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5/6/2001 21:02 GMT  Ryan Heatly
Banks 'O' Dee are finishing at the end if the season, the under 13 team are merging with Cove!Good Luck to all under 13 teams cause we are goin to kick all ur asses in the leauge next season  
17/5/2001 18:47 GMT  Insch
not sure m, apparently there was a rumour that because Brian and some players were leaving to go to Middlefield some people were not going to turn up. I have heard from one of the parents this is not true but the manager decided to pull us out straight away as there was another rumour like this before the King Street game. 
17/5/2001 18:24 GMT  m
coz u were goin 2 beat them!!y did u decide 2pull out now instead of waitin till the end of the season??? 
16/5/2001 16:01 GMT  Insch
yeah, right, we have pulled out of the league and will not play albion. the reasons for pulling out are extremely debatable. how does us not playing albion effect the title race? 
15/5/2001 21:40 GMT  myles
has the insch team folded??does that mean u wont b playin albion this season?? 
13/5/2001 16:55 GMT  Mfd player
Good luck with Donside next season. 
13/5/2001 16:23 GMT  mfd player
all the best to all the insch players going else where next season. Hope to cu in the "A" league sometime.  
12/5/2001 18:09 GMT  Mfd player
yes Brian the manager is goin 2 be our manager next season 
11/5/2001 17:40 GMT  Insch Player (not anymore though)
there is no team in insch next season because the manager is quitting insch. Most of the squad are joining a new Donside team in the B League but I think 4 or 5 players are joining Middlefield. I am not sure if the manager is going there aswell. That is all I know so far. 
10/5/2001 21:19 GMT  interested2
could someone tell me. What is going on for next season?  
9/5/2001 17:46 GMT  interested
is it true that incsh are merging with middlefield at the end of the season????that is what everyone is sayin and i want 2 know if it is true!!!!!!!!! 
6/5/2001 11:31 GMT  Ryan Heatly
As a football player for banks o dee i wish banks o dee ha done like this!!! 
18/4/2001 18:46 GMT  middlefield/afc fan
cheerz mate. ps. its john the centre half for middlefield. Well played insch. pps my legs are knakered thanks to u guys 
18/4/2001 16:56 GMT  Insch webmaster
afc/middlefield fan, the link has been changed, thanks for telling me 
14/4/2001 21:39 GMT  afc/mwsc fan again
bollix sorry man its my fualt. your added to my site 
10/4/2001 20:16 GMT  aberdeen/middlefieldfan
thanks for linking to my site but the address that you have in is wrong you spelt unofficial wrong. please correct it your link is on my site now. 
6/4/2001 19:29 GMT  afc/middlefield fan
please leave a link to i will add your link to miy site. thank you 
6/4/2001 18:07 GMT  middlefield
please leave a link to as i have linked your site from ours. 
6/4/2001 14:09 GMT  claire christie
this website is the bomb  
6/4/2001 09:34 GMT  Adam Bell Irish Centre
Please add the Huddersfield Irish Centre to your links. 
5/4/2001 16:00 GMT  Stuart Reid
Feel free to leave any messages, opinions of the site, your team or the address of your club site if you want it to be added to Links section. 
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