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Any club member who logs in may delete entries in the guestbook. intheteam reserves the the right to delete any offensive entries in the guestbook.
27/6/2002 15:24 GMT  this place is crap!
boo hooo 
22/6/2002 13:19 GMT  Annoyomous
Arite Banchory, you boys are going to get fuc*ing hammered next season especialy that prick aldo you fuc8in spotty mink-take a wash eh- cya  
11/6/2002 20:13 GMT  !!!!
so do i!!! 
11/6/2002 16:12 GMT  RG
i agree  
5/6/2002 08:07 GMT  Craig Brown
Hey ladz! 
31/5/2002 08:09 GMT  bla bla bla......
hey! i was only tellin u to have a honk! I didnt say anything about me being a toonser slapper, so shut up u mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HONK HONK 
30/5/2002 21:58 GMT  ???
na ur alrite! im nae for these toonser slappers!! 
30/5/2002 15:12 GMT  bla bla bla....
go n have a honk on me!!!  
28/5/2002 21:23 GMT  ???
jamie no 1 asked u to cum so fu*k off!! and same wi u "toonser quine" get offers? thats a joke! the only offer u will get is if ur at the harbour!, u toonser slut 
27/5/2002 18:38 GMT  Jamie Dorta
i will not b signing 4 Banchory Boys club next season I am very happy with middlefield! & hope 2 b stayin there 
27/5/2002 18:31 GMT  EXCLUSIVE
Albion will have a team next season!!! 
27/5/2002 14:37 GMT  toonser quine!!!
listen u bunch of tit heeds u banchory minks go get ur ass shafted i.e by fraser Mackie u bender!! u mess!!+ we r not toonser minks or sluts at least we get the offers u dinna!!!!!!leave the middlefield lads alone they r officially the best in scotland!!!!! by the way i had dan hutcheon on friday night he was gd!!!!!!hee,hee!!!!!! 
26/5/2002 21:19 GMT  sir alex ferguson
shut up min u's are shi*e!!!!!!!!!!! 
26/5/2002 19:34 GMT  Hilton
so, we are shi*e? how many times did u beat us last season? ill tell you, u never beat us at all. how many times did we beat u? the answer is 3!!! so shut it 
26/5/2002 12:24 GMT  sir alex ferguson
well dont cum on the site then u pr*ck!!! looks like banchory will be the dominant side next season! as theirs no albion the only other team thats a threat is probably hilton and their shi*e too!! 
24/5/2002 19:22 GMT  tit
f*ck u eh what do u know  
24/5/2002 00:03 GMT  ZZZZzzzz
this place is sh!te 
22/5/2002 00:34 GMT  Result
Middlefield 1 - 0 Hilton - A rather dissapointing Middleifeld side manged tohang onto a lead thanx to an own goal from a Hilton defender, That makes it a clean sweep, the "A" League, the Presidents Cup,The Middlefield BC trophy and i almost forgot the Scottish Cup! 
21/5/2002 21:23 GMT  ted
go and join this site full of sexy dames! 
20/5/2002 22:18 GMT  Matty
So lads, Middlef9eld will 2mro complete a clean sweep of trophies, it is nice to know we have ur support! 
20/5/2002 11:12 GMT  Juvenile Exceutive
Well what can i say another great year for middlefield wasps and long may it continue. It is excellent for local football if aberdeen teams continue to dominate scotland 
19/5/2002 12:40 GMT  Middlefield
Add a link to our site, it is , thanks il add a link on our site to yours. 
19/5/2002 09:00 GMT  ANOTHER EXCLUSIVE
Middlefield Wasps SC captain Jamie Dorta headed for Banchory BC, as part of the revival. He has good reason for leaving Middlefield as i am lead to believe. 
19/5/2002 00:52 GMT  Middlefield
Well it looks like under 16s football next year is ruined, with no1 really able to challenge the scottish champions!!! 
18/5/2002 17:44 GMT  ?
Well BELIEVE it or not it's happening! Ask your manager for further details and i would be very concerned at this point in time if i were a Banchory BC player. Trust me. 
18/5/2002 13:52 GMT  EXCLUSIVE
theres no chaance any sh*t albion players will get a game for banchory, wat a fu*kin joke!! boys you lot just beat us! and u think u'l get a game for banchory! lol@aLBION!! 
17/5/2002 10:24 GMT  EXCLUSIVE
As Albion, ex-champions of Scotland, have folded it has been suggested that more or less the whole squad will be playing for Banchory as trialists on Saturday and signing on next season which unfortunatly means the whole of the current Banchory playing staff will be released with immediate effect. Also other players will be added to next season's playing staff- Bad way for the news to be broken to the current squad? Think so. 
14/5/2002 21:14 GMT  Matty
Well, we r officialy the best team in Scotland!!! How does it feel not having any trpohies to clen u bunch o fanny's!!!! 
14/5/2002 19:22 GMT  ha ha ha ha ha
LOL@ fraser Makie............ u r a metal mouth faggot!!!!!! Just p*ss off u mess!!!!!!! ur all a bunch o posh bast*rds especially Alan Barr.......LOL...ha ha ha ha ha. This must b the worst team ever!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Josh Gilbert u look like the honey monster.....LOL!!!! but ur aright.....honestly!Your captain Tom Loyd....u english scum! Feck off to ur own land!!! GUFF!!! That will do for the moment.......Cya's all later folks!!! byeeeeeeeeeeee xxxx ( those x's r 2 sandy the local farmer, go n milk sum goats u scroat!!!)  
13/5/2002 15:05 GMT  DOVE (ALBION
13/5/2002 11:18 GMT  doubt it.....
u mess!!! 
12/5/2002 21:33 GMT  Alan Majury
Middlefield ARE the best team in Scotland! 2-1 
12/5/2002 20:27 GMT  score????
wot was the middlefield score today???  
12/5/2002 19:08 GMT  Matthew Edmond
11/5/2002 22:05 GMT  Matty
Sorry, it is a long way from the top to sixth pal!!!! 
11/5/2002 18:03 GMT  No No
how can we be the worst team in the league if we are sixth and culter are bottom, take a look at the league table before u start speakin sh*te  
11/5/2002 17:28 GMT  Matty
Cheers lads, but i may remind u that u lot play for the worst team in the league! 
10/5/2002 22:48 GMT  matty...A.K.A ugly mutha
hey there u ugly little punk.stay off our site.speaking on behalf of myself and my team-mates we all hate u, and r going 2 boot fu
10/5/2002 09:29 GMT  matty hater
shags boyz alllllllllllll nitem p.s. grannyyyyyyy 
9/5/2002 21:55 GMT  matty is a tosser
matty u really r a first class tosser 
9/5/2002 19:04 GMT  Jimmy
8/5/2002 21:38 GMT  Matty
Lol @ Banchory 
8/5/2002 20:57 GMT  craig brown
i'll take u's allllllll on!!!!! cum on!!!! 
8/5/2002 17:35 GMT  craig brown
majury u really r a tos*er! dorta ur just a big po*f! lol@ middlefield!! 
8/5/2002 17:11 GMT  big tough browner !!!!
shut up u mess!!!! 
8/5/2002 13:49 GMT  Fraser Mackie
I love to take it up the sh!tter, just like the p*ofter majury, banchory all the way next season, I wouldnt mind signing out of favour middlefield players matty and cammy! 
7/5/2002 22:09 GMT  Matty
7/5/2002 20:30 GMT  ?
Never heard of Carse Thistle Matty? 
7/5/2002 10:21 GMT  Matty
Really, PArkvale, WHO???? I thik it is safe to say that Middlefield will clean house again next year, League wineers, Presidents cup winners, sooon to be Middlefield BC trophy winners and I almost forgot, Scottish cup Winners, so i think you should stick Parkvale where they belong, Clean up the sh!tter!!!!! 
6/5/2002 22:16 GMT  Parkvale boys (a real player)
next season we will be challengers, and no we r not signing lee mair or faggot majury..however we r signing a few good players-so watch out A league! 
6/5/2002 17:38 GMT  parkvale boys
next season the a league is ours, and our manger is going to sign lee mair, majury, etc 
5/5/2002 11:51 GMT  Alan Majury
allan barr is one of the most bigiest fagget i hav ever see!!!!!!!!!1 
3/5/2002 21:25 GMT  Alan Majury
3/5/2002 16:12 GMT  Big G
and then there's u 
3/5/2002 13:52 GMT  Matty
This is for Fraser Mackie, the person who looks like a bulldog chewin a wasp, Kiss my c*nt u ugly baastard, u r the worst football player I have ever seen, except Josh Gilbert! 
3/5/2002 10:09 GMT  dan the man fan
p.s. thats dan hutcheon (BOBO) 
3/5/2002 10:06 GMT  dan the man fan
why does dan the man not get a 1st team place when he is one of the hardest defenders in the a leage  
3/5/2002 08:14 GMT  Fraser Mackie
Matty ur a fuc*in tosser u look like a half chewed bap! I love Josh Gilbert!! 
2/5/2002 21:45 GMT  Matty
Gadz, sandy, if middlefield win the laegue, how stupid r u, i am avoiding union street next season!!!! 
2/5/2002 21:04 GMT  yuk!!!
i wouldnt wanna b in Union street next season!!!! 
2/5/2002 14:11 GMT  JOSH GILBERT
I Love Fraser Mackie  
2/5/2002 12:25 GMT  Sandy Brown, Village Farmer
I wanna c a gd season next year, and if middlefield win the league, i will streak down union street!!!!! 
1/5/2002 21:29 GMT  Matty
I will make a deal with you, if banchory win the league, i will streak down union street!!!!! 
1/5/2002 15:17 GMT  ALDO
This goes out to all u toonser minks banchory will be the force next season.  
30/4/2002 22:23 GMT  Matty
So, Middlefield give albion 5 at pittodrie, and it could have been 15, oh, how does it feel to be part of a pish squad!!!!!! 
30/4/2002 20:19 GMT  aldo
craig ur bent 
30/4/2002 19:49 GMT  Craig
ken mate u need sum glasses! 
30/4/2002 17:16 GMT  tommy lloyd
30/4/2002 14:58 GMT  ha ha
All i can say mate is you wish u had abit of her! 
30/4/2002 13:36 GMT  Fraser Mackie
majury ur mum told me last nite that u have got a small co*k!! LOL@majury! caireen ur a hinger!!!!!! 
30/4/2002 13:33 GMT  JOSH GILBERT
30/4/2002 08:20 GMT  Matty
Well mr fact file, it is not very nice, at least i am getting sex, u have to use the old left hand, chin up m8, it will cum!!!!! 
29/4/2002 20:09 GMT  fact file
FACT; matty takes it up the ar*e from team mate Majury 
29/4/2002 14:19 GMT 
What was youre score on Saturday? HAHAHAHA 
28/4/2002 22:17 GMT  Matty
Middlefield are not going to the highland league, but they are going to new broomfield on the 12 of may, yes, middlefield are going to the scottish cup final, a 3-1 win over syngenta 2day, what a team!!!!! 
28/4/2002 13:20 GMT  fact file
is it true that middlefield and albion are going to the highland league? 
27/4/2002 17:00 GMT  matty
u guys make me sick 
27/4/2002 15:14 GMT  Hilton
Wot happened to giving us 10 eh? another easy win for the Hilton against moaning moaning Banchory!!!!!  
27/4/2002 14:39 GMT  The real Matty
ok, so the 2 messages that have my name on them, at 12:09 i was golfing this morning, last night at 21:24, i was at my grandma's 70th, so really, get ur timing right u t!ts, like i would sign for the worst team in juvenile football!!!! 
27/4/2002 12:09 GMT  matty
please sign me banchory i no i'm shi*e but plz!!! i dont get a game at middlefield! 
26/4/2002 21:24 GMT  matty
who gives a f**k. mon banchory! 
26/4/2002 20:11 GMT  Well Done
Well Done Middlefield in winning the league A, well done  
26/4/2002 15:16 GMT  matty
wisen up that last 1 wasnt me 
25/4/2002 22:32 GMT  Matty
Ok, so it was 10:34 apparently when the message came up, i am just in u fcukin t!t, wise up, like i would leave middlefield, who tonight have just became league champions, to play for some p!ss team like w*nkory!!!! wise up u bunch o T!ts 
25/4/2002 21:34 GMT  matty (middlefield soon to be banchory)
wisen up, am coming to us next season and thtas that matter closed. and plus the times are mucked up because this is half 10 but it wont show that when it gets put in. cmon banchory, lets win the league! 
25/4/2002 21:19 GMT  Alan Majury
LOL @ ALDO!!!!!!! 
25/4/2002 20:41 GMT  jimmy
hilton are shi*e min, they are just luckin minks 
25/4/2002 15:56 GMT  Kev
Thats about to change this saturday  
25/4/2002 07:59 GMT  Banchory, banchory, what's the score?
Alright Banchory girls, sorry lads. Just a quick point, how many times have Banchory beaten Hilton? Mmmmmmm... NEVER! Ha Ha Ha!!! 
24/4/2002 21:47 GMT  The real Matty
I am sorry for the person whi is pretneding to be me, at 07:18 this mornin, i was sleepin, and at 15:55 i was playing golf, so maybe get ur timing right next time u fukin knob! 
24/4/2002 21:33 GMT  hmmmm.......
kev meldrum is soooooo sexy!  
24/4/2002 16:42 GMT  whats the problem
Whats the problem with Kev meldrum like he does his job in defence  
24/4/2002 15:55 GMT  matty
sry made a mistake the mumber is 07790893509! thanx, my fellow friends 
24/4/2002 14:48 GMT  the dude
You want to sign a player like me who can acualy score goals in a game not players like kev meldrum 
24/4/2002 07:18 GMT  The real Matty
this is me stop pretending to be me, it ia true that i am leaving middlefield and i will become a free agent, so you guys have my number if you want me, 07790416324. thanks 
23/4/2002 22:07 GMT  Matty - The Middlefield player
Now who is pretending to be me, if there was any chance middlfield would release me, I dont think i would go to banchory, how can i put this, u r the worst team i have seen, u r a shambles, when u play a gd team, lets get 10 men behind the ball, u lot r pathetic!!! 
23/4/2002 20:11 GMT  matty
oh plz? 
23/4/2002 18:35 GMT  ha ha
well sed 
23/4/2002 18:33 GMT  jimmy
na matty ur pish so fuc* off back to middlefield! u po*f 
23/4/2002 14:53 GMT  THE REAL MATTY!!!
23/4/2002 14:53 GMT  THE REAL MATTY!!!
23/4/2002 14:53 GMT  THE REAL MATTY!!!
22/4/2002 21:51 GMT  Matty
Lets all laugh at banchory lets all laugh at banchory. LOL 
22/4/2002 20:05 GMT  craig is bent
who the fuc*'s tryin to say i play 4 banchory like, lol but craigs still bent!!! 
22/4/2002 19:35 GMT  Lol
Lets all laugh @ Matty oh Lets all Laugh @ Matty. lol 
22/4/2002 19:18 GMT  MAtty
Right u sh!tebags, like i would play for banchory, and i didnt play against cause i was injured, and i played most of the game on sdat, i am starting on teusday and thursday, so rap up u sh!t bags!!! 
22/4/2002 17:06 GMT  ha ha
as if u po0f! 
22/4/2002 15:13 GMT  Matty
anychance of cuming to your team next year as a squad player as i aint even that a $hitefield? 
21/4/2002 21:36 GMT  eh???
Eh? He's in your team u fanny!Do u call all the other ppl in your team pricks!!! Sum team!!! Slag each other off, what a bunch of pussy's..!!!!! 
21/4/2002 19:39 GMT  craig is bent
wat a fu*ckin joke!!!! craig is a prick!! i've seen the girls craigs been wi and trust me ur granny is probably better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
21/4/2002 17:38 GMT  what the hell u blabbin on about!!!!!!!!
look weirdo, craig is not fcukin bent, how could u b slaggin off him, he plays for this team u spud! what u talkin bout a good selection of ladies?? u should go n say that to his face.....and im warning you.....he's got a VERY GOOD hit!!!! i've seen him go!!!!! 
20/4/2002 19:37 GMT  Alan Majury
Who the hell is slagging me name eh? How the hell can they slag my name when they aint even happy enough with their own name to put it on their message? What's with the slagging now anyway, i didn't heart anyone brave enough to have a go at the time - other that Aldo, but the mouth is bigger than the man in that case!LOL BANCHORY ARE A JOKE! NO1 ANSWERED MY QUESTION!!! WERE U NOT PI**ED OFF THAT UR MANAGER THINKS U R SO CRAP HE SHOULD PLAY SO DEFENCIVELY???? 
20/4/2002 17:39 GMT  craig is bent
craig i am hard! and caireen is a fu*kin slapper!!!!! craig u da hae a good selections of ladies then do u? 
20/4/2002 09:07 GMT  Craig
who ru?u leave comments but dnt leave ur name..??? UR HARD! so majory u beat us! it soundz like all u do is cum on this site n go on about middlefield and how great u are!!!arite Kidd n Campbell so ladies whoz this fagget thats calling u toonzer sluts the boy doez ni even leave his name!  
19/4/2002 22:08 GMT 
Wat kinda name's majury?! lol oh, and next time u come tae banchory, dinna forget the paper bag, son. 
19/4/2002 20:48 GMT  Alan
My sincerest apologies to my good friend dildo - i mean Aldo. Unlucky mate you didn't last too long - never mind theres always another game. As for your tactics - they were very impressive. If i played for you i would be a bit annoyed because your manager obviously doesn't have a lot of confidence in you. If he thought you could compete with us he wouldn't have played so defencively! As for my goal, did you like it? 
19/4/2002 20:41 GMT  BROWNER
19/4/2002 16:32 GMT  Craig
who the f*ck says caireen is a toonzer slut!!! 
19/4/2002 15:22 GMT  Fact
No Matty culter are the worst team in aberdeen as they are bottom and u weren't even selected last night 
18/4/2002 21:14 GMT  Matty
What a team, we were far to superior for u sh!tbags, go and play with ur rather small dicks!!! 
17/4/2002 13:35 GMT  Matty
Good coming from u josh, r u not the 1 who i caught getting it up the sh!tter from sandy the vilage farmer, go and shag him again u little mink and bye the way, u play for the worst team in aberdeen!!!! 
17/4/2002 11:15 GMT  josh
matty ur bent! 
16/4/2002 20:59 GMT  toonser sluts.....emmm..
dont think so mate! 
15/4/2002 10:08 GMT  Matty
I think u lot should just give us the 3 points now, we cant be bothered making an a*se of u lot, but if u dont give us the points, expect a gubbing u sh!tbags 
14/4/2002 20:37 GMT  ha ha
have a honk!! sry its cotton street 4 me, not the harbour! 
14/4/2002 19:54 GMT  ?!?
caireen and all u other toonser sluts! go to the harbour!!!! 
14/4/2002 18:09 GMT  caireen
yeh man...whats goin on here like! have a honk honk on me! 
14/4/2002 16:39 GMT  whatever!
who the hell is ruth??? 
14/4/2002 12:46 GMT  lol
iam sure u'll kick the s.h.i.t out of her, yeh right 
13/4/2002 23:51 GMT  ruth??
yeh ruth who the f*ck r u??? i'll kick the s.h.i.t out of u, if u dont shut up! milddle field have sexy players so shut the F*CK UP! 
13/4/2002 16:37 GMT  Matty
mon the wasps, i am sure we will give u a chance on thursday, we will let u kick the ball in our half for a few minutes, then we weill give u at least 10!!!! mon the wasps 
13/4/2002 10:55 GMT  Ruth
Alan Majury: You're a bit of a tosser. Can you not think of anything better to do than leave sh*te posts on someone else's site?? Maybe you should be out practising your ball skills with all of your other lady-boy mates. Grow up you twat. 
12/4/2002 14:21 GMT  Alan Majury
Who the f*ck is "?"...? How very brave that git is - scared to put your name to the message? Anyway, I'm sure us "Middlefield Minks" will have a great time on Thursday when we take another 3 points away from Crathes. U lot r pathetic - M'ON THE WASPS!!!  
11/4/2002 18:17 GMT  !!
yeh well honk honk 2 u, lighten up! 
10/4/2002 18:57 GMT  ?
majury u "middlefield mink" y u slaggin abde off? ur one of the ugliest c*nts i've ever seen 
10/4/2002 16:30 GMT  yeh
I would go if i was you! It's a relly cool place, and while your there, join, and leave a message! or if any of u sexy boyz have a pic.....put it in!! it wont hurt! Go on, u no u wanna....... luv me xxxx 
9/4/2002 00:26 GMT  ME 2
8/4/2002 20:16 GMT  emmm....guess!!!
I have one thing to say to all you Banchory Boyz.........HONK HONK. 
8/4/2002 18:51 GMT  Fixtures
Albion on Saturday boys, C'mon we can beat them this time!! 
8/4/2002 16:17 GMT  Alan
Tommy you are gay - and Aldo, oh and Josh too!!! Tommy you are crap - you only get a game cos' ur dad helps out. Aldo (ACNE UNTAMED) - have a wash u mink. Josh ur almost as big as DOVE FAE ALBION! I'm only trying to help m8 but it's getting serious - maybe i'll jst call u Jordan. OY TOMMY LLOYD WIT U ON -"cant wait to see syngenta beat middlefield!!" - IS THAT COS' U LOT CAN'T???? OF COURSE, IF U LEAVE NOW IN YOUR TRACTOR U MIGHT MAKE IT IN TIME - UR SEASON IS OVER ANYWAY. I think i can sense a bit of jealousy coming from your direction? 
8/4/2002 11:55 GMT  !
u'r team are s.h.i.t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOSERSSSSSS! 
7/4/2002 23:55 GMT  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
who the hell r u callin a toonsewr mink! i could kick ur a*s anyday u littel minker! 
7/4/2002 21:54 GMT  tommy lloyd
well ur team must be worse than that coz they're gonna gub u lot 
7/4/2002 21:43 GMT  majury
c man pen gals? ausume! syngenta= dog poo 
7/4/2002 19:20 GMT  tommy lloyd
iam tommy lloyd 
7/4/2002 14:50 GMT  c'mon the banchory
why do u toonser minks cum on the website's are all f*ckin scaffs, and i have seen matty be4 he looks like a wee rat! 
7/4/2002 12:47 GMT  !!!!!
who is tommy lloyd????? 
7/4/2002 10:22 GMT  tommy lloyd
who is caireen?? and cant wait to see syngenta beat middlefield!! 
6/4/2002 23:29 GMT  lol,
hey i never wrote that! and he aint my man anywayz! 
6/4/2002 22:22 GMT  !!!!
Yeh caireen! u stick up for ur man! 
6/4/2002 15:13 GMT  !!
matty is sexy and he does has nice ass so f*ck off and he ain't small!!! 
6/4/2002 14:58 GMT  .
he's only after one thing 
6/4/2002 13:53 GMT  yeah right
matty has a nice ass no way!i am an ex of his and he sure doesnt hav anythin nice, oh and he is a bit on the small side if u no wot i mean (wink, wink).so if any of u silly sluts r sleazed on by him then i laugh at u cus i got away safely from the skanky bastard 
6/4/2002 09:38 GMT  sandy brown, village farmer
matty, you have a nice ass! 
6/4/2002 07:42 GMT  our bold kev
albion got taken to extra time by u lot aha haha hha they must b sh1te 
6/4/2002 01:50 GMT  sandy brown, village farmer(real 1)
fa the f*ck is usin ma name, tel me cum on u f*ckin sh*ts..onyway mon the banchory,im a bit p*ssed.been at the local farmers society and it got a bit boozy.ach weel c u loons the morn 
4/4/2002 23:03 GMT  sandy brown, village farmer
i totally agree, matty, u r a god, u should be playin for barca, and banchory, the b league isnt that bad, c'mon the banchory!!!  
3/4/2002 21:47 GMT  .
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha 
3/4/2002 17:52 GMT  Maty (Middlefield Wasps)
good shout alan, banchory are a gr8 side until the game actually kicks off, then they are screwed because they have as much talent as a car with no engine, mon the banchory, the B league isnt that bad!!!!!!!! 
3/4/2002 15:28 GMT  Clown
What a funny guy u are , i roll about on my back laughing at your humour 
3/4/2002 08:28 GMT  Alan Majury (Middlefield Wasps)
Unbeaten? Whats that I hear your team-mates say! Well boys it means you go all the way till the end of the season without losing a game - and you've still to play Middlefield. You lot just love gifting 3 points to every team that comes ur way - how kind. LOL @ BANCHORY 
2/4/2002 22:43 GMT  tommy lloyd
we'll just wait and see 
2/4/2002 20:04 GMT  Matty
I am afraid u wont go the rest of the season unbeaten as u have to play us still, and we know the result of that game already, i will give u 10 minutes then we will demolish u, 2nd bottom isnt 2 bad lads!!!!!!!! 
1/4/2002 23:59 GMT  sandy brown, village farmer
matty u r a f*cking faggot so f*ck off our site u ugly jumped up little prick.i heard u were beaten up at the weekend so ha ha ha.c'mon the banchory lets finish the rest of the season unbeaten 
1/4/2002 22:24 GMT  Matty
c'mon the banchory, relegation experts 
1/4/2002 21:52 GMT  farky fae carse
wit wiz ur score wi albion? 
1/4/2002 18:15 GMT  Tommy Lloyd
why not, u got a stupid name like?  
1/4/2002 17:13 GMT  i aint tellin you....
Honk Honk to all you sexy boyz!!!!!!!!!!!! 
31/3/2002 22:35 GMT  tommy lloyd
who is ????? afraid to tell us ur name  
31/3/2002 19:48 GMT  Alan Majury
I predict an away win when the wasps visit crathes. Can any of u lot actually prove me wrong? U lot r pathetic - do you go out at the start of the season expecting to win a trophy? The wasps r on their way to the championship - there is no race, we'll jst walk to the finish.  
31/3/2002 16:41 GMT  ???????????
i aint a toonser mink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
31/3/2002 14:03 GMT  ?????
if this place isn't exciting why the hell do u come on the website? u toonser minks!!! 
30/3/2002 17:26 GMT  ?
This place is soooooo exciting!!!!!!!!!! 
28/3/2002 21:53 GMT  Matty
so banchory, u almost beat albion, hard luck, we could beat them with 7 players on the park, c'mon banchory, lets avoid relegation 
28/3/2002 18:42 GMT  the wasps.
middlefield r prty $hit,they will kill u wen they play use i rekon,use have only 2 good players,no wait actualy u have none.hard luck,chow for now :P 
28/3/2002 14:34 GMT  ?
Banchory are a gret side (yeah and i am the fcuking pope) 
27/3/2002 23:33 GMT  ha ha
ha ha how crap is this place! its bad! 
27/3/2002 23:06 GMT  Matty
Well, this must be the most boring website i have ever seen, and u must be the worst football team i have ever seen! 
27/3/2002 21:28 GMT  well....
thats cus your all a bunch of party poopers!!!! ha ha ha ha  
27/3/2002 19:27 GMT  So did we
We had a full guestbook until sum1 deleted them all!!!  
27/3/2002 17:56 GMT  crap crap crap
u's r boring at least middle field , have a full guestbook! 
27/3/2002 17:37 GMT  ?
Why nae 
27/3/2002 17:24 GMT  emmmm...anyone alive?
why do u keep on clearin up this place!!!!!!! BORING!!!  
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