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19/5/2002 15:30 GMT  ME
well done to Phil Hall...completely wipin out the awards last nite...WELL DONE PHIL, YA BEAT LUCAS 
29/1/2002 14:46 GMT  Dominique de la Rie
Hello, i'm a business student from holland 17 years old and i'm a fanatic football player. In the period of 2 March till 28 March i'm in leicester for an work placement. I would like to keep up in shape so i wanted to ask you if i might train or/and play with in this period. And if I may not could you give me some others sites of clubs in leicester where i can ask the same?? If you can be so kind to replyto me by email. Yours sincerely Dominique de la Rie 
21/1/2002 20:26 GMT  MARTIN ADAMS
no-one writing!? i guess ill have to...we r gonna kick ass next weekend in the two games we got if we keep our shape in the middle and gr=et a bit more service to the forwards! see ya 
3/11/2001 14:26 GMT  martin adams
well played today lads, we did well. We gotta try and keep the shape of the midfield though, it completely fell apart in the second half. 
2/11/2001 01:59 GMT  Rob Whitehead Keep up-to-date on Derby based New Life FC! 
1/11/2001 15:33 GMT  rev adams !
very good site - great to see Hinckley methodist DARE on the net. having read stats - no yellow or red cards ... tut tut - you need to be more physical boys !  
13/10/2001 15:30 GMT  Rob Whitehead
Thanks lads for the hospitality and allowing us to coem and play at Hinckley. All of the lads enjoyed the game. Here's looking forward to a November/October friendly game in Derby and a long association with Coventry and District Christian Football league. Thanks once again! 
12/10/2001 23:17 GMT  Rob Whitehead
Looking forward to tomorrows game against Hinckley Dare. Rob Whitehead, Centre Back and Co-Manager of NLCC FC. 
15/8/2001 21:21 GMT  nic
30/7/2001 13:04 GMT  Dizzy
Okay well no one is really writing in the guest book so I will erm erm erm.....okay I can see why no one writes in here. Oh yeah everyone go football training so I can take photos of them Please!!! 
18/7/2001 20:12 GMT  Simon Cooper
Please leave any message here for us - we would love to hear from anyone! 
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