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30/4/2002 17:07 GMT  Zoe
Can I just say a big CONGRATS to Amy Woo for making it into the next round of the Arsenal trials! Looks as though I might have to go and buy that Arsenal jersey with 'Amy Woo 2' on the back if all goes well! LOL 
30/4/2002 07:50 GMT  Nicole
Hi,I'm from Holland and I just surfed in at your homepage,I play football for a team called RKVCL Dames Maastricht.We play first division. Please feel free to visit our site and sign our guestbook(In Dutch Gasten). Greetings, Nicole 
28/4/2002 21:33 GMT  stand in manager
great result today great goals by Noz and Nicky shame the boss didnt see it still he got his just deserts his cricket got rained off shame!!! 
25/4/2002 12:53 GMT
Hello, i am a commercial manager who specialises in raising funds for sports >clubs, i am part of a lottery syndicate that help fund clubs of all sizes and >budgets, there is no charge for this service. I can show you how to raise the >funds you need to run your team/club whatever your sport or size of club, >professional or amateur. So if you need our help or advice just send me an >email and we will arrange to raise the funds. > >P.S you do not need any complicated paperwork or expensive reports to apply >for this, and all clubs and sports are guaranteed to be accepted. 
23/4/2002 16:59 GMT  vicky
cheers nikki well u just wait untill u like it u are going to get so much stick lol cya all at training 
21/4/2002 22:28 GMT  Zoe
Hey Girlies!! Congrats on your cup win, sadly the IOWLFC are no longer part of the Premier Division...lost 6-0 vs. Hastings Town and got relegated! SNIFF! LMAO...Now I am a Gosport Player! HEHE Quite exciting! See you all on Wednesday! Zoe xx 
15/4/2002 14:45 GMT  nicky
Hello all you ressies we deserved better yesterday but we did have vomiting Vicky oap Way and the faking keeper playing 
14/4/2002 23:41 GMT  Zoe
Hey Girls! Unlucky to the 1st team on your loss, at least you know that your gonna be 6th anyways! Poor me and Edders have to play in a relegation battle next week, if we lose, IOWLFC go down! ARGH gonna be tough, not that I care too much coz I am gonna come over and annoy you guys next season! Hope you don't mind too much! LOL Take Care and see you all at training...expect all of ya there! LOL Zoe xx 
14/4/2002 20:25 GMT  vicky
hi all good game for everyone on sunday with red star. we nearly did it and was unlucky. sorry but i tried as best as i could with a hangover, but u can blame pear for that too and hope she was suffering as much as me. unlucky to the 1st too. well lets hope we can finish with a win last game lets go for it peeps. 
8/4/2002 19:06 GMT  Zoe
Just a message to say unlucky for Sunday, although you did better than me and Edna...we got mauled 10-0! LOL What a joke eh? Well take care of yourselves and I will see you Wednesday! Zoe x 
4/4/2002 22:56 GMT  Zoe
Hey peeps! Just thought I would say good luck to you on Sunday, hope you whip their butts! Amy Woo...I can't believe u got that guys number, what a jammy git you are, he was GORGEOUS! I shouldn't even be talking to you coz I spotted him first (and Jem...No u didnt)! HAHAHA Take Care girlies and I will see you Wednesday night! Zoe xx 
2/4/2002 19:25 GMT  Paul Whitaker
Just had a good look round the web site really needs someone to write about the first team manager remember be nice.see first team Sunday remember training weds privett.  
29/3/2002 15:57 GMT  Ceri
Is there a website for the Southern Region Ladies? I organise the website for the South West Combo and want to make a link? Ta Ceri 
27/3/2002 06:47 GMT  nicky
Woo, "because he's so high" 
26/3/2002 18:42 GMT  woo
to nicki and tony:WHY? 
24/3/2002 22:26 GMT  Zoe
Just like to say well done to the first team for their 6-0 win today, I am sure you whipped their butts into touch!! As for me and Tiff at the IOW...we kinda got our butts whipped ourselves in the semi final of the league cup :::cough::: 10-0 :::cough::: HAHA never mind, blame the defence thats what we always do! HAHA 
21/3/2002 23:58 GMT  Zoe
Hey girls! Just like to say well done on the performance of the reserves sunday, sounds as though you had a good game! Well done to Jem for scoring...ur darn good like! HAHAHA Hope to see you next week at training girls! Take Care! Zoe xxx P.S. Hiya Fi it's me Zoe! HAHA 
20/3/2002 17:13 GMT  fi
though i would say hi!and good luck for the rest of the season as well.  
18/3/2002 18:24 GMT  bedpan
Hello footy friends.Just want to say well done to the res team,we played really well on sunday.Luck 4 the 1st team that their match got called off,coz half the team were minging on sat nite.Tinky u done Gosport proud,keep up the drinking girls.C u at training girls.TAKE CARE MunterpanXXX;-) 
13/3/2002 11:47 GMT  bedpan
hiya kids,just want 2 say sorry to the as ive played PANTS so far.Ill do alot better this wk,promise.GOOD LUCK 2 both teams,lets kick some ass like we use 2. AVE SOME!!!Love Beddersxxx :~)  
10/3/2002 23:53 GMT  Zoe
Unlucky with the Oxford game girls, we ust couldn't get into the swing of things could we! HAHA Never mind, alls not lost...yet! Shame about Winchester folding, Kirsty Bell...COME TO US!! hahaha you know you want to! 
10/3/2002 14:12 GMT  yvonne murray
good luck for today. i'll probably see you all tonight in martha's anyway. have fun and i'll see you later. 
8/3/2002 21:05 GMT  Nicky
Come on girls another win this week against Winchester (please) 
8/3/2002 15:19 GMT  Chester-Le-Street Town Ladies
Please pay is a visit and if possible add a link good luck for the rest of the season 
8/3/2002 14:40 GMT  Nome
I aggree vicki, ya shoulda put her on the roof! An Amy u really need 2 sort the laugh out babes!!! 
8/3/2002 06:35 GMT  tony
Click on the link to the Rover Oxford website and check out what they say about the referee when they played Berkshire Sports. Sound familiar?? 
8/3/2002 00:10 GMT  Zoe
Hey Woo!!! FINALLY somebody posting in this thing too! I was wondering where everybody had gone. Hi Vicky, it's OK about the ankle, bit sore and had to sit out of circuit training today and miss a work out but I am fine! HAHA I hope I am OK for the game against Oxford...we are gonna kick ass! Like Liverpool did against Newcastle...COME ON!!  
7/3/2002 21:42 GMT  vicky
hay woo woo you recovered from your laughing fit yet ?? next time you are going on the roof thats for sure, you sounds so funny when you laugh and it just sets me off. u know what im like i could hardly drive lol. Well hi to all and oh really sorry zoe about the foot at training. 
7/3/2002 12:26 GMT  Woo Woo
nobodies put on a message for ages. What's goin on girlies?'mon, where are you all? 
25/2/2002 22:59 GMT  Zoe
Hey girls...good performance from the 1st team vs. Binfield...but we should have sooooo won it! Never mind eh? At least the England game afterwards made up for it. Didn't I tell you guys that Kelly Smith was just sheer WORLD CLASS! She didnt let me down either...2 goals to her name and England go into play-off contention for the WWC in 2003...woohoo!! WELL DONE GIRLS! 
22/2/2002 23:12 GMT  Vicky
yeah well done to all on sunday in the 2ed we had a really good game about time we stated playing like we can, well done bedpan for saving the penalty along with other saves the defence were on super form lets hope we can do the same for for game we got left. we can do it COME ON. Be mean but keep it clean girls lol 
21/2/2002 13:49 GMT  Bedpan
just want 2 say a very big well done 2 the res team,every1 played brill.bad luck 2 the 1st team,never mind s**t happens.u best win this wkend.big CHICK start scorin some goals will ur.GOOD LUCK 2 BOTH TEAMS 4 THE WKEND.C ur L8R kidsxxxBEDPAN 
21/2/2002 13:29 GMT  kirklees ladies
hey girls, looks like your in the same boat as us! check us out at and leave a message in our guestbook 
21/2/2002 12:43 GMT  WVLFC
Hey, like the site girls! why not check ours at, and leave us a message, best of luck girls!! 
21/2/2002 06:55 GMT  remember
Just a reminder that this wekend's games both kick off at 1.00, so that we can get across to watch the England game afterwards. But of course you all knew that anyway. 
20/2/2002 14:34 GMT  Peteroborough Ladies Reserves
Hi there to everyone, good site - we have just set up our own site - please feel free to sign our guest book. Would your team be interested in a friendly game? Good luck to you all in future games 
17/2/2002 17:21 GMT  vicky
Nikki w. it vicky here just wondered if you can send me anther ticket for the England game next week another one for the f section hope you read this intime email me and ill give you me address 
13/2/2002 01:25 GMT  Betsy
Hey Girls! Check out the new IOWLFC site, it is actually updated and has pics and everything! HAHA go to: 
11/2/2002 22:42 GMT  Betsy
Hey Girls! Just thought I'd say unlucky for the weekend, I am sure you deserved more out of the game than what the scoreline suggested! What happened?!?! The Betsy and Edna connection was on fire again for the IOWLFC, winning the game for us 2-1 against Dover in the quarter final of the league cup...maybe thats what you were missing?? HAHA Joke! Semi-finals here we come! GULP! Love Besty! 
31/1/2002 23:56 GMT  Betsy and I both know that Pompey DON'T rule the world! HAHA They are pretty average if you ask me, as is my team Liverpool at the moment! LOL I really enjoyed the game on wednesday night, cheered me up coz I split wiv my boyf on the way over! SNIFF! But hey, plenty more fish in the sea eh! If u played anything the way u did the first half I think every team in our league will be crapping themselves coz I know I would be! COME ON!!! The in-famous Betsy 
31/1/2002 01:12 GMT  Wooster
Hello everyone is reading this right this second!!! I'd just like to say well done to every1 that played against the scum!! tonight. I think we all did very well. we are so going to win the league especially if we play like the way we played in the first half tonightactually that was yesterday. Oh and Happy birthday to Tarrrrnya!! Oh and nicki or tony hurry up and write the match report cos iv got to use it for my media coursework!! it better b good!! P.S well done to the blue army, they finally won for all of those that didnt know.Prosinecki Robert prosinecki.and zoe pompey rule the world of couse!! Blue army. C u in church on saturday this time nicki and tony where i will expect another win, now i've said that they will lose, oh well. The rambling wooster!! 
24/1/2002 22:49 GMT  Betsy
HAHA Woo, I think Pompey are as good as a flat tyre is to a car!! HAHA You need to sort that out girl. The 'Pool OBVIOUSLY is the team of the country...especially after beating United on tuesday...COME ON!!! I will definitely be coming over on Wednesday to see you lot get thrashed, I mean, play Saints! I am sure it is going to be a great game, especially now you're on the big pitch with lights (HAHA Tinky). See you then! xxx 
24/1/2002 13:22 GMT  nicky
Woo, you really were rambling then, going on about nothing in particular, just like me now. See you at Church on Saturday. 
23/1/2002 14:00 GMT  woo
No don't b a glory hunter. You should support either reading or brighton cos they seam to be doing quite well but at the same time you will not b glory hunting because they are both in the second div. But of course the best team in the world to support in the world is the mighty blues (pompey) just ask nicki and tony!!they rule the whole of portsmouth!! And they also have great players such as Jamie Vincent-i think not. No seriously they are good, really. well they will be when they start winning!! I'm sooo looking forward to playing saints on wednesday especially in the enclosure. I'v been nervous since last tuesday because I thought the game was on sundy but then it stupidly got called off-god damn it!! We are so going to win-i hope, well i'm sure we'll giv it a good go anyway. Sorry for the extra longness but i am bored at the mo so i had to do something and i though that you all would appreciate me doing this!! c u all soon. from the wooster. 
23/1/2002 13:28 GMT  Nicky
Ahhh..I'm not taking sides! I don't support the red & whites either..! Infact who DO I follow?? Can any one tell me? NOT WATFORD...please GOD not Watford. Liverpool are doing ok though, maybe I should follow them for a while.!!!!!!!!!!! 
15/1/2002 11:13 GMT  christine
hi girls! good luck for the rest of this season! please visit us at and sign our guestbook 
14/1/2002 00:28 GMT  Zoe AKA Betsy
Hey girls!! Congrats on the win the weekend, knew you would whip their asses! HAHA Betsy and Edna had a good game...winning 8-0!! Nice to be on the other end of a result like that! Could have had a few more if the game wasn't abandoned...Edna fractured the GKs leg! What an animal!! Good luck to Edna and Amy in the Hampshire game this Tuesday...go kick some butt girls!! 
12/1/2002 08:14 GMT  Tony
Now now Nicky, "the blues scum", as we are all one club, shouldn't we keep our allegiances out of this, because I don't want to start going on about our "friends" in the red and white stripes. 
9/1/2002 15:27 GMT  Zoe AKA Betsy
Jem scored a volley!!! I am impressed, well done mate! Good luck to you girls who are playing the weekend, get another 3 points for us!!! Betsy and Edna have to play in a cup game vs. Meadow exciting for us! Well, after last Sunday's game I am hoping for a less violent fixture! HAHA 
8/1/2002 20:49 GMT  nicky
Re: 6th Januarys match, to my fellow burpers and burpettes. Thanks to all the players for supporting us on Sunday in the delightful kikass' of the blues scum. (Sorry Amy). Heres to many more club victories, p.s...nice finish on the volley Gemma. Ta ra . Nicky W  
8/1/2002 14:42 GMT  Reserves manager
Well done to the reserves on another win last Sunday and thanks to all those who came down to watch. Good luck to the first team when they return to action this week at Leighton. 
7/1/2002 04:47 GMT  john
I like your site very god club by the looks of it well done John (new zealand) 
2/1/2002 22:04 GMT  TINKY
28/12/2001 23:37 GMT  Zoe AKA Betsy
Hope eveyone had a great Christmas!!! Finally the Titch saga has been was my great friend Becci from Wales! You sneaky thing you! HAHA 
17/12/2001 01:17 GMT  Betsy
Hi Guys! Well done on your win against Winchester, 5-1 not bad at all! Glad to see that my picture was successfully changed, was not impressed when I saw my IOM one on their! HAHA thanks Tony!!! If I don't see any of you before have a great Xmas and New Year!! XXXX Luv Betsy! 
12/12/2001 12:15 GMT  Jolly Green Giant
Year the dadies team rules, rock on baby I think that cool dude of a striker is the best and should play for a team that kicks a dead pig skin in a plastic bag The player i'm talking about is the wooster (What a name)  
6/12/2001 11:52 GMT  marg
Hey u guys, just a quickie 2 say well done on gd performance showed those birds wot were made off. he!he! just 2 add that tinx and the ikkle chick showed gd team work sat nite top class burgulars gd team work down those dark roads just glad got bk 2 bedders safe and well. goodluck the w.end girls lets kick sum ass xx 
3/12/2001 00:25 GMT  Zoe AKA Betsy
Hey Girls!! Just thought I'd write to say congratulations on your win this weekend...5-2 though? What happened to the 14-0 last time?? The Betsy and Edna connnection was in fine form for the IOWLFC today...we both scored (my goal coming off the side of my face! haha Edna scored a great lob!) and beat Dover 2-1! Last time we played them we lost 9-0, so you could say we were quite chuffed with ourselves!! Well Done girls...and who the hell is this Titch person?? Own up's starting to bug me! 
28/11/2001 15:55 GMT  Zoe
Hey Girls!!! Sorry to hear about your loss against Slough in the cup...was gutted for you! If only you had me in defence...hahaha unlucky girls. Anyway, the league is much better than the cup...come on Gosport!!!! 
26/11/2001 17:46 GMT  Sam Hayles
Hi you guys!! Just had a browse for the first time and I'm very impressed!! Whats this all about Gemma being sold for £17.50!! Very funny! Thanks for the 'karaoke' night,had a laugh watching all u mingers drunk! A big hand to all those who got up and 'tried' to sing, WELL DONE!! C U all soon, lots of love Sammie xxxx 
25/11/2001 00:22 GMT  Zoe AKA Betsy
Hey Guys!! Just wanna say thanks for the great Karoke night, it was a laugh watching some of your make prats of yourselves on the karoke. Sorry I wasn't there til the end, poor old Edna had to go home ill!! P.S who is Titch?? 
24/11/2001 08:35 GMT  Elton John/Jason Donovan/Paul Weller
Hope everybody enjoyed the karaoke night last night. It's a shame that a few more didn't turn up, but thanks to those who did, and well done to all the singers. You were all awful!!!!! 
20/11/2001 14:52 GMT  Woo
Hiya peepz,a big congrats goes out to da reserves on sunday, the 1st 3 points of the season!!!by the way sorry about thepoor attempt at the prosi free kick(tony + nicki will know what i mean).One last thing i would like to say is Hi to every1 especially to the pompey supporters!! oh and of course; We will win the league!! BRING IT!! From the Wooster 
18/11/2001 23:48 GMT  Zoe
Gardner for Gosport??? Titch? Hang on a that Edna? HAHAHA you cheeky little minx! 
15/11/2001 20:06 GMT  biggles
good luck against slough on the 25th we are  
15/11/2001 18:25 GMT  to mel
why dont u put your email address on here then we can write to see how your doing out there in the nice hot places u going to and just say hi really ????? 
11/11/2001 23:28 GMT  titch
Gardner for Gosport 
2/11/2001 23:35 GMT  Zoe
HAHA How cool is that, my mate John writing to us guys!! Hey John! Thankyou for supporting me all these years (well coming up for 2 years) and I hope your teams do well over there, sounds as though the girls are going well!!! Take Care - Zoe aka Mia Hamm freak! 
2/11/2001 19:25 GMT  JT
Good luck to Gosport - keep up the great work. A supporter in the States. 
1/11/2001 20:36 GMT  Mel
Hey chickens. Just wanted 2 say good luck 4 Sunday. Am in NZ but go 2 Oz Wed. Am desperate to play again. All the balls are the wrong shape here! Miss u all. Proud of ur results so far. Later. Love Mel xxxx 
31/10/2001 09:31 GMT  Julie
Mr. Cook a complaint from your top goal scorer this season - where's my name on the Reserves goal scorers list. See you Sunday - Jules 
29/10/2001 11:39 GMT  bedpan
Hiya to all my team mates at Gosport.Just a quick message to say well done on sunday,it woz nice to kick ass again (hehe).C u all at training.Tc Bedpanxxx  
26/10/2001 22:54 GMT  Zoe
OK, just thought I'd write in to say a BIG hello to Nicky Cook because I know how upset you were when I missed you out before...sorry!!! Good luck for sunday! hehe 
18/10/2001 00:30 GMT  Mel
Bad luck last Sun. Obv. u missed me! Sorry but the lure of New York and San Fran were stronger. Good luck v B.stoke. This one's 4 me. Miss u xxxx  
15/10/2001 12:33 GMT  bedpan
Hi to all the girls at Gosport,just wanted to say unlucky about sunday,We all know we can do better and we will next time,so watch out Binfield. 
14/10/2001 01:48 GMT  Zoe
Hey Girls!!! Big shouts to Tinky, Gemma Woodford, Sam Hayles and Amy Swallow!!! Zoe here from the Isle of Wight LFC...hope that you have a great season, even though you nicked one of our best players!! HAHAHA Have a good one! TAKE CARE -XXX- 
13/10/2001 12:58 GMT  Sam Stewart
Thanks for your message Tony. Had a very weakened team out against Malling. Think if we'd had our strongest team out it would had been close. Good luck for the season, apart from against us! Sam Stewart. (Ass. Manager. Launton Ladies) 
12/10/2001 13:17 GMT  Belly
Great web site! I'm from Launton Ladies FC and we have recently set up a website: We would be most grateful if you would put our link on your site and we will return the favour. Looking forward to meeting you on the 28th. 
11/10/2001 18:53 GMT  Mick
From Luton Town Belles. You were lucky last Sunday. Hope your journey home was okay in that foul weather. Good luck in the next round and for the rest of the season 
6/10/2001 12:55 GMT  From all at gosport
Good to hear from you nicky sound like you doing well im sure you will do good at it and enjoy it. say hi to ali from everyone at gosport.  
23/9/2001 19:09 GMT  Nicky
Just to let you know, I have joined Hants FA full time as 'Assistant Football Development Officer' working with Ali Mahoney FDO (last seasons first XI GK), my main roles include helping to run coaching qualifications and raising awareness of issues like 'Child Protection', 'Charter Standard Clubs' etc. If any member wishes to know more about how to get involved in football coaching, admin' etc....let me know. Ring me at work on 02380 791110 x 24. C U all soon. Nicky Whiteman =:-)  
17/9/2001 11:59 GMT  tinky
we have 2 new additions 2 the team, our team mascots bob & bobina. 2 strays found in the streets of the borough,needed new homes & new clothes,but almost lost new clothes after a freak weather storm, were very lucky 2 escape half clothed by the help of a rover & team member. tinky x 
6/9/2001 20:16 GMT  GREAT SCORE
25/8/2001 10:25 GMT  COOL
19/8/2001 19:31 GMT  Ricky
Just a message to Sarah Rickman to wish you well and good luck for the new season and hope its successful for you. I got every faith that you will score loads and show em your worth! You know I love you loads and am your biggest fan ever !!! xxxxx Ricky xxxxx 
15/8/2001 22:25 GMT  Gary Richards
Message for Julie Hope hospital visit was successful Regards Gary (Burton Girls). 
6/8/2001 22:37 GMT  clare
link now added to your site from ossett albion ladies, look at the 'intheteam'section at on the links page. 
6/8/2001 16:21 GMT  clare
Hi just looking at your site and other womens footy sites and thought we could put a link on our page, if you could return the favour, Ossett Albion Ladies play in the Yorkshire & Humberside league, we are at good luck for the season.  
6/8/2001 11:21 GMT  wakefield ladies fc
great site!! take a look at ours and maybe we could added to your links page...good luck 4 next season! 
6/6/2001 07:38 GMT  Jason Trowill
Hi there. Im writing to you all from Auckland in New Zealand. I have set up a website over here for my team Ellerslie AFC. I am currently the No.1 rated Website on the In the team homepage, if you want any ideas or help with your website please either send me an email - or visit my site at and you can get some ideas for what you want to set up. In the Team is a fantastic idea and also good for the club good luck with the site and I will be back to check up on yours at a later date. Make sure you do profiles on your teams its what makes people visit your site thats what drives them to mine hahahaha we have 5 ladies teams as well as 6 mens sides. Have a look and tell me what you think. Cheers Jason  
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