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8/3/2001 14:29 GMT  Nicky Hall (brunswick fc)
Vally Looks like your lot are going to dicked by the BRUNSWICK again!! what do you have to say about that.  
27/2/2001 09:26 GMT  Paul Ansell - mbe
Scott, give it rest would you. Firstly your Mum wouldn’t even let you out with the lads on Saturday and secondly you go to college in Brighton!!!! Need I say more??, everyone at the club knows you’re a raving queen. If it had of been pull a pig night, I was only selected because you weren’t there!!! Finally after your mistake on Saturday I think you should bring some warm clothes this week as your going to be sponge boy. P.S – Make sure my boots are clean this week and can you pick me up a couple of cans of Red Bull.  
26/2/2001 15:15 GMT  evils sister
Hi squiddy, it's evils sister, Dianne. You were awful last night. My mates thought it would be funny to play pull a pig night. I won by a mile. Thanks for your support. And no i dont take it up the rectum!! You're definately a "ten pinter." See you on the touch line on saturday, Mark told me were are going to be on the bench. Its a shame about your sexuality, i really did start to like you. Dianne 
1/12/2000 09:48 GMT  Broadwater Saints FC
Acadmeny Update. We have secured the services of Scott Gair to show everyone how a proper throw in should be taken. Scott an upcoming DJ and left back is the master at throw ins as many player will tell, you only have to see him playing each Saturday down the sports centre to see hes a marvel. Paul Ansell (Squiddy) will also be on hand to show you how to be a master at streaking. Paul the Captain of the Res loves nothing better than taking his clothes of when he can and roaming around with nature. It has been noted that Paul is becoming the new valley with weird antics in the dressing room .  
30/11/2000 17:07 GMT  Paul Ansell
You want to be become the next Mark Czaja?!? What s**t and always injured. Mark with your Police record I don't think you should be trying to intice kids to your seedy soccer school. Also I will be speaking to my lawyers about the fact that neither my agent nor myself were contacted about using my name in this advert. 
30/11/2000 16:52 GMT  Broadwater Saints FC
Your chance to impress the Broadwater Saints coaching staff 30/11/2000 So you think you have what it takes to become the next Mark Czaja or Paul Ansell? Do you fancy being put through your paces at Broadwater Saints magnificent Academy complex under the eyes of the club’s expert coaching staff? If so, this is the chance you have been waiting for. Broadwater Saints are offering Players aged 15 - 50 the chance to take part in a two day soccer school on December 28 and 29 2000 at the Academy in Durrington. The courses will run from 10am-3pm on both days. The price is £30 for the two days. For an application form, please contact the Lesuire Centre as quickly as possible at: Broadwater Saints FC Durrington Lesuire Centre, Worthing Don’t worry if you don’t fit into the age group for these soccer schools as details of other courses will be made available over the coming months.  
2/11/2000 20:51 GMT  danny
Paul, you must have asked for my OTHER video. That one co-stars Ulrika Johnsson and a pit bull terrier. As i understand, Valley already has it and is keen to see the sequel. Signed Danny, Ulrika and Spot. 
2/11/2000 10:56 GMT  Paul Ansell
Danny, I've just been into HMV and MVC and I can't find your video, the guy in the shop said he'd never heard of it. I think maybe they sold out in the pre-Christmas rush. 
1/11/2000 20:42 GMT  Danny Barker
Out Now............. DANNY BARKER SOCCER SKILLS. Avaliable to own on video or dvd. Watch those magical moments again and again. From all good retail outlets, while stocks last. 
1/11/2000 20:22 GMT  danny barker
I've just read the write-up on that wonderful goal i scored last week for the first team and i'd like to advise you all that, every sunday afternoon from now until the end of the season i'll be meeting Bizzy at broadwater green at 2pm so i can show him some of my skillfull moves and power shooting. Anyone else who would likr to watch me please feel free to come along. Remember to bring a pen and paper as i'll be singing autographs afterwards. By the way, has anyone heard from those two birds that pinched my bum at half time during the match with BCOB RES? 
27/7/2000 15:10 GMT  Phil Neville
Nuggett, Leave Scott alone, he's a bloddy good left back, in fact he taught me everything that I know. 
25/7/2000 19:16 GMT  scott gair
Nugget, very funny. Is that a nick name you picked up working at McDonalds? I suppose your first name is Chicken, just like how you go in for your tackles! See you on the pitch "Chicken". 
20/7/2000 12:49 GMT  Nugget
I've heard your team is crap and we, Newark Town, challenge you to a match any time any place!!!!!! Scott Gair got most improved player cos he was fúcking shít in the first place!!! 
30/5/2000 17:26 GMT  Scott Gair
19 year old, tall, dark, handsome chap, seeking female....blah blah blah. Very funny bloomers. 
29/5/2000 04:31 GMT  Chris
Bloody hell guys, a girl has signed our guest book!!! Calm down Scott..... I know it's only the manager's daughter but it's a start. You never know, Scott might pull a girl on the SAINTS web-site. Stranger things have happenned, like Vally keeping his clothes on at the Social! Chris  
22/5/2000 18:44 GMT  Debbie Bunce
I'd just like to say well done to all the players on both the main and reserve team. Hope you all had fun at the footie social, even if it was at valleys expense!!!, look forward to seeing how you do next season. Lets win the cup next time!!!! good luck lots of love.  
22/5/2000 11:37 GMT  Scott Gair
I'd just like to thank my mum, my dad, my family and all of those at the club who voted for me. Most improved player for 1999-2000, i'd hate to think what i was like last season! Cheers guys, must go now to pollish my trophy. I got a backache just lifting it! 
10/5/2000 20:41 GMT  scott gair
where are the reserve team featured? 
7/5/2000 20:02 GMT  Danny Barker
So far so good.I like the idea of being able to keep up with both teams progress throughout the season and monitor their league status without the need of a Worthing Herald (provided it's kept up to date?) Well done Bloomers, this has the potential to be a "god send" to both teams. 
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