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Any club member who logs in may delete entries in the guestbook. intheteam reserves the the right to delete any offensive entries in the guestbook.
20/1/2002 20:13 GMT  jono
well done fellow muppets,thanks to tony ,wayneII and AJ for their help. 
20/1/2002 11:41 GMT  Lisa
Cool site...good to find stuff about the smaller nz cricket clubs on the internet! And if ya want to, you can visit my site :P Cheers, Lisa 
11/1/2002 02:22 GMT  Bay 13
Go Angela you good thing you!!!!!!  
6/1/2002 00:04 GMT  Warren Chapman
Time to return those trophies from the 2000/2001 prize giving. If anyone reading this has trophies could you please bring them back to the club urgently & polished so they can be put in the cabinet for display. Thanks Wal  
23/12/2001 15:11 GMT  Fi Urquhart
Hey! i am 14 and i play for the scottish women's national team. The website is very impressive and i enjoyed looking around. All the best for the rest of your season and hope you guys do great!!!! 
18/12/2001 00:43 GMT  Angela 'Flangey' Hurst
I am lovin' the sounds of "Miss Cricket"! 
14/12/2001 18:30 GMT  rango tang
sorry everyone i did the wrong dance .my bad. 
14/12/2001 02:00 GMT  rango tang
i did my monkey sun dance, fine all weekend jason. 
13/12/2001 04:30 GMT  Jeremy Rolston
Brad Barlow is a machine. I haven't seen him bat for a few years now but if he's half as good as he used to be then he'd still be caressing balls to the fence at will. Don't let him go Ellerslie...this ones a keeper!!! 
11/12/2001 22:36 GMT  Darryl "CHATS" Morris
Awesome site Jas, cheers for your help in organising the sunday game on the 9/12/01...Sooooo close,and thanx 2 everyone who played. 
7/12/2001 01:31 GMT  dan verma
keep it going fluffy!i'll catch u 2morrow morning.peece out 
30/11/2001 06:59 GMT  Elizabeth
Thank you Jason for putting up this website. Gives me the opportunity to follow Brad B's cricket career from the other side ot the Tasman pond!! (Ask Brad who I am!!) 
28/11/2001 17:56 GMT  Blues Man
Auckland Blues for the Super 12 title next year!!!!!!!!!! 
26/11/2001 04:10 GMT  Grantasauris Wilson
Gidday from sunny Dunedin! Great to see you guys on line. Alot of famous names still abound in the club stats etc. Is it true that Sonny M is back as the clubs oldest current player! Wow. Look forward to a weekly catch up of results 
22/11/2001 05:52 GMT  Rob Collins
Good work Jason. Trust your undoubted IT skills can be transferred to the cricket pitch! Having recognised that MY undoubted sporting talents would be better utilised OFF the cricket pitch, I have some cricket gear in good nick for sale..GM GMAX bat, 1.9oz [barely used]$250;lh batting pads and gloves [again barely used]$30 each; Mitre c/shoes size 8 $40 pr. Ph: 5214139 
21/11/2001 02:10 GMT  Lloyd(ledgend breakdancer)Chapman
well done peg leg good site catch u at training 
7/11/2001 01:00 GMT  layna
well done jason. Great site. Thank you for giving up your time to coach us. But don't forget JT our last coach had a heart attack!!!!!!!!! 
6/11/2001 08:17 GMT  Yo
Good on you, mate.. 
27/10/2001 09:01 GMT  Jude
Well done Jason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
22/10/2001 23:57 GMT  Mike Parrant
J Trowill, finally something useful, keeps your mind of all those, well done Jas 
17/10/2001 20:10 GMT  jono
a player of the week award and team profiles would be great hint hint jason 
16/10/2001 08:39 GMT  Paul Boss
Great to have the ECC up on the net! It's been about 8 years since I played for the club, but I always try and keep up with how thew club is going, and now it's going to be easy. Well done Jason. 
16/10/2001 04:35 GMT  Andrew Higgins
Pretty good site Trowill my son, are you going to put stats up for the muppet grades too? 
15/10/2001 00:05 GMT  Warren Chapman
Great stuff Jason, keep it up. If you want any historica news I am only to pleased to help also you could check out the scrap books and enter anything that may be of interest from the "good old days" This sure beats the crap out of anything we had in those days for communication. Keep it up. Regards Wal Chapman Life Member ECC  
29/9/2001 19:29 GMT  Almane Farman
Not bad Trowell! You can only beat off to so much cyber porn?? 
10/8/2001 13:56 GMT  Jake Vinson
Nice work 'J.T. Jason Trowill' Look forward to filling up those stats pages for this season! See you late September. Jake. 
4/8/2001 05:17 GMT  Geoff Rogers
Good work J.T, keep it up. 
31/7/2001 10:20 GMT  Syresham CC
Best of luck for the rest of the season from all in Syresham - perhaps we could have a Sunday friendly next season??? 
22/7/2001 21:42 GMT  Smiley
Whos the munter who voted for Jason as teh best allrounder, everyone knows its A Woodley! 
22/7/2001 18:18 GMT  Adrian Tocker
Good stuff JT! Its a good start. If you want to add some links add this one to James Laver (bat maker in the Hawkes Bay):  
22/7/2001 08:03 GMT  Brad Barlow
So somebody has finally become bored enough to put a site together. Good luck keeping it up to date 
18/7/2001 01:40 GMT  Daren Saunders
This is going to be the start of something fantastic for Ellerslie CC. Go the mighty 3rd Grade led by that machine J.T Jason Trowill. 
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