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1/8/2002 16:13 GMT  Jamie
hi jez if you put my speedway link on your website i will put yours on mine( E-Mail me back at 
29/8/2001 12:59 GMT  Ray Allen
Hi Jez: You never mentioned you had also got down to work on a Dukes site. Anyhow had a look around,keep up the good work.....and you never know we might just work the oricle ? I will link your site to mine so that we benefit from each others visitors. All the best Ray Allen TIBS\tibspeedway  
13/8/2001 10:43 GMT  Phil
Hi Jez, I found this site by accident, itís great what you can slide into these days. Not had chance to look around the site yet, but will do soon. Phil. 
13/6/2001 16:18 GMT  mervyn carter
Hi, I wish you all the best. Regards,Merv. 
24/5/2001 09:36 GMT  Ray Allen
Hi Jez Thanks for logging onto TIBS,thats 2 of us then....lets see if we can get the Dukes back on track its way long overdue don't ya think. I am building TIBS so give me a while and it will look right. Believe me I have stacks on Bradford may recall my efforts with the Match Day Mag...crikey there were some marathon sessions putting that together...theres never been a prog like it,talk about Grattans Catologue or what ????. I don't know how far back you go with Bradford Speedway but if you have the remotest interest in the Magnificent Bradford Northern of 1970..Gary Peterson was absolutely the dogs b's round a rather square cornered Big "O" then grab a copy of The Pocket Size History Of Defunct Speedway Tracks ...NELSON the Admirals paved the way for Speedways return to Bradford. This excellent publication by Howard Jones-not the 80's pop star! absolutely reeks nostalgia. If ONLY time travel were possible. Although Nelsons Seedhill Stadium has been decked to allow for a motorway the site IS STILL THERE AND NOT BUILT ON the pit wall carrying the Nelson rider No's and visitors is still there. Mad as it sounds I feel drawn to make the pilgrimage to Lancs to see this. By the way I have spoken with Hammy about the will have read my no news page.I intend to keep on top of it and will speak to him again. Listen to this I have heard from a reliable source that Perrin wants out of Kirky Lane (well thats a suprise-went over Monday and I remain indifferent to the stadium and track viewing ).Anyhow it might not be for another Manc venue, and a consideration is another site down the M62 corridior-get the picture and AH could be involved. I also have that the Bulls will stay at VP, although some of their fans were killing off any chance of Speedway at Odsal because the Bulls are going back. Anyhow if theres anything on this I will get hold of it. If you want to chip in or say anything on TIBS then great and I'll likewise on yours. Thanks once again Up the Dukes Ray  
4/4/2001 22:48 GMT  Viking-Bud
I think the site is great and i really hope speedway returns to Bradford  
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