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Any club member who logs in may delete entries in the guestbook. intheteam reserves the the right to delete any offensive entries in the guestbook.
27/11/2001 20:17 GMT  Osama Bin Laden
Why do you think I still strive for freedom? In my country Wivdean are revered as the finest purveyors of the beautiful game. By the way - I scored two for Al-Qaeeda Athletic v Northern Scum Alliance last Sunday. The pitch was a bit rutted and there seemed to be few fire crackers going off in the crowd. 
27/11/2001 16:41 GMT  Des Lynham
Wouldn't miss 'em. A great way to keep up to date with top-flight football. Especially since I moved to ITV and stopped going to Albion matches. 
27/11/2001 09:12 GMT  Lino
Always read the match report. It's a good laugh. 
26/11/2001 20:31 GMT  Dicko
Avidly Len......honest I do. 
26/11/2001 18:15 GMT  Len
Apologies for being about a week behind with match reports. Will get them on soon. Incidentally does anyone other then Rich and me read them? 
26/11/2001 17:28 GMT  Honourable Secretary
Does anybody know Paul Twomey's new address and phone no. ? How about you Dave? 
18/11/2001 19:26 GMT  Rich O
...also lads, sorry I got ratty after the match. Just a bit fed up with all the goals I'm letting in at the mo. 
18/11/2001 13:28 GMT  Rich O
...worrying thing is, Kurly, you'd probably have a cyber-relationship with the one sitting next to you! 
16/11/2001 13:25 GMT  Karlos Fandango (Kurly to you)
Hello bums, how's life. Internet cafes are really cool places with loads of European/Japanese students smoking and drinking coffee. Feels like I'm in Amsterdam still! Hope you win on Sunday. Karl 
14/11/2001 17:58 GMT  Rich O
I probably would. You see, because I'm 'slightly' older than the rest of you, I would find it hard to condone such behaviour. I'm even thinking of joining the neighbourhood watch! 
14/11/2001 17:08 GMT  Wrighty
Different Ref....who'd know? The rest of the lads wouldn't say "Ooh Lenny, that's the second time you've butted someone this season."...or...would they?  
13/11/2001 17:43 GMT  Lenny
If I hadn't used up my head-butt joker on the Toby Inn twat, Sunday would certainly have been the day to use it. Bunch of Tossers! 
12/11/2001 19:35 GMT  Rich O
...all the blood and guts glory is included in the after match write up to be posted soon. Should've been entitled 'despatches'.  
12/11/2001 17:02 GMT  lippy
and the fights ... 
12/11/2001 09:25 GMT  Lenny
Particulary pleasing as they were a right bunch of winkers.  
11/11/2001 18:58 GMT  Wrighty
11/11/2001 17:41 GMT  Lenny
2 fights, 6 goals and a win for boys in black 'n' blue 
11/11/2001 13:08 GMT  Wrighty
6/11/2001 21:26 GMT  lippy
this is not getting better - the fans in the Empire State stand are getting restless - the board and the management team are under pressure ... A club ambassador is rumoured to be on his way to the big apple to calm the fractured nerves of the New York Withdean faithful .. but it is results on the pitch that we want .. 
6/11/2001 10:18 GMT  Wrighty
I see. Perhaps next Sunday... 
5/11/2001 17:57 GMT  Lenny
Erm, not quite...... 
4/11/2001 21:39 GMT  Wrighty
Boys, how'd it go today? As good as it did for the Mighty Reds v the scum? Ahhh, Bisto! 
2/11/2001 22:44 GMT  lippy
C'mon the Wivdean!!! Get the samba flowing ... 
31/10/2001 21:49 GMT  Wrighty
Since when has Lenny struggled to drink 11 pints? Good to see you chaps last Sunday. Saw SIX great goals, too. Unfortunately none of them were scored by you. Better luck Sunday. C'MON! 
31/10/2001 19:13 GMT  Rich O
WITHDEAN AFC NEEDS YOU! C'mon lads make yourselves available for this Sunday. Len's really struggling to get 11 f'chrissakes!!! Lippy, get on a plane. 
31/10/2001 16:41 GMT  lippy
What is going on lads!?@!? Sniffer puts you three up and then ... where is Griffiths? 
10/10/2001 17:01 GMT  Rich O
match report, schmatch report, I'm still too depressed to write it! You lot didn't have to stand around and watch you, and then have to suddenly spring in to action to save the day every 15 minutes !!!. 
10/10/2001 12:15 GMT  Line-o
Not very impressed with the match report. I thought I'd get a mention for not falling over during my 5 minute run out. 
1/10/2001 22:31 GMT  Rich O
...mmm, wig !!! 
27/9/2001 19:38 GMT  Dicko
Yeah like you need a wig Kurly 
27/9/2001 11:04 GMT  Wrighty
Wig Day?Where are you's Thursday here. 
27/9/2001 11:00 GMT  Kurly
You've stopped chatting here now, haven't you. Come on, I want to talk!! Man o'the match. Not had that in a while. And Lennoir got a hat-trick. Monumental. Currently sitting in the office wearing a rastafarian wig as it's Wig Day here.  
25/9/2001 21:36 GMT  Rich O it, we can't talk about you now !  
25/9/2001 12:39 GMT  Kurly
So this is where the big dicks hang out - Guestbook? And there's me looking for our team conversations in the Club Forum section. To respond to your msg. Lee, there's nothing wrong with your missus. 
24/9/2001 23:02 GMT  lee & eithne
alright lads. suprise suprise lenny has put his dramatic hatrick on the site within hours of it happening.thanks richie for not mentioning my awful misses. i dont know what was wrong. maybe i was in awe of the pie king himself!!!!! in a pub in dublin at the mo guess what it p i s s i n g hard. see you all on thursday. by the way len, eithne said she will be there on sunday to watch you score my son !!!!!!!  
24/9/2001 20:56 GMT  Dicko
Left foot - right foot - head, the classic strikers hat-trick. The classic fat left back hat-trick: face - gut - right foot.....poetry in motion Lenny, well done son. 
23/9/2001 18:19 GMT  shinpad
Within minutes of the final whistle, the website had been updated - can't think why, lenny..... 
22/9/2001 11:51 GMT  O. B Laden
Meester Wright...I am currently seeking to employ an infidel who bares a resemblence to myself, to work in various mountain hide-outs. Perhaps you could grow your beard a leetle longer, yes? If so the job is yours. 
19/9/2001 17:50 GMT  Rich O
yup, Len's been working hard to enable you all to view them, so keep checking the link, bottom right, as I'm adding to them all the time. Gonna get tasty ! 
19/9/2001 12:13 GMT  Lenny
Richie has started on some Tour photos. Check 'em out. There's also a link on the bottom right of the home page. Let me know if you have probs viewing them. 
18/9/2001 17:27 GMT  Lippy
Thanks to all those who called or enquired about how we are doing - pleased to report no family or friends were directly involved but a number of people at work have sadly lost family. The place was closed down until today because of security issues but, I can only hope that we get back to normal as quick as possible. Good luck with the footie this season, delighted to see the boys knocking it in - Clarky you diamond!! I have an admission - I have just signed up for a Kraut team in Queens !! Eintracht Corona they are called which is wierd (Corona is the neighbourhood where Flushing Meadows tennis centre is)- we have three Brazilians, a Colombian kid who is god, and a load of Americans - I can't see any German's except after the practice matches when - get this - we have a bratwurst barbeque and a cooler of German beers in a carpark under the Van Wyck Expressway .. its fookin bizarre .. I nearly upset them big style when I told them that my Social Security Number (which you need to play in the league) was 5-1 5-1 5-1 - they didnt laugh much but sod 'em ... All those who are thinking of stopping at ours in NY are welcome - (except Soaro) - but we have moved out of Manhattan (thank god) and bought a house in Rye, Westchester - which is 30 minutes on the train from Grand Central - which in NY time is super fast .. Dicko drop us an email - on (note capitals) and we'll go out in Midtown Manhattan if you are still coming over .. consider it weight-training for the back four !!! Up the Withdean !!!  
10/9/2001 21:07 GMT  Rich O
'DUDE'?????....guess that goatee is affecting your image, eh Wrighty? 
9/9/2001 22:22 GMT  Wrighty
Lips,me too dude. 
5/9/2001 10:35 GMT  Len
Lippy, can you send me your new e-mail address? 
3/9/2001 12:28 GMT  Rich O
...and remember, all you fathers...while in NYC visiting the Lipster, don't all go and get tattoos of your kid's names put on yer backs. It's not big or clever and besides ' MALCOLM ' written in gothic script under your shoulder blades looks really stupid!  
31/8/2001 22:47 GMT  Wrighty
Richie, I've only grown a beard because.....I can!;BTW Good luck Sunday.."Forza Withdeanio". 
31/8/2001 01:41 GMT  Dicko
Ah I've missed this banter girls - glad to see I'm still held in such high esteem!!! Been off developing my mid-range girth ready for kick off - that Number 5 shirt will be mine Lipster!! Oaksy ya whore what can I say - I am looking forward to being in your presence once more. Oh yeah Lippy, me and the old girl are in NY (staying in Brooklyn) early November, please be out of the country as I would hate to get dragged kicking and screaming around any dishevelled speakeasys with you. 
30/8/2001 23:33 GMT  Rich O
Jeez... Lippy in NY. There's a Woody Allen script for you ! In the meantime lads, keep an eye out for 'IMAGES OF WIVDEAN ON TOUR', coming to this site soon. Once I get it finished and Len gets his finger out. PARENTAL GUIDANCE ADVISED! Oh and Wrighty, beards are for p uffs. 
30/8/2001 19:18 GMT  lippy
Alright, alright what is going on here ... first Wrighty gets himself a Jimmy Hill beard, The chairman scores and Soaro loses his shorts !?!- where is the preseason visit to the lunatics at the prison? I'm glad to see Psycho has finally posted last seasons write ups, now I am in New York it is even more important that I get my Withdean fix .. are the dad's still playing (Dicko, I use that term loosely) - good luck on Sunday, but if we beat the Hun on Saturday who will be in a fit state to play ..look forward to the write up .. Have a nice day y'all ! (Feckin Arse)  
30/8/2001 17:15 GMT  Rich O
Hey Dicko, bet you're saving that shirt for your kids 18th birthday aren't ya. "here you are son, forget ballet school, be a sunday league footie player like your old pop, don't worry you never have to turn up !!!" 
29/8/2001 17:24 GMT  Len

God I'm bored!  
23/8/2001 08:59 GMT  Dicko
Alright ya winkers?  
6/8/2001 18:21 GMT  Len
Richie, I've finally put those two reports from last season on here!! Any chance of a write up for Saturday's game. Don't forget my Kanu-esque goal! 
2/8/2001 09:55 GMT  Rich O
...or rather, 'follow through WITH your tackle'. 
30/7/2001 20:43 GMT  Soaro
4th Aug. away v Cowfold,meet at Withdean 2PM 11th Aug. Friendly at Portslade,1.30PM 19th Aug. Possible friendly at Portslade 30th Aug. Training moves to Stanley Deason 8-9PM. 
30/7/2001 16:45 GMT  Len
Was called Psycho 'cos I used to tackle like John Soar. A bit of the old win the ball but follow through a bit. As opposed to now when I can't catch the fackers. 
27/7/2001 14:46 GMT  lippy
Psycho - eh? Why? .. James do tell us of your wild and crazy side at Bristol Uni ... It must have been the release from the Knockerbockers and caps of your school days that sent you a bit, you know, crazy ... do your Uni mates know that you are refered to as a somewhat less threatening "Fat Bob" these days ...  
25/7/2001 10:22 GMT  Rich O
Psycho??? this the same cuddly fella we know and love. Must be a typo I reckon. You meant Pseudo, right ? 
23/7/2001 21:27 GMT  Soaro
Lads night out,10th Aug.,7.30 Bath Arms. Training at Stanley Deason from 30th Aug.,7-8PM. Some of you still havn`t signed on & most of you havn`t given me your fiver.  
15/7/2001 09:36 GMT  Wrighty
Pete,he still can't score off the pitch,though.Sorry Len.(tee-hee) 
12/7/2001 10:07 GMT  Psycho - As I was then
Yeah Pete, it's me. Scored twice last year! (on the pitch) Remember when I scored from the halfway line? I'll mail you...... 
11/7/2001 00:30 GMT  Pete "The Mouth" G
Looking through your stats I was wondering if the James Troughton listed was the same JAmes Troughton who as a student used to play for Smilies People at Bristol Uni 1989/90 - the fact that Withdean's James didn't score a single goal in 17 appearances fits the description of the James I'm thinking of though I would have expected James to have picked up several yellow cards!!! I'd be really grateful if someone could email me to confirm whether these are the same to Troughton's Cheers Pete 
8/7/2001 12:10 GMT  Chip
As you may be aware, there is a huge campign, launched by Soccer AM's Tim and Helen to Save Chip. We are playing our part in this fight for footballing justice. Please help Chip by adding our link to your website. or if you really want the world to see what we are doing to help chip, please add our banner to your page: > In return, we will put your link on our page. Thanks for your time! 
2/7/2001 20:24 GMT  soaro
Div.5 again next year lads.No teams relegated from div.4,so we`ll be top dogs. Opposition will be:-Shoreham Sunday(ex Crabtree),Railway,George & Dragon,Knowles,Potters,Toby Inn(new club),Eclipse(2nd div.7),CCD(1st div.8),SSSC(1st div 9) & Bevendean res. All of you who are re-signing have until 2nd Aug. to see me & do so,£5 special offer. Friendly in Cowfold will be 3PM 4th Aug. 
21/5/2001 10:28 GMT  Anders Van Der Wyther
Hey guys .. we are looking the forward to the visit of the Engelish again to Petten. Do you still have the bald goal keeper? What with the fat guys at the defender? I am the singing my country music this year - perhaps you has the music on the Englelsh radio .. my new CD "I'll Marry You Tomorrow, but lets Honeymoon Tonight" is in all the good record shops and the number one single "She's actin' single and I'm drinkin' Doubles" is on it .. hep Holland ... 
18/5/2001 11:39 GMT  Rich O.
Hey, Colon, if you were still playing, it'd be an even contest wouldn't it ! Bit lop-sided though ! Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk. 
17/5/2001 08:58 GMT  Colon Smut
Definitely will be Withdean Apathetic next Sunday morning having spent the previous day chasing one-armed country and western singers round a footy pitch and the previous evening eating meat. 
23/4/2001 16:11 GMT  Dicko
Well you put one hand either side of the screen, pick it up and shake it like merry f uck. Go on give it a go. 
23/4/2001 15:13 GMT - Irish Centre
How did u do that so the screened shake? 
19/4/2001 21:36 GMT  Scottish Centre
Och eye the noo... Dicksee soonds Scots ta me. Ye goot 'ny Scots in ye ,wee fella ?. Nay ?, then howd ye like sum young Scots in ye ?, coz I gotta team a young uns that'd love tay have a craik at ye! 
19/4/2001 11:50 GMT  Dicko
Micks - Ignore this old tosser, he looks like Barthez and plays like Bartsimpson. He's a liability and an abuser of late teen Irish boys - would have become a priest but instead chose to become one of life's characters, bless him. 
19/4/2001 10:55 GMT  Rich O.
Dear Irish Centre, I must apologise for my teammates attitude to your most serious invitation to participate in a pre-season friendly.Being the more mature member of a mid thirties football team, I can only show concern about the way my teammates behaviour may affect the minds of young innocent teens.I can only assume that most of my colleagues have forgotten what it's like to be under 20, viewing ones sporting idols from the lowly depths of teenage angst. Course we'll take you on. P.S. have they ever seen grown men neked before ? . 
18/4/2001 18:36 GMT  Len
It wasn't me......  
18/4/2001 16:52 GMT  Dicko
Remember that Dutch bird with inflatable shoes that Lenny met last year in Amsterdam, he just got news that she's popped her clogs!!! S'way ay tel um !!! 
18/4/2001 10:58 GMT  lippy
Good to have Oakesy back on line - but remember it is the comic performances we want to read about! - Wrighty, you can't play netball following that unsightly incident at Birkenhead Girls School when you misunderstood the meaning of the girl's bib that said Shooter... Len - put an end to this chatroom with a load of Irish school children, post Soaro's picture for them ... Congrats to the Joneses - the Academy is underway .. 
17/4/2001 21:46 GMT  Rich O.
GOOD NEWS boys.OAKO'S back on line.Got a shiny new 'i mac' in graphite.Don't know what it does, but it sure looks good!!!!. Glad I couldn't write up the last report though Lippy....everyone had a shocker except for me.It wouldv'e been embarrassing. 
12/4/2001 15:01 GMT  Len
Crabtree on next Thurs 19th. See Div 5 - Remaining fixtures. It's as up to date as it can be, I just nick it all off
No match report for Knowles game as our roving reporter Oakesy is no longer "on-line". Basically we whipped their arses and should have been 6-0 up after 10 mins. As it was we went 1-0 down. Sloppy defending as Hansen would say........ Kevin scored our two. Enough for ya? 
12/4/2001 13:59 GMT  lippy
match reports boys, match reports ...the big crabtree gamer is still on, but what date? 
4/4/2001 11:20 GMT  fatboy grim
boozy night out? what happened to regular training and abstinence in all things harmful to pursuit of the Withdean Way? (count me in) 
2/4/2001 10:45 GMT  dicko
Lippy, no they're both out on probation at the moment, but I've booked them in to get their tattoos removed that weekend (not the ones on their arms, just the facial stuff!!) Hope you, Lol and Lil are well 
27/3/2001 15:09 GMT  lippy
Ahhhh, the beef curtain .... what is the latest on a boozy night out Lee? And tour numbers? And Wrighty's foot and mouth outbreak? 
26/3/2001 11:46 GMT  fatboy grim
glad to see that things haven't changed since the days of the beef-curtain, sounds like waterhall is still a bog, the league are showing their useual level of organisation and STILL no-one passes to KTR (you'd think he'd get the message by now). Can't wait to see who will be voted third most improved player this season. CCOOOMMMM OOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNN  
25/3/2001 21:42 GMT  Lenny
You can now vote on-line for your player of the season, Foot and Mouth award etc. There should be a new page "End of season voting". Hope it works, but probably only will if you have Internet Explorer and Outlook Express on your PC. Oh well give it as go, if it's no good I'll bin it. 
25/3/2001 16:41 GMT  Len
Surely 'The Golden Gut' award has to go to someone else this year.... Steve? 
24/3/2001 21:17 GMT  shinpad
Seeing as you've all got sunday morning free again - start thinking about who's getting your vote for player of the season - and also, following in 'Big Ron' Dicksee's tradition from last year, send the Chairman any ideas for special awards. John S has to get a special Foot & Mouth award, at least. 
19/3/2001 07:57 GMT  Major General Blimpington Snout (Ret'd)
Chaps, major apologies, bit of a breakdown in the old communications department. On behalf of the league let me alay some fears as expressed through your veritable website. 1. John Soar will be put down at the end of the season. (MAFF directive 101/34d) 2. Timothy Dicksee's fat ars e will be rented out for the summer to Kosova refugees 3. The league will continue the current practice of renting the changing rooms as a set for the forthcoming movie about the H block dirty protest. Hope this cheers you up, you bunch of moaning nancies - I fought in two wars you know. The Maj. 
18/3/2001 22:27 GMT  dicko
What sort of farciacal bollox was that this morning. Why can't some lazy t wat from the league get their lazy fookin arses out of bed and check the pitches before I haul my fat ar se down there to be told to fook off home again. C ocks and C unts the lot of 'em.!!! 
16/3/2001 15:57 GMT  dicko
sorry KTR we keep thinking you're playing your usual linesman role, thats why we don't pass to you out there. 
16/3/2001 15:55 GMT  Len
Correction - Find KTR (if selected) 
16/3/2001 14:27 GMT  KTR
Talking of goal averages, I've not scored yet this season, which may have something to do with my fitness, but is probably down to the lack of passing to those of us on the left flank. Your mission this week, chaps, is LOOK LEFT and FIND KTR!! 
16/3/2001 14:01 GMT  Wrighty
Remember,make love to the camera boys. 
16/3/2001 00:15 GMT  Rich O.
...we got a team this Sun then?.What with Kev's drainage of the leg,Dave's hamstring and Soaros' foot....and mouth!.(thought he went green 'cos he's The Hulk not 'cos of some nasty disease! D'ya reckon MAFF will let us keep him alive 'til the end of the season?)Then Lee can 'bolt' him. 
15/3/2001 22:36 GMT  Len
Team photo this Sunday - Getting a bit bored of the 3 year old one on our homepage - Phil remember your camera from work. 
15/3/2001 22:32 GMT  Wrighty
....I mean. 
15/3/2001 22:26 GMT  Wrighty
No,just foot...with big sharp studs on it. 
15/3/2001 18:02 GMT  Lenny
I thought Soaro brought Foot and Mouth into the country (err, just joking John) and Phil, Can goats catch it? 
15/3/2001 16:00 GMT  shinpad
Your Chairman has emailed the league to pass on our gratitude to the council that, due to the decline in farmyard conditions and livestock breeding generally, they will seek to ensure we have working showers. How kind. Maybe the water will be hot, the floors and walls clean and the changing rooms as a whole not reminiscent of a 19th orphanage. PS - John Soar - shower!? - fat chance. 
14/3/2001 21:41 GMT  RichO.
Len, gonna git you sucker!!! I even washed YOUR kit by hand AND used comfort fabric softener. 
14/3/2001 21:31 GMT  RichO.
P.S. was that ANOTHER retort by John Greenwood (a k a FATBOY GRIM )12th of 3rd ?. Keep up son ,only 2 messages in a year?. What kinda supporter/old boy are you?. 
14/3/2001 21:22 GMT  Rich O.
GREAT....then everyone can talk even more BULLOCKS!. I dunno, questioning the roving-reporters'opinions, bet Motty doesn't get this sorta treatment!!!!. 
14/3/2001 18:29 GMT  soaro
Sundays` game at Waterhall is on.Every-one will have to shower after,to help stop the spread of foot & mouth! 
14/3/2001 08:52 GMT  Lippy
Ah yes the looping shot !! Good to see the steel underpants are working. Come on Crabtree ... the 'dean are waiting for you!!! 
13/3/2001 11:53 GMT  Len
Phil - I admit that cross was a shot, one of three I had during the game. It was only just wide, unlike the one I scuffed, and the 30 yarder that bounced twice before reaching the keeper!
Lippy - you've obviously forgotten about my "looping shots". Anyway am proud to be part of the steel curtain that is the Withdean defence. George Graham would be proud of us!! 
13/3/2001 08:35 GMT  lippy
good to see that even after a rollicking win, middle maangement united can find something to squabble about... re selection, Soaro up front surely... Lenny, when have you ever scored twice in a season...? 
12/3/2001 21:39 GMT  Shinpad
Len - so that cross was indeed a shot then was it? I reckon you should pair Richie S up front next week - and let Richie O try out as centre back! KTR in goal (see how he likes it!), Lee and John S centre mid, and everyone else following my example of playing wherever the fck the ball is (or was 30 seconds earlier)...C'monnnn the Deaners!! (By the way you did fine as left back and left wing...) Oh - and our defence is never boring... 
12/3/2001 17:34 GMT  Len
Good point Phil, think you did fine as centre-back, especially as you didn't have a left back in the second half! Unfortunately I was looking to keep up my average of 2 goals a season, which with 5 games to go and no goals as yet looks quite unlikely. But the ONLY perk of being manager is that I could play up front next week!! Fancy staying in defence? Thought not, it's boring isn't it? 
12/3/2001 17:21 GMT  Shinpad
Sir - re your report: B'locks did Carl miss James G in the middle - they had one free kick and one goal. How many other shots did they have? James G is 'the Man' no question, but did you have mud in your eyes or what??? 
12/3/2001 12:55 GMT  grimsby's real finest
oy, grimsby finest, less of the slagging off or we'll be down there slapping you around like the hull-boy you are. 
12/3/2001 07:50 GMT  lippy
11/3/2001 22:56 GMT  shinpad
...and the beaufort take a tumble - and the RCV scrape 4 pnts off amici - 3rd place for the boys in blue - can we pull off a gleaming medal-placed 2nd??? C'monnnnnnnn.... 
8/3/2001 09:04 GMT  lippy
Good Work Soaro - thats more like it, heavy defeats, squabbles and name calling, soaro scything people down then looking all innocent, samba giving it loads on the abuse front .. roll on .. or up ... Amsterdam .... get the silver fox back for some neck high challenges and shirt throwing temper tantrums ... puuuuuurrrrrrfick! 
7/3/2001 18:11 GMT  Len
2 bookings - Soaro and Dave Kay. Soaro's for a tackle which was timed at aprroximately 10 mins late. Was a good one though. At least he put the tackles in, which is more than be said for the majority of us, myself included. Dave's for politely questioning the ref I think. But full marks must go to Samba for calling their effeminate striker a "fu cking que er" and then proceeding to blow kisses at him!  
7/3/2001 10:19 GMT  Lippy
Arses. I reckon RCV were probably fitter than you lot. Anyway you'll pi ss on PPT and all eyes are on the Crabtree game (end of season, fancy dress, all ticket, transistor radios to ears, waiting on the pitch to get the Amici result, jumpers for goal posts .. ad infinitum) ... as you lost your rags, did anyone get a booking -my money is on Samba and Soaro or Clarkey (ever reliable) - We'll Keep the Yellow Cards Flying High.... 
6/3/2001 15:58 GMT  Wrighty
Bugge rcun t! 
2/3/2001 17:39 GMT  Len
But you cannot say "arse" followed by a space. To see the banned words right-mouse-click on this page then click on View Source and search for f u c k (without the spaces). What a load of pi s s and b o l l oc ks!  
2/3/2001 11:34 GMT  lippy
Well spotted Phil - arsey arseing arsed arses: to arse a complete set of conjugations for a naughty word - the webmaster has failed we have won ... Up the Arses !!! 
27/2/2001 14:10 GMT  Wrighty
Hey!you can say ARSE. 
27/2/2001 13:32 GMT  Wrighty
Dicko,actually I lasted the TWO,complete with a 4 inch gash up my leg(and I'm not talking about(or through) my arse).Anyway,think I'll watch the Tranmere-Saints game for the 10th time.BFN 
27/2/2001 11:18 GMT  Clarky
Oi Dicko !! What are you saying ?? of course I lasted the two matches (Maybe because the ref was french & couldn't understand : How can you not give me a free kick you fuc**ng Tit) !!! 
27/2/2001 09:05 GMT  Lippy
Top result - penalty save by the Cat, we demand a full blood and glory write up from Grimsby's finest .... 
26/2/2001 23:12 GMT  Dicko
Well done boys...wheres the match reports? Who done what? Did Clarky last two matches? Did Wrighty last one? Did Davie K get cramp again? 
20/2/2001 13:02 GMT  Dicko
The Dickmeister opens up his scoring campaign!!!! Get voting ya fookers. 
7/2/2001 20:55 GMT  Dicko
Oaksy thats no way to talk about your bird. She a curly haired dog or what (hope she ain't reading this! Sorry Jo if you are!!) Lipster - the kids are still going through the adoption process - found them a lovely family East of Queens Park, a lovely little self contained hamlet named Whitehawk. The family are the O'Slobs O'Whitehawk....and they want to call the boys Duke and Juninho. Can't wait to be rid of the bleeders. 
7/2/2001 17:20 GMT  Rich O.
Since when did the WAFC Homepage become an on-line literary trading post???.Thought we wuz a footie team, only interested in birds'n'booze.P.S. anyone wanna buy a four foot china poodle,somehow got stuck with one!!!. 
7/2/2001 14:31 GMT  lippy
Dicko I wouldn't waste my time in Stockport - there is no market for four foot China dogs and imitation leather coats. If the insurance don't cough up I'll send a fiver to replace the furniture. Hope the social haven't taken your kids off you again. Regards  
5/2/2001 20:44 GMT  Dicko
Len ya fat cock....get off ya lard-end and do some ironing. You are that geezer in the yellow pages advert!!! the fook are you ya Scally? Me in laws in Didsbury got their placed turned over the other weekend....The Stockport Times reported seeing a fat geezer in an Inter Milan kit loitering in the bushes. Weren't visiting the folks by any chance were you? 
3/2/2001 10:52 GMT  Shinpad
see you all on the 25th - better be in the top three by then! And put Richie 'Ronaldo' Oakes centre mid - you know it makes sense - did you see those moves on Thursday?.. 
2/2/2001 09:12 GMT  shinpad
Mr Liptrot - a beauty indeed. Best way to get a book (I, Caesar - or those fine works The Great Commanders and The Lost Temple of Java - all literary masterpieces of the 20th C) is via BUT if you want a VHS of any episodes that you missed, let me know. See ya. Phil 
1/2/2001 23:11 GMT  Rich O.
Are there 'showers' in his Golden House ? 
1/2/2001 19:43 GMT  shinpad
Nero's Golden House - BBC2 Friday 2nd - 9pm - almost as good as a game of footie - almost. 
31/1/2001 12:27 GMT  david kay
Just to say, well done everybody this weekend. The big squad came in handy and everybody played a part. Six point next time. 
30/1/2001 13:06 GMT  lippy
A game, a win and a positive goal difference ... excellent, Lenny get that report up!  
18/1/2001 20:59 GMT  Rich O.
Wot no match write-up?...wanted to impress me bird wiv all our heroics...and explai me busted fingers!And the reason why we get up at 8 on a Sun. and freeze our balls off! 
17/1/2001 22:49 GMT  Wrighty
Lippy,you make it back OK after Chrimbo?I gather EasyJet had a hard time convincing 500 angry scousers that they weren't responsible for lots of fluffy snow falling onto the runway.Calm down!Good to see y'all anyway. 
15/1/2001 10:22 GMT  lippy
Mr Grabsky, you beauty. Here I am sitting in Switzerland watching BBC World when on comes this series about my favourite dictators the Romans and while I sit watching it thinking what ruddy good TV the Brits make, I see at the end you wrote and produced it .. top banana, sir. Get me a copy of the book that accompanies the series if you can and I'll pay you when I see you next - probably Feb or whatever. Never mind Dad's in Drag - surely the theme for Amsterdam is "Pax Withdeana" ... and I'm Spartacus ...  
12/1/2001 15:48 GMT  lippy
Burgess hill ? is that that bunch of toss wipe that called my pint a puff last season?  
11/1/2001 18:57 GMT  Rich O.
'COLD',you say?....better take two packs of fags for the warm-up.....fook the resolution!.....ROLL ON HAMSTERDAM that's wot I more swearing please...'jobs'....disgusting language!!!. 
11/1/2001 13:44 GMT  Leonard
Don't be such a pessimist! Could be a bit nippley though, check out the weather.......
Brighton weather.  
10/1/2001 19:58 GMT  Wrighty
Don't want to put a dampener(literally) on things,Leonard,but have you looked out the window today? 
10/1/2001 18:52 GMT  Leonard

Double-header this Sunday, 10 a.m. kick-off in Burgess Hill.
Who's up for it?
5/1/2001 22:42 GMT  Wrighty
Do you guys ever do any work?.Oh,hold on!I don't do any work either...carry on. 
5/1/2001 12:02 GMT  Dicko
Sorry that should read 9mph.Hardly Fookin Barry Sheene but it still bastad hurt 
5/1/2001 11:54 GMT  dicko
Len, thats why you still have one I presume!!! Enjoy Xmas did you? Its your time of year what with all that Turkey Throttling!!! Shinmeister - It was a 90mph ice trip. Just call me John Fookin Curry from now on. 
4/1/2001 18:51 GMT  shinmeister
Dicko - when you fell off your bike (oops!) did you hit your head?! 
4/1/2001 18:36 GMT  Dicko
Dads in Drag!!!! Least we'll get to the front of a few queues dressed like that. Specially if you wear that strap on that I saw you buying last year!!! You sexy Swiss Bitch. So Len you still got a job then? Or you on the ol' rock'n'roll??? Ya fat twat 
4/1/2001 14:05 GMT  lippy
Len, how comes you have enough time for running a website and a newsletter -things a bit quiet down the job club? Dicko - family is fine, looking forward to the tour - subtitled "Dads in Drag!" ... that'll get the swelling down .!!!! 
3/1/2001 20:25 GMT  Lenny
Tour dates: last weekend in May. Further details to follow. Lippy, e-mail me your home address and I'll send you the newsletter that I'm in the process of typing up. 
3/1/2001 19:29 GMT  Rich O.
Talking of swelling....has yours gone down yet Len.If so,then I guess your T shirts are too big now !!!!.Nyuk,nyuk. 
3/1/2001 15:12 GMT  Dicko
The lipmeister lives - happy NY to you and family big man. Len - no, the swelling is still apparent - fnarr. 
3/1/2001 14:06 GMT  lippy
Happy New Year - 2001 and Grabsky is still playing, who would have thought it possible ... new year means new tour ... any news?  
3/1/2001 12:39 GMT  Lenny
Dicko - has your swelling gone down yet? 
21/12/2000 21:30 GMT  Dicko
Len, finally got the pictures develeoped - know what I mean.....oooh you look good, the way you gripped it so firmly, mesmeric - and Grabsky, his shaft action was poetic. Yep got the pics from the First Annual withdean Golf day. Schwiiing 
21/12/2000 20:35 GMT  Wrighty
Yeah,nice one Lee.Merry Chrimbo Y'all!Lots of legs and breasts,stuffing,stockings etc........... 
21/12/2000 20:31 GMT  Wrighty
She said "kiss me where it smells of fish" I took her to Grimsby!  
21/12/2000 19:00 GMT  Rich O.
Guess that must be John Greenwood logging on.....maybe trip over you in Grimsby over the yuletide period!Been a while!....MERRY XMAS TO ONE AND ALL as well.Also big thanks to the Lee meister for organising the lunch last Sun. 
20/12/2000 16:29 GMT  Grimsby
Glad to see that you're all refusing to go out peacefully (Is it really true that WAFC is the heaviest team in the Sunday League?) Glad to see that the Count is back in the team as well! Happy X 
13/12/2000 13:20 GMT  Steve
Uni Astro sounds good. Hope to be back training Thursday. As some of you already know, I've moved. Contact can only be made on work telephone 01273-792122 or email NTL can't get their act together to connect a phone line.  
28/11/2000 10:27 GMT  david kay
Hello Everyone Just to let you know, I can get the astro at the university Half pitch!!! for 20 pounds, thats the price for the public. 10% of if we book 10 sessions!!! What do you think?? David  
18/10/2000 16:27 GMT  Colin
Try this website - hours of fun: James - user your technical knowhow to send Richard picture in... 
7/10/2000 23:14 GMT  Rich O.
Congrats Timbo.Keep up the good work,producing the Mighty Withdeaners of the future !!!!.Now get your kit on!!!!. 
7/10/2000 18:08 GMT  Dicko
Small announcement that saves phoning you all up. Mrs Dicko produced baby boy Dicko this morning at 8:25. Weight - less than one of Lipsters love handles, name.....Joe. Top lad, bigger than Charlie at his birth so probably a centre half of the future. See you all soon from a very proud Dad Dicko. 
6/10/2000 09:01 GMT  Lippy
Hey - watcha ya mouth - dis is family - you know - family - you Fuggin fugg. Fugg you You fuggin fugg. Si a sad-a-sad-a thing dat i is no longa de directori de Footieo at a be Inter Milano. however, allo is notta losto - as I is in de negotiationonioioio widda da highflyingo Sunday Leaguea team as a "interneto coachio ofa de Inter milan kit wearingo teamo" De fagsios? Dey is a-de business - everyoneo ahs to have a little business eh? Cappich? 
3/10/2000 21:29 GMT  Dicko
Lipster....whats this I hear you're no longer managing Inter any more??? This was the reason you left us wasn't it??? I don't want to alarm you, but some folks round here are saying you ran off to Europe to sell tabs out the back of ya motor! Please quash these rumours to save your (already tainted) reputation. 
3/10/2000 12:35 GMT  Colin
How about we start growing mullets for the end of season tour? 
1/10/2000 19:03 GMT  Gutbuster
Twist, steady yourself, arch your back, then breath out (really hard) and see that ball fly to the back of the net - all you girls that try walloping it from the halfway line take note!  
25/9/2000 08:01 GMT  lippy
"there" not "their" of course... 
25/9/2000 08:01 GMT  lippy
Quality match reports fellas!!!! it is like being their the smell of the dubbin, the clatter of studs on the changing room floor, the sound of Lenny chundering in the toilet before the game... Carl Arowsmith off injured ?!?!?! ... i thought he'd done the 'onourable fing and retired after Amsterdam ??? 
12/9/2000 20:34 GMT  The Chairman speaks
Boys...boys...boys..can the Chairman express his full confidence in all of you. My little Luca's you were all tremendous on Sunday especially the 21 year old on the right and the other ten, more elderly rotund chaps sweating heavily after the walking from the changing rooms. Well played - never seen such ball control - even the skipper played well - when he knew the ball was for him - there may be a Christmas bonus on the offing. 
11/9/2000 09:12 GMT  lippy
...the game was shown live on Swiss tv .. class act boys and goals from headers - love it, love it. ... 
10/9/2000 21:21 GMT  Wrighty
Well done boys,2-0 a fine result.Saw the highlights on Sky Sports 1...C'mon!!! 
8/9/2000 14:35 GMT  Withdean Fundraiser Idea
All those interested in appearing in the nude Withdean calender 2001-2002, please contact Richard as spaces are being filled quickly. P.S. Would make fantastic Christmas presents. P.S.S. You don't have to be completely nude if you are too shy. 
28/8/2000 14:15 GMT  lippy
enjoy the move Wrighty - isn't there a quicker way to HPPT? - For those of us destined to follow the season from the keyboard can we have teams and goal scorers with times in match reports like on the proper footie. You could even give them a managers rating like in The Sun, Len - Brighten up my Mondays.... 
15/8/2000 21:32 GMT  Shinpad
The Withdean Allcomers - you didn't - golf challenge mug was won by James 'The Buggy' Troughton. Dicko and Shinpad - that well-known duo of late night fry-ups at the gourmet Diner - were only too happy to carry his bag, place his tees and keep his balls clean. The fact that he scored his best round EVER against us was much appreciated. We were honoured to witness how his mighty sword never failed to find the hole. Cheers Buggy! Next year - when you'll have been voted out of team management it'll be a different story. 
15/8/2000 08:09 GMT  Lippy
Greetings from UEFA. Following the arrival of the latest Withdean Athletic Supporter (Swiss Tax Exile Branch) Lily Maya - for that is she - is keen to see the fabled gazelles of British Sport in action. She is looking for any ticket returns that might be available for the Pram Enclosure in late October or November. Glad to read that you have located fresh legs, sorry to see they are as bad as the departing ones ... Hope to be in Brighton late September (conference time)will check with social secretary for events...  
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