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Any club member who logs in may delete entries in the guestbook. intheteam reserves the the right to delete any offensive entries in the guestbook.
20/5/2002 01:15 GMT  The Mother of Ellerlsie
The committee and club members congratulate John and Andrea on the birth of their second son, Jarrod. Looking forward to seeing you both on the sideline soon. 
19/5/2002 11:44 GMT  Wagner Feuerharmel
I would like to give thanks for all the members of the Ellerslie AFC, in special Carol Ritchie and the Coach, Dave Witt. Thank you. I will give my best for this colors 
3/5/2002 04:49 GMT  John Matthews
To everyone at the club, just a quick note to let you know that Andrea gave birth to a baby boy on 25 April 2002. We have named him Jarrod Jordan. He was 8lb 15oz. Mum & Jarrod came home on Monday 29 April. Everyone is doing well. Bye for now 
25/4/2002 06:26 GMT  Rachael
Hi everyone - Rach here, your old barmaid, now based down in the chilly South, and looks like she is about to strap her boots on for her old club Halswell AFC........brrrrrrr, not too sure about those frosty Sunday mornings. Have a beer for me. 
23/4/2002 12:23 GMT  Tim
hey Jas, good to see the site up and running again. 
9/4/2002 03:56 GMT  Nathan Palmer
Hey Rava Mennell, hope sunny old uk is alright, whats your email address. So I can catch up 
30/3/2002 01:11 GMT  Ally Houston
Nice website. Could I suggest getting a domain name like this could expose you website to alot more people. You can register domain names all over the place has $8.95 US domain names I will also put a link on my website for Ellerslie 
26/3/2002 09:41 GMT  marlana
you'd be lucky jas!!!! 
26/3/2002 09:28 GMT  Jason T
Rava you can blame Marlana for deleting profiles of past players not me she is a naughty girl for doing that Id better smack her bottom.  
22/3/2002 17:21 GMT  Rava Mennell
Jas, Its taken me a while to get set up over in Uk but it is good to see the website is still going strong.Disappointed to see the profile has already been wiped off Haha.Say hi to everyone for me and good luck for the season ahead. YEAH BABY  
19/2/2002 01:14 GMT  Grunter
Good work Jason on the Web site. I may not be at Ellerslie playing now but it will always be my number one Club. Look forward to our fixtures this year and a few brews at "The Ave". Good luck boys. 
10/1/2002 18:23 GMT  Pete
great site 
27/10/2001 10:44 GMT  Tim
Hey JT, i see you liked my site MPS, take a bit to catch up to this on though!!!! 
22/10/2001 02:43 GMT  Stefan
Its only taken me a whole year 2 look at the site well done JAS 
6/10/2001 01:51 GMT  Neil Burton (Canada)
Great to see the an Ellerslie web site. Difficult to get news on the soccer scene from Canada. From an ex-club member in the 80's. Say hi to Dav Lockton and the Ritchies and Fritz. 
29/8/2001 04:59 GMT  carol ritchie
Thanks to the players and coaching staff of our 1st mens team for what turned out to be a good season. We all knew it was going to be a difficult season but on the whole I think the team did well. Best wishes and a safe trip home for Nick Menell. You will be missed both on and off the field. All the best for the summer (if it ever stops raining ) and look forward to another season next year 2002. 
17/8/2001 06:17 GMT  lay-na
Would like to see info on the other club teams. Great site though. Keep it up Jason. 
15/8/2001 11:24 GMT  Tim
doing well jace, how about an article about the reserves stunning win vs eastern subs........ please just once. 
11/8/2001 23:05 GMT  bob
hope you all had a good nite at the casino nite and got heaps to take home 
6/8/2001 13:45 GMT  BCFC
Hi, how is everything, just wanting people to vote for my site on Yorkshires Top 100. Please enter my site and then vote. Adam Bell. Please as many as possible people vote. 1 vote per day allowed though. Thanks. All the best. 
6/8/2001 11:24 GMT  wakefield ladies fc (England)
hello...great site!! pls visit ours at maybe we could be added to your links page? any ides you might have to improve our site would be much appreciated!! good luck for next season! 
5/8/2001 10:57 GMT  Tim (Chopper)
Well done to the first team, does that latest win cement a place in the premier league next year or can we still be relagated if we are unlucky?? 
3/8/2001 03:42 GMT  1
See you all at the Casino night!!!!!!! 
3/8/2001 01:35 GMT  Leon
I hope Laidlaw isn't still playing... 
24/7/2001 03:26 GMT  matthew kelly
Jason were you watching the same game on the weekend??? 
22/7/2001 20:57 GMT  Jo
Good win on Sat (1st team) 
22/7/2001 00:25 GMT  bob
not only has laidlaw got more hair he's got more belly!!!!! 
11/7/2001 05:05 GMT  RITCHIES
The Ritchies have finally logged on. thanks Jason. Great site. Well done the 1st team Tuesday nite against Nth Shore. 
10/7/2001 03:03 GMT  Jason B
Cool site First time ive been in to it and I think its magic. 
27/6/2001 22:40 GMT  Kevin McNab
Have many memories of matches v Ellerslie and in particular Mike Laidlaw, he seems to have more hair now than he did in the early 80's. All the best for the season. Kevin 
12/6/2001 03:36 GMT  Terri Hjorth
Hello to all the girls on Hussy Hill......Dave Witts how are the legs holding up these days champ - rematch on that race?? 
11/6/2001 01:19 GMT  Jude
Hey Jason, just had a good look through, it is looking really good, congratulations!!!!!!!!! 
8/6/2001 05:56 GMT  Sue Smith
Well done Jason! 
7/6/2001 04:03 GMT  L.S.N ;-)
hi jas, welldone mate. the page looks good 
4/6/2001 12:20 GMT
Please leave a message in my guestbook when the Ladies pictures are added. Cheers. Adam. 
3/6/2001 13:45 GMT  Quinny ICFC editor
cheers for visiting our website and keep doing so. good to see football being played in NZ good luck for the future. even better to see the ladies getting involved!!  
1/6/2001 18:26 GMT  IC Bhoys
nice site i still wouldnt bank on defeating the ic website though. If your ever in the european continant or fancy a holiday visit huddersfield ENGLAND and we'll give you game. Another little note to say its nice seeing the girls getting involved as well. 
31/5/2001 23:02 GMT  maria williams
Jason, what a great informative web page - you are the Ace,Jase!! Wish you were here on the sunny, gorgeous Gold Coast wrapped in my lovin' arms! 
31/5/2001 21:33 GMT  Joseph Gibbon
from the band HOUSERED, thanks for the great gig last saturday, Hawaiian Night. Glad you all enjoyed the music. See you in the future. Joe 
31/5/2001 20:09 GMT  Jimmy
Hi, I work with Kev West on the Cassio Rangers website. He told me to check this website out, its good I like it. Its very interesting to look at. Great profiles. Keep it up and if you get a chance, come on to our web and vote for Captain Jimmy in the poll!!! Keep up the good work Regards James Green  
31/5/2001 18:14 GMT  England's ic fan
mmm nice website, it'll take abit though to get up to the standards of the ic bhoys but wot u got is a start. nice comment u put into there guestbook 2 good luck 2 the team 4 the future!!!!!! 
31/5/2001 15:22 GMT  IC BHOYS
thanx for visiting the best site and team in england. 
31/5/2001 14:44 GMT  *Britney Spears *
Hi y'all. Hows it goin? Love the site! keep up the good work! Lots of love Britney xxx 
31/5/2001 12:36 GMT
Sites looking good for 2weeks work, Keep it up. Come visit my site. I been working on it for just under a month! 
31/5/2001 12:22 GMT  Jason Trowill
WOW everyone I just had to tell you this our international visitors are coming to the site as our website is one of the leading Popular sites go and view this info at hompage That is fantastic for the club.  
31/5/2001 11:37 GMT  ?
hi all, if you want to know about the best ladies football club in Huddersfield, uk then visit us at and leave a message in our guest book. best of luck for the season ahead.; 
30/5/2001 23:29 GMT  Geoff Dolan
First time for me so you've popped my cherry now Jason. 
30/5/2001 17:04 GMT  kev
Another great site to get icons is Like the site. 
30/5/2001 11:37 GMT  Jake Vinson
Hi Jason, Cool idea - team page. Hope you do well in the season I will be keeping an eye on it. You know I have my own 1st team shirt from Malana's mum... 
30/5/2001 09:59 GMT  Rachel Roberts
Great Site I loved the photos from Saturdays party.  
30/5/2001 05:15 GMT  Louise
Hi Jase, Will endeavour to catch up with you soon, hope you are feeling better. LOUISE 
28/5/2001 07:42 GMT  chrissy
well done jason this could be a lot of fun. 
28/5/2001 05:20 GMT  Paul Grogan
Great site , keep up the good work..didn`t know we had so many ugly players  
27/5/2001 23:43 GMT  Jayde
Nice work Jas 
27/5/2001 13:48 GMT  Daniel Martin
Who ate all the pies?? - oh - webmaster Jas...... Good effort mate 
26/5/2001 00:46 GMT  Simon Ambridge
Good site, at least what I have been able to accces. Couldn't find any info on how to sign up so that I could login though. 
25/5/2001 21:27 GMT  Carole Mennell
Hello from California to my little bro, Nick Mennell 
25/5/2001 13:12 GMT  nicky
not bad for a Kiwi and a cripple :) 
25/5/2001 02:49 GMT  nicko
nice work tt boy 
24/5/2001 22:08 GMT  John Matthews
Gidday from the North Shore  
24/5/2001 06:18 GMT  Kevin West
The site looks great now. I have added your site from a link on my site. Could you do the same mate? Keep up the great work 
24/5/2001 04:58 GMT  Simon Franks
Please supply anagram for George Best. Prizes 
24/5/2001 00:47 GMT  Jane
Well done Jace....but you are walking home next time! 
23/5/2001 02:37 GMT  Katie McGinley
Good stuff Jason  
22/5/2001 09:59 GMT  matthew kelly
Awesome site Jason but where is the porn ? 
22/5/2001 09:46 GMT  Matt Beckett
How do you sign up so you can look at whats in the website, eg. look at the team and stuff? 
21/5/2001 21:51 GMT  Simon Franks
Wonderful food, great atmosphere - we'll be back! 
21/5/2001 03:47 GMT  David Bowden
cool site. Excellent step for the club!! 
20/5/2001 13:35 GMT  Tim Adams
looks good, like the profiles, keep up the good work 
20/5/2001 03:35 GMT  Nathan Palmer
Well Done Skinny  
17/5/2001 12:50 GMT  Kev West
This site could really develop. Please visit mine. 
17/5/2001 06:20 GMT  Erica Twiname
Great idea Jason. Lets get this thing off the ground. PS Hope your archilles gets better soon. 
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