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1/7/2002 22:10 GMT  Dicko
Solitary pair of beige loafers for sale any takers only worn once and never to be worn again, forced into purchase due to bad preparation or better still packing an overnight bag aboslutely smashed 4 hours before leaving. any takers please apply via the guestbook or can be modelled at training  
1/7/2002 18:21 GMT  BiRdman
Ghost of Sylvia.......your fallacy about Mr Seaman's hair only happening after he moved too close to Surrey is faulty on two points. A) I think you'll find he lives in Hertforshire, which is north of London.......therefore he is still counted as a northern monkey. B) Marlow has never been to Surrey (apart from briefly passing through on Sat ) so I'd be interested to know how you explain his lump? 
1/7/2002 16:54 GMT  Glynn
Sorry to disappoint everyone but the qoutes cannot be attributed to either Chris or me. This is my first entry in the guestbook for over 2 weeks. 
1/7/2002 16:52 GMT  Ghost of Bertram
Marlow if you get your next guess wrong 6 months hard labour (similar to Papilion conditions). Dear Plastic - No geographic clues one way or the other I was merely responding to the slur on all those hailing from Yorkshire or any other part of the UK. For enlightenment Walter Kerr was the 1978 Pulitzier Prize (then writing in New York Times) winner. As you asked about daft quotes here is a better one for you… by Sir Arnold Bax - A sympathetic Scot summed it all up very neatly in the remark, "You should make a point of trying every experience once, excepting incest and folk dancing." Now now Sylvia! 
1/7/2002 16:31 GMT  Ghost of Sylvia
the Ghost of Berty sounds like one of those ponces from South Yorshire with his sophisticated Philosophical quotes. In response to the Birdman I think you will find he grew his hair like a twat after he moved too close to Surrey. 
1/7/2002 15:04 GMT  Marlow
Would definitely like to see a Players Pets section on the website accompanied with photographs. Perhaps we could have Dawsy (or Richard Gere as he should now be known) and Doris the Guinea Pig as the first happy couple on there, along with a photo of them with a used toilet roll tube. I assume thats what Doris was purchased for. The Ghost of Bertrand is definitely Glyn Hall or Chris Shelton. 
1/7/2002 14:59 GMT  The Ghost of Plastic Bertram (remember me?)
Is there a clue to Ghost of Bertrands identity in the fact that he seems to have an affinity for those pudding munchers just north of Notts??? Has he let himself slip in a moment of foolishness?? Which half of the worlds population does he really belong to?? And where does he get these goddamn awful quotes from??? Whois Wlater Kerr?? Does he actually exist or did Bertrand make that little anecdote up?? 
1/7/2002 13:07 GMT  Ghost of Berty
That’s more like it!! Marlow is back to his best – angry little retorts Fagott!!! Pah!!!!! Didn’t take long. Did you wrestle with the bear?? As Walter Kerr said “ Half the world is composed of idiots, the other half of people clever enough to take indecent advantage of them” I certainly know which half I’m in. Perhaps someone would like to spell out which half you appear to be in lovey!!!! Mr Spollo I agree with your views on those Brazillians if not your views on Yorkshire!!  
1/7/2002 11:14 GMT  Ian Spencer
Ed-As a regular reader of your site I am very suprised to hear of the Alliance outcome regarding promoting clubs, I understand that Bestwood MW Res Div 3, despite getting R/up, have also missed promotion.I am afraid the standards of the Alliance are dropping at an alarming rate and its no wonder clubs are looking to new pastures.I cannot understand AC Bulwells refusal into Div1 as if they were good enough to be accepted into the Alliance in the first instance what has changed. I feel that up and coming clubs like yourself should seek to get greater representation on the Alliance before this once great league reaches terminal point. Good luck for coming season.  
1/7/2002 07:35 GMT  Ed
Congratulations to all of you who survived Pearcey's stag night soiree to Bournemouth on Saturday... the 6 hour journey somehow pales into insignificance... must admit, I do feel a bot sorry for the chap who had to bail out during the first 6 miles of the journey due to fear of vomiting from the previous nights skin full.. well done to Dicko for managing to(a)get up in time (b) drive without hitting anything (c) spend the whole day drinking excessively and (d) drive all the way home without hitting anything... top job sunshine. I was a grrrreeeeat weekend and a fine warm up for Prague... 'AVE IIIIIIIT!!!!! 
30/6/2002 19:52 GMT  BiRdman
Spollo, I agree with your comments about Mr Seaman, especially the Yorkshire bit. 
29/6/2002 13:11 GMT  David seaman
spollo i apologise ,but i was un-sighted and he caught me by surprise i dont want to offer excuses but there are several key facts that have gone un recognised ;kust b4 Ronaldhino strikes the ball a goalden eagle swooped down and whisked me away in a flash , if you freeze frame the video its there for all to see , i managed to beat it off but and return to the goal area a fraction to late and the ball dipped over my head .two; a dodgey Korean bloke came up to me in the tunnel b4 the second half and offered me an all expenses paid night with a Korean ladyboy of my choice if i threw the game toward the Brazilians ,twas an offer i couldnt refuse . three ; im to upset to talk now you can read more in the official David Seaman world cup diary soon to be available in all good Aldi stores very shortly!.  
29/6/2002 12:34 GMT  spollo
And while i'm at it. That David Seaman.We should leave him alone rubbish, he's too upset to talk nonsense. He messed up big style and should be hissed and spat at whenever he plays, he can't talk because he gets a wedge for his "World cup diary" contract. The man has ditched his kids, shacked up with some tart, sports a bushy tash and a pony tail( a f**king pony tail)and he's from Yorkshire.I hope this proud nation rises as one to p*ss on the b**tard and drown him. 
28/6/2002 20:47 GMT  eddie murphy
$hit u must be crazy we dont want no german mother f*****s winning no soccer $hit sweeeeet jesuuus  
28/6/2002 18:26 GMT  spollo
I just spotted Jason Ashplant on Big Brother aka P.J. Am i the only person in this country who hates Brazil and wants them to lose? Over-rated bunch of cheats. Daweseee is a better player than Bob Carlos, and Goofy stubs his toe to score, and hes a genius.It seems that if a Brazilian farts its genius, well i'm sick of it. COME ON YOU GERMANS. 
28/6/2002 15:32 GMT  Dr joe Kenglos
see i am back after years of obscurity after ruining villa i can now pick the world cuup dream team. crazy old worlkd hey!! 
28/6/2002 15:23 GMT  Marlow
Thanks for all the messages of concern this week. You will be pleased to know i am alive and well despite my encounter with a bear earlier this week. Who is this mysterious Ghost of Bertrand faggot? I'm offering a reward for the first person who shops him.  
28/6/2002 14:33 GMT  Ghost of Paul Gascoigne
ooooo aaaah....hawaaaay... gggggrrrr... shlurp aaa ooo aaaa... hawaaaaay the lads... aaaaalreeet pet... slap slap slap.. gerr off ya bitch 
28/6/2002 12:28 GMT  Ghost of Bertrand
Dear Sylvia – still no progress on those quotations I see well try this one then… “Well… you didn’t wake up this morning because you didn’t go to bed, you were watching the whites of your eyes turn red” its not Chesney Hawkes by the way!!! Ed, as I am sure Sylvia will agree there is nothing wrong with a bit of soul searching and philosophising we are only trying to spread a little happiness and education in this dark time (Brazil Germany world cup final Christ could it be worse!!!!) and as Robert Frost said - Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper.” Do you object – anyway it fills the footy void!! Lastly since his bear encounter - Where oh where oh where is Marlow?!!! Berty!!  
28/6/2002 08:35 GMT  Ed
I've never seen so much in the way of "philosophical comments" on a footy website... I reckon some of you boys are after Brazilian names on your shirts... like Socrates... Plato... or Biggus Dickus maybe..  
28/6/2002 08:01 GMT  Sylvia
Bert, similar in many way to Germany v South Korea Eric wrote: 'how much easier is self sacrifice than self realisation?' 
27/6/2002 23:28 GMT  ac bulwell fc
id just like to say many thanx to you boys for the words of support over the last couple of weeks or so on the new ac site you boys are a credit to the alliance so best of luck to you thanx to dicko ,birdman and the groundsman for their supportive comments and AC hope you boys take the div by storm ! we know you will Dave AC Bulwell Fc 
27/6/2002 16:38 GMT  dawsy
i think i can help you here ed, there is a tunnel in london named 'blackwell' maybe its there.  
27/6/2002 16:20 GMT  Ed
Philip - how did you hear about us? what do you know about us? do you mean at your place or ours, cos ours is out of the question due to goddamned CRICKET... and where exactly IS Blackwell?  
27/6/2002 15:32 GMT  david o'leary o'leeds
b*stards i deserved to keep my job. Ok i have moaned all season about my youngsters and we have failed to perform in the league and europe and have a dodgy 'race' record under me but what the hell. By the way was this ceasefire with Marlow on 24th of June signed by all parties?? Have exclusion zones been declared and reparations sought? 
27/6/2002 13:43 GMT  dawsy
since the cease fire with marlow was agreed on the twenty fourth of june 2002, i haven t had much to say, however this res team friendly on the 4th aug, will it be at our home ground or theirs, philip hasn't made himself all that clear and id hate for of the two teams to miss out due to standing around on the wrong ground (and i know technically, that if this does happen then both teams miss out - so there is no need to point that out) 
27/6/2002 13:39 GMT  CIA and New Scotland Yard
Where oh where is Marlow? 
27/6/2002 10:14 GMT  The Queen
We are not amused the Blackwell Res are using the third person like what I do as the Queen! 
26/6/2002 19:56 GMT  Me Joolie
i think your web site should have some pictures to show off all those loverly pretty young boys running round in their skimpy shorts and nicely gelled hair.  
26/6/2002 17:40 GMT  Philip Handley
we Blackwell res are looking for a friendly on the 4th August with your res team . At home if possible 
26/6/2002 17:08 GMT  Butler from on the Buses
I just saw Marlow poncing around having his picture taken with Notts council's new cartoon bear. Both had very hairy coats, but I think I could distinguish one from the other. 
26/6/2002 16:53 GMT  Ghost of Bertrand
Dear Sylve – yep was aware our friend Eric had passed away – also note that he quite brilliantly stated that “when people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other.’ Turkey = England performances?? Where is Marlow by the way?? Since all the discussion of a pugilistic battle with him against the rest of Bilb FC he seems to have gone silent! Still trying to burn thru my grey matter for the cleo quote - try these ones out. Musical quote for ya. Fish is my favourite dish a dish you can rely on... Film line Save yourself kill them all! (being remade and due for release later this year! 
26/6/2002 15:22 GMT  Ghost of Sylvia Plath
Bert, to come back at cha, like Cleopatra ( do you remember them?) in the words of Eric, who died in 1983 by the way, 'our quarrel with the world is an echo of the endless quarrels proceeding within us'. Not disimilar to England v Brazil then. 
26/6/2002 14:27 GMT  Ghost of Bertrand
Dear Sylvia, I am recovering from the shock of your untimely departure almost as ill-conceived as pulling off young Owen as ill death. Poncy anecdotes eh!! Nothing poncy about mine geezer!!! This is the sort of view I would have put down to .......... Say a Marlow type individual not you Sylve. As our ‘spirtual’ friend Eric Hoffer was fond of saying “Rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength.” Oh and I see those Bastard Brazilians are in the final again!!!!! THe Marlow has been quiet for a while! Bertrand.  
26/6/2002 08:03 GMT  Sylvia Plath (still the ghost of)
Bertrand, I am officially dead (hence the ghost of tag) so perhaps we can meet up in the spirit world and swop poncy anecdotes? 
24/6/2002 19:20 GMT  sandy big brother
sod this im off 
24/6/2002 18:09 GMT  ALZHIEMERS
24/6/2002 17:05 GMT  AC STRIKER
24/6/2002 15:20 GMT  Ghost of Bertrand
Marlow as my good friend Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr said – “Truth is tough. It will not break, like a bubble, at the touch, nay, you may kick it about all day like a football, and it will be round and full at evening.” Do NOT try to attribute your puerile cake phrases to me!!! South Korea for the cup??? Monseiur Spollo, my French is rusty at the moment – being in the spirit world has had this effect.Please translate for me.  
24/6/2002 13:57 GMT  Northern Bloke
You cheeky chirpy cockney chappies will feel right at home on Pearcies stag night down in Bournemouth... all those southern lager drinkin' pufters... cor blimey me cockney sparra... ows ya farva..  
24/6/2002 13:32 GMT  dawsy
marlow, i will stop this abuse towards you, as you say, it is not fair on you, as i know how sensitive you are and i wouldnt like anybody to see you cry like a big girl, especially at work (if your actually there) so i will leave you to enjoy this website without any further abuse from me to you, however if you start then be prepared for a barrarge of abuse beond your wildest dreams. ave a nice day 
24/6/2002 10:57 GMT  Marlow
Dawsy, my verbal agreement with you to stop abusing you is going to be very difficult to keep if you keep abusing me. You can't have your cake and eat it to quote the Ghost of Bertrand. 
24/6/2002 09:21 GMT  dawsy
i have found one thank you, and im very happy here too, in fact just like mad jerry, if i was to be booted out, id keep commin back to training every season and of course keep giving you the abuse from this page, so even if you strike me down, i would become more powerfull than you could ever imagine (couldnt resist the star wars quote there. dicko will understand) 
24/6/2002 08:38 GMT  Marlow
Good to see the abuse of me starting early again this week. Can i suggest Dawsy hits the link at the top of this page in between the intheteam and help links. 
24/6/2002 07:42 GMT  Ed
Thanks for the invite AC Bulwell....erm.... address????? 
24/6/2002 07:19 GMT  dawsy
im sure marlow can help you kate(although you may be worried about his lack of attraction to the female form), feel free to contact him on : 
23/6/2002 19:24 GMT  KATE (BIG BROTHER)
23/6/2002 09:24 GMT  AC BULWELL MEMBER
21/6/2002 18:48 GMT  spollo
Ca plane pour moi. Eh Bertrand. 
21/6/2002 17:42 GMT  Stanley Racing
I'm enjoying all the brave punters voting on wether or not England can get into the World Cup Final after they've been knocked out! 
21/6/2002 16:10 GMT  Ghost of Bertrand
Good to see you’re corresponding Sylvia, however slightly concerned that your ghost is somewhat premature (unless I am out of touch!). Though who am I to quibble with a woman whose most telling remark is “There must be quite a few things a hot bath won't cure, but I don't know many of them.” Anthrax dear Sylvia and a 2-1 loss to those Brazilians!!! I must end with this nugget of truth from my dear departed friend Henry Miller “When sh*t becomes valuable, the poor will be born without a**holes.” New club motto anyone!! Enough for today i think! 
21/6/2002 16:10 GMT  Plato's pal
If superstition is fear, one person's superstition is another's religion. Rio sits under an Effigy of Christ and you could therfore conclude that I would rather be a free man than live in fear in Brazil. Altogethor now: 'Land of Hope and Glory, Mother of the free....' 
21/6/2002 15:36 GMT  Dicko
Saw the infamous Gerry on monday and apparently he is returning to Bilborough in the close season following some very succesful run outs in the KMW 1st Team (he's obviously made a MASSIVE impact). So be prepared remember all you scout training and keep a beedy eye out for a psychotic scot wandering around the clubhouse during July.  
21/6/2002 15:30 GMT  Ghost of Bert Russell
Dear Mr Spollo et al, my apologies for not responding to your discourse in my earlier comments but given the gravity of the foootballing events earlier today I have been somewhat distracted. I do now offer a few observations that I hope you will appreciate at this time of great stress - Patriotism is the willingness to kill and be killed for trivial reasons. Also for those who feel that consensus without thought is good take note– “Many people would sooner die than think; In fact, they do so.” I note that both Marlow and Dawsy have now formed a consensus view with Spollo on what may I ask?? On the issue of THE ‘Marlow’ for those who appear somewhat nervous of the ‘Marlow’ I I would just like to say ….. Fear is the main source of superstition, and one of the main sources of cruelty. To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom. (So yes by all means next time you play the wonderful game give him a good drubbing it will certainly help!!). In my earlier note I wasn’t necessarily suggesting THE Marlow be burnt (rather a rag doll type structure) – however you do certainly have a point!! I end with a further observation for Mr Spollo on the issue of gold “Recommend to your children virtue; that alone can make them happy, not gold.” (Ludwig van Beethoven) GBR here to enlighten Come on Senegal!!  
21/6/2002 15:21 GMT  The Ghost of Sylvia Plath
I'm feeling in an indifferent mood after the match. 
21/6/2002 15:17 GMT  Dicko
Why do Brazilians make good lovers? Because they can lob Seaman from 30 yards! 
21/6/2002 15:15 GMT  Dicko
I dont want to agree with anyone anymore its more trouble than its worth 
21/6/2002 15:07 GMT  The Ghost of T S Elliot
Bertrand, The Bra-zilians are truly rancid and goofy, sort of Luke Chadwick but better at footy. Lets get the burning thang going on but possibly just singe off Marlow's abundance of body hair instead, by way of compromise? There is no way fire will burn that leathery brown skin of his anyhow. 
21/6/2002 14:34 GMT  dawsy
i agree with marlow and spollo 
21/6/2002 14:24 GMT  Marlow
I agree with Spollo 
21/6/2002 13:49 GMT  Ghost of Bertrand Russell
Dear Mr Cox and friends, many thanks for your observations. I have no objection at all to the naming of two cities of Mustard, however i am sure the xenophobes out there would have something to say about one of them being French - but we should rise above them. On a footballing aside - Brazilian forward line - ugliest in the world?? Small consolation i know but have to look for it where one can (as Marlow i am sure will testify). Speaking of Marlow -As I note he raises so much anger and controversy could I possibly suggest a Guy Fawkes style (or Straw Man- cracking film by the way!) burning of the Marlow effigy every year on a suitable day to vent our collective spleen. May I suggest the 21st June as this is the day that another goal keeper has raised and dashed our hopes so greatly! Could be used as a good summer fund raising event as well. Yours, the late Bertrand Russell (I note that my full name did not appear before).  
21/6/2002 10:15 GMT  peekachoo
Birty Durden, does the 'R' stand for Rupert? 
21/6/2002 09:57 GMT  Henry George Gilbert Smythe the Fourth
Mr Burdon your name just doesn't look as grand in short text 
21/6/2002 09:35 GMT  Pat Cox
G of B - Point taken regarding Dijon but I think there is room for two cities of mustard, Engish and French? 
20/6/2002 19:13 GMT  spollo
You sound like a bit of a bright spark Ghostman dude,can you reveal your true name so that i can associate with you in future, and thus be known as the friend of a bright spark. For it is wisdom that i search, not gold. 
20/6/2002 19:01 GMT  JRGB3
I think Jamarlow has been a little harshly done by. Its not his fault that his perverse mind enjoys watching us all run around alot at 5-a-side, whilst he sits and plays with his ball. I do however wish he would stop asking us to wear lycra hotpants whilst we play. ps. I'm Rivaldo by the way, which presumably means that when we play beach footy on Pearcey's stag do, I'll be able to show you all some samba style! 
20/6/2002 16:52 GMT  Ghost of Bertrand
Dear Pat Cox, – thank you for your geographical statement about Northampton being a town rather than City. I was hoping someone would also point out that surely Norwich cannot be the City of mustard either as this goes to Dijon of course! In the great Marlow-bating issue (which seems to have taken over from other national sports)– I must challenge the observation by Mr Dawsy about armies being quote are ‘formed by alliances’ – pah!!!! Historically most have been formed by bribery or enforced suffrage. National service for example until relatively recently wasn’t an alliance it was compulsory!! How many have died at the hands of this honourable alliance as you put it! Shame on you! Yes consensus can be good but debate is the daughter of invention (the mother being necessity of course). This is not to say that I would side with Marlow on any of his other comments as he appears to be for all out global annihilation of those whose views he doesn’t hold with. PS can I have 10 shillings on him losing any boxing match in first round.  
20/6/2002 16:24 GMT  Dicko
Hark at you Mars, Oliver Khan eh! now there's another arrogant sausage munching t#$t  
20/6/2002 16:20 GMT  dawsy
great to hear peeky, good to know your on the right side. by the way im mr owen according to that web site 
20/6/2002 16:17 GMT  Peeky
Don't draw me into you sordid world Jamarlow. I've decided to side with Dwarvsey et al for the scrap. We could perhaps set up a stall at the Goose Fair - Twat the lump heed. 
20/6/2002 15:47 GMT  Marlow
Which footballer are you? Quite interesting if anyone gets chance I'm Oliver Kahn and Peek-a-Choo was Gabriel Batistuta. 
20/6/2002 14:40 GMT  Marlow
In answer to your question Sanitation Dept, i think the person you're looking for is called Dave Dixon. If other attributes include an old dodgy perm and the inability to pronounce the letter "U" then he is definitely your man. 
20/6/2002 14:20 GMT  dawsy
come on marlow, ya big girl, what do you say? is it on or what, cause a venue will have to be sorted for all those people who would like to see you get butchered by the might of us lot. they all need to get tickets, and although you will be hurt at least you'll make a bit of money eh? 
20/6/2002 14:13 GMT  Dicko
Obviously Mr Marlow is not very well, hope its not down to the bulls#$t that's been dribbling down the side of your mouth!!!! Hope your feeling better soon 
20/6/2002 13:43 GMT  THE ROCK
This tag team looks very exciting shame Mr Marlow has no team-mates, well unless Alex gets voted out on Friday. Although he could be odds on with his one man band thing, charming look and glorious attempt at you soccer captains haircut.  
20/6/2002 13:39 GMT  Alex (Big Brother)
I may be available from Friday evening & as such I would be more than happy to partner Mr Marlow. Perhaps we can then both come out of the closet together. 
20/6/2002 13:36 GMT  Nottingham Sanitation Dept - GLOBAL NEWS FLASH
A tall chap with a fake tan, bowed legs & an odd shaped head (thought to be from the same gene pool as Duncan Goodhew but with a little more, yet thinning hair) has been barred from local facilities due to an accident earlier today. A brown liquidy substance was found to be emamanating from both his a**ehole, mouth & also a keyboard that he was stangely carrying. Should you be aware of any such individuals please advise of his name so that we can male his pants (still soiled) back to him. 
20/6/2002 13:30 GMT  Dicko
Im up for it lets get this don king guy involved and a wager maybe erm! £25 mind you thats a lot to you marlow eh! Or if you prefer a bout of fantasy fighting you would be i guess the hot favourite at that 
20/6/2002 13:26 GMT  don king
I have heard news about a possible bout, I am able to promote this 'clash' for cash of the gold streaked one & the funny finny lumpy chap. please advise 
20/6/2002 13:25 GMT  dawsy
bring it on, you see mr marlow, this is where those alliances come in handy as this match (if you were to go ahead with it, will be myself, mr dixon and mr spollin just you i suppose. what do you think? 
20/6/2002 13:21 GMT  Scouser
Calm down, calm down boys ! I suggest that you get the handbags out (not to dance around though) & arrange an open air venue fight, yes a scrap, a duel to the near death with the loser having to have a haircut from MESSRS Atkinson, Costin & Ashplant's barber. That would vindicate the person who has been wronged - also I can rob yer houses whilst you are out. 
20/6/2002 12:48 GMT  dawsy
here here mr dixon, i whole heartedly agree with you view point about the marlow stuff but the last bit about 1966 is also a point to agree on, what do you think marlow? 
20/6/2002 12:37 GMT  Dicko
Is it a sign!!!!!!! We started with a dismal draw We beat Argentian 1 - 0 The holders went out in Phase 1 Our Captain was a blonde from Essex The Koreans knocked out the Italians Our No 10 scored a hat-trick against the Germans We had a calm, focussed manager who sat on the bench as everyone went mad 3 of the squad played for West Ham The host nation drives on the left A Beatle married a blonde model Labour were in power Elvis was in the charts The year was... ... ... 1966!! 
20/6/2002 12:34 GMT  Dicko
Mr Spollin thank you for your concern I am well on the way to recovery and in fact relishing the opportunity of prizing my shirt off Broomy's back, however due to stretching and stench I will probably require another. Also looking forward to a run out with the other 4 members of Mr Marlows team.  
20/6/2002 12:23 GMT  Dicko
Mr Marlow I suggest you stop behaving like a chastised member, get your lump cut off and stop gloating about a measly £25 win. I see nothing wrong with an agreement to a statement. You are a conceited arrogant unfashionable jerk who plays on his own in a team of mates. I thought you of all people would be able to study yourself in that much depth just ask your mirror.  
20/6/2002 11:12 GMT  dawsy
well ok marlow, there is maybe no need to agree on the website guestbook, but unless we all phone each other to agree, then how will you know if your points are well received or not? just a thought. 'Go' is good isnt it? did it have enough of 'her' in it, for you? 
20/6/2002 09:16 GMT  Peek-a-chuff
No noods last night but my colleague was sick on the bar of Walkabout - classy. Jermarlow, you spelt there's wrong I believe, but otherwise good scalding. Dwarvesy the mouse ref is Alan partridge again. Arks to borrow Marlow's copy - it's a box set. 
20/6/2002 09:01 GMT  Marlow
Dawsy theres nothing wrong with agreeing with someone but do you need to type it (spelt wrongly at that) into the guestbook? Watched Go last night, very good. Peek-a-choo, how much did you invest in nudes last night? 
15/5/2002 13:17 GMT  charlie number 7(4 goals in 3 games)
first, congratulations on winning the league and see you next year in div 1 for 6 easy points. give this message to pricey, ask him if he wants to play for framsmiths arms on sundays next season in prem prem.tell his side kick paddy i've got a combination side for him, and paddy i must have played really sh%t if you got 9 out of 10 in the final, see you next year. number 7  
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