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14/5/2002 19:56 GMT  Steve Fortune
Well done to everyone concerned in the organising an excellant evening last Friday I hope u all had a good headache the following day.I know Charlie did!!!  
9/5/2002 19:03 GMT  steve fortune
Well done James,Alex & Mark.Jim what about cricket its the cricket season now! 
3/5/2002 01:30 GMT  John Merrett
Jamie is still much the same, which is not really unexpected. He can communicate a bit better now, as the med. team have given him a 'cuff'. He has had a few visitors outside the family, and it has clearly cheered him. I think it is now unnecessary to ring me regarding visiting. I suspect he was just nervous before, and self-concious about his talk status in case anyone took the mick. Now he can talk, after a fashion, he can do his own mickey-taking, so be warned!! Current med. opinion is wait and see. When the swelling of his spinal cord goes down we may see change. Maybe in another month the news will be better. Do visit. He will be delighted to see you! 
29/4/2002 19:17 GMT  clive meaney
nick heres my new e-mail address, still no chance of me finding anything on it  
25/4/2002 13:17 GMT  Ray 'Beaker' Clark
I dont know if you guys can help, i play for Hackney Rugby club (Check out our site ) and i am doing my midi mini coaching course. I am stuck on one of the exam questions. The question is what is the recommended time for a coaching session at Under 8, U9, U10, U12, if you could help it would be grand. Best of luck with your site. 
5/4/2002 00:02 GMT  John Merrett
Thanks to all of you who have enquired about my son, Jamie. It is great to know that so many of you care, and I know that I can speak for all the family here. As at Thursday 4th April Jamie is his usual cheerful self, enjoying the opportunity to extract the urine from his Dad!!. He should have been transferred from Intensive Care to the Spinal Unit today, but this did not happen, next Monday being the likely date. I have advised Jamie that the hospital obviously need a couple of fast runners to deliver him. The Spinal ward is some 600 yards from I.C.U., and he is attached to several items electrically controlled. I told him that they will unplug him, run like the wind, and re-connect him at the other end!!! HE thought it was hilarious, a good sign that he is sound of mind and spirit. He suggested that dynamoes should be fitted to the wheels of beds for just this sort of journey! [You are allowed to laugh, Jamie would like that!] At the moment Jamie is unable to move any limb, and is unable to talk. He can move his mouth to speak, but cannot make sound [It has been a long time since any of us have been able to get a word in so easily!]. I believe that it is because of this he is reluctant to receive visitors, other than family. We are hoping that it will not be long before he is able to talk 'normally', and will then want to see whoever wants to visit. The medical prognoses are relatively gloomy, though sometimes confusing/conflicting. Jamie was moving his arms around immediately after the accident, and was breathing on his own. When the swelling of his spinal cord reduces perhaps these will both return. He will not be having an M.R.I. scan for another eight or ten weeks, because of the swelling. This should reveal any damage to the spinal cord or, hopefully, no damage. The last time I spoke to the consultant his message was not to hope for too much [they have to say that], but not to lose hope. Both his mother and I took strength from that. The real message is 'keep the faith', whatever your faith may be. If it is humanly possible Jamie will walk out of that hospital, and will want to walk in to the Sports Club. He has that stubborn, single-minded, streak of belligerence in him that will overcome all. If anyone wants an update, at any time, I can be found on the e-mail address attached, or on 07836 356083, though you will appreciate that Jamie's recovery will be a very long time happening. Please call any time, and thanks again to all who have contacted us so far 
26/3/2002 16:15 GMT  Gareth Jones
I hear what you say Hooley (6/3/02). I assume that 5 or 6 regular 2nd XV players weren't around that week, as otherwise it'd be nearer to 800!!! 
20/3/2002 19:51 GMT  clive meaney
1st XV away Salisbury K.O. 3.00 2nd XV home Andover K.O. 12.30 3rd XV away Chippenham K.O. 1.00 
11/3/2002 15:56 GMT  Clive Meaney
Fixture change 23rd March, 1st XV away to Salisbury, 2.30 K.O. 
11/3/2002 09:22 GMT  Adrian Heneghan
Onlooker, While the majority of the pack (myself excluded) might have looked like 75 year olds.. I'm sure we didn't play like that.. or did we, can't remember.? 
8/3/2002 22:31 GMT  Onlooker
In response to Hooligan. was that just in the Pack? 
6/3/2002 11:34 GMT  Adrian Heneghan
Gareth, The second team (VETS..!!)had almost 600 years of combined experience on the field on Saturday. 
23/2/2002 21:12 GMT  Clive Meaney
I`ve managed to `log on` Nick, now how the f**k do I turn it off 
28/1/2002 19:09 GMT  Andrew Nichols
Gidday Didds from NZ. Fine effort for the try. 
21/11/2001 16:09 GMT  Robert (scotty) Ewart
Saw the site in passing. Do I recognise some of the names from my time in Devizes (left 1977)? I look out for your results each week. Unfortunately my CEO is 'something' at W Bassett. Shame about the result the other Week. I am Involved with Ampthill @ District RUFC. I will looking you up. If it is the same mr Meany - you have put more weight on than me!! 
29/10/2001 16:39 GMT  Adrian Heneghan
Bathe, I think Stuey left it somewhere in Chippenham...!!!!! (it's his turn now, isn't it.??). Anyway, great site, keep up the good work. 
26/10/2001 16:33 GMT  Jon Bathe
Please help stuey has lost his blow up sheep and wont stop crying and blaming me for its disaperence. If anyone finds please give it back to him!!!!!!! 
26/10/2001 15:43 GMT  Mike McCrum
Well done to Cottie I never realised they tought information technology down the pub. 
12/10/2001 21:35 GMT  Jim Lloyd
Whahay whoopee - I found it - technology rules - well done Nick - hello Tom & Amy - we need to get that Mark Hopkins recruited 
1/10/2001 18:04 GMT  Tom Gould.
Good game on Sunday 30th Devizes 15s.We played excellently but sadly we lost to those Midsomer boyz 
29/9/2001 18:46 GMT  amy thompson
i love the new club! 
10/9/2001 18:53 GMT  paul rumbold
i'm very impressed! things are really progressing for the club, & best of luck for this season - i hope to get down to one or two matches from my new base in sunny lancashire - how do i get a log in? 
18/8/2001 13:02 GMT  Tommy Collins
Great site, when are the profiles going to be put on? I want the world to see my new hairdo. God I'm pretty 
10/8/2001 10:28 GMT  Mark Hopkins
Great site, brings us into the digital age. If you need any admin asistance let me know. 
8/8/2001 07:54 GMT  didds
Great work Nick - best of luck with this site... guess I can bin the one I was working on then! ;-) How/when do we get "logins"?  
7/8/2001 14:39 GMT  COTTI
Great site. Looking forward to the new season.  
25/7/2001 08:43 GMT  Andy Hancock
Great to see Devizes rugby club embrace technology like this. If the site continues to flourish then this will be a great source of information for club members. 
18/7/2001 18:43 GMT  sarah turner
great web page - and I managed to find it all by myself!!!!!  
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