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20/3/2002 11:48 GMT  Bungle
He demands two packs a day should i give in and feed him MINI jaffasx2???? Also he got warned the other day for going round popping balloons, guess who had to pay the fines!!!! ME!!! hows zippy??  
18/3/2002 12:14 GMT  Carrot
im very bored, i spend most of my day staring at the dirt accept when it rains, yes then i get washed and maybe i float for a bit. Its a nice change you know. Anyhow soon ill be off to live with the cabbages mainly because jim dosn't take care when he pulls me up and ill probably fall out of the box and have to remain with those uptight snobby greens, why can't they accept us for who we are is colour realy that much of a problem. The elections are rigged there are 200 carrots in this patch and only 125 greens yet a green is always elected as president veg. The olympics are fixed too, we have one all speed contest for the last 6 years yet the greens had us diqulified, said the found mircle grow in our urine. I don't know we have bee persecuted ever since the greens moved in on our homeland, claiming it was given to them by the holy one JIM!! but we where here first we are the supreme veg and we will fight the cabbage burecrats and the broccoli until every one resembles pea soup. What do ya think will you join us i our fight? ( is this the vegtable rights site or not?) 
18/3/2002 12:06 GMT  Big Zippy:)
I feed him on Jaffa Cakes, One packet of MINI jaffa cakes a day should do the trick!!!!! Oh and on Sundays he has a Mc Chick Chick Chewy!!! That should fill him up! 
18/3/2002 12:02 GMT  Bungle
God Gem you're gonna be skint as a fish soon if you keep getting all them speeding fines, better walk to college tomorrow then! Wakey Express weren't there to catch all the action at all Ed, they with about 15mins to go!!! What do you feed zippy on gemma??? Bungle is just eating me out of house and home, and im goona have to sell him back to the zoo soon!  
18/3/2002 10:47 GMT  Ed
We are now playing KNARESBOROUGH in the league on the 24th March not Huddersfield Town as published, the following week on 31st (easter) is a free week and Hudds could be a game to play if required. 
18/3/2002 10:31 GMT  Big Zippy :)
hi helen, hope ya will probably take a while to recover, I know i'm suffering. I even got caught speeding(again!) on my way to college on my scooter!!!!! what am I like?  
17/3/2002 22:10 GMT  Ed
Correction to fixture, we are playing Huddersfield Town at HOME now 2-00 ko. See match report for todays game against Battyeford 4-0 win and Wakey Express were there to catch all the action so look out for it in the paper. 
16/3/2002 21:10 GMT  Bungle
Ashton says 'No room in the inn' for such low lifes. By the way who keeps imitating Zippy - its GAY as a stick and degrading to the poor chap. He says if this action doesnt stop then he may resort to actions such as pills and a large glass of water! THE END!!!! Hi Gemma, Becky and ME (not literally me but the conperson going under the name of me) 
16/3/2002 14:45 GMT  Ed
Friendly organised on the 24th against Huddersfield Town Res at Leeds Road 1-30 ko. 
15/3/2002 15:29 GMT  Big Zippy :)
Hi Bungle, just 2 let you know I will round on Saturday, but the doctor said that i must rest, and rest is what I will do....the doctor also said i must be fed with loadsa jaffa cakes (and he meant loads)Is Becky still sleeping at Ashton's?????  
14/3/2002 14:08 GMT  ED
if you have read the match report you will see that Gemma is out for two weeks with a sprained ankle, she joins Lindsay Reynolds on the injury list, whilst Rachel Kay is due back any day. 
14/3/2002 12:00 GMT  me
who is out 4 two weeks + y  
13/3/2002 11:23 GMT  Federick Jalovski of the Russian Federation
Hullo My message is very zimple, zie must all becomm communists and crush the capitalist tyranny. You its right, a russian dictatorship is the only true system in which u have no say what so ever. Football come sfirst elect Freddy jackov as your leader now and enjoy zwenty free bullets a year or be purged in one of our many work camps. Alternativley visit one of our many holiday resorts in places such as latvia, estonia and siberria where the temperatures have been know to drop to below 60*c. Starvation is also a wide spread problem which u will enjoy in your own country if u elect me as football leader and let the true god lead u to victory!!!!!! 
12/3/2002 19:51 GMT  Helen A.K.A Bungle
although i must admit Bungle is the big fat bear and Gemma to be big zippy and becky got to be george i was made to be bungle which was typical. Yeah i was solely counting on the two zippy's contribution - well i guess now i'll have to try extra hard!! So no running round sainsbury with than fish truck now Gem. You'll have to trolley race instead. Can zippy come to my house this saturday??  
12/3/2002 12:33 GMT  Big Zippy :)
Well zippy, I guess its up to you to set Bungle up (just like you always do!!!!!!!)to help her hit her target for this season cos I'm out for at least 2 weeks :( and I think she was counting on us to help her hit her target!!! Weren't you Bungle??????? 
11/3/2002 20:14 GMT  Ed
Bravenet have been having problems all last week and the forum has been down on numerous occasions, i managed to get on last night to put the report on it but cannot get back in, which is pretty crappy cos i cannot update the main site, thank god for the back up second rate will use if i have to site. 
11/3/2002 12:05 GMT  Tom again
this weeks report was very good and i must praise the 'effeminate'!!! writing style of the author. 
11/3/2002 11:43 GMT  Helen
what is the wrong with the official sites forum??? it wont let me in to comment? Also what is the log in details for this site?  
10/3/2002 23:07 GMT  Ed
A solid performance today as Albion do the double over Dearne Valley in a convincing 5-0 win, goals from Tracy Snowden (2) Helen Fraser (2) and Becky Tibble. Julie Thompson was the opposition player of the match and Liz Boyle on her return from holiday was the referees choice. NExt week we take on Batteyford at home 2-00 ko. 
8/3/2002 18:44 GMT  helen
haha!! yeah zippy ok you've set my goals up!! Oh Gem, George has been locked up in the cells for a while. he forgot to pay for the shopping. Who is me???? i now reckon its Tibble saying hello to herself and the rest to make it a cover up, look as if she has mates ha!! 
8/3/2002 16:08 GMT  me
me is me hi gem helen becky claire + the rest of ya hope u do wel this season 
7/3/2002 21:47 GMT  Zippy
heh dont forget me girls! ive set up most of helen's goals all season. 
7/3/2002 12:20 GMT  Gemma
O.K chief, whatever you say but whatever you do, don't take it out on George!!!! Anyway I thought we had a good partnership???  
5/3/2002 21:09 GMT  helen
Nice comeback patterson but stop lying!! that was an individual goal!! haha!! hello by the way Gem  
4/3/2002 15:47 GMT  Patterson
Helen, thought you might like to know, I am not 'ME' I am Patterson!!!!! You know the one who set you up for your 20th goal....... 
4/3/2002 12:05 GMT  Tom
I am Stoned Man solidd Gone, oh Hi Helen Wow a Banana!!!!! 
3/3/2002 22:57 GMT  Ed
Well i see you finally managed to get on the web then Helen! Ed does indeed stand for the editor of the site and as we all know that is Clare DAY, not be confused with the better known Clare Dearie, glad that is sorted. Now down to business. Albion got a great result today to keep their season alive, the win came in the Yorkshire Plate and was extra special as we gained revenge over Manston Magnets after they beat us in the Knock Out cup, the score was 2-1 to Albion with the aforementioned Helen on target for her milestone 20th goal in 16 games, the other came from her strike partner Becky Tibble, the two have now scored 33 goals between them this season which is more than some clubs have scored as a total, however it truly was a team performance today and the whole squad deserve their reward of a quarter final tie in the next round. The player of the match was Gemma Patterson who was back to her best, but a special mention goes out to Rachel Powch who was fantastic, despite picking up a yellow card for a petulant foul. Next week we are back in league action, at home to Dearne Valley Devils. 
3/3/2002 19:31 GMT  Helen
Ed is Martin. Ed stands for editor as he points out on a regular basis when he adds 'jokes' to peoples profiles. Sorry Martin but most of them stink like a rotten egg. Who is ME anyway???? i reckon it's PATTERSON!! is it? 
2/3/2002 22:29 GMT  THAT WOULD B ME
1/3/2002 14:07 GMT  Me
lets hope we get revenge this week girls! Good Luck  
28/2/2002 22:53 GMT  Martin
What other possible benefit does the club have in getting rid of players, we could just hang on to them and give false promises, its about their choice, bettering themselves because its all about playing football, not watching a team every week, we can go to Leeds for that. Since these players left they have played every game which is games they would not have gotten necessarily at Albion, like i say for the clubs sake it would better for them to stay and they could fight for a place with the other 18 but 20 into 11 does not go, hence the loan. 
28/2/2002 12:21 GMT  ME
who is Ed I thought Martin was the manager he should be saying the things you are saying.I agree with Helen loaning sounds like they are not welcome at the club, or you have alot of players and you are getting rid of the less quality players. You are making out you are a Premier league team like Leeds but our NOT 
21/2/2002 12:59 GMT  Martin
Er i think your missing the point Helen, the whole point in terming it as a loan is because we dont know if Kirklees will carry on after this season, and if the players want to they will be welcomed back to the club, there only reason for leaving was to play football. A transfer suggests that the players actively sought a move to another club cos they were unhappy. Besides the footballing opportunities i would like to think that the players were very happy at the club and would consider themselves as ossett players should they want to have another crack in the team. Its only like fringe players in the premier being loaned out to other clubs till the end of the season, its all about them getting competitve football. 
20/2/2002 22:11 GMT  Helen
I have no problem with people leaving the club, but the word loaning means lending someone something else that belongs to you for a short period of time, in this case ossett players. It's like saying yeah you can use them but they're not yours. Why don't you say they've tranfsered, it allows them to get on with their new club. 
18/2/2002 20:38 GMT  Ed
On the recent poll, where the question was raised: should we be loaning out players to other clubs? a massive 82% said NO. That being the case what would the voters suggest that the players who are not getting a regular game of football do, should they sit and rot on the bench, waiting for that star striker to get injured? When its the love of the sport and participation that counts how can staying at a club where opportunities are restricted warranted, especially when the manager has almost enough for two teams? 
17/2/2002 21:17 GMT  Ed
It was great to get back to playing some real football this week and against top of the table Scalby, Albion produced thier best performance for many weeks, despite the 5-2 result which flattered Scalby after two lucky early goals in the first half, Albion kept playing some great football and when Fraser notched another for the season from twenty yards, there was stil hope of some reward for Ossett's efforts, better was to come when Clare Thomasson netted a great first time cross when she ghosted in from the left wing. Even though it consigns Albion to their second successive defeat you find any of the Albion players downhearted as their spirit coming out of the game will win them much more than three points in the final matches of the season. Next week Albion face another tough match against Manston Magnets in the Yorkshire Plate. 2-00 ko at Dimple Wells. 
12/2/2002 19:39 GMT  Ed
The match against Goole Town ended in a 3-2 defeat for Albion, and Goole deserve creidt for the win, but unfortunatly the match will best remembered for things happening outside football and once again several players who were part of the Wakefield team last season had to endure a barrage of abuse for the second season running. Whilst we respect the right for people to support thier teams there can be no room for the goings on that happened on the day. This Sunday Albion face a tough test against top of the table Scalby who have not lost a league match in two seasons. 
8/2/2002 22:20 GMT  Ed
We are not as desperate for a keeper as we once were earlier in the season, and having just loaned 3 players out to another club i dont think we can really take on any more. 
8/2/2002 17:25 GMT  chris roper
are you holding any tournaments this year we are belper town ladies fc and play in the east midlands premier league ,or do you know any teams in your area.we have 2 teams that can play at quite a good standard any info would be welcome 
7/2/2002 20:20 GMT  fan
Are you still looking for a goalkeeper.How many goalies do you have 
6/2/2002 17:19 GMT  Martin (ossett albion)
mary hood & Kath Hayes have gone to Kirklees to get more regular football.  
5/2/2002 20:38 GMT  fan
which two players left.Gemma P is an ace player best at ossett albion  
5/2/2002 20:37 GMT  fan
which two players left.Gemma P is an ace player best at ossett albion  
2/2/2002 23:43 GMT  Ed
Yes u agree but we want the players to know that this is an option for them, in all likelyhood there is no reason why they wouldnot want to stay with thier new club, but if things dont work out then its nice to know that they are still welcome here. Its about players, playing football first and foremost, personally i am very sad to see the two players leave cos they have done an awful lot in the setting up at the club, but they can of they can get more football elsewhere then its got to be better for them. 
2/2/2002 18:48 GMT  Educated
I think once a player leaves a club (at this level)they are no longer part of that team. If an OALFC player went back to Wakefield they wouldnt consider it as a player returning from a loan spell they would consider it as gaining an ex player. 
28/1/2002 10:16 GMT  ed
Yesterdays match against Manston Magnets ended in a 0-0 draw with both sides producing some good football and the only thing negative about the match was the lack of goals, although by all accounts the fans left happy after a great contest. After losing to Manston 8-7 after extra time in the cup Albion were keen to gain their revenge and so very nearly did in the first minute when Fraser hit a Patterson cross on the volley only to be denied by a fine save from the keeper who was to have a very good day in the goals, overall a draw was probably a fair result but Albion felt that their chances were a little better and but for some better finishing and the lack of a keeper in form they may have gained all three points. This Sunday Albion face Kirklees at home 2-00 KO. 
26/1/2002 18:27 GMT  jodpur jodphur - Gilchrist
yeah she scored a mental freekick against magnets in the knockout cup, Gems ace - good speed, ability and looks nice in a pair of shorts!! 
24/1/2002 11:51 GMT  fan
say a hello to Gemma P for me Gem have you scored any free kicks this season. good luck hope you do well 
21/1/2002 19:35 GMT  Ed
Albion net another three points in the league, this time against Dearne Valley. The score was 5-1 and Helen Fraser scored a superb hat-trick, whilst Andrea Haigh grabbed two. This weekend Albion face Manston Magnets at home in the league, this will be a dress rehersal for the Yorkshire Plate tie to be played on the 24th Feb. 
17/1/2002 10:37 GMT  Ed
Well i can see both sides to the reserve team question, i dont agree that there are not enough players in the area as we have turned so many away this season and with a reserve team we could have kept hold of them. Also the squad size is around 20 so there alot of players not getting regular football they would of course in a reserve team. Having said all that, we only recently came from a club as a reserve team ourselves and we know the potential problems, and the hassle factor is huge, but then maybe its worth it if we can get more women playing football on a regular basis.  
16/1/2002 11:48 GMT  AGAINST
why set up a reserves team? more hassle and theres not enough players in the area or your squad to do it. 
14/1/2002 13:47 GMT  Ed
In Albions first match of the new year a revenge mission against Norton went disapointingly the Sheffield based team's way as they came out 3-1 winners over Albion and they pull five points clear of Ossett in the league. The goal for Ossett was scored by Helen Fraser who took her goal well after a parry from the keeper who was in good form. This week Albion are away to Dearne Valley. 
14/1/2002 11:53 GMT  Eddie
Well, this golden boot comp is really hotting up, joint first place, Becky Tibble with 10 in 16 and Helen Fraser with 10 in 10 - not bad, lets see how it all pans out!!!  
9/1/2002 21:25 GMT  helen
yep..........scrub scrub, it's needs extra elbow grease because of the tragic/hilariuos exit they made!!! i really thought they would win (yep!!) glad im not of the two idiots that voted on the F.a cup poll!! 20% and there already out!!  
6/1/2002 22:22 GMT  Ed
I guess we better scrub Leeds from the poll on whos gonna win the FA Cup after their pathetic loss to Cardiff. My moneys on Wycombe to go one step further this year!!! 
3/1/2002 21:17 GMT  Bill Clinton
are you american.............NO!!! thought not well then it's differEnce to you!!! 
3/1/2002 18:39 GMT  Michelle (Barnsley Ladies)
Thanks for the message Martin. I have added your link. Good luck for the rest of the season. 
30/12/2001 20:11 GMT  Ed
Albion travelled away to Scunthorpe for a potentially tough encounter with Talbot Tigers, and in freezing conditions and the occasional snow shower Albion pulled off a great 3-1 victory to lift them to fourth in the league over Norton on goal differance. The goals came from the usual suspects in Tibble and Fraser and one for not as usual in Julie Thompson she capped off a fine midfield display to score Albions third and wrap up the game. The player of the match was Helen Fraser who was tireless for Albion (we dont say that very often!) Next week Albion travel to Dearne Valley hoping that the new year will bring a run of results that is deserved of their current form. 
26/12/2001 11:48 GMT  Ed
The match against Manston Magnets in the Yorkshire Plate was frozen off and will be played in Jan (TBC). This week Albion must travel to Talbot Tigers without several players who are unavailable, not least goalkeeper Sarah Morton, of which we have not won a game without! Despite this we will still have a full squad and opportunities will be handed out to players who do not normally feature in the team, week in and week out. 
19/12/2001 16:38 GMT  OALFC fan
I dont think you were lucky to win at all, we decided to have a crack at the Yorkshire plate and wanted to lose, hence the team which took the field. The match did finish 2-1, we heard that theres been trouble in your team since the first team played two matches on the same day which meant half of the reserves were without a game. I know North Ferriby were not too happy (although it was about time someone beat them) we know all about being a reserve team from last season. Is that the reason for your interest in a new club? 
hi girls we would just like to say great site and hi from all ure new mates at scunny ladies. i think it was a great game wen we played u in da yorkhire cup we were lucky to win and i would just like to say ure strickers played an extremely gud game i was also wondering if you had a spare place available for a left winger please i will call onto ypur website tomorrow so if you have can you leave me a msg and i will recive it tomorrow. cheers oh bye da way did da game finish 2-1 cos i need to write it on my fixture sheet cheers............ 
hi girls we would just like to say great site and hi from all ure new mates at scunny ladies. i think it was a great game wen we played u in da yorkhire cup we were lucky to win and i would just like to say ure strickers played an extremely gud game i was also wondering if you had a spare place available for a left winger please i will call onto ypur website tomorrow so if you have can you leave me a msg and i will recive it tomorrow. cheers oh bye da way did da game finish 2-1 cos i need to write it on my fixture sheet cheers............ 
16/12/2001 22:58 GMT  ed
Todays game against Brigg Town ended 13-0 to Albion, the scorers were, Claire Thomasson 3, Becky Tibble 3, Helen Fraser 2, Rachel Kay 2, Andrea Haigh, Joanne Barnes, and Rachel Powch. With Helen Fraser picking up the player of the match award. Next match sees a revenge battle against Manston Magnets in the Yorkshire Plate with a quarter final place at stake for the winners, the last time the teams met was three weeks ago when Manston came out 8-7 winners after extra time. 
12/12/2001 16:19 GMT  ed
Er no, the winner of the golden boot is the player with the most goals in the season, the votes on the home page are jsut to see what the fans think, and who they reckon will be the top scorer. 
12/12/2001 11:18 GMT  Passer by
does who ever wins the vote on here get the golden boot??? i dont understand it??  
10/12/2001 11:12 GMT  Ed
A very poor result today as Knaresborough beat Albion 3-2, despite ALbion having the majority of the play and easily being the better team on the day. In the end it is results that matter and Knaresborough took their chances whilst Albion squandered theirs, typical if i may say of Albion's season so far. The Albion goal scoreres were Helen Fraser and Becky Tibble who now join Rachel Kay in a three way tie for top scorer. This week Albion take on bottom club Brigg knowing that a simialr performance as todays game will see Albion win the match comfortably. 
5/12/2001 23:17 GMT  Helen
I dont have a target figure, plus i've played a few games so far. Let me get warmed up first before targets are handed out - now becky, thats different shes now played a dozen games and so is ready for a target. I think 25 should do her..........whats that my target is 10 - not bad i'll agree with that one  
4/12/2001 19:32 GMT  ed
yeah no problem, stick it in the goal and it will go on the page, simple. Im glad you think scoring is so easy, maybe i should lift your target figure. 
4/12/2001 18:02 GMT  helen
add an extra two on if you want??  
3/12/2001 22:26 GMT  ed
sure thing boss! anything else? 
3/12/2001 12:01 GMT  Helen
GET THAT BOOT UPDATED!!!! im catching up slightly 
30/11/2001 20:11 GMT  ed
This weekend sees Albion take on top of the table North Ferriby United at home, with no recognised keeper it is gonna be tough, but Alexis Lunn will come in and do a good job, we could really do with the points.  
27/11/2001 00:24 GMT  ash......blyth town
seen you on hexham page,added you to our links,www.intheteam/blythtown 
25/11/2001 23:28 GMT  joolz
saw ur message on chester le street ladies. have added u as a link. we r at 
25/11/2001 23:05 GMT  Ed
An unbelievable match today as Ossett played Manston Magnets in the Knock out cup the game was overshadowed by the absence of Albions county standard keeper and Captain Sarah Morton, and with just two hours notice before kick off Clare Dearie had to stand in for the missing keeper, this added to the drama and after Albion had taken an early 2-0 lead through Helen Fraser and Gemma Patterson they looked on course for the next round, but that was early in the game and by half time the score was 3-3 after Liz Boyle had given Albion the lead for the second time only for it to be squandered just before half time. After the break the goals kept coming and Albion took the lead again through a great free kick from Patterson that made it 4-3 and it was turning into a great cup tie, back came Manston 4-4 and then Albion's turn another goal claimed by Patterson, although the Manston keeper should really take the credit as she dropped the ball on the line under pressure from Patterson. Five minutes to go and Manston came back again scoring to break the hearts of the Albion players who had taken the lead on four occasions only to squander it again. 5-5 at the end of normal time and into extra time, with both teams on their last legs it took a extra bit of effort from Liz Boyle for Albion to forge ahead again, when she burst through the defence to slot home No. 6. into the second half of extra time and Manston came forward with their extra striker to make it three upfront, this brought its rewards as they forced another goal to level at 6-6, here was the turning point as Albion had given everything but Manston to their credit kept coming back and an unfortunate own goal from Andrea Haigh gave Manston the lead for the first time in the match, that really knocked the stuffing out of Ossett and Manston went on to get another two minutes later to make it 8-6, but Albion showed great spirit themselves and pulled one back through Rachel Kay, time was running out and a free kick by Haigh went just wide with only seconds on the clock, under floodlight the referee checked his watch and blew for time, 120 minutes of football and 15 goals, for the neutral a fantastic cup match, for the managers an unbelievable roller coaster of emotion. Albion nearly turned a very black day into a glorious one and against the odds they had given a fantastic effort. In games like these there should really not be any losers, and the same would certainly have been said even if Albion had tasted victory. This one will live in the memory for some time, it so nearly was a memory to treasure. 
20/11/2001 00:00 GMT  Ed
Oh, what the hell i have to say it, i thought it must be the Donkey, cos you kick like a mule!! Anyway nuff of this silliness, the County match pictures are on line on the official site, yes Steve including Gemma you'll be pleased to hear. 
19/11/2001 20:22 GMT  concerned onlooker
no all the characters RULE!!!!!!! 
19/11/2001 10:32 GMT  Ed
Any particular character? I will refrain from guessing for a change. 
18/11/2001 22:06 GMT  concerned onlooker
my favourite films shrek actually  
12/11/2001 22:41 GMT  Ed
Er i dont know if maybe its me who cannot read tonight, but i could have sworn that it says Helen Fraser 3 (4) which is three goals in four apperances. And yes it is the only time this season Helen has managed to play a full 90 minutes, well spotted..... what does that mean? ps the very same HF was supposed to be taking over this site so its a little ironic that her biggest fan is having a go! Wait a minute her biggest fan, now we all know who that would be.... me, myself and irene, i bet thats your fav film.  
12/11/2001 18:45 GMT  concerned onlooker
GOLDEN BOOT UPDATE NEEDED: I make it 3 goals in 4 games now for Helen Fraser, am i also right to think that was only her first full out field game?????? 
11/11/2001 20:24 GMT  Ed
A good win at last for Albion as they beat Battyeford 3-1 away from home, goals came from Helen Fraser (2) and a quality free kick from Andrea Haigh who was voted referee's player of the match, with Sarah Morton who saved a penalty voted as opposition POM for the second week running. 
9/11/2001 17:09 GMT  steve batty
make sure its a pretty good pic 2 
8/11/2001 11:22 GMT  Ed
Do you usually talk to yourself Steve? Expect the player profile to appear in the main site for the said player in the next few weeks, ok boss. 
7/11/2001 22:29 GMT  RE: Steve Batty
5/11/2001 18:54 GMT  steve batty
we need more pic of gemma just to keep the boys of british oak happy 
5/11/2001 10:03 GMT  Ed
After a long away trip to Scarborough, Albion gave a good account of themselves despite a 4-1 defeat to last years second div champions. Ossett conceded two goals in the first half from corners which were disappointing especially as Albion also had a goal ruled out for offside during that time. In the second half Albion grabbed a goal through Liz Boyle who exchanged passes with Becky Tibble, her shot although not powerful was accurate enough to go in off the post. That got Scalby visibly worried and Albion played their best football in that spell, but unfortunately could do nothing against a breakaway attack catching the defence out for pace as they restored their two goal lead. Ossett battled away for the rest of the match but the scoreline was extended further with a minute to go as another pacy break saw the Scalby No.6 complete her hat-trick. After playing the top three already this season without any reward, Albion can now concentrate on picking up the points before having another crack at the league leaders. We have to play all three at our home ground and are confident that a full strength Albion squad will make a dent into the top three teams records. Next week we travel away, again to Battyeford who are a new team this year. 
29/10/2001 14:17 GMT  Ed
Albion loose 7-3 to rivals Kirklees, goal scorers for ossett were Becky Tibble, Liz Boyle and Rachel Powch. Despite the result Ossett actually played very well and deserved more reward for thier efforts, in truth we were missing our inspirational captain and goalkeeper Sarah Morton, in her absence Helen Fraser who is suffering with back injury stepped in and could do very little to stop Kirklees from hitting the goals in. The players of the match were Andrea Haigh (opp) and Liz Boyle (ref). But there were some outstanding performances from full back Joanne Barnes and centre mid player Claire Thomasson. Next week ossett travel to Scalby for a very tough match against last seasons second division champions. 
25/10/2001 20:32 GMT  Ed
The match against Kirklees is Away in Huddersfield and not at home as previously thought. 
19/10/2001 19:21 GMT  martin
You know your team well then! Liz Boyle of course she came to the club as a striker and has helped out in midfield for us but can do a job upfront as well. 
19/10/2001 18:49 GMT  player
who is our fit striker???????????  
17/10/2001 21:31 GMT  Manager
injury jinx strikes Albion. A huge blow was delt to Ossett tonight as joint top scorer and county player Rachel Kay had a reoccurance of her knee injury, this added to Helen Fraser's back problems, Tracy unavailability, and worries over Becky's hamstring leaves us with just one striker fit to play. Heres hoping that Becky or Helen can get through the pre-match fitness test for the game and of course we wish Rachel a speedy recovery. 
15/10/2001 15:21 GMT  Ed
Ossett Albion played Scunthorpe united Res in the Yorkshire cup this weekend and with a result of 2-1 to Scunthorpe, Ossett can look forward to a place in the Yorkshire Plate. The goal was scored by Becky Tibble who is now joint top scorer with Rachel Kay on four goals. The player of the match was Liz Boyle. Next week its another cup competition as Albion face Leeds University in the county cup 
8/10/2001 19:14 GMT  Ed
Ossett Albion draw 2-2 with Sheffield based Norton after a controversial penalty was awarded to the home side for the second half equaliser. The goals for ossett came from Tracy Snowden, and Becky Tibble. This week Ossett travel to Scunthorpe United to play the reserves in the Yorkshire Cup. 
6/10/2001 17:31 GMT  ANDY COLE
rather sit on the bench than be a jackass! at least this splinter picking player doesnt crumble under pressure some  
6/10/2001 07:29 GMT  Jo wlfc
Martin, I've added a link from us to you, I still don't think that our link from your page is spelt correctly. I'd be gratefule if you could return the favour. Cheers 
5/10/2001 19:20 GMT  Ed
Did you pick up the namesake Andy Cole because you follow simiar pastimes, no i dont mean football, i talking about having to pick the splinters out of your 'rse from both sitting on the bench! 
5/10/2001 18:42 GMT  Andy Cole
No need for the trophy, i think it will have a new owner this year!! unfortunately i will fail to make the treble - which is a shame but i will struggle on!! (sob sob)  
2/10/2001 21:50 GMT  Ed
Ossett's answer to Andy Cole wouldnt happen to have voted for Man U to win the title in the pole would you? I reckon youve got more chance of finishing the season as top scorer than Man U have of winning the title, im sure theres supposed to be a joke in there somewhere, or will i need to get the trohpy on order? 
2/10/2001 19:55 GMT  Ossett's answer to Andy Cole
Yep ossetts answer to andy cole will be signing soon! Well maybe i'm over estimating myself comparing myself to the great one otherwise known as KING COLE. Watch your back strike force- hahahaha - couldnt resist the temptation of encouraging efforts  
1/10/2001 09:32 GMT  Martin (Manager)
A not so brilliant Albion were brought down to earth yesterday as they exited the FA cup when they were defeated by Yorkshire & Humberside premier team Barnsley 7-0. Albion also had defender Kate Proctor sent off for handball, which meant that the remaining Ossett defenders were powerless to stop the scorline reaching seven. Sarah Morton did manage to save the resulting penalty and Andrea Haigh also hit the Barnsley cross bar to extend Albions frustration. 
23/9/2001 18:52 GMT  Martin (Manager)
Another win for Albion as they beat Brigg Town 4-1 with a hat trick from Rachel Kay and a goal from Tracy Snowden, next weeks match takes to Barnsley in a FA cup match. 
21/9/2001 14:19 GMT  Ed
Maybe thats cos we have to keep deleting messages from avid WLFC fans who have nothing better to do than slag us off, oh and your such a good WLFC fan that you dont even know their site. i suspect it is someone masquerading as a WLFC fan 
20/9/2001 21:49 GMT  WLFC fan
God you could swing a cat in here!! If you want to know how to get a guestbook up and running go to www.intheteam/wakefieldlfc, these comments are all ACIENT and BORING 
16/9/2001 20:58 GMT  Ed
todays game against Talbot Tigers saw Albion pick up thier first points after a great 4-3 win, the scorers were Rachel Kay, Andrea Haigh, Rachel Powch and Becky Tibble. Next week Ossett travel to Brigg Town in the League. 
31/8/2001 17:50 GMT 
Are the jokes on here supposed to be funny? 
22/8/2001 22:03 GMT  Martin
The friendly on Monday night will now be against Beverley Town 6-30 ko as Inter could not make it to our pitch. We hope to see all you fans there! 
14/8/2001 08:20 GMT  Ed
message for anon, who cares who found out how to make a site off here first, surely competition is good, we are the second unofficial site for OALFC but it wont stop us trying to be the best. and what are you referring to when you talk about 'quality is better than quantity'? its funny cos i saw that quote somewhere else quite recently. 
13/8/2001 18:40 GMT  anon
We found how to make a site off here first and jealousy is obviuosly visting your club, but just remember 'quality is better than quantity  
12/8/2001 18:01 GMT  Clare
Steel City Friendly ends in a 1-1 draw as Rachel Kay scores on 32 minutes only for Steel City to peg one back with four minutes left! Never mind was a good work out for the girls and good to see some familar faces among the suporters. 
9/8/2001 09:43 GMT  Martin (Manager)
We have been drawn against Greyhound Gunners in the first round of the FA cup, with Barnsley or Wigan in the second if we get through! 
7/8/2001 21:10 GMT  Coach
yes martin you will have the misfortune of playing us next season.i have added you to our links. 
7/8/2001 13:32 GMT  Helen
This site is being created as your read, it will be ready for the start of the season and will run alongside the official site at leave a message if you want a link. 
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