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2/6/2002 16:38 GMT  Kirsty
Hi. Just read your message Angie and i think you`d make a brilliant Terry Wogan. Off to Malta (they did win it didn`t they?) next year. We ALL expect to be invited along, Drinks on you!!!!! 
27/5/2002 16:48 GMT  Angie Topper
Hi everyone, I would like to thank all the girls who went to the Cottenham tournament yesterday. The weather conditions were extreme to say the least. The under 13 results were as follows. 1st. Peterborough 14 points 2nd. Godmanchester 12 points 3rd. Haverhill 10 points 4th. Cottenham 9 points 5th. Comberton 7 points 6th. Milton 'A' 3 points 7th. Milton 'B' 1 point Coo that was like the Eurovision Song Contest, i'm glad though that no team had nil point. Well done girls. 
19/5/2002 09:11 GMT  Anonymous
Message for Ceri Harris. How do you know when you are reading the newspaper upside down? Leeds are higher than Liverpool in the Premiership table. 
30/4/2002 16:27 GMT  andy swallowe
Hi to all the girls in our under 13's team.The teams really showing improvement which has been reflected in the league table.We have moved up from 7th and are now fighting for 4th place. Well done everyone keep up the hard work.Here is the lastest update for the under 13's league table. GODMANCHESTER HAVE WON THE LEAGUE Godmanchester played 13 - 34 points Cambridge played 13 - 30 points Peterborough played 12 - 25 points Newmarket played 14 - 17 points Haverhill played 12 - 14 points Comberton played 11 - 11 points Cottenham played 11 - 9 points Milton played 13 - 2 points 
29/4/2002 09:29 GMT  Lisa Herd
Hello all, glad to hear all teams have been successful nd worked hard this year. Good Luck to the Ladies in the shield final - Hope you win! Let me know how you get on! Lisa 
27/4/2002 19:56 GMT  Sam Thomson
I am a bit disappointed that the under 13's league table has still not been updated. It is getting very boring seeing the same league positions,knowing that we've played and won more matches since the table was last updated. 
26/4/2002 20:02 GMT  Extremely Happy!
I don't know what MOANER has to complain about, for a club in their first year this is an excellent website. Well done whoever put this site together. Moaner try to look at the good things on this site! 
25/4/2002 13:06 GMT
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23/4/2002 17:40 GMT  Angie Topper
I would like to thank Christine Harris and the committee for giving me the opportunity and encouragement to take the JTM course. It was a very enjoyable few days and as a result I passed. I would also like to thank ALL the under 13's and especially my daughter for their support. I am sorry I had to miss the last two matches, but I understand you all worked very hard and played exceptional football. Your committment to the team and the club is very much appreciated. Well done Girls.  
21/4/2002 09:43 GMT  Ken Thomson
After being associated with this club for three years and being on the club committee for the last year. I think it is quite poor that I am forced to use the guest book to have my say. This is because I still am unable to access the club forum, although I have asked a number of times for a password, which I still have not received. Anyway, moans out the way. I would like to congratulate all the under 13 girls for the commitment they have shown over the last few weeks. It has been a long and difficult season for them due to long periods with no games due to the bad weather in the winter months. Once again, well done girls, its been a pleasure watching. 
29/3/2002 20:15 GMT  Moaner
League tables are totally incorrect,no match reports or team photo's so why have a web site ? Boringggggggggggggggggggg  
21/3/2002 15:02 GMT  hi
some1 update the website it a boring website at da mo. 
21/2/2002 12:48 GMT  WVLFC
Hey girls! like the site, why not visit ours at, and leave us a message it will be good to hear from you, take care and all the best 
16/2/2002 11:05 GMT  Steve Goodsell
Its good to see the club doing so well.Congratulations to all those who put in so much time and effort to make things happen. Its great to read that many of your players are attending FA Courses. I look forward to Haverhill U's receiving the FA Charter Standard! Best wishes from Steve at Essex County FA  
28/1/2002 20:59 GMT  Peterborough United
Great site! here is peterborough uniteds 
27/1/2002 14:12 GMT  Dissapointed
When is someone going to update this site ? Your league tables are out of date and where are your match reports ? 
5/1/2002 12:04 GMT  Adrian and Sarah.
21/12/2001 21:50 GMT  Andy & Holly
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  
1/12/2001 18:10 GMT  andy
Excellent perfomance considering the state of the pitch.The whole team gave 100% and its a shame we were robbed of the three points due to a questionable disallowed goal.See you on saturday and keep up the unbeaten run. 
4/11/2001 09:28 GMT  Andy
Well done to the under 13's for battling against Willingham and the match official ! Good to see that you did not lower yourself to Willinghams standards. When you play them in the cup you won't be playing against 14 year old's so go get them girls.  
29/10/2001 14:29 GMT  Lisa Logie
Hi there - Great web site Barry. Excellent team performance yesterday girls! 
28/10/2001 07:50 GMT  Holly & Hayley
Great team perfomance in beating Peterborough 3-0 on Saturday. Thanks to Ashley and all the girls for making us welcome. 
26/10/2001 17:48 GMT  Adrian Gee
Excellent performence by the u16 girls againts Brentwood considering you only had 9 players well done to all off you. 
21/9/2001 18:16 GMT  Ian Craig Colchester Ladies & Girls
Many thanks for the link I have done the same for you, good luck for the rest of the season 
13/9/2001 19:32 GMT  ashley smith
good luck to all girls and ladies for the season. well done Barry! 
11/9/2001 20:30 GMT  Andrew Taylor
Good Job on the Web site Barry!! 
11/9/2001 18:49 GMT  Anna Page
Hi i was on the net and I thought i'd have a look on are web site, it's pree ty impressive. 
1/9/2001 08:03 GMT  Andy Swallowe
I have added a link to your site. Good luck for next season. 
31/8/2001 17:36 GMT  Adrian Gee
Good luck to all the teams this season  
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