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6/7/2001 08:39 GMT  a secret admierer
20/6/2001 20:56 GMT  rory
Good to see you have a site. Best of luck next season. Say hello to Nan and ken Peters for me. (i'm nan's brother) Ex umberleigh boy 
9/6/2001 17:04 GMT  The Chief
check our website at our league starts sunday 
26/5/2001 11:22 GMT  ?
visit the best ladies football team this side of huddersfield at and leave a message in our guest book.  
5/4/2001 12:03 GMT  Big Mel
Just stumbled upon your site, and its just as well I did ! Going by your last result it looks like you need to start throwing more into the mixer early doors ! Yours, Big Mel (Hawaii Five-O-FC Gaffer) 
10/1/2001 09:50 GMT  Marc Palmer
I cant belive that we have an internet site how neat. Is there a game this weekend? Cheers 
27/6/2000 23:02 GMT  Paul Brennan
good luck in cup semi from all at Kiltimagh Athletic Eire we just won our semi final last week and play in the final of McDonnell cup 9 July  
29/4/2000 18:59 GMT  mike
dear mike you may talk to martin about a move to barnstapleas i am 95 per cent sure he is not staying wiyh chittle next year although i can tell you there are a number of clubs after this goal scorer 
25/4/2000 22:45 GMT  Michael Robbins
Hi there Chittlehampton FC. I am a scout for Barnstaple Town F.C and i would like to ask for permission to talk to Martin Elston. Call any time. MR 
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