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2/9/2001 17:51 GMT  The chimp
without doubt the best site on the internet.  
1/9/2001 22:15 GMT  dad its 2 late
the best site on the web but how do u vote in the mgt  
20/8/2001 13:01 GMT  Richard Whitely
Disco, if you don't score at least 10 goals this season i'm having my jumpers back!! 
17/8/2001 22:35 GMT  DISCO DAVE
The season is upon us lets hope all you fat bastards can play this year, and not leave it up to me again. 
14/8/2001 15:20 GMT  Tony Blair
All the best for the new season lads, i understand you've signed a new keeper, lets hope he doesn't moan as much as the last one. 
26/6/2001 22:49 GMT  disco dave
IF ONLY YOU COULD SEE MY SMILE. Bring it on you gaylord. The VET said you left Manuel weeping. How could you do that to a goat?????? 
26/6/2001 21:48 GMT  SimonBorg
Hey, Disco, you got lucky with a few 'swings' of your bat....the measure of your manliness will be gauged at the next will leave weeping. 
25/6/2001 22:08 GMT  Tim Henman
I understand there is a new challenger to my British Crown and its not gay boy simon but that child prodigy Disco Dave. Simon leave the spanish boys alone and concentrate on tennis. 
23/6/2001 07:47 GMT  simon
Hey Dunky, if you spent more time concentrating on your own balls, and less on mine, you might improve your chances of winning a few more than 3 games in a set......and manuel - get over must try and move on. 
19/6/2001 23:03 GMT  Disco Dave
Simon. I can only compliment you on the way you caress those green balls of yours. When you toss them its magic to watch. Its just a shame youve lost all the fluff off them. 
19/6/2001 22:23 GMT  Mike
Final League Table will be input soon. 
19/6/2001 12:46 GMT  manuel
simon, i miss u already - i am now able to walk properly and am ready for more 
11/6/2001 10:51 GMT  simon agassi
Dunky Dave, I am happy to leave all the 'men's stuff' to you lot..... I've heard what u do in the showers after the game and frankly I'm not impressed. Queer shirt lifters. 
17/5/2001 12:32 GMT  Disco Dave (GAY ICON)
Simon, best you stick to Tennis and leave the mans stuff to us. 
14/5/2001 16:32 GMT  simonwilliams
I have to say that u lot r the most useless bunch of reprbates ever to wear a pair of boots. As for the best management team? U have as much talent as Mike has hair on his head....sod all 
11/5/2001 10:49 GMT  Harry Redknapp
Paolo was good but Disco Dave looks a much better prospect for me to manage! 
6/5/2001 15:16 GMT  Green Family
disco dave is our hero and we worship him constantly! i wish he was related to use. ask if he would enjoy i think he would. 
2/5/2001 12:56 GMT
ur all gay  
2/5/2001 12:15 GMT  Gianluca
I need players for my new team - how much for Disco Dave. I've got some Primark jumpers! 
2/5/2001 11:17 GMT  George Graham
looks like a good team - do you need a manager? 
1/5/2001 18:08 GMT  Sven Goran Erikson
Great page've got more tits than 'the hun'....they're named in team line up! 
29/4/2001 13:40 GMT  Disco Dave
Disco Dave Scores a superb 40yard counter attack.  
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