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Any club member who logs in may delete entries in the guestbook. intheteam reserves the the right to delete any offensive entries in the guestbook.
17/3/2002 21:17 GMT  Bob
Sam, one of the lads was wondering if the new nose break would put it back straight?. Get well soon, you big boy, act your age man!!! 
24/2/2002 16:48 GMT  basilman
is anyone there from ampthill under 16  
15/2/2002 14:28 GMT  tony
Tour hotel 
13/2/2002 16:34 GMT  Cookie
Y is no 1 signin the guestbook??  
10/2/2002 12:27 GMT  stevo
sorry I couldnt make it. What was the score? 
6/2/2002 21:43 GMT  kris dadi aka daddy cruel
hello im daddy cruel an i think im cool. i dont like rugby coz u mite get hurt or fall on the floor and get covered in dirt. u see im daddy cruel and i read books. thts y im a poet and wear big glasses!! catch u all l8er at the library aight 
26/1/2002 13:55 GMT  Sian
Tickets for Commemwaelth games rugby 7's in Manchester are available on line. Date 2.08.02. Not too expensive with 16 games to be palyed in one night ofr £10! seat. see 
21/1/2002 19:17 GMT  stevo
good performance everyone on sunday. see you on tuesday 
4/1/2002 21:46 GMT  Bob
Daddy Cruel - anagram for Cy lard dude! 
30/12/2001 20:36 GMT  Jamo
how the hell does jamo, sound like elmo, jamo has no L in it you tit! Oh an football players get there ankles tapped and fall to the floor and roll around for half an hour crying then quickly get up! Whats that all about eh? Daddy Cruel you cry baby!!! there is no negativity in my laugh it is all posotive because i know we could all put you in hospital by just tappin you shin! hahahaha!  
18/12/2001 10:15 GMT  dinga
jamo nice to c u up to ur o0ld tricks but swearing on a kids web site is out of order!!!!!!whos this daddy fool?he sounds like a c*nt how can he say that rugby is sh*t when he plays girly football! 
11/12/2001 18:55 GMT  Daddy Cruel (Real Name: Kris Dadi)
at least its no gay sport! "ruck, ruck, maul, maul" its all just coded words for "lets have a f*cking orgy in the middle of the pitch" i'm not scared of any of you little c*nts. wow no-one is scared! thats 'cos u've got no brains, i sense ur negativity in ur laugh! and with a name like jamo (sounds too close to elmo for my liking!) - you should be the muppet 
9/12/2001 20:57 GMT  Jamo
OI daddy cruel (wat the hell kind of name is that n e wayz!) what sport do you play?!?! let me guess the actors game football, and who the hell are you n e wayz!?!?! if u r big and bad you could actually use your name instead of being scared and puting some stupid name! and also before you go to bed tonigt at 7pm remember no-one is scared of you! hahahaha! stupid muppet!  
4/12/2001 02:12 GMT  Daddy Cruel
OK then Tom, did you think that up all by yourself? well done kiddo. 
30/11/2001 11:33 GMT  Tom
It should be daddy fool who plays netball and gets up early for his paper round  
29/11/2001 06:23 GMT  Daddy Cruel
Daddy Cruel is ur worst nightmare! i hate all egg-chucking f*cks, play a decent sport which involve skill, tactics and not just some run as fast as you can sh*te! 
26/11/2001 22:56 GMT  Jamo
Who the hell is Daddy cruel?? 
23/11/2001 00:57 GMT  Daddy Cruel
stop playing rugby and start spelling the capital correctly (Edinburgh) you egg-chuckers! 
20/11/2001 12:52 GMT  Corinne
Hi Jamo - nice to have you visit our website, but we would appreciate it if you could leave off the bad language. Ours is a family website, not one dedicated to 16 years olds, and we have small children who visit, and have had a complaint from one of the Mini Section coaches. As I said to you on Sunday, nice to have you visit, just keep it clean. 
12/11/2001 17:04 GMT  Cooke
Ain't no embarresment 4 Fullerians coz on the day we were just 2 good 4 them and always will b, C ya on Sunday Lads!  
11/11/2001 15:52 GMT  Stevo
What an embarresment for Fullerians losing to ampthill. Well done lads. Hope Luke is ok. See you next week Triggar. 
9/11/2001 23:07 GMT  stevo
I am not gay!!!!!!! 
4/11/2001 15:57 GMT  Cooke
Trigga u nonce y the hell if ur a F*ckin 1st xv player r u tryin 2 start on 15 'n' 16 year olds u scared or sumfin n e way we have him ne way lads he sounds like a knob (What the f*ck is braintree is that where trigga lost his up a tree or up himself) 
3/11/2001 19:42 GMT  Jamo
I don't care if trigga is a 1st team player or an OAP player, he started it so i am going to finish it! i aint scared of no-one older than me. And for the hornet in the sky! I will get you to you little faggot! 
3/11/2001 12:07 GMT  Ewy
Innit he still watches winnie the pooh! dont worry boys we'll cane em 
2/11/2001 22:26 GMT  wwwwwwwwwiiiiiiiiilllllkkkkkooooooooo
oi oi ampthill trigger sounds like a prick ur a twat!!! jamo u can ave him go for it!!  
2/11/2001 18:24 GMT  Ewy
jamo ure not startin on sum1 older than u again r u?? 
2/11/2001 10:33 GMT  Daniel 'The Dinga' Bell
jamo you fat git lose some weight you fatty,that trigger sounds angry and like a bit of a prikk! 
1/11/2001 22:27 GMT  The big Hornet in the Sky! (Just waiting for Jamo)
Jamo, you pillock!!! You really are biting off more than you can chew (especially if you are only 15 - aaahhh! ickle baby!!) Trigger is a Braintree 1st XV player, you dope!! 
1/11/2001 17:15 GMT  Ewy
Oi trigger i no ure angry coz of ur spot problem, but dont blame us u twat. Now go home ur momma is callin. 
30/10/2001 17:40 GMT  trigger
That's it give it large over the internet u bunch of fags. U think my names good what about Ewy ain't he in winnie the pooh and as for Jarno what a prick!!!Oh and Stevo if your goin to in insult me think of something more orginal. You MUPPET 
28/10/2001 08:24 GMT  Stevo
BRUFC are all public school boys. tigger, you can't spell. fool. It's AMPTHILL, not AMPTHILLU. See you in a minute Jamo at Olney  
26/10/2001 21:49 GMT  Jamo
trigga, HA what name eh ewy! hahahahaha  
25/10/2001 20:35 GMT  Ewy
nice name trigger eh  
22/10/2001 21:24 GMT  trigger
You call this a website. I've never been so bored. Who the hell are Ampthillu. It sounds like some sexually transmitted disease,which has no cure. If you want to see a website find Braintree Rugby Club's. Oh! I hope your not saying that BRUFC are aload of public school boys, because you couldn't be more wrong! 
21/10/2001 12:13 GMT  Ewy
oh no boyz theyre tryin 2 giv us 'jip' quick run away 
18/10/2001 23:06 GMT  BRUFC
rite boys less f the jip on our guest book... u bettr b ready next week coz we aint. excuse us we probably hav hangovers & stil stoned frm the nite b4. & we aint all pubic school boys like u lot, from BRUFC  
14/10/2001 20:33 GMT  bob
I hear you have lost another player to Bedford Reserves. Keep up the show lads. playing matches each week is better than sitting on a bench or training eh?? 
6/10/2001 18:59 GMT  Jamo
3/10/2001 15:48 GMT  Ewy
cmon boyz wots appenin no1 as visited r gestbook like 
3/10/2001 15:13 GMT  Cooke
2/10/2001 07:47 GMT  Jack
Good site hope you play as well! 
24/9/2001 20:49 GMT  Bob
Not much support in this team is there lads. Or can half the team not work a PC? 
23/9/2001 19:40 GMT  stevo
what was the luton result? sorry i couldnt make it 
23/7/2001 21:53 GMT  M. Cooke
This site needs more publicity, i think, mmmmmmmmmmm brilliant. Bye. 
14/7/2001 17:51 GMT  martin cooke
20/6/2001 21:13 GMT  Peugeot
Oh well i am the 3rd to sign the guestbook. Oh well i weren't fast enough look like i will have to get my engine tweaked so i can go faster. Oh well BYE everyone!!!!!!! From Peugeot 
18/6/2001 15:39 GMT  Ewy
cmon ladz we need more visitors u no  
16/6/2001 18:54 GMT  stevo
Stevo is the second to sign the guestbook. i'm not as class as Ewart. damn 
12/6/2001 21:30 GMT  Ewart
Ewart is first to sign the guestbook oh yes im class!  
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