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Any club member who logs in may delete entries in the guestbook. intheteam reserves the the right to delete any offensive entries in the guestbook.
20/5/2002 17:58 GMT  Gem Gems
Well havnt been on the website for bloody ages how is everyone? hope all is well. Can anyone shed any light on the bad things heard about the iow please! we may not be the best team in the world but we try our best and at the end of the day it is a game and should be enjoyed!! and yes maybe some people have gone to gosport, all 2 of them!!! iow will have a team next season it dosn't matter what anyone else thinks well see all the girls soon Gem xXx 
17/5/2002 19:47 GMT  ykint
sorry 2 hear about u girls going down,better luck next year.sorry 2 hear about u losing a few players 2 gosport, y is that? im lookin 2 join a club but not sure about the i.o.w coz ive heard a few bad things, im not jugde mental so i might give it ago.might c u soon x x asif 
3/5/2002 21:32 GMT  Big Ange
Thanks Toni ~ pleased to see you on here ~ although the offical website will be changing completely quite soon ~ I'll give you details then. In the mean time Good Luck for next season, I'm sure you will be an asset to the team. Thanks for joining us. 
29/4/2002 11:27 GMT  little ange
well said big ange!! HAHA hi 2 Dan and stone+ the rest of the team  
27/4/2002 21:05 GMT  dan and stone!
Hi mum and ladies! good luck with the footy,stone says hi to nat. keep up the good work mich! 
26/4/2002 20:51 GMT  On behalf all female footballers
Well Hadleigh ~ Firstly, at least we can cook. Secondly how could we possibly copy a man (and why would we want to) ~ SOME, like you, are prime examples of Stupidity. Not to mention being Illogical, Thoughtless, Egotistical, witless, and Unemployed,which is what you'll be if you've got nothing better to do than send pathetic emails to ladies teams when you should be working. There again you're obviously not intelligent enough to hold a job down, so why not just crawl back under the stone you came from. Thirdly, BIG BUMS ~ bet you've got nothing to brag about. Know what they say? No brains, no....... ~ ahh forget it, you probably wouldn't understand anyway ~ saddo! 
24/4/2002 22:35 GMT  Toni White
hi girls just found ur site. lookin good. good luck for next season hope we do well. 
22/4/2002 09:32 GMT  Hadleigh Carkeet
Get back in the kitchen and stop trying to copy men. p.s Your bums look big in football kits. 
23/3/2002 13:23 GMT  Emma Taylor ( Postie )!!!!!!
Good luck tomorrow girls in our semi final game against Malling! Lets give it our best. Tiff, please put your scoaring boots on!!!!!!! 
17/3/2002 23:11 GMT  Zoe
Yeah it has been very quiet hasnt it...if you want you can e-mail me I will sort that problem out! haha mail at 
12/3/2002 08:06 GMT  h
hi u have all gone really quite in here over the last few weeks is every1 ok???? 
14/2/2002 13:03 GMT  Nicky Whiteman
England Ladies take on Portugal on Sunday 24th February 2002 at Portsmouth F.C, Fratton Park in a world cup qualifying match. Kick Off is at 5.30pm. Turn up on the day and tickets will cost £3.00 for adults and £1.00 for accompanied children and OAP's. I have a small number of free tickets left, if anyone wiches to attend, please telephone me at Hampshire Football Association on: 02380 706813. Thanks, Nicky Whiteman (County Football Development Officer) 
11/2/2002 22:38 GMT  Zoe
Hey Girls!!! Just like to say well done in the game against dover, we totally deserved to go through and we all battled through our injuries and played superb! HAHA Oh, and it was the Betsy and Edna connection again that saved the day! HAHA come on Edna!! we come! GULP! 
10/2/2002 20:44 GMT  Annette Evans
Hi girls - just wanna say good luck in the semi's. might see you's at the end of may!! Dont't panic, playing not ref-ing!!! 
10/2/2002 19:54 GMT  Angie S.
Well done today Girls ~ we all battled well and derserved to go through. Semi's ~ here we come! 
27/1/2002 16:12 GMT  Simon Lilly
I've just discovered your website and it's nice to see another team from the Island making it onto the web. I have created a website for the men's Saturday league. I've added a link to your site and your details in the Club Directory. All the best, Simon 
15/1/2002 11:15 GMT  christine
hi girls! good luck for the rest of this season! please visit us at and sign our guestbook 
14/1/2002 00:32 GMT  Zoe
Hey Girls!! Great win the weekend, nice to be on the other side of a 8-0 result!! Glad to see no punch ups this time, although Edna I am still appalled at your wreckless challenge, just think of that poor girl waiting in casulty for hours and hours because of your eagerness to get that hat trick! HAHAHA Just joking mate, you and the rest of the team played really well, let's have some more of that!! Love #6 
12/1/2002 16:21 GMT  Emma Taylor
Just a quick note to all the girls about our cup game tomorrow, ' LETS KICK ASS ' not literally though! We have had enough of that!!!!!  
7/12/2001 23:04 GMT  Zoe
Hey Girls!! Well done for the victory against Dover, we derseved it! Well done to my partner in crime Edna for scoring a true peach of a goal, although I must say mine was just two great for words!!! HAHA The cheek of it! Now let's go and win his cup game girls!! Love #6 
2/12/2001 22:09 GMT  ange green
great game today girls, we deserved the victory! come on island!!! 
27/11/2001 01:18 GMT  Jon Pitchfork
How are things down there? I'm still trying to do my bit to help female football. If you get chance, put your club details in the form on my site then I can create a link etc. Feel free to use the rest of my site too. Take care, kind regards.... 
19/9/2001 20:08 GMT  Gemma Avery
I am the Isle of Wight Ladies Goalkeeper and although we have enough players JUST to field a 11 a-side team I would still like to see other players join the club! ITS GR888888888888888888! 
10/9/2001 22:11 GMT  Burygirlkeeper
Hello fellow footy players/fans!!! Here's a signature from Bury, who play in the premier division of the nwwrfl. Sorry to plug another team site, 
26/8/2001 21:42 GMT  clare
Chins up girls, im sure the players will come, have you tried every avenue of publicity? We went on the local radio, put ads in newspapers, put posters in every shop and we had to start last season with only eight players, so we know what it can be like. we managed to stick together through it and now we are playing in a semi-pro stadium and have 25+ players, so you can do it! ps, have you got links with the big hitters, ie she kicks & ladies football, we found we gained loads of players thro the web. anyway all the best this season. 
18/8/2001 16:22 GMT  Laura
We attended your 5 aside tournament this swason and must say it was very welcoming. I am from Chessington Ladies Football Club and we got into the quarter finals. Could you please attach a link on your web site. Ares is Thankyou and hope to see you next year. 
7/8/2001 20:23 GMT  clare
your link has now been added to our site from ossett albion ladies, look at the 'intheteam'section at on the links page 
7/8/2001 12:24 GMT  clare
Hi just looking at your site and other womens footy sites and thought we could put a link on our page, if you could return the favour, Ossett Albion Ladies play in the Yorkshire & Humberside league, we are at good luck for the season.  
6/8/2001 11:28 GMT  wakefield ladies fc
great site! pls visit ours at good luck 4 next season 
29/5/2001 23:55 GMT  Zoe
Being part of the Isle of Wight Ladies FC I would like to take this opportunity to say that the club is very friendly and anyone of any ability is welcome ot join! We love to see new faces and the more that join the better for both Isle of Wight and womens soccer in England!!! I am the clubs trusty left back (ahem) and enjoy every minute playing for them...even though sometimes things to get a little heated!!! haha 
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