erica x 
30/11/2001 13:54 GMT  Rach 'n' Sam!
Hi it's Rach n Sam! jus thought we wud say hi to all lasses b4 we go trainen! 
28/11/2001 22:54 GMT  joolz
Put a link on to Hexham! 
26/11/2001 10:23 GMT  Erica (marsha or Smiler) :o)
The site is great sooo keep up the good work! Well see everyone at training! See you all soon.....Erica :o) 
25/11/2001 23:21 GMT  joolz
Good site - I've added you to our links. Check out seeing as we didn't get a mention in the league newsletter! 
24/11/2001 20:16 GMT  Jill Blyth Town
good site well done  
24/11/2001 13:46 GMT  bev
good site, keep up the good work!cya's soon ...bev  
24/11/2001 10:59 GMT  Chris Hogg
Hi Mark, Very much enjoyed watching the girls play (keep up the good work girls)and talking to Bill. All the best to everyone at the club - Chris Hogg 
22/11/2001 22:59 GMT  jimmy blyth town
22/11/2001 22:09 GMT  Pricey
Hi Pauline Just thought i'd tell you that Smiley spells her name Muir not Muier as you put in County squad. Cheers for the jacket its nice and warm. See you soon Pricey! 
22/11/2001 21:56 GMT  jimmy.......blyth town
good site, see you in 2 wks. 
17/11/2001 13:02 GMT  chris taylor
hi mark its chris feom work ex. good site! good luck this season!!!!!!cya later!thanx for the great week! 
15/11/2001 20:11 GMT  Clare
Hi, just came across your new site and wondered if you would like to swap links? We play in the Y&H first division and our website is we also have a sister site run by one of the players within intheteam/oalfc, all the best for the season, we will add your link ASAP. 
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