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Any club member who logs in may delete entries in the guestbook. intheteam reserves the the right to delete any offensive entries in the guestbook.
21/5/2002 21:07 GMT  basil brush
fitzy is gay 
27/4/2002 20:25 GMT  not telling u
i know i fantasise over this site instead of porn 
5/4/2002 17:46 GMT  Mint site
This site is so good it makes me come on again and again!  
31/3/2002 15:52 GMT  Yes
Game on  
8/3/2002 15:43 GMT  Fat bloke - in corner of Dog by bar
Anybody seen that Colin lad from the corner cottage. Im missing my mild and dominoes with him. He aint turned up for weeks the balded head bloke. Any ideas i'll be in the bar - most days with mad murry. All welcome. That includes you Gilbo and Lenny. 
7/3/2002 18:56 GMT  Mount
Your time has come. orton are going to lose  
4/3/2002 21:56 GMT  dean
gilbo where were you on sunday you only pretended to be ill for one week not two. Night out on the 15th March to Jam House, meet in the Digby at 8 00, all welcome.  
27/2/2002 15:37 GMT  Fat Neil - and his dog
Cus they like the foam in my extinguishers. They gobble on the long black hoses. I just sit and watch. they pretend to like me nd kiss me as were getting in the back of the van. But then they say 'we dont want you' and grab the extinguishers. I then show them my pot belly and we talk as if we were pregnant. The girls like this. H 'll stop letting this van park outside ur house. Its lowering the tone. In fact ive got a bigger one now!!! 
26/2/2002 17:47 GMT  Gibbo
How did we get on sunday? what time we meeting this sunday? 
25/2/2002 09:41 GMT  H
Why Cant I Pull Darling Birds Like Fat Neil Can 
24/2/2002 19:39 GMT  H
absolute wubbish. Whos is the black range rover H? 
22/2/2002 19:30 GMT  Gibbo
I ain`t going to be able to play sunday. been given a ticket to the worthington cup final. im in the blackburn end. what time is the game? 
15/2/2002 19:52 GMT  Fitzy
Has any 1 invited burger boy on the night out. Sponge head and burger boy should team up as they have the same style of running and the same speed. But Burger boy was at the Baggies a long time a go. 
13/2/2002 15:42 GMT  Gibbo
Dont thank me for the goal!!!!! and bringing someone with a mega throw!!!!  
7/2/2002 22:07 GMT  Rodney
Fitzy - I've been meaning to ring you - 
7/2/2002 16:55 GMT  Fitzy
Alright lads every 1 ready 4 Sunday, if the pitch is ok, or has every 1 been playing and i,ve been dropped??????  
7/2/2002 12:56 GMT  Gilbo
Least I can cos its bigger than yours. Cos It is!! 
6/2/2002 16:34 GMT  Steve Lawley
Gilbo go forth and multiply you penis. 
2/2/2002 10:46 GMT  Gilbo
Steve - Bingo is a game of speed and skill and cunning tactics. (Shouting SORRY! will not make you win a full house !!!!!) I think you should be thinking about taking up chess !!! 
2/2/2002 10:42 GMT  H
What do you mean "WE" - you're not invited. Why are you so concerned with what time we will be home ???? 
2/2/2002 10:40 GMT  Steve Lawley
Will we be late back ? 
2/2/2002 10:35 GMT  H
I'm having a bit of a 40th Birthday party Friday 8th Feb - The plan is to have a couple of rounds of bingo - followed by a sherry at Derby and Joan at the parish hall. Any one wishing to attend -let me know and i will get some young helper to pick you up from your door and drop you back later - No excuse and pension day is Thursday - (Tip for the week - don't buy any TV licence stamps for one week so you have enough in your sky rocket)  
28/1/2002 13:02 GMT  John Gregory
My missus i nice aint she. See Steve lawley can dress up pretty and still get away with iy. 
25/1/2002 13:25 GMT  John Gregory
Hi Boyz Ellis has really took the Mick now. I just cant spend any more money. Any chance I can come and manage your team guys as I am still living local. I have had quality so its time i managed a desperate sunday morning team. I will be holding a confernce tomorra at the pavilion, openfield croft announcing my intentions. No Blues fans please. John 
18/1/2002 14:14 GMT  Young Sexy Tart - back of the Dog Inn
Your not wubbish in Bed H your Grrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaatt! Cos Kellogs Frostys Tony says so!!! 
16/1/2002 19:55 GMT  H
Wubbish - Absolute wubbish !!!!! 
16/1/2002 18:35 GMT  Barry Fry
Hi boys Any of use interested in playing for us on a saturday morning over the park. Bacon Butty and a cuppa in it. H i'll get the cigars in and u Stevey Lawley I'll get the sponges and water buckets in. Give us a bell son on the usual number. Any other queries Barry Penn may be of assistance. 
15/1/2002 20:30 GMT  Sponge Head
You lot are out of order - You wouldn't know a good player if they hit you on the head (and flew three yards) 
15/1/2002 19:49 GMT  Frosty
I hear you are looking for some decent players - I can come back if you want ? 
15/1/2002 19:38 GMT  Steve Lawley
Look - I've said I'm sorry - what's the problem....... 
14/1/2002 19:53 GMT  Steve Lawley
Sorry !  
14/1/2002 19:49 GMT  H
Wubbish ! ! ! Absolute Wubbish !!!  
12/1/2002 19:13 GMT  Injury problems
Injury problems for sunday. Gibbo bad knee. might last 30mins at the end when everyone is dead. Also find a goalkeeper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
10/1/2002 20:45 GMT  Reggie
You are all a bunch of tossers and im not having a stag do 
4/1/2002 13:34 GMT  News Flash
PC now has an emal address. Beware Porn and the like is on its way to you!!. Anon 
1/1/2002 17:08 GMT  Sporting Greyhound
Fitzy..... im gona get ya when you come to moorlane on sunday. See you soon. SKIN HEAD 
30/12/2001 19:48 GMT  Lea Marston Golf Course
If you lot are thinking of playing here again.....Don't bother.... It will probably take us at least a month to repair all the divots that you all left as you hacked your way around the course, but we can live with that. It's the language in the bar after by one of your party in a particularly fetching jumper.  
25/12/2001 19:11 GMT  Sports Caffe Mgt
Dear Gentleman Would the person(s) responsible for gouging the surfaces of my snooker table cough up please. Snooker balls also had a pastin. Those of you who wish to ram cues and balls up one anothers back passages r always welcome but please ask us fist. Your conduct was dispicable. The Management 
22/12/2001 19:48 GMT  Stevey Smith
Alright lads. I'm looking for a good runner, low mileage, good taker, fast and cheap. A car this is. Any good? 
19/12/2001 09:33 GMT  Sling it Sven
sorry message below sent in error - please delete 
19/12/2001 09:28 GMT  Sling it Sven
You'll have the best kit in Division One - you iron 
17/12/2001 17:00 GMT
Over 5500 visits. 
13/12/2001 11:24 GMT  Stevey Smith
Alright lads so whats happened to big Rons van then? 
7/12/2001 13:22 GMT  (local NHW Co-ordinator)
Local Neighbourhood Watch reports a large number of young gils ( under the age of consent) leaving a house on the corner by the church. Believed to be owned by a Mr Hall. A white transit van was also seen dropping more off. Do you have any information or do you know these sex starved individuals please contact the unit. NHW 
2/12/2001 21:22 GMT  Fitzy
What a finish by the right back sometimes left back (in the changing room) Ricki. The best kick of the game must go to Gibbo or was that a stamp??????????? 
2/12/2001 17:03 GMT  Gibbo
4-1 to the boys, ricky for the no 9 shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
1/12/2001 15:52 GMT  Stevey Smith
Alright boyz. R we ready for the 23rd then. I'm in training. Laters 
30/11/2001 22:05 GMT  PC
No comment but im getting fatter 
30/11/2001 20:48 GMT  Fitzy
Alright lads just thought i'd say ello' I better be back in the team on Sunday else i'm gonna get Steve Lorley to bore you all with one of his famous stories.  
29/11/2001 16:01 GMT  Gibbo
Stevey Smith, what would you know!  
29/11/2001 13:44 GMT  Stevey Smith
Alright lads enoughs enough. Just face it you are all old bastards and can't play football anymore. You are undermining the club name. Just call it Water Orton Geriatrics United or Fat Rons blue and black stripe army. Besides the kits ten years old now. 
25/11/2001 19:49 GMT  ken banks
alright lads fitzy has been telling me how much you are missing my world class performances,still cant play for another few weeks,see you soon. 
21/11/2001 21:00 GMT  Colin Hall
Anyone know when Reggies stag do is? 
21/11/2001 18:09 GMT  Gibbo
Where are the Photo`s.  
18/11/2001 23:47 GMT  Gibbo
You need to change my picture i haven`t got my chain on! I don`t clean windows.  
11/11/2001 19:27 GMT  Stuart Penfold
BREAKING NEWS-Dicky Moore announces return,that'll be Ricky in goal on Sunday then! 
10/11/2001 20:00 GMT  Steve Lawley
Alright...Alright....what's the rush ! 
6/11/2001 19:04 GMT  Steve Lawley
Still thinking - OK - don't panic  
4/11/2001 21:19 GMT  Steve Lawley
I was going to write something witty - but there's no rush - I'll think of something in my own time -  
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