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17/7/2001 18:36 GMT  Phil Cowey
Jason you are down as 12th man at the minute but watch this space. Barry is in so keep him right!! We are a bit short bowling wise. 
17/7/2001 17:01 GMT  Jewson
Can someone let Simon know that I will be available for selection on Sunday if needed(but unable to keep wicket yet). As long as I´m informed b4 I go out and get larruped on Saturday night 
16/7/2001 17:43 GMT  Tony Simpson
Another fine win over British Sugar to keep the side top of the table. It looks as though next week will be a crunch match as the skipper has to dig deep to find a side that can compete well enough 
16/7/2001 17:42 GMT  Jewson
Reporting in from the Costa Brava - good to hear of another win on Sunday. If it had been played here then it would have most definitely been rained off! Simpson B is alive and well (just)but already managed to upset most of the hotel barmaids. See you all next week. 
14/7/2001 09:46 GMT  two shirts
nice to see quality in the bowling attack this week 
9/7/2001 18:00 GMT  Tony Simpson
Acton lose at home to Brettenham Acton all out 96 Brettenham 98 for 6 The wicket was covered overnight the outfield was long Chairman 
8/7/2001 18:52 GMT  An Admierer
Hello. My team has a site on intheteam as well and i was browsing through and saw this one. Our site is We are an ok team and we have lost a lot of players and are looking for practice matches. Are you interested in sunday game? Leave a message in our guestbook to tell us. Bye for now 
7/7/2001 15:21 GMT  Your Leader (well for this year anyway!)
Do i really get that Angry? it must be the Stress of trying to find "Umpires" and the thought of getting undressed in the Battisford "Gold Fish Bowl".Phil & Denise keep up the good work on the site ,I manage to blag my way onto peoples computers to view it from time to time,well done. 
7/7/2001 09:10 GMT  Tony Simpson
I understand the Captain has agreed to go for a counselling session on Anger Management. Also has now signed a contract for Women Only for a centrefold spread which promises to show those ginger swingers in full. 
6/7/2001 20:35 GMT  steve crouch
helens not slept well this week after the shock of seeing the ginger swingers in the goldfish bowl changing rooms at battisford. 
4/7/2001 17:30 GMT  tony simpsn
It took an old man to help out the youngsters Chairman 
1/7/2001 12:03 GMT  Darth Vader
Judging by the photo on the front page Dave Bird was clearly going through his Luke Skywalker look years!! 
30/6/2001 16:17 GMT  Tony Simpson
David a good idea but does Birdy know anything about Leeds? 
28/6/2001 19:31 GMT  Dave Mann
Tony what do you think ? ITFC v LEEDS Sky Sports How about a SPCC duo of Bird and Mann on the Fanzone!!!!! You may even get a mention !!!!  
26/6/2001 17:11 GMT  Tony Simpson
After the Captain's wife going on about ginger nuts maybe Kirsty Gallagher would be interested in them as Mrs Captain obviously wasn't! 
26/6/2001 01:47 GMT  Jewson
Never mind mentioning SPCC on Sky Sports, Dave Mann's time would be better occupied informing Kirsty Gallacher how good looking and charming I am! Please. Oh go on.... 
21/6/2001 17:37 GMT  Tony Simpson
Perhaps now when our own Sky Sports commentator is on we will get a mention. Surely a home win on the first day of the season at The Stadium of Light and yet another defeat in the Capital for those poor souls from the Tyne! 
21/6/2001 14:54 GMT  Dave Mann
Phil/Denise you ve done a fantastic job on the website it can only be good for the clubs image. Phil midlife crisis steady !!!! 
21/6/2001 04:11 GMT  Oliver Read (or Zig)
Very impressive web site. Now I can read about the club at home as well as hear all about it at work 
18/6/2001 21:03 GMT  Tony Simpson
The setting up of this site has been a great idea and hopefully will be fully used by all members of the club. Chairman 
14/6/2001 17:56 GMT  Jervio The Great
What a great web site !!! where`s the picture of Harwood ?? Andy 
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