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6/8/2001 19:21 GMT  Fuz
Well then Al, why didn't you stop him? I left you in charge. Anyway it's old news now, but thanks fot telling me - he's under tight supervision from now on!!! Maybe see you at Redbraes on the 2nd Sep. Fuz 
25/7/2001 20:51 GMT  Wee al
Cheers flyin, we rode well together a think. see ya soon wee AL 
23/7/2001 15:50 GMT  Mike P
just can't believe we lost that match yesterday at Tameside!! We did brilliantly to come back in the second half to level things up with one heat left. Hard luck on Wee al, you were very unlucky mate! 
9/7/2001 18:56 GMT  Wee al Mackie
Nice to see some decent speedway riders on here for a change!! Debbie are you the debbie i know? if so non of my team mates are sexy their all well over weight. Whats this party of the year and i never heard anything about it! shockin!! fUZ , Noose was drinking fizzy juice at Birmingham me and Archie saw him. Archie big man ive got your air horn you left it in the van! WEE AL 
4/7/2001 18:49 GMT  les collins
Hi like the site shame its not been updated for a while maybe someone resigned or something like that dispointed that the allsorts couldnt make that match at london, i turned up especially to see the match ive noticed this site seems to be used for slagging matches i would prefer to see this childlike behaveour stopped and spend more time talking about cycle speedway.hope to see a big improvement in the next home match i could send aidan to give you some tips if you spent less time in the pub and more on the track you could actually win a match (or a race) sometime an unhappy supporter Lesley Collins  
26/6/2001 09:03 GMT  David Norrie
For Chic Mackie, Dear Chic, Can't believe you are still going strong on the bike. Kingsway Knights seems along time ago. Happy times. I've been swapping e mails with Nicky ex Hampden Hawks. Best regards David  
22/6/2001 11:58 GMT  Debbie
Heard a lot about you all just came in for a look. Cool pic, can't decide who is the sexiest 
21/6/2001 15:02 GMT  Stevie
Cheers Babes - can't wait for the party! Sure u'll have a great time...and me too!!! 
20/6/2001 19:14 GMT
hey stevie boy, nice site, nice ass. Tell the boys I say hi...they're all quite sexy too!!! Cya at the party of the year, let badger know that he's the designated stripper! loads of luv lou XXX 
19/6/2001 20:07 GMT  stevie gilroy
Cheers Big Man - it's getting close 
19/6/2001 19:49 GMT  pete graham
wee man I voted you the sexiest team member - because of your lovely blonde streaks !!! BIG MAN 
16/6/2001 14:52 GMT  stevie gilroy
sorry wee al - don`t look like we are going to Hawbush! from brussels - i,m very p1ssed off!! 
15/6/2001 14:02 GMT  alan mackie
hey lads good luck for the cup, we'll hump hawbush im shure!!! ash you aint supposed to say i asked you to vote for me. 
26/5/2001 21:10 GMT  Jackie Pinkerton
To Angus McKenzie - yes tis me, the same Jackie Pinkerton racing after all these years. Surely you can't be any slower than you were in 1966 (just joking)! 
22/5/2001 15:26 GMT  Stevie Gilroy
Hey Vicki - you know my email address - 
21/5/2001 18:58 GMT  Vicky
Cool site. I love the picture, Stevie looks Good luck to everyone.See ya  
17/5/2001 11:08 GMT  Coco
As for the photo, we never told you that we were training for our trip to the speedway GP, Cardiff. You honestly never thought that we ment Cycle Speedway training. See ya all soon. 
16/5/2001 15:44 GMT  Ashley Rogers
Good Luck to you all! Hope you are all well and are behaving (yeh right!). Well I could only vote for one of you's in the pole so Im afraid I voted for Wee Al (he asked me first). Sorry guys! Well good luck, not that you's will need it, but just to show I care! Take care all of you. Love yas all! *~Ash~* 
14/5/2001 16:45 GMT  Wee al
How come i never heard about this pole earlier?? I'm catchin up now! watch out slighty!! and thanks to the ladies that voted for me !! luv ya all !!!!! 
13/5/2001 11:29 GMT  mikey hewitson
hi allsorts i'm on the net now and checking out the sites cu later 
11/5/2001 02:18 GMT  Angus McKenzie
Is this the same Jackie Pinkerton who road against the Offerton Devils many years ago? I'm living in Stonehaven now and would like to come and see how the sport has progressed since Offerton raced Sighthill Hammers, too many years ago to remember. Offshore work impairs the ability to visit on a regular basis but I will make it one of these days Angus 
7/5/2001 19:55 GMT  Calum Macaulay
Nice site boys all the best for this season 
2/5/2001 09:38 GMT  big slighty
awrite lads!all the best for the new season!i think jakie and jonny will win the pole vote! cya boys! 
1/5/2001 17:34 GMT  speedwaybabes
26/4/2001 12:11 GMT  Tomas Sensicall
I just want to say good luck for the season really.I ride for Leicester cycle speedway club and i am really looking forward to riding you this i hope to see you on sunday. all my regards Tomas Sensicall Leicester Cycle speedway club 
12/4/2001 12:44 GMT  john whiting
Interesting to see Alan was injured as well. I have not ridden since, especially frustrating as we lost 2 matches last week. Leicester may have been touch and go. But we lost to Tameside by a point. Good louck against Heckmondwike who appear down on numbers this season, so far. 
10/4/2001 19:33 GMT  Emmerdales
All the best for the coming season 
4/4/2001 00:42 GMT  Stevie Gilroy
Please feel free to leave a message here for the Scotia guys and all the other Cycle Speedway people to read!!! Nothing to offensive though....keep it all in good taste! 
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