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Any club member who logs in may delete entries in the guestbook. intheteam reserves the the right to delete any offensive entries in the guestbook.
19/8/2002 19:02 GMT  liam
hi i love ur site plz visit ours and give tips ,feedback etc in the guest book thx 
31/5/2002 19:45 GMT  Elliot H-C
Follow Liverpool Football Club on  
26/5/2002 20:19 GMT  Huddersfield Irish Centre
Why not pay us a visit at leave ur feedback on our guestbook!!  
26/5/2002 12:02 GMT  matt stafford
alrite boyz how is life in the bottom division, bispham celtic are riding high in div 4, gud luck n we wont c ya for a few seasons now 
8/3/2002 10:02 GMT  MATT STAFFORD
Unlucky boyz We are on for promotion this year even the title. (bispham celtic) 
22/2/2002 20:29 GMT  james
gr8 site. visit ours at and leave ur comments. cheers. james 
8/2/2002 16:02 GMT  christine
hey guys, check out our new player my be back for more when the snapshots come in! 
4/1/2002 16:43 GMT  spartak skem
we r in the soccerdome league too, we are currently in the 4th division of the yorkie league on tuesday nights, we would absolutely slaughter you! only jokin you would probabaly hammer us, we r gonna win r league this year, good luck with yours. 
30/7/2001 22:51 GMT  Big Don
Hi, cool site! come and see ours at could you leave a messageon how to get moving animation up on your site? 
24/7/2001 23:09 GMT  vic
just back from our game with u lot. your team played quite well and deserved there win. all the best for the coming season. 
2/6/2001 11:52 GMT  ?
visit the best womens football team this side of huddersfield at and leave a message in our guestbook. ps.nice site guys 
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