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Any club member who logs in may delete entries in the guestbook. intheteam reserves the the right to delete any offensive entries in the guestbook.
4/1/2002 14:00 GMT  Martin Astin
Barney - I take it you have still got that ridiculous haircut then - or were you referring to the U.13's? 
4/1/2002 12:42 GMT  barney
hope u r all prepared for nets at almondury high scool on 13th Jan! I shall be embarassing a few of you!  
25/12/2001 14:19 GMT  coach
Irie xmas to all  
24/12/2001 10:20 GMT  Neil
Happy Xmas to one and all 
22/12/2001 18:33 GMT  Cec
To all Auggies, and friends of Auggies Have a cool Yule. 
19/12/2001 21:09 GMT  Neil, Jason, Ces, John F, Martin. Bob, junior side
has rocker voted in the pole yet? we have!!! 
18/12/2001 08:23 GMT  James Bond
Try that Chris Callaghan, he's an expert in everything he does!But don't bother with a flashy car for a couple of years yet! 
17/12/2001 16:28 GMT  MI5 agents required
Please note we are currently recruiting new agents, anyone skilled in the field of surveillance , or stalkers welcome 
14/12/2001 15:51 GMT  Father Christmas
I will try my best but I am not hopeful of obtaining either of your requests this year. I checked Argos's catalogue but they didn't have any cricketing talent left, apparently someone called Ranks had been in and taken all their cricketting talent earlier this week. I'll try Lillywhites later next week. 
14/12/2001 15:35 GMT  barney
well as i am a nice person, i wish for santa to get some talent for neil so that i have a challenge in the nets! and a years subscription to the jason deboer school of fielding! hope thats not asking too much!  
14/12/2001 13:16 GMT  Father Christmas
Barney I still haven't had your Christmas list for this year. Can you confirm what you want by next Friday at the latest please. 
6/12/2001 18:53 GMT  barney
please to annonce simon walker has some how managed to stay out of prison in his court case, but has no money as he has been fined til he is blue in the face!  
4/12/2001 22:12 GMT  The Coach
finally the sexy machine has arrive on line welcome to H all the ladies will stay away now 
29/11/2001 12:19 GMT  David Robinson
Sorry Mr. Waite(aka Jason DeHoar) you ozzie mo f***er. I would never play for an abbo convict & I retired from the game years ago.  
28/11/2001 18:03 GMT  David Waite
Is David Robinson available for selection for the next Rugby League internationals? We need someone with his elegant, effortless running style on the wing, along with his harmonious team building skills and complete lack of bitterness. We did want to train at Laund Hill, but understand that Mr Robinson no longer has any influence in such matters. 
28/11/2001 17:22 GMT  David Graveney
No there is no truth in that rumour. We have however been closely monitoring Jason De Boer who has impressed us greatly with his short fuse, quick running between the wickets and fielding skills. However we felt that he was not really a team man to warrant selection on this particular tour. All the rest of them are garbage. 
28/11/2001 13:19 GMT  nick brook
is it true neils been called up for englands tour of india? 
28/11/2001 12:41 GMT  Neil G
You can count on me Cec I'll be there. 
27/11/2001 22:38 GMT  Cec
To all you people out there, Don't forget that the Junior presentation is on Dec. 7th. at the Clubhouse. It would be appreciated if a number of seniors appeared to celebrate a successful season with the kids. 
27/11/2001 12:26 GMT  Harold Ainley
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