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7/3/2002 16:13 GMT  penny
Hi Girls Dont forget the disco on Saturday 9th March @ 7.30pm you know where it is. Dont forget to bring some money for the raffle and name the bear, also if you want more to eat than just crisps and picky bits then you will have to bring your own. See you on Saturday :o) 
4/3/2002 16:37 GMT  Penny
Hello Girls dont forget the meeting tonight @ 6.30pm at East Barnwell Community Centre, I hope you and your parents can all make it 
27/2/2002 21:53 GMT  nay
yo! wassuup guyz! good luck for saturday everyone! luv nay!! p.s PUT UR PAWS UP! PUT UR PAWS UP! 
22/2/2002 20:34 GMT  ali
hi everybody good luck tomorow! cum on u blues!!!!! 
14/2/2002 20:00 GMT  Chester-le-Street Town Ladies
Like the site. Please feel free to visit and put in a link to our site. Good luck for the rest of the season.  
10/2/2002 08:42 GMT  Adrian Gee
Congratulations girls on making the cup final . I know I was pretty tough on you at half time and I apoligise . 
2/2/2002 20:24 GMT  Dave
Well played today girls. Every one of you can be very proud of your performance today. 
27/1/2002 14:21 GMT  Naz
Hi every 1 at cambridge blues haven't spoke or seen 4 ages! well done 4 your recent games! I will c u all on tuesday bye Naz 
26/1/2002 21:17 GMT  Alice Hopes biggest fan
Hi,just writing to say that cambridge bluesare the best team in the world and my wife Alice Hope is the greatest footballer anyone has ever seen. 
19/1/2002 17:11 GMT  Martha
Well done 2day girlies i was so annoyed 2 get injured!! :( But my leg is fine now!! :) Lv Me x 
19/1/2002 15:31 GMT  Michelle (Barnsley Ladies)
Good luck for the rest of your season. Please put a link to our site 
18/1/2002 16:17 GMT  penny binge
Hi girls Again there might be a mention on for you on Sports talk between 6-7pm tonight, it usually happens at the end of the show if he can slot it in, so listen out, you are becoming quite famous, see you tomorrow 
16/1/2002 18:42 GMT  ali
well done on saturday every1! kaya smells! 
10/1/2002 09:17 GMT  Penny
Hi Girls Just to let you know to listen to Sports Talk on Cambridgeshire Radio 96.0 FM between 6pm - 7pm this Friday 11/1/2002 and you may get a mention, I have spoken to Jonathan Park and he is going to try and slot you in somewhere in the programme. Good luck for Saturday, see you there. Penny 
6/1/2002 11:50 GMT  Adrian,Jeanette. Sarah.
Happy new year to every one. 
6/1/2002 10:29 GMT  kaya is wicked
hope u all had a WICKED holiday. cu on Tuesday. I am about as fat as my cat. From eating 2 much christmas dinner. I had 10 different courses. And i 8 them all. I also got drunk on water.Ha Ha HA.By the way every1 Alice and Naz smell!!!so does naomi........ 
27/12/2001 13:27 GMT  andy bolton
Hi Adrian,all the very best for the New Year.Check out our website at: 
20/12/2001 14:56 GMT  Penny
Hello Girls, Just to let you know that you received a christmas card from ASDA yesterday, it said Happy Christmas to the Cambridge Blues From ASDA. I will keep it for you all to see in the New Year. Have a lovely Christmas, hope you all get what you wished for. :o) Best Wishes from Penny Malcolm and Amanda xx 
19/12/2001 19:18 GMT  Martha
Merry xmas! don't eat 2 much! XxX 
14/12/2001 23:08 GMT  ali
14/12/2001 14:25 GMT  Adrian Gee
I would like to wish every one a merry christmas and a happy new year. 
2/12/2001 09:06 GMT  Adrian Gee
What a game girls . YOU were all magnificient I hope you are all very proud of your peformences today. 
1/12/2001 21:17 GMT  Martha
well done every1 4 2days match, we deserved to win, next week we must not assume the same result!!!! Keep smiling, luv y'all Martha xxxx 
1/12/2001 14:36 GMT  ali
every1 played wiked 2day! well done!  
28/11/2001 16:46 GMT  Freesyler
yo ppl how is ya'll doin??? cant wait till saturday!!!!! cum'on u cambridge 
27/11/2001 22:46 GMT  alipidalibaba
cambridge blues r de best 
27/11/2001 12:58 GMT  Penny
Hi girls as you can see we have changed the photo on the web page, hope you like it, if not let me know and I will take another photo and get in on soon 
26/11/2001 13:34 GMT  Adrian Gee
Thank you Andy for keeping the league tables up to date. 
22/11/2001 19:09 GMT  martha
hello evry1 can't wait till caturday wen we play cottenham.U hav 2 c my new football boots they r silver and wkd!! Cya x Martha  
22/11/2001 15:01 GMT  DAVE
Just to remind those girls who haven't already, could you return your parental consent form, If you have lost it could you let us know and we will let you have another. Also, are you thinking about whether you fancy being the player's rep. on the Committee ? Let me know on Saturday if you are interested. Thanks Dave 
20/11/2001 14:31 GMT  Penny
I just want to congratulate all of the girls and say well done on Saturday 17th November. Very well done to Emma Cason, you played really well, keep it up, you said you were going to win and you did. Well done again to all of you 
19/11/2001 06:26 GMT  Adrian Gee
Thank you for listening at half time girls you were realy good in the second half. 
9/11/2001 18:39 GMT  emma
we are going to win on saturday. 
8/11/2001 15:10 GMT  Penny
Good Luck for Saturday 10th November girls when you play Cambridge City away. I will bring some hot chocolate for you if it's cold. 
7/11/2001 18:16 GMT  bob da builder
hello cambridge blues 
4/11/2001 09:22 GMT  Andy
Peterborough Utd have been taken out of the under 15's league table because they have withdrawn their team from the league. 
3/11/2001 16:33 GMT  sexysanta
hello, just wondering why peterborough united have been taken out of the league table. 
30/10/2001 19:20 GMT  Dave
Well done on Sunday girls... you were all brilliant. 
26/10/2001 23:14 GMT  Andy
Good luck against Ipswich on Sunday. 
21/10/2001 17:52 GMT  Kirsty
Hiya every1. Ipswich won`t no wot hit them nxt week! We`ll take the petrol out of their tractors! Cambridge Blues all the way!!!!! C ya Kirst 
17/10/2001 23:33 GMT  Maria Rudd
Hi Adrian. You have a missing result on your u15 league table. We have played 3, won 2, drawn 1. Missing is our 12-0 win over Burwell. Good luck for the season. Maria Rudd Posh Girls u15s 
17/10/2001 20:15 GMT  Martha Burrough
Hiya every1,i cant believe we played so badly last game, we HAVE 2 play better otherwise we DIE! cu l8r ppl! Loads luv Martha xxx 
8/10/2001 20:42 GMT  Naomi Lyon
Hi ya!! howz it goin?cant wait till da game on saturday!c u l8a dudes Luv ya *Nay* p.s "eat my shorts"!!! 
7/10/2001 19:58 GMT  Rachel Tolliday
Hi ya everyone! Well done for saturday. We are going to win the league this year. I can't wait to play the next game. See ya soon Luv ya Rachxxxx 
29/9/2001 19:26 GMT  Naomi lyon
Hi ya! well played 2 everyone 2day,it woz a tough match!! luv u loadz *Nay* 
29/9/2001 15:38 GMT  Naz Sayed
Hey great game guyz.You all played really well.C ya Naz! 
26/9/2001 19:23 GMT  Martha Burrough
Wassssssssuuuuuuuuuup?? Can't wait till Saturday wen we play Peterbourgh,we(hopefully)will win! Cu l8r Luv ME 
24/9/2001 14:29 GMT  Barry Randall
Ilike the new look 
24/9/2001 06:54 GMT  Naz Sayed
Hi Every 1 ! Cool Site, C U All 2 Morrow! Bye! 
20/9/2001 14:26 GMT  Kelly Dunne
Good luck for the season.Hope you do well  
17/9/2001 09:08 GMT  Ian Craig/Colchester Ladies U15s manager
Liked the site, have added a link on our page to yours, good luck for the season 
15/9/2001 19:36 GMT  Carley Freestone
Hiya u lot. I think i am the best goalkeeper coz i didnt let any1 score.[hahahahaha] c ya'll l8r 
15/9/2001 17:18 GMT  Andy
Hope all the under 13's team enjoyed themselves today.Thanks for coming along,things are looking good for the new season.Special thanks to all the parents who came along and supported us.  
15/9/2001 15:00 GMT  Kevin Knock (Milton Colts)
Well done today and all the best for the coming season.  
9/9/2001 08:08 GMT  Adrian Gee
I hope all you girls injoyed your first 11 aside game as a team. Thank you all for coming. Every one of you played realy well . 
2/9/2001 22:20 GMT  Andy Swallowe
Hi girls, Great performance you did the club proud.Hatrick hero's Katie & Kerry with Kirsty and Hayley sharing four goals and Alice one goal.Next time I will put up a hammock for Margaret so she can have a kip !!!!! Thanks to all the girls for coming along and their parents for supporting us. p.s Hope you enjoyed the chocolates !! 
2/9/2001 16:01 GMT  Martha Burrough
Hello its me.See you at the top of the league!!!!Cambridge blues r the best! 
1/9/2001 21:09 GMT  Andy Swallowe
Hi girls, Good luck for tommorows game against Willingham Wolves.If you can follow in Englands footstep's and score five or more there's a box of chocolates for you all to share.  
31/8/2001 20:50 GMT  barry randall (H.U.G.S)
good luck for the coming season we have a link to your site also 
31/8/2001 10:22 GMT  Yvonne Moore (Bristol United WFC)
Good luck with the new season - you now have a link on our site! 
28/8/2001 19:20 GMT  France Swallowe
To Under 13's - Good Luck on Sunday 2nd September in your first competition. To both under 13's and under 15's - Good Luck in the forthcoming season. France.  
27/8/2001 17:25 GMT  Andy Bolton
All the very best to Cambridge Blues for the coming season,give it every thing you`ve got and have a great time!!!!! Andy & Shane,Cambridge Kestrels wfc. 
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