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19/8/2002 08:34 GMT  wlfc
the score was 5-2 
18/8/2002 19:35 GMT  info requested
what was the score today? 
18/8/2002 18:30 GMT  sally wlfc
well played today everyone. It was an impressive start to the coming season! Everyone looked fitter and sill managed to put the effort in ,in the soaring heat!! Keep working hard cos its nice to see it pay off! well played. 
16/8/2002 20:41 GMT  Becky Maton ladies
Hi i was just wounderin if yas would visit our site some time marton ladies and if you leave your addy in the guestbook we will be sure to add you to our links. Goodlook with the new season 
14/8/2002 22:56 GMT  kel
Just a message to say good luck for the friendly on Sunday - hope you don't miss me too much in midfield (only kidding - I'm sure you'll cope!!) 
12/8/2002 13:33 GMT  wlfc out n about gang
It was a couple of sundays ago , and we do usually end up in sally's on the dancefloor all night !! 
9/8/2002 19:22 GMT  Liz fan
Saw you girls in the wakefield express, in the out and about bit, think you were in mex, was that on sunday? cos i think i saw some of you in mustangs, you were on the dance bit (not the stage) just thought i'd pay you a compliment, you looked nice in the pics  
8/8/2002 08:46 GMT  wlfc
really really enjoyed training last night...see you all sunday. jo. ps. hi kel!! 
8/8/2002 01:26 GMT  Kel
Hey Girls. Just a message from me in the USA to say hope you're all training hard whilst I'm away. Missing those Sunday nights. B back soon. 
7/8/2002 15:12 GMT  Martin (Ossett Albion)
I was quite miffed at the time that nobody had bothered to come back to me to confirm the friendly that had been proposed, but since then i had spoken to Dave and he had apologised for any lack of communication. It is a shame that we could not get a game going this summer what with us being on each others doorsteps but, thats the way it goes, all the best for the new season, no hard feelings. 
5/8/2002 22:13 GMT  >
what is Martin meaning in his message? 
3/8/2002 22:14 GMT  bush trotter
wot a stupid msg to leave,if i was u i wud think b4 u leave msgs. 
3/8/2002 20:27 GMT  Bush Trotter
Is it true that u have a playa called bambi? 9i luv that god damn film) and cud u inform me if a playa dunt no her name (played number 4) is still alive?? i heard rumours that she died, if she did pass on my condolancies bcos she was a GREAT playa, o yeh say hi to sexy beast Jennabeeb Sperm. 
3/8/2002 14:51 GMT  Mich
Hiya girlz!Just found ur website,very good!Is spotted one of ur messages on r message board(isle of wight)+didnt no if ne1 had replied+honestly i stil dnt no!So sorry if they havent, i no itz a bit l8,but beta l8 than neva!Just thought id say good luck 4the comin season!Cya. 
2/8/2002 23:08 GMT  rep:liz fan
im sorry i did not mean what i said in a bad way,sorry!ive just read what i put again i can see how u may of felt i was insulting you,which i was not meaning to do..sorry. 
2/8/2002 18:44 GMT  Liz Fan
might have to have a ride down to see the famous duo in action, which kit do you currently play in, the white sponsered by chatterbox or the blue/red one sponsered by neil's???? cos last time i saw you, you were playing burnley in some kind of cup, it was played in a stadium it was about a year and half ago, jayne clark got injured and you had that fat sarah in net cos your keeper had been cup tied or sommat - does lauren emmerson still play for you cos she was there that day hi sally, thanx for that reply i didnt want you to think i was just pis-sing about on here  
2/8/2002 18:22 GMT  sally
Liz fan (jay), Katie left that message to reply:liz fan who left an insulting message aimed at me.So if you leave messages under liz fan and have done for some time then katies message is not directed at you! so dont panic and yes anyone can come watch us play. Reply:liz fan still hasn't come forward though and is therefore still a coward! 
1/8/2002 18:54 GMT  Liz Fan (jay)
Ok, i have now stated my name (so im no longer cowardly am i katie jesson??) Just to clear up are uyou refering to me when you say i shouldnt leave messages o0n youe site?? cos i've done nothing but praise your players, i've not said a bad word about anyone and i stuck up for sally when that t_wat came on and left stupid messages, sorry about he spelling but i cant spell to save my life. Good luck for this season, can anyone come to watch you guys play?? or is it family and boyfriends only??? if so can i come as Liz's guest (or sallys ;) aye aye) 
31/7/2002 21:39 GMT  Martin (ossett albion)
Well i suppose you were going to get back to me at some point, i should not have to chase you on your site, thanks for nothing. 
31/7/2002 14:32 GMT  wlfc
sorry martin carnt play those dates dave has already fixed up the friendlys for the summer.Any other dates can you ring dave thanks if not good luck for the coming season. 
30/7/2002 20:59 GMT  Martin (Ossett Albion)
Can you confirm if you want to play this friendly on the 18th Aug as we are looking to sort out our games and we need to find an alternative if you cannot play, we also have the 1st Sept free if this suits better, we have the use of the stadium if required but will play anywhere as its all about playing in readiness for the season. i have left my email if you could say yeh or ney ASAP. ps. Liz has made the right choice she must have at least three more seasons in her yet! 
29/7/2002 22:42 GMT  The Sally appreciaton society
well done Sal,very diplomtic! I would'nt worry, reply:liz fan is obviously a loser as they can't reveal they're true identity! PLEASE DON'T ABUSE OUR WEBSITE!!!!!! IT IS FOR SUPPORT AND ENCURAGEMENT FROM PLAYERS AND FRINDS! 
28/7/2002 00:39 GMT  MY NAME IS KATIE JESSON
Fortunately I dont care who knows my name because I am not a pathetic coward who knows knob all about this team! Whoever that was who was stupid enough to dis-respect Sally doesnt really deserve my time! But sometimes you have to make the exception! This team has a great team spirit and most of that is down to Sally. You obviously know Liz and Sally and Im glad I dont know you but put her down like that again and I WILL find out! This guestbook and team doesnt have time for it! 
27/7/2002 19:33 GMT  sally
Thankyou Liz fan! well said! I'm a Liz fan too but we're very different people , there's no comparrison! and yes i'm stil here!!!like it or not reply:liz fan sorry to disappoint! 
26/7/2002 00:38 GMT  J.T
HI Sal and liz This time last year we were in sunny parts of the world IN THE BIG BROTHER HOUSE. lIZ see u are not giving up the footie. Love to u both, keep texting liz and look forward to your barbi. love J.T 
23/7/2002 19:35 GMT  liz fan
Liz is very nice looking i know, but you cant go round dissing others, sally is mint and a lot younger, you're obviously not a player/supporter cos you wouldnt have said that otherwise, my question was , is she still there??  
22/7/2002 22:49 GMT  reply:liz fan
sally is not a patch on liz!both lookin & her football talent,does every one agree? 
18/7/2002 17:55 GMT  LIZ FAN!!
GREAT NEWS!!!! guess my tranfser request is being rejected then, oh well that should please many people especially the players!! is sexy sally her acomplise still playing?  
18/7/2002 16:58 GMT  Latest News
New's just in : Captain Liz Pell has announced she will be staying on for another season!!  
11/7/2002 14:05 GMT  nasher
please can you link the National Womens Football Academy. 
3/7/2002 11:50 GMT  fan
Liz dont finish you are to good to what would the team do with out you 
3/7/2002 11:35 GMT  wlfc
after a few weeks off, the web site will be updated asap with all the latest news/results etc from the club. 
2/7/2002 22:26 GMT  J.T
20/6/2002 21:08 GMT  fords - u have a good site
if bored . check out we have been doing our website for a year now. its a real laugh once its up and running , just wish our team was as good!!! ( fords near torquay england) 
9/6/2002 17:39 GMT  JO JO ( B.U.F.C)
9/6/2002 17:17 GMT  JO JO
6/6/2002 22:38 GMT  anon
does anybody use this guestbook?? 
29/5/2002 19:05 GMT  scalby
hi can u pls put us on your links its thanx 
29/5/2002 00:41 GMT  Happy Liz fan!!
Does this mean Liz is on the market?? I'll pay £250,000 for one seasons worth!! of football naturally, cos i remembered about her boxer bloke. Any of lizs friends care to answer this, but do you think shes attractive too??? come on, she fcuking nice even if she is 21 now!! i think you should keep giving the lads hat they want!! play more seasons, you're our fav, captain an all. Do you wear the armband off the pitch as well, AYE AYE!! haha sorry joking  
25/5/2002 17:45 GMT  Norton Player
Hi, we have set up a site & were wondering if you want to swap links. Good luck with next season. 
23/5/2002 16:48 GMT  James Tracey
How you doing. Cool site. I was just searching through the teams and came across you guys (Sorry, Girls) i think you might be interested in havin a look at the Chesneys Hwakes' (The Legend That Is) site. It's a fun and comedic site which is full of laughs and plenty of sexy men! Enjoy......oh by the way leave a message in our geust book when ou visit. Byr for now. 
23/5/2002 06:44 GMT  wlfc
pre season will prob begin mid-late june, but keep checking web page for further details 
22/5/2002 20:47 GMT  concerned player
when does pre-season training start?? 
17/5/2002 20:51 GMT  Martin
Does anybody know who lauren emerson is currently playing for?i have been trying to contact her about some footy trails.any information would be much appriated.thanks 
13/5/2002 23:35 GMT  shrek
is this the leauge that windscale and penrith are joinin nxt season or am i dumb and stoopid :) 
13/5/2002 09:41 GMT  rocky
hi becky i do no sadie berry its a long story though and its not hayley shaw that im writing to but i do know hayley shaw i slept at her house the other weekend i know them all carter,cathrine, hayley, vicky mcdonald,jo and sadie! you must be becky teale then sadie told me about you! we probably knew her from the same reason! but anyway moving on! leave me a msg sometime and i will reply to u! i also hear sadies really close with vicky agen! arr well whos bothered! anyway ive got to go now! write back!!!!!!!  
13/5/2002 08:57 GMT  Martin (ossett albion)
Well done with your 2-0 win over us on Sunday, sorry we could not do you a favour against Barnsley in our last match, think that Liz should reconsider her retirement, she was by far the best player on the day and must have a few more seasons in her. We will have to arrange a friendly at the back end of summer to let us get our revenge, all the best Ossett Albion. 
6/5/2002 21:17 GMT  Hayley
Hi katie, it was good to see you the other weekend, nice to catch up and stuff, glad your football is goin good, were have to have a kick around next time your round this way. take care, c u soon hayley 
30/4/2002 21:35 GMT  Jenna
I play for Belfast Utd i just wanted to say you have a class site well done and good luck for this season 
30/4/2002 09:18 GMT  Becky
Hey Rocky how do you know Sadie Berry??does she go to your school??i know her i was just looking on the site and saw the name sadie berry so i thought id write to you.And also is the hayley your writing to Hayley Shaw?? 
26/4/2002 20:17 GMT  Ashleigh
Hey just thought id drop u's a line! Ure site is looking very good! Good luck with finding a keeper & good luck with ure season! Thanx 4 the msg u left on our site....Belfast United! 
26/4/2002 12:13 GMT  kirklees ladies fc
hey girls..join our "Sod Chip! Save Our Points" campain. the league have unfairly deducted points off us this season and we are appealling against it. we'd be gratefull if any of you could leave a message of support on our guestbook. thanks.  
25/4/2002 18:24 GMT
Hello, i am a commercial manager who specialises in raising funds for sports >clubs, i am part of a lottery syndicate that help fund clubs of all sizes and >budgets, there is no charge for this service. I can show you how to raise the >funds you need to run your team/club whatever your sport or size of club, >professional or amateur. So if you need our help or advice just send me an >email and we will arrange to raise the funds. > >P.S you do not need any complicated paperwork or expensive reports to apply >for this, and all clubs and sports are guaranteed to be accepted. 
23/4/2002 18:08 GMT  BORING!!
does nobody ever leave messages on here now??/ 
20/4/2002 20:35 GMT  On The Subject of Jenna Spurr
now theres a bit of totty!! hey jenna sorry this is l8 but i wud just like to say well dun on obtainin the 1 GCSE at grade G - wot subject was it again ............. health and social?. Ur goalkeepin is betta than average.well done.Fancy a hot d8 down at Raj Poot?? meet u at 7pm on the 24h of this month (APRIL) (seriously-email on hope to hear form u SEXY 
20/4/2002 20:35 GMT  On The Subject of Jenna Spurr
now theres a bit of totty!! hey jenna sorry this is l8 but i wud just like to say well dun on obtainin the 1 GCSE at grade G - wot subject was it again ............. health and social?. Ur goalkeepin is betta than average.well done.Fancy a hot d8 down at Raj Poot?? meet u at 7pm on the 24h of this month (APRIL) (seriously-email on hope to hear form u SEXY 
18/4/2002 22:20 GMT  Nigel
Nice web site - our attemp looks tacky now !! come visit us at Our team are based in Skelmersdale West Lancashire. 
17/4/2002 19:37 GMT  nicola(l.o.l.f.c u16)
great site good luck with getting your keeper! and good luck with this season. 
17/4/2002 10:21 GMT  Spur
Unlucky on your defeat against morely. 9-0 i think, pick yourselves up from this and beat nexts weeks opponents. Hi Sal i told you i'd come on here, Tucker has the ball and scores!! tucker is fine!! 
14/4/2002 20:46 GMT  mick
13/4/2002 11:51 GMT  jo wlfc
good luck against morley spurs tomorrow...see u when i get back 
13/4/2002 09:40 GMT  Goose (Crofton AFC)
Well hello ladies,just thought id tell you its our end of season bash on the 26th April in the back room of Henry Boons Wakefield .Come and see the mighty Crofton lads in all there glory .After we are going into Mustang Sallys for a boogie good luck and we hope to see ya . 
12/4/2002 10:21 GMT  Doing Nothing Sun
Arnt you playing Morley Spurs in the qtr Final of the Yorks cup this sunday? Well if so good luck. 
11/4/2002 19:37 GMT  Liz fan
yeah im 23, i dont play for the ladies - although i dont know if thats what u were implying. up the iron???? heard of spider through an ex gf who played soccer, didnt she make an appearence on playing the field in the background? So you play for scunny, how old ru then? 
11/4/2002 16:29 GMT  Natalie (l.o.f.c - u16's)
cool site, hope u get your GK!!!  
11/4/2002 12:06 GMT  Lucy (Leyton Orient U16's)
Told us 2 visit the site, pretty good but not as good as ours, just joking! 
11/4/2002 10:51 GMT  admirer of the LIZ FAN
so liz fan ure obviously 23 and you play for barnsley under 23's. weve played barnsley reserves u know spider and that i will give u a clue i play 4 scuthorpe united ladies! yeah up the iron anyway feel free 2 leave a msg if u want and i will get back 2 u!!!  
9/4/2002 18:53 GMT  Tash (Orient U16 & Ladies GK)
Great site hope you find your GK soon and good luck for next season. 
9/4/2002 12:01 GMT  wlfc
PLEASE HELP: we really need a goal keeper for next season...anyone interested please ring dave needham (manager)...number on home page 
7/4/2002 16:12 GMT  wlfc
good result today girls...just the boost we needed...well done everyone..see you all at training on wednesday 
5/4/2002 21:59 GMT  Michael Liebich
Hello Ladies you have a nice site. please visit our site greatings from germany Michael 
5/4/2002 20:01 GMT  Liz Fan - back once again
A boxer eh!! Wont mess there then, not im implying i had a chance anyway, bit of an age difference - im 23 you're as young as you like. Although if you ever going through a brief patch of celibacy then im sure i could do you M.O.T. Any equallly nice looking ladies more my age then that you tip us?? Joking by the way i just re-read that and i sounded that a right sleezy scrubber 
5/4/2002 13:14 GMT  jo wlfc
i agree sal! training on wednesday was much more like the old days....!!! think we shoud organize a team night out to watch 'BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM'!!! 
5/4/2002 12:16 GMT  sal wlfc
I really enjoyed training too! I thought everyone worked hard and the new faces seemed to fit in great - felt like they've been with us for ages! Lets try and put training into practice on sunday , i know all the players are very capable , we're also lucky to have a very encouraging manager who i'm sure will want us all to be up for it! Last few games have been a little disapointing but lets put that behind us and really go for it on sunday . Team work! See you all sunday. 
5/4/2002 11:44 GMT  jo wlfc
just thought i'd say that i really enjoyed training on was nice to see a new player there too. hope we can pick ourselves up for the cup match against norton on sunday.... 
3/4/2002 17:41 GMT  Liz fan
I think u'd be up 4 it if you knew who was leaving these messages  
3/4/2002 15:29 GMT  LIZ
Sounds like your a little young for me liz fan but thanks for the offer as for the knob who said im always up for it obviously doesnt even know my boyfriends a boxer better not let him see this.  
2/4/2002 08:26 GMT  wlfc
a disappointing result against thorpe on sunday. especially considering after we played so well in the first half and went into the break winning 2-1. it was certainly a game of 2 halves and wakefield paid for some sloppy errors. final scoreline: wakefield 2 v 5 thorpe utd. wakefield will be hoping to bounce back with a win next week when they entertain norton in the yorkshire cup at snapethorpe, KO 2pm. 
29/3/2002 21:52 GMT  liz fan!!
yeah i think i got the right liz, you're captain right?? i think you're nice anyway, i say from someones comments a little further down it sounds like your no stranger to the horizontal (or vertical) side of after hours exercise. whens your next game i might come down and watch? although i play for barnsley Under 23's on saturdays so. by the way i am a guy just incase you know  
25/3/2002 00:38 GMT  Chester le Street Town Res
Thanks for a great game - it was hard and fair and a credit to ladies football. We wish you every success and hope to play you again soon - pleased you enjoyed the "Buffet!" 
23/3/2002 22:43 GMT  shell
hope the seasons going great for u! great site. best wishes for the future from all at clowne ladies fc. shell  
22/3/2002 23:02 GMT  LOSER!
20/3/2002 12:06 GMT  jo wlfc
good luck to everyone this weekend against chester le street reserves in the knock out cup....sorry i won't be there 
19/3/2002 12:45 GMT  WLFC
wakefield ladies fc travelled to wombwell on sunday to face league leaders barnsley lfc. wakefield made the trip with a full strength squad of 15 players. losing 1-0 wakefield made a good account of themselves and even had a goal dis-allowed for a dubious off-side decision. a full match report will appear on this page shortly. 
17/3/2002 18:55 GMT  A well known source
Liz is always up 4 it! 
16/3/2002 16:04 GMT  !?R U UP 4 IT LIZ??
well well liz sum1 has a crush on you! hahaha r u up 4 it, at ur age?? 
14/3/2002 22:00 GMT  Liz
Anyway r u sure you got the right liz?never been discribed sexy b4? 
14/3/2002 20:34 GMT  liz
i might be sexy buti'm a long way off 38, you cheaky devils! theres time for me to play for england yet! 
14/3/2002 12:35 GMT  wlfc - vikki rushford
vicky, if you are still interested in the goalkeeper position, please contact dave needham...his mob no. is on the home page. thanks 
13/3/2002 18:48 GMT  Liz fan
I wouldn't say no to an encounter with Liz, I think she's quite sexy. 
13/3/2002 11:26 GMT  Liz fan!!
Yeah tracking back at your age. I know someone older who tracks back well, although at 38 Liz you're scoring a lot, which is good i suppose. I also knwo someone who likes the look of you!!?? interested?? 
11/3/2002 18:07 GMT  owen )reserves manager)
Hi. Whilst looking at your site I thought I would take the opportunity to leave a message. We have been drawn against you at our place in round 4 of the K O Cup. Unfortunately, we are away to Knaresborough in round 2 of the Yorks. Cup on the same day so it looks like our cup tie will have to be re-arranged. I will confirm this with you soon and I'll be in touch when I get confirmation of the new date. Please feel free to visit our site at Like the site and good luck for the rest of the season. (Chester-le-Street Town Ladies).  
11/3/2002 00:36 GMT  Zoe - IOWLFC
Hi there! Was just wondering whether it was possible for a link here? Thanks! 
10/3/2002 21:56 GMT  mufc fan
Treble mi bum only fink you will b winning is the record 4 how many players u can get sent off in 1 season. Sol campell is crap since he went 2 Arsenal  
9/3/2002 15:32 GMT  fi
hi!Nice website youve got here!!See you in a few weeks (im not sure when!!). any chance of a link 
8/3/2002 22:08 GMT  Arsenal FC
yeah were wait till there not playin and we will still win coz weve got Dennis Bergkamp whos on top quality form with the best 2 goals of the season, and wiv sol campballl and robert pires we have a wicked team, so lets wait till the end of the season when ARSENAL win the treble!!! 
8/3/2002 16:04 GMT  mufc fan
yes ok wait til henry + veira r out then we will c how well u can do man u r goin win it  
5/3/2002 22:03 GMT  ARSENAL
check out the best team in the premership, just look at all the injurys in the arsenal team but they are still preforming fantastic and winning the games and look at the goals they have scored lately, come on Bergkamp, them goals are eat your heart out!! 
5/3/2002 12:09 GMT  WLFC
Sunday's match against Morley Spurs was postponed due to a water logged pitch. Not sure what the rearranged date for that fixture is as yet. This Sunday we play host to Beverley Town LFC in a Yorks and Humberside Prem Division League fixture. Kick Off will be at 2pm and the ground is Snapethorpe, directions on homepage. Any support would be much appreciated. 
23/2/2002 13:10 GMT  wlfc - vikki rushforth
vikki, thanks for message...yes we are still looking for a keeper, i've sent you an email with some further info 
22/2/2002 21:33 GMT  Hayley
cheers jesson for lookin at our site, it was good to hear from you, keep in touch and all the best, hayley 
22/2/2002 17:27 GMT  vikki rushforth
hi i wondered if you needed a goalkeeper?im from huddersfield i know helen nixon and lisa varley.i would like to play 1st team football, could you provide this?? 
22/2/2002 15:32 GMT  Y&H League
Here is the new league table after Colne's results have been expunged. barnsley P15 W14 D1 L0 GD80 PTS43 doncaster P17 W14D0 L3 GD70 PTS42 york P19 W9 D4 L6 GD17 PTS31 morley P15 W9 D2 L4 GD16 PTS29 thorpe P16 W7 D4 L5 GD7 PTS25 preston P16 W8 D1 L7 GD-17 PTS25 wakefield P15 W4 D3 L8 GD-16 PTS15 grimsby P18 W3 D4 L11 GD-27 PTS13 white rse P14 W4 D0 L9 GD-14 PTS12 silsden P17 W3 D1 L13 GD-44 PTS10 beverley P14 W2 D1 L11 GD-66 PTS7 It means that great win over Colne was for nothing, unlucky girls, 3 points against Beverley should see you safe for another season, well done. 
21/2/2002 22:07 GMT  CHECK IT OUT
20/2/2002 21:14 GMT  check it out this is a good website, check it out and sign the guest book 
20/2/2002 11:16 GMT  Danielle Boyd
Hey girls gr8 site keep it up. Check out our site enjoy Danny 
19/2/2002 23:33 GMT  Tor
Hello girls, like the site! just to let you know that we are puttin our site together at minute and will be puttin your site as a link, our site is dont leave without signing the guestbook!! Also i wanna give a shout out 2 katie!! hows it goin...long time no speak! best of luck girls! tor. 
15/2/2002 21:48 GMT  hayley -(rocky)
hi rocky, ive tried txting u but u havnt replied, my fones broke at the minute but i can still txt people, so if u still wanna talk then txt me sumtime. take care hayley 
15/2/2002 21:47 GMT  hayley -(rocky)
hi rocky, ive tried txting u but u havin replied, my fones broke at the minute but i can still txt people, so if u still wanna talk the txt me sumtime. take care hayley 
14/2/2002 21:01 GMT  vicki
hi ya i just browsed through your site and its good i play for peterborough utd ladies did play for yhe ladies first team and now brought myself down to the reserves and gareth gates if u r reading this i love ya i thought u were outstanding and should of won i voted 4 u 20 times i would love to meet up vist the peterborough utd website in the team love ya vicki 
14/2/2002 13:21 GMT  Nicky Whiteman
England Ladies take on Portugal on Sunday 24th February 2002 at Portsmouth F.C, Fratton Park in a world cup qualifying match. Kick Off is at 5.30pm. Turn up on the day and tickets will cost £3.00 for adults and £1.00 for accompanied children and OAP's. I have a small number of free tickets left, if anyone wiches to attend, please telephone me at Hampshire Football Association on: 02380 706813. Thanks, Nicky Whiteman (County Football Development Officer) 
13/2/2002 14:05 GMT  rocky-(hayley)
hiya hayley i havent got it so i will give you my old number so you can text me or whateva its 07751055245 im gettin a new sim card on saturday so i will give you my new number then so text me if you want. anywayz got to go im sorting some s**t out with sadie! write bak doh. bye 
13/2/2002 00:48 GMT  Zoe
Hey people!! Just thought I'd like to say your site is pretty awesome, just wondering whether you would like to take a look at 
13/2/2002 00:05 GMT  fan
yeah come on girls, dont be so hard on liz about tracking back, she does enough everywhere else on the pitch as well as keeping you all in line as captain, you lose energy as you get older you know, how old ru now liz???? 35??? 36???? all you young un's dont understand - she's your team veteran, alongside Jayne UNSL 
12/2/2002 22:18 GMT  hayley-rocky
ive sent u a email, so let me know if u get it. speak 2 u soon hayley 
12/2/2002 14:07 GMT  rocky-(hayley)
hiya hayley try if that dosent work then write back and tell me and i will give you my mobile number cos i have two fones so i will give you my old mobile number and when youve got it i will change my sim and txt u my new number. anyway ive got a rite thick lip from playing footy on sunday i got elbowed in the face anywayz got to go cos sadie wants me write bak from rocky 
11/2/2002 19:03 GMT  newcastle women
Hi again could u please help us how do u put team photos and individual photos on to the site, as we are a little stuck on this thanz newcastle women 
10/2/2002 22:11 GMT  Hayley - (rocky)
hi rocky, how r u? im knackered and bored, wot u up 2? yeah we can exchange numbers if you want, but have u a email address coz i dont really want to put my number on this website for every1 to see. speak 2 u soon hayley 
10/2/2002 19:43 GMT  jo wlfc
hey girls...brilliant result today and another fantastic goal..will they just get better and better??? thought everyone worked hard for each other and helped each other out...lets keep it going for next weekend when we've got another score to settle.  
9/2/2002 21:22 GMT  liz
dont listen to those two bitchs vote for gareth and as for tracking back i hope they can play as well as me at my age ! 
9/2/2002 21:15 GMT  Kel and Sal
Hey girls!! Let's kick ass tomorrow - you know we've got a score to settle and we need another 3 points. Lets continue playing well and working hard for eachother like we have done the past few matches. Also, an added incentive is that you know a win always leads to a night out on the town!! WE CAN DO IT!! (as long as Liz tracks back!). P.S. Dave says if you don't vote for Will then you're on the bench!!  
9/2/2002 00:26 GMT  hayley - rocky
hi rocky how r u? ive been watchin that new ali boxing film 2day i rented it on dvd, and ive been playin ps2. im going out sunday nite wiv the girls after footy.yeah we can exchange numbers if u like.speak 2 u soon hayley 
8/2/2002 11:45 GMT  rocky -(hayley)
hiya hayley how r u? im finaly of crutches yipee they took my pot of for me last nite! just in time aswell cos all the players are off round town for a drink tonite then we are going on a bus trip to leeds at 10pm for some more beer (yeah) erm i will give you my number sometime and you can text me if you like? anyway got to go sadie wants me to send her some ring tones so i betta do it before she goes in a stress wiv me! ha ha. write back from rocky 
8/2/2002 01:53 GMT  blyth town
we have linked you to our site thanx 4 the visit. 
7/2/2002 22:16 GMT  HAYLEY
7/2/2002 20:46 GMT  GARETH GATES
7/2/2002 16:42 GMT  Katie WLFC
Directions to Hall Green training! The easiest way I can think of is to get to New miller Dam and keep going and take the road on your right at the pub, cant think of the name soz but its NOT THE BARNSLEY ROAD.Then keep going and going past the Bay Horse pub and then turn right into Painthorpe Lane. You should see the greeny, bluey lights ahead. Head towards them and its on your left when you pass the new housing estate. If you get lost then dont ring me because im obviously useless with directions! Ha HA 
7/2/2002 15:00 GMT  hayley - rocky
hi rocky, no i aint played against bradford before. i play right wing or as a striker but im not bothered really where i play aslong as i get to run with the ball and score loads of goals. i play mainly on the wing coz i can run fast and use my skill to get round the players and then cross the ball or shoot. say hi to sadie and r talk to you soon, got footy training tonite so i carnt wait. c ya from hayley 
7/2/2002 10:29 GMT  rocky -(hayley)
hi hayley im fine i play on the left wing or as a striker i prefer to play on the left wing though as i am a fast runner. i meant have you played against bradford before! erm wot position do you play write back from rocky oh yeah sadie says hi!!! 
7/2/2002 09:38 GMT  Newcastle Womens FC
Thanx very much for your help with the profiles much appreciated what league r u in what position gud luck for the rest of the season!  
7/2/2002 06:43 GMT  William Young
Hi Ladies, I just wondered if I could rely on your votes in the Pop Idol final this weekend? Great site by the way! 
6/2/2002 20:39 GMT  hayley - rocky
hi rocky, im fine how r u? no ive never played for bradford ladies and i dont know that girl 17 and at college studyin sports and leisure management.wot position do u play? anyway write back from hayley 
6/2/2002 18:52 GMT  BLYTH TOWN GIRLS
Great site thanx for your the visit ,the info you wanted we will send it to you. all the best blyth town girls.. 
6/2/2002 18:09 GMT  Brian -Blyth town Girls
Copy and paste this to club details somewhere and add your message.....

your message here

6/2/2002 13:44 GMT  rocky -(hayley)
hiya hayley how r u? have you eva played bradford ladies? and do you know someone called sadie berry? shes alright she makes me laugh she told me to ask you cos shes sat here wiv me! how old are you? im 16 and in my last year at school anyway write bak from rocky!!! by the way sadie supports liverpool!!!!! 
5/2/2002 14:31 GMT  hayley
hi rocky, i play for wollaston ladies fc. im at college bored so i thought i would go on the net. hope you knee gets betta soon so you can start playin good football again. leeds played crap, sorry to say. arsenal didnt do much betta they should of beat to you soon hayley 
5/2/2002 12:11 GMT  newcastle womens
Yes in our profiles cos we ave only got 1 persons name in at the moment 
5/2/2002 11:50 GMT  Newcastle womens fc
Could u please tell us how u ad the rest of the players names on our website wb from nwfc and how to link pages 
5/2/2002 09:45 GMT  rocky
hi hayley what football team do you play for? i hope ure feeling betta soon. i got a pot put back on my knee last nite cos i only got it took off last week and my knee was still weak but i went training last nite didnt i and now i have to have it on 4 a further 2 weeks (damn) ah well it happens to most of us. wot an embarising defeat for leeds on sunday anway write back from rocky.......... 
4/2/2002 21:50 GMT  hayley
hi rocky, how r u? im ok thanxs, got the flu though.hope you have a good training session and r talk to u soon. gotta go now bye 
4/2/2002 21:38 GMT  Spider Barnsley L.F.C.
Just a quick message to pass on my condolences to you all with the loss of Keith. Lots of love and special thoughts from everyone at our club. Hi to Liz, one of the only people I know still playing that is older than me!!! ha ha ha ha!! Hope to see ya soon, and good luck for the rest of the season.  
4/2/2002 14:28 GMT  rocky
hiya hayley how r u? i play for scunthorpe united ladies sorry but ive got to go ive got training write bk though and i will reply bye 
4/2/2002 11:21 GMT  sally wlfc
Just wanted to say thought everyone was brilliant again this week . Lets keep playing like this and hopefully take 3 points from all our remaining home games! Well done everyone and the win was well celebrated last night , i'm sure there will be some sore heads today ! p.s Jo , i got ref's player of the match too! 1st time ever . 
3/2/2002 17:06 GMT  jo wlfc
great goal today sal! it was a fantastic result today...just what we needed, lets do the same next week too..see you all in the pub tonight! 
2/2/2002 17:42 GMT  sally wlfc
Just a message for tomorrow to the team - come on girls! we really need to beat these . We've been playing well latley but lets go out and get 3 points this week . 
1/2/2002 21:42 GMT  hayley (arsenal fan)
hi rocky, yeah arsenal are doing well, i hope we win the league. i often check the footy sites but mainly this site to see how my friends getting on cause she use to play for my team but moved to wakefield at the begining of this season. do you play footy for a team? i play football everyday, wether its a kick around outside or for my team. them people are not even worth speaking to, i wouldnt bother writing to them. write back, from hayley 
1/2/2002 09:46 GMT  rocky
hi hayley nice win over liverpool at the weekend. thanks for your msg i dont see why people are so nasty theres no need for it i havent done anything wrong to anybody i mean i could swear back and that but that dosent solve anything anyway write back, from rocky (leeds fan) 
31/1/2002 14:32 GMT  jo wlfc
thanks for pointing that out boffin...i get all my info from another website and don't even bother to check if it's correct...i'll update our table asap. 
31/1/2002 13:56 GMT  Boffin
Hey youve got me all confused (it dont take much) i have mentioned this before cos im sure you should be in 8th place with 12 points and your league table shows you in 9th with only 11, wins over Colne, York, & Grimsby, draws with Preston twice & Grimsby = 12, with a better goal differance. who loves ya baby??? 
30/1/2002 21:29 GMT  hayley (arsenal fan)
hi rocky, don't worry about what other people say about you, its just someone being a twat. you sound like a nice person, im sure there get over it. just do what you love the most and play football thats what i do. c ya. good luck with the footy. 
30/1/2002 10:54 GMT  rocky
to all the browsers we all no your the same person and personaly i dont care what you think cos im a very dedicated footballer and i thought that was nuff obvious i dont want to fall out with anybody im not that sort of person not long ago i was wanting to play for wakefield but if everyones as nasty as you i dont think i want to bother although i admire your teams footballing skills anyway i hope you read this and reply although i already know your gonna be nasty again but if thats the way you want to be fair enough thats fine by me it just says something about you!!!!!!!!!!!! 
29/1/2002 22:22 GMT  Broadford Plant
Hi Ladies, good luck for the season. Know of any decent pubs/clubs to go to in Wakefield? I've heard Foundation is excellent. 
29/1/2002 12:24 GMT  jo wlfc
wimpy, we're actually training tomorrow night...give dave a ring...his mob. no. is on homepage...who did you play for before? 
29/1/2002 12:08 GMT  wimpy
Jo, I'm keen but wouldn't want to waste your time. last manager put my confidence at an all time low. maybee I need to speak to your manager.  
29/1/2002 12:00 GMT  jo wlfc
wimpy...we are training tonight at south leeds stadium at 8pm if you are interested in coming down? if not we are at home this sunday against silsden ko at 2pm if you'd like to come and watch 
29/1/2002 09:43 GMT  wimpy
midfield. not much experience but plenty of commitment and hard work. 
28/1/2002 13:59 GMT  Jo WLFC
Yes Wimpy we are still recruiting players. What position do you play? 
28/1/2002 12:52 GMT  WLFC fan
Yes were recruiting players but might have to reconsider over somone calling themselves Wimpy (especially if its in connection with eating hamburgers) although as Playing the field said there aint a skinny one amongst us so your quite welcome! 
28/1/2002 10:25 GMT  WLFC
Yes we are 
27/1/2002 19:01 GMT  wimpy
are you still recruiting players?  
26/1/2002 20:45 GMT  LIZ
26/1/2002 18:30 GMT  Browser 4
i'm with the other three - Beat it punk, you're time is over Rocky just like rocky 3,4,5,6,7 etc!!!! SCREW YOU ROCKY!!!!!!!!!!!  
26/1/2002 16:07 GMT  Browser 3
I quite agree with the last two comments! 
25/1/2002 23:36 GMT  Browser 2
yeah rocky, dont you have anything better to do???? its gareunteed that you will have left a message here most weeks, do you have a life off the net?? 
25/1/2002 23:24 GMT  browser
Er Rocky why dont you set your own website up, you clearly spent all day on-line ive just seen your exact same comments on Barnsleys site! And the last i looked your not doing alright in the league cos your bottom! 
25/1/2002 15:41 GMT  man u fan
sorry to hear that what position do you play what league do you play in Good luck in the cup hope you win 
hi to the man.u. fan we are doing ok in our league u? but im currently not playing cos im in pot! cos i was playing against barnsley last week and i trapped 2 nerves in my knee so i went under the sugeons knife yesterday and had them removed. i should be fine for our cup game against middlesboro in 4 weeks anyway write back from rocky!!!!! 
24/1/2002 22:31 GMT  arsenal fan
arsenal are gonna win the league so just stop worrying. man utd r nothing special and nor are leeds and liverpool so just get over it. plz. i wish u all luck with the football girls, shame bout the teams you support. 
24/1/2002 19:36 GMT  Man u fan
Sorry about spelling ya name wrong. How you doing in your football league.Man utd should have won we nominated the game.You a Leeds fan.Good luck with your season.Bye Rocky 
to the keep dreaming bud!!! sorry about the mistake with cardiff i was thinking about something else and you spelt rocky wrong but it dosent matter!!! you did get beat 1-0 by liverpool though hehe leave another msg and i will reply later.......... bye 
24/1/2002 11:54 GMT  man utd fan
Man utd are better than the way Rockey it is Spurs v Blackburn in the final. Cum on you reds. 
hi girls good games last night even though arsenal beat leicster 3-1 but also a good result for spurs over chealsea 6-3 get in there! shame leeds had to do wiv a draw at the weekend against arsenal we didnt play to our best though who do you thinks going home with the worthington cup now then spurs or cardiff? 
23/1/2002 22:46 GMT  liverpool fc
come on liverpool, danny murphy eat your heart out. it was a good finish u have to admit that. hehe 
23/1/2002 09:16 GMT  jo wlfc
what an excellent result last night.....hehehe 
22/1/2002 21:34 GMT  katie wlfc
Thats not me who is writing that stuff about Man United and leeds! Besides I dont need to type it all out because I say it to your faces every week, ha ha!  
21/1/2002 19:15 GMT  Karen . Barnsley ladies
All at Barnsley would like to pay our respects and send our condolences to his family.Lauren started the season with us so we got to know them.Please pass this message on.Thanx 
21/1/2002 12:10 GMT  wlfc
thanx for the msg white rose lfc....keith was our old manager. he managed wlfc for about the 1st half of last season, his daughter lauren played on the right wing 
So was keith your current manager??? i just want to take this time to pay my respects say how sorry i am to hear this and that our thoughts are with you 
17/1/2002 21:43 GMT  hayley
hi katie, how u doing? hows the football going, good i hope. txt me sometime, hayley x 
17/1/2002 12:27 GMT  wlfc
pls phone again! can the player that phoned dave (manager) about coming training, pls contact him again as he hasn't got your number! thanks 
hi to however left me that message did you beat preston. we beat barnsley. our game against middlesboro was posponed a few weeks ago so we are playing them in the yorkshire cup this week.anyway thanks for leaving me a message keep leaving them i will reply bye 4 now from rocky. 
14/1/2002 23:01 GMT  hi ya
well done girls, keep doin well, good luck for your next game.. 
14/1/2002 15:27 GMT  kirkleesladiesfc
Hi girls goodluck for this season. please visit us at 
14/1/2002 12:11 GMT  hi
i heard you mentioned on playing the field thought you'd be apearing cos i remember Barnsley res did didnt they??? what circumstatnces were you under - did you not have a keeper??  
13/1/2002 22:04 GMT  wlfc
great performance by everyone again today under the circumstances.....did you hear our mention on Playing the Field??!! 
11/1/2002 22:36 GMT  u don't know me !
im the best player in the world and if you see me play then you would want to sign me but im really sorry i play for a wicked team already. hahaha 
10/1/2002 12:15 GMT  wlfc
hey rocky, we're playing preston (hull) away on sunday...good luck against barnsley 
sorry 2 the man united fan for writing like that. that is just how we write over here.liverpool played rubbish last night didnt they. an own goal by riise. and hyipia gave a penalty away but southampton did play well.who r u playing this weekend? anywayz sorry for writing like that from rocky. and the scunny lases. is the apology aaccepted? from a leeds fan. 
9/1/2002 21:33 GMT  Apology needed
man united fan here. Whoever ROCKY is please will you learn proper english, everyone makes spelling errors but you dont even try to spell properly, for example.. gals, da, ders, dey, dem nuffin and luk!!! what the hell is going on wiv(with)you??  
hi gals. have u got a game dis weekend? and 2 da man.u. fan ders nuffin wrong wiv leeds united dey rule i am 1 of der biggest supporters. we were just unlucky. but we created many of chances. so we r playing barnsley dis weekend. r middlesboro a gud team cos we av got dem next week in da yorkshire cup? anywayz gud luk 4 da rest of da season from da scunny lases. 
8/1/2002 20:57 GMT  hayley
well done jesson for scorin a hat-trick good on you mate. talk to you soon hayley 
7/1/2002 14:15 GMT  lufc supporter
this msg is to the man u supporter...didn't they teach you how to spell at school? or is illiteracy a common trait of all man u supporters? lol 
7/1/2002 12:03 GMT  jo wlfc
sally, sorry about the mistake in the match report...ooops! training is definately on on wednesday...6.30 at skylark and it looks like we are back at south leeds next wednesday. is anyone interested in playing in a 5-a-side comp in the summer in cornwall?? 
7/1/2002 12:03 GMT  Man Utd RULE!!!
7/1/2002 10:38 GMT  sally
kel is gonna be out for a few weeks cos she did the ligaments.poo. Thought everyone played great yesterday it was , kel's goal wasn't her 1st of the season mine was , she scored against beverly . 
6/1/2002 19:33 GMT  Everyone at Crofton AFC
Congratulations on todays results over 'The Fish Heads!' 
6/1/2002 19:11 GMT  jo wlfc
a great performance this afternoon!! just shows what team spirit and hard work achieves!!! also being 'switched on' from the KO rather than 15 mintutes into the game!!??! thought everyone played really well today, hope we get keep it going at preston next sunday! has anyone heard how kel is? 
6/1/2002 11:33 GMT  Richard Hirst - Crofton AFC
Top website. I have added you to our links pages. Quasi Canes Pugnemus! (Like Dogs we Fight) 
5/1/2002 11:48 GMT  wlfc
we are due to play grimsby tomorrow at home in the league, weather depending! 
5/1/2002 00:37 GMT  Ansley CC
Great site ladies, I enjoyed reading it, I'm gonna keep hopping back to see how you're doing. Come and visit us at Good luck 
3/1/2002 22:58 GMT  ARSENAL
2/1/2002 13:58 GMT  wlfc
DIRECTIONS TO SKYLARK: Follow M1 to Leeds and pick up M621. Leave M621 at jctn 1 sign posted A6110 and Elland Rd Stadium. At the bottom of the slip rd keep in the rigth hand lane around the roundabout to turn right, and keep in the right hand lane to turn right at the trafiic light jctn onto the A62 (Geldard Rd). Follow the A62 for about 1/2 a mile (passing over a roundabout and under a railway bridge). Turn first right down Lowfields Rd (at the side of the Co-op dairy). Skylark Indoor Football Arena is 60 yrds down on your right at the corner of Benyon Park Way 
1/1/2002 21:44 GMT  hayley
hello katie how r u? happy new year. and was just wondering if youvr got a email address i could email you on. 
31/12/2001 22:32 GMT  phil drlfc
jo, wishing you all a happy new year. tell gemma potter to keep in touch and ask her did i win the raffle.  
30/12/2001 22:21 GMT  hayley
hi katie just to wish you a happy new year and i hope you have a good 1. talk to you soon mate. 
30/12/2001 20:36 GMT  wlfc
today's game against grimsby was called off due to the snow. dave is trying to re-arrange the fixture for next sunday. training on wednesday at skylark 7pm. 
28/12/2001 12:43 GMT  wlfc
we have got a league match at home on sunday v grimsby. not sure what KO time is yet, keep checking website for more info!! we are still training at 7p at Skylark which is just off geldard road, Leeds (nr Elland Road). see you all sunday....CLEAN YOUR BOOTS!!! 
23/12/2001 23:06 GMT  ARSENAL
23/12/2001 19:30 GMT  wakefields ONLY Mancunian!
Well, well! Leeds-a big fat 3 and Newcastle-an even bigger 4!! You lot escaped a huge p*** take today, never mind though, i suppose every team has to experience a moment of glory-no matter how brief! Happy Christmas 
23/12/2001 14:32 GMT  Kel
Just wanted to say have a wicked Christmas everyone and I'm looking forward to playing in the New Year (climbing that table hopefully!!). Don't drink too much (that includes you Liz) and see you all soon. 
23/12/2001 10:31 GMT  wlfc
today's game against barnsley has been called off due to the weather. we will hopefully be training next sunday at skylark (indoors!!)...have a good christmas everyone! 
20/12/2001 12:42 GMT  WLFC
the xmas raffle was great last night...we managed to raise nearly £500 for the club. look out for some more news over the next few days regarding the raffle...i din't realise we had so many talented singers in the team was just a pity that the turn out wasn't a bit better, as we all know being part of wakefield fc isn't just about wearing the shirt on a sunday. 
hi who r u playing dis weekend? we r playing middlesboro in da 3rd round of da yorkshire cup have u changed ure name to osset albion den if so did we play u in da first round of da yorkshire cup? is it possible for me to cum training dis week and were is it also what time do you start training cos theres a couple of us wanting to cum cheers.......... meery xmas dont get to drunk will you??????????????? 
18/12/2001 22:40 GMT  Maria Rudd
Hi to everyone. Thanx for visiting our site. I see you've got a big game on Sunday so good luck and I hope you get three points. Merry Xmas !!! 
17/12/2001 15:45 GMT  Woman in the Know
i think you have picked a good time to play Barnsley their results have been a little suprising in the last few weeks, after a draw with Morley, defeat to York and a 3-1 win over Silsden, maybe you can do us a favour and hand out another shock to the big guns eh? 
16/12/2001 20:20 GMT  wlfc
We are due to play either Manston Magnets or Morley Spurs in the next round of the County Cup. The provisional date for this match is Sunday 17 Feb 02. 
16/12/2001 17:55 GMT  wlfc
a brilliant result today 
14/12/2001 22:34 GMT  hayley g
could some1 tell katie i said hi and to have a good xmas. goodluck with the football girls 
14/12/2001 15:46 GMT  wlfc
we usually train on wednesday between 7.30 and 9ish at lupset in wakefield. if you are interested in coming i'll let you know when the next training session is 
14/12/2001 07:49 GMT  wlfc
msg 4 rocky...if you're interested in coming training, contact our manager ... dave, his number is on our homepage. cheers 
13/12/2001 22:11 GMT  hayley g
good luck for the rest of the season. hi katie how r u?  
13/12/2001 10:49 GMT  Martin
Cheers for mentioning our defeat last week, i was hoping to keep it quiet! I really dont think that you'll have any problems against Knaresboro' we totally dominated the game and should have scored loads more, and apart from their No.11 who was very quick they had nobody outstanding. If i were to play the game again i would stick a quick man-marker on her which would neutralise their threat, also they have a right winger who is ok, but she maybe injured after Gemma took her out early in the match. anyway best of luck, maybe you can have a crack at Dony Belles in the next round. 
10/12/2001 13:49 GMT  Georgie
Very nice site ladies, one of the best I've seen, like the little man! How'd you get that? Anyways, good luck for the rest of the season. Docklands Ladies 
9/12/2001 23:26 GMT  CLSTownLadies
Enjoyed your site in first brief visit but "we'll be back" - soon!  
8/12/2001 17:24 GMT  bekz(hexhamgirlsfc)
i enjoyed looking at your site sum very hard work has gone into it well done! 
7/12/2001 12:05 GMT  Jo wlfc
Phil...I'm not sure? You could try contacting our manager..Dave 
6/12/2001 22:17 GMT  phil drfc
has anyone got the directions to colne lfc as were playing them this weekend  
5/12/2001 23:06 GMT  Mathematician
Er I donít want to point out the obvious but havenít you robbed yourselves of a point on the recent league table, im sure on your results page its says youíve won two and drawn two, by my reckoning thatís eight points. There you go one more point to your total a few more from your players and your home free. Good luck 
1/12/2001 13:59 GMT  jo wlfc
Wakefield Ladies FC are away tomorrow to Cone LFC. Colne are currently sitting in 3rd place of the Y&H Premier Division, with 18 points from 8 matches. A bad dip in form over the last few weeks has seen WLFC slide down the table and are in 11th position at the moment. WLFC were the 1st Y&H team to beat Colne LFC in over 2 seasons, earlier on this season and therefore, Colne will definately be looking for revenge tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow's match will be a tough one, but Wakefield are desperate for a turn around in fortunes and will be hoping to pick up at least a point from the match. KO is at 2pm, mtg at usual place at 11.15.....remember to clean your boots!!! 
26/11/2001 12:40 GMT  jo wlfc
Wakefield Ladies lost 1-5 to Barnsley LFC yesterday. WLFC battled hard however and put up a fine performance going into half time being 0-2 down. Barnsley made a few changes after the break and soon made it 3-0, WLFC managed to score through a fine solo effort by full back Katie Jesson. Final score was 5-1 to Barnsley, a full match report will appear later. 
6/11/2001 17:17 GMT  jo wlfc
ooopps....sorry mistake! i'll amend the report as soon as i get chance 
6/11/2001 16:46 GMT  lou wlfc
do I not get credit for my goal then? report says we lost 3-0! 
4/11/2001 17:25 GMT  jo wlfc
Even though we lost 1-3 today against top of the table Doncaster Rovers, we all played really well as a team and that is what has been missing over the last couple of games. Lets keep the WLFC fighting spirit going for our game next Sunday! 
3/11/2001 22:47 GMT  JO WLFC
1/11/2001 13:27 GMT  anon
websites great well done girls 
1/11/2001 08:03 GMT  Jo WLFC
Just wanted to say that I enjoyed training last night...I think that everyone worked really hard considering that Dave and Kel weren't there!!! Hope you had a good b/day Dave!!! See everyone at 12.30 on Sunday. 
31/10/2001 10:58 GMT  Alexis Lunn
Hello to everyone at WLFC. Glad to hear you're building you're squad back up! Good luck for your'e next match and may c ya all when you paly York City in a couple of weeks! By the way, a big HI to Lucy are you gonna work for Kings at Easter? 
28/10/2001 19:49 GMT  jo wlfc going to be updating the site asap...player profiles, league table, results etc... so if any wlfc players have any ideas for anything new they would like to see on this site pls let me know...cheers 
28/10/2001 18:04 GMT  Jo WLFC
A bit of a disappointing performance overall today, even though the luck wasn't with us.. lets hope we can get it together for next week's match against Doncaster Rovers. I thought that Alexis had a fantastic game at right back 
28/10/2001 12:00 GMT  richard whitely
THAT'S IT VORDERWOMAN!!!!!!! you sacked! - nice whilst it lasted eh?  
24/10/2001 12:42 GMT  katie wlfc
It is CHUFFING HOT! Sometimes its a bit overcast and I got caught out and didint put any cream on and burnt me shoulders! So ive got some sort of colour! Good luck against White Rose, im sure youll do well 
23/10/2001 21:08 GMT  carol vorderman
If you carry on being rude to me Richard, i will get the producer to make you wear a decent jacket and tie for a change! 
23/10/2001 19:12 GMT  richard whitely
Good job carol, otherwsie you'll never be pulling my letters out of your box again!! only joking sister but get your ass back in that kitchen  
22/10/2001 12:05 GMT  carol vorderman
i agree with richard 
21/10/2001 23:11 GMT  richard whitely
personally from a countdown opinion i would go right out for the 400 cigs!  
21/10/2001 20:41 GMT  jo wlfc wonder u haven't got a tan if your on the comp over there!!! ill txt liz and ask her...keep checking for the is it really warm in gran canaria cos its been chucking it down here all day....! 
21/10/2001 12:09 GMT  katie wlfc
Hello girls from sunny gran canaria, ha ha! Quick question to Liz if anyone can ask her please, for the 20 quid she gave me I can get 400 fags or 200 and a tenner change!? See you all in a week and a bit, I havent got a tan yet just about a million new freckles!! 
20/10/2001 17:53 GMT  Del Beattie
Hey ladies come see my site at and leave a message letting me know what you think Ive just took over. 
20/10/2001 16:49 GMT  Docklands Ladies FC
Thanks for visiting our website. Yours is really good. Good luck for the season! P.S the bad tackle was the opposition! 
19/10/2001 20:08 GMT  wlfc web page ed
footy fan...any contacts would be most can email me in confidence if you address on home page 
19/10/2001 18:55 GMT  footy fan
howcome you are recruiting a new keeper? I thought you had one, fabien?? i might be able to put you in contact depending on whether it is permenant and first team  
19/10/2001 08:59 GMT  Ian Craig/Colchester Ladies fc
another good in the team site for ladies football, good luck for the rest of the season, please could you add a link and I will do the same in return 
18/10/2001 21:31 GMT  greg
katie, buy some shin pads. . 
18/10/2001 17:29 GMT  wlfc web page ed
msg for footy we never have a week off! we'll be either playing a friendly or training...thanks for your interest 
18/10/2001 15:57 GMT  footy fan
hav u girls got a week off this week with having a bye in the county cup? 
10/10/2001 21:00 GMT  katie wlfc
Well Jo you will be glad to hear that the shinpads are in the wash!! But they were that bad I dont know if they can be saved! I might even clean my boots aswell. See ya sunday matey 
9/10/2001 14:50 GMT  Timmy
I'd like to go please. 
9/10/2001 12:04 GMT  JO WLFC
are any of the wlfc players interested in going to watch emley v accrington stanley in the fa cup on saturday? if you are, please let me know at training on wednesday evening...thanks 
7/10/2001 16:20 GMT  jo wlfc
wakefield 4-4 preston..another tough game today...we did well to come back from 2 down. unfortunately we all must have spent too much time watching how england played yesterday!! at least we got another point and every point counts...lets get our heads up for next week against beverley  
6/10/2001 15:57 GMT  Martin
Have sorted the links to you now, could i ask that you put the link to us as the official site ( as the official site is supposed to be run by one of the players and is not updated very often. PS. tell that Liz to get a life and stop watching me and Smithy on a Saturday, i had a right mare cos of all the pressure on the sidelines!! 
6/10/2001 07:23 GMT  Jo WLFC
Thanks for the message Phil, I'll pass it on to Kim, Kaz and Gemma.  
5/10/2001 22:47 GMT  Phil-drfc
Message for Gemma, Kim and Kaz. Em say's Hi, hope the seasons going ok, will see you in the pub after we've played you not sure what date it's on.  
5/10/2001 13:06 GMT  jo wlfc
yep i'll sort a link out asap...thanks for the info 
5/10/2001 13:03 GMT  Martin
Two possible sources for info, either subscribe to Womens Soccerscene, a weekly mag with all the national and regional results, or they are trying to get sorted with the results and usually update by Wed/Thurs the following week. ps. can we have a link? i have had a link to yours for a while thro' the 'intheteam' link page but just found out that the link is mispelled, will sort it out ASAP. 
4/10/2001 22:04 GMT  jo wlfc
martin....where do you get yor results from..i usually get them from shekicks but that hasn't been updated for a while 
4/10/2001 21:33 GMT  Martin
You should be ok against Preston, they managed a narrow 1-0 win over White Rose last week, was talking the Barnsley manager and he thought they would be contenders this season, but after they beat them 15-0 he has changed his mind, anyway all the best. PS. Dont forget to cheer for the Wakey team (Malt Shovel) if you come to watch on Sunday morning, although i will be shocked to see anyone as you girls never usually see Sunday mornings!! 
4/10/2001 16:02 GMT  wlfc
WLFC have drawn Knaresborough in the 2nd Round of the County Cup. To be played on Sun 18/11/01 at home. A full copy of the draw will be available on this site over the next few days 
4/10/2001 11:31 GMT  Jo wlfc
This Sunday we are at Home to Preston LFC. Not sure how they got on last week, but know that they lost their opening 3 matches of the season. Let's make sure that we keep the same form going as shown last Sunday against Grimsby and the week before against Colne. Ps...Does anyone fancy the Spartak Fountain/Malt Shovel Game? 
3/10/2001 22:39 GMT  Coach(Spartak Fountain)
Pleased to announce that i was your 1000th visitor and i just wondered if i won a prize,i only wish my team were as dedicated to my website as your team are to yours.If i do get a prize for been the 1000th you can present it to me on sunday as my lads take on The Malt Shovel in Lupset,least of all you could come along and watch you never know you might learn something,E.G how not to pass a ball to feet,how to mistime a header,how to misjudge a tackle,how to give a penalty away,how to take a foul throw and how to try to conceal a handball even though you look like your trying to impersonate Michael Jordan,plus many many more.  
2/10/2001 22:05 GMT  Martin (Ossett Albion)
No mate you've got the wrong womens team I am at Ossett Albion, and no i wont be inviting any of the women to watch i told them i play for a decent team! And besides its pressure enough some of them watching me Saturday's, LIZ, only joking :-) 
2/10/2001 15:47 GMT  Normanton- Spartak Fountain
We are playing the Malt Shovel on Sunday - Is the manager involved with your side. If so, are you ladies coming to watch?? 
1/10/2001 08:59 GMT  Sally wlfc
I'll have a match report for you on wednesday jo . On the cleaning boots thing , i think it's impossible mine smell like something died in there . See you at training . 
30/9/2001 21:14 GMT  jo wlfc
good result today at grimsby...taking everything into consideration! see you all at training on wednesday ps...remember to clean your boots!! 
29/9/2001 11:52 GMT  jo wlfc
hey dan...we are playing grimsby town tomorrow 
25/9/2001 18:10 GMT  Marrisa
hi. i left a message last week and i was just wondering could someone please get back to me??? i'm in need of changing clubs and i'm currently gathering infomation, but from what i've seen (on web) your team is the next best option to what im playing at now, so could i have ground directions or do you have any photos of the ground you could send via email?? also could i be informed which/ how many days you train?? i would also need to get a transfer does that matter?  
24/9/2001 16:21 GMT  Liz wlfc captain
Will the prat who put the nasty message please be brave enough to put their name so we can eliminate these petty digs . Appologies to Martin of oalfc from all genuine wakefield ladies . Thanks for your message of support and yes the bickering can stop . Please no more nasty messages on this site , whoever you are! 
23/9/2001 18:52 GMT  jo wlfc
i put loads of effort into this web i'm just going to say, that this guestbook is not going to be used for slagging more bitchy messages pls...thank you 
23/9/2001 18:46 GMT  Martin (Ossett Albion)
WLFC (so called) Fan will you never let this petty bickering go, I am genuinely pleased for WLFC with their great result, the newspaper made the assumption that WLFC had changed their name, i was at the time several thousands of miles away on my Honeymoon! Funny that you sign no name, seem to have seen alot of you around hear and on other sites, shame you have to spoil a good day. 
23/9/2001 18:33 GMT  louise wlfc
well done lasses, fantastic win today. are we up for the league title now then!!!! 
23/9/2001 17:41 GMT  WLFC FAN
23/9/2001 17:25 GMT  sally (wlfc)
A fantastic win today , everyone was superb! Colne are a classy side but our true grit and determination won us the match . We worked as a team and it payed off . If only we'd have played like that last week! we've gone from having a slack game to having a blinder . Let's build on this! Well done to everyone , it was a beauty!! 
23/9/2001 16:37 GMT  jo wlfc
thanks martin fantastic team effort again...and a brilliant way to respond to last week's defeat...let's keep it going for next sunday!! 
23/9/2001 16:16 GMT  Martin (Ossett Albion)
Congratulations WLFC on being the only team to ever beat Colne (Burnley) in the league over two and a bit seasons, a superb performance and a huge stepping stone for the rest of the season, if you can beat them you can beat anyone, well done. 
21/9/2001 19:41 GMT  daniel fenteman
hi jo unlucky that u lost last week good luck 4 the season luv dan 
20/9/2001 21:35 GMT  Marrisa Jones
my dad is the coach of leeds vixons and it's not working out me laying there, as i've browsed through the internet yours is the next local team as i live in ossett and was wondering if you could email me with some more infomation.. like do you play in a ground, linked with any other teams etc... i played against wakefield at under 16 level but im not update with your facilities so i'd appreciate it. Sorry about the wierde email address  
18/9/2001 05:17 GMT  Anna
Just looking over the site and wondered how your league opperates and want to join straight away, looking on the results you managed to earn a league point from a 10-1 defeat, now thats my kind of league, where we come from (North Notts) we get nowt for a loss. Anyway i suppose its a pretty rude way to say you may have made a mistake, the site looks great and i think i will talk to our manager about getting a site up and running for our team, thanks for the inspiration. 
8/9/2001 17:36 GMT  daniel fenteman
i hate u (not) hi jo  
8/9/2001 15:42 GMT  Emma Orange (Jo's sister)
Good Luck in the FA Cup tomorrow 
4/9/2001 19:25 GMT  James
Great site girls. Good luck this season. I was wondering if you could visit our site. Cheers. address is - Thanks 
4/9/2001 17:07 GMT  Sally WLFC
Great start to football in the premiership on sunday , it was nice to start with a win . The team performance and atmosphere was exellent , let's keep it like that . I've finally got on the net Jo but I can't remember how to do that match report thing you told me so I'll just bring the wakey express version to training on wednesday . It's only short and sweet but they cut most of it off anyway .See you at training and hopefully kelly will be back too! 
3/9/2001 08:59 GMT  David Parkin
You have got a canny site here, good luck this season. Visit my site at 
2/9/2001 20:11 GMT  neils autos
well done ladies.excellent team work the first half. sorry i could not stay for second half but you know why.keep up this excellent performance. p.s. kims knee will be ok.  
2/9/2001 17:31 GMT  jo - wlfc
fantastic result today girls!! well played to everyone, it was great to see us working as a team, passing and moving etc...just shows the pre-season was worth it...lets keep it going 
30/8/2001 17:16 GMT  freya
what time & where is the game against barnsley reserves? 
29/8/2001 16:12 GMT  Yvonne Moore
Good luck with the new season and thanks for visiting our web site!! (Bristol United WFC) 
26/8/2001 21:46 GMT  clare
sorry ignore the last messages i messed up and sent this to you instead of isle of wight site, no sarcasm intended, yes i know i did it twice but that must prove it was a mistake, sorry all the best. 
26/8/2001 21:40 GMT  Clare
Chins up girls, im sure the players will come, have you tried every avenue of publicity? We went on the local radio, put ads in newspapers, put posters in every shop and we had to start last season with only eight players, so we know what it can be like. we managed to stick together through it and now we are playing in a semi-pro stadium and have 25+ players, so you can do it! ps, have you got links with the big hitters, ie she kicks & ladies football, we found we gained loads of players thro the web. anyway all the best this season. 
26/8/2001 21:37 GMT  Clare
Chins up girls, im sure the players will come, have you tried every avenue of publicity? We went on the local radio, put ads in newspapers, put posters in every shop and we had to start last season with only eight players, so we know what it can be like. we managed to stick together through it and now we are playing in a semi-pro stadium and have 25+ players, so you can do it! ps, have you got links with the big hitters, ie she kicks & ladies football, we found we gained loads of players thro the web. anyway all the best this season. 
26/8/2001 18:25 GMT  Angie - Secretary
To everyone at Wakefield - your Good Luck wishes are returned. I hope you manage to get enough players for the season! Why not join us in May 2002 for our Fives Tournament? 
26/8/2001 10:37 GMT  kelly
good site.....  
25/8/2001 15:51 GMT  wlfc fan
do you have a game tomorrow? 
yes we'd like to try and arrange a friendly with your team!! i've emailed you with details 
23/8/2001 21:50 GMT  wlfc fan
where the hell was that photo taken, it looks like there was either a blizard or the photographer was half pi**ed! where are the names we need some ID if we are to cheer on our favourites. 
20/8/2001 11:03 GMT  wlfc
yesterday's game against knaresboro' was cancelled at the last minute due to knaresboro' not being able to raise a team. we are trying to arrange a friendly for sun 26th at home 
19/8/2001 18:29 GMT  WLFC fan
what was the score from todays match against Knaresboro'? have you arranged any more before the season and where are they? 
18/8/2001 18:27 GMT  N.A. Lammens
Nice site, come and visit my site Greetings from Feyenoord Rotterdam 
18/8/2001 15:20 GMT  Sarah Clough
hi, i play for York st Johns College. i've been made position of "fixtures" and wondered whether we could arrange a friendly match? 
18/8/2001 11:41 GMT  ronald.........o
You can put me down for the Man U v Fulham game, i assume that you'll put the beers on as well, dont you think that this open invite for people to come round and watch TV at yours might be a bit risky though? your gonna have a busy weekend watching all those games! 
17/8/2001 23:04 GMT  who's coping who?
hmmm, im sure ive seen the draw for the FA cup on another 'intheteam' site i wonder who that was, remember who did it first. your site is not bad though, i will give credit where its due. 
16/8/2001 11:15 GMT  joanna wlfc
just to say good luck on sunday...keep the team spirit and impressive form going...see you in the bar after for a drink 
14/8/2001 16:09 GMT  Coach
I can't apologise enough for the disgraceful behaviour of my players, staff and other reprobates who care to be part of our team,especially that Roland,he's notorious for things like this.But lets be honest girls,YOU LOVE IT.  
14/8/2001 01:43 GMT  Zoe
I don't know any of you guys but I just want to say good luck with next season! I play for the Isle of Wight ladies FC in the South East Counties Premier Division...and we are looking for new players too! So I know what kinda situation you are going through! Take Care Zoe 
13/8/2001 20:34 GMT  Neils Autos
Well done ladies on your first friendly match.I was very impressed with all your performances. 
13/8/2001 20:30 GMT  joanna wlfc
this is a message for sarah mcfunnel....yes it would be convinient for you to come training on wednesday, we will be at snapethorpe from 6.30 onwards, pls email me for further info 
13/8/2001 18:14 GMT  Sarah McFunnel
I'm interested in possibly joining your team especially after reading sally W.L.F.C's comment on that your team is lacking quantity - although at the same time i was quite baffled that comment, would it be convineint for me to come down training wednesday 13/08/01, i would appreciate a reply on this subject as there is two more local teams i would like to try  
12/8/2001 17:08 GMT  Sally W.L.F.C
Today's friendly was a really impressive start for our new players.Just proves it's quality not quantity girls!! Looking forward to the start of the season when players know each other well.Have a good holiday kelly and dave and well done on the web site jo,it's looking good! 
10/8/2001 13:14 GMT  chessington ladies
You left a link on are web site and basked if we could return the favour- I DONT KNOW HOW TO. Email me or leave a message on the guest book. Thankyou and good luck with the seasonxx 
10/8/2001 12:40 GMT  Duke, Spartak Fountain
I see it didn't take long for Roland to add a message........our number one'll have to keep an eye on him ladies......he is very well adept at scoring at home & away....oh and he never gives up.........all the best for the season....and if roland has his way...there will be a friendly very soon!! 
9/8/2001 13:37 GMT  Rachael Parkinson(GTFC Ladies)
I will add a link to your site as soon as I get 5 mins. 
9/8/2001 04:54 GMT  steve cooling
I've added your url to ourlinks page! p.s. Look for us on calander news at the begining of sept - @home to Skegness 2nd sept 
8/8/2001 21:53 GMT  s
great website jo gud work!say hi to jayne !good luck 4 the season 
Photos of your players would be greatly appreciated by the Spartak Boys. All the best for this season 
8/8/2001 10:07 GMT  kirklees ladies fc
Hi just wishing you girls the best of luck for the season ahead! joanne any chance of putting a link up for us? your link has been added to ours. thanks 
7/8/2001 16:50 GMT  Mark `Geordie' Webster
Saw your link on our page(Spartak Fountain), and thought that I would wish you all the best of luck for the coming season. 
7/8/2001 12:46 GMT  Jake Craffock (road runner)
Just checking out the Wakefield Ladies. I play for Spartak Fountain and have seen the remarkable efforts of our respective coaches bringing our two sides together. Have a great season ladies! 
7/8/2001 08:27 GMT  debbie
good luck for this season!  
7/8/2001 00:45 GMT  Shaun - AFC Shelfield
Thanx for the visit, nice site all u need now is some pics of your players, I'm sure you'll have some great fun this season. All the best u're now the team we're all shouting for up in yorkshire!!!!!!! 
6/8/2001 23:57 GMT  Kel
Hi Jo, just wanted to say you're doin a fab job with the website - I'm most impressed!! See you on Wednesday at training. 
6/8/2001 18:18 GMT  Vicky
I've added ur website address to our links page @ good luck for the season.  
6/8/2001 16:48 GMT  coach
Hello there Darren"coach"Goodall here,popped onto your website as you requested and also added you to our links,infact you are our only link.Keep visiting our site and we will continue to visit yours,dont forget to leave a message. 
6/8/2001 12:11 GMT  Lee Orange
Hi there Jo, as promissed I have signed the Guest Book. 
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