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26/10/2001 15:27 GMT  Anne Lambert
Tonights Lincolnshire Trophy meeting has been postponed due to waterlogged track. Rescheduled for Tuesday, 30th October at 7.30 p.m. at Kings Lynn 
24/10/2001 09:07 GMT  john blackburn
FOR SALE: Jawa 897, upright, Antig leading link forks, ready to race, £675.00 ono 0114 2342340 
23/10/2001 13:51 GMT  Anne Lambert
LINCOLNSHIRE TROPHY 2001 - FRIDAY 26TH OCTOBER 7.30 P.M. RIDERS LINE UP 1. Phil Pickering - Boston 2. David Nix - Peterborough 3. Rob Hollingworth - Boston 4. Dean Garrod - Boston 5. Barrie Evans - Mildenhall 6. David Chadburn - Boston 7. Lee Hodgson - Sheffield 8. James Birkenshaw _ Sheffield 9. Gavin Hedge - Mildenhall 10. Freddie Stephenson - Boston 11. Mark Thompson - Peterborough 12. Nathan Morton - Boston 13. James Horton - Peterborough 14. Jessica Lamb - Unattached 15. Daren Mallett - Boston 16. Ian Barney - Peterborough. This is the last home meeting of the 2001 season - come and support the Boston Barracuda-Braves on Friday night at the Norfolk Arena, Saddlebow Road, Kings Lynn. 
20/10/2001 06:01 GMT  Sutanya
sawasdee Jeff \(*^_^*)/ 
13/9/2001 19:10 GMT  Jeff Boardman
to JACK who i dont suppose looked into this site properly ???? this site is still in its infancy and work is being done by myself and with deep regret i inform everyone that my scanner as gone and broken down which makes life very difficult to impose pics on site so please bear with this technical hitch ...... service will be resumed as soon as possible PS:- JACK can u do better 
8/9/2001 13:29 GMT  Jack
how can u say this website is good? it's got nothing on it!!! 
17/8/2001 10:44 GMT  Simon Lambert
Great web-site.Keep it up.c u soon. p.S. BOSTON FOR THE LEAGUE & THE CONFERENCE TROPHY  
16/8/2001 13:41 GMT  Lambert Family
Good Website Jeff. Keep it going! Good to see another Boston Barracuda Braves site.Well done 
15/8/2001 23:06 GMT  Kris
can't wait to see the finished article Jeff...keep it up my son ^_~ 
30/7/2001 20:58 GMT  Sutty ( Sutanya)
Hi.....I live in Thailand. and I don't know about speedway at all^_^ I have come here to say Sawasdee Jeff......and thank you so much for being with me when I'm down. please take good care ( don't bike too fast *_^ ) love you always ...........bye for now 
8/7/2001 09:20 GMT  COOKIE
Great to see a Boston site. BRAND NEW FORUM ON Click on the link at the top of the page. Feel free to have your say in the Brand New Peterborough "Contraband" Pumas Forum. Recent messages from the old forum have been transfered.  
13/6/2001 16:15 GMT  mervyn carter
Hi, Hope you can get back in "business" again. Merv. 
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