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4/10/2001 22:34 GMT  Mootang!
I am there if we have a TEAM!!!  
3/10/2001 12:35 GMT  Mootang!
Cheers Gary-If we did not know better we may have thought you did it on purpose!!!!LOL Joking- It was great to see the improvement in your Team over the Season Especially that bloody tournament Cheers!!! C ya next season 
1/10/2001 10:57 GMT  Gary Wild
Sorry that the Predators could not get the result that you wanted. If you are interested in a pre-season friendly, let us know. Gary 
24/9/2001 14:29 GMT  Mootang!
Great final game of the Season-well played everyone! 
9/7/2001 12:15 GMT  Mootang!
Well played at the weekend boys! Great Team Performance! 
25/6/2001 09:21 GMT  Bernie Inn!
I saw the game at the weekend, I cannot beleive you threw it away in the last minute-better luck next time! 
10/5/2001 10:53 GMT  Mootang!
No training tonight 10th May 
4/5/2001 08:29 GMT  Mootang!
Well Me, Si and John decided that as we were the only three at training that we would call it off! Oh yeah none of had a ball--m did not help! 
1/5/2001 22:04 GMT  MOOTANG!
23/4/2001 08:08 GMT  Kalashnikoff
You were right Mooty. It was bloody hard work though!  
19/4/2001 13:32 GMT  Mootang!
Everyone except me will be there on Sunday!-at least you should win both games !!!!! 
19/4/2001 08:14 GMT  kalashnikoff
I'll try to make it down tonight - attending IT conference today. Have we got a full team for sunday? 
18/4/2001 15:34 GMT  Mootang!
Training is definitely on Thursday 19th so let's have a good turn out eh! 
18/4/2001 15:34 GMT  Mootang!
Training is definitelt on Thursday 19th so let's have a good turn out eh! 
17/4/2001 16:21 GMT  Mootang!
17/4/2001 13:01 GMT  Kid Killer
Winston is that really u :-) Oh btw i have it on very very good authority that Simon wasnt injured. Just thought id get a few wind ups in early :-)  
12/4/2001 15:43 GMT  Kalashnikov
Oh damn it! You know how much I love to be there! Maybe next year. 
12/4/2001 15:17 GMT  Mootang!
10/4/2001 10:09 GMT  Gary Wild
You are far the best team in Sesha and surely must go on to win the league. We the Predators have got a lot of learning to do, hopefully we have learnt something from these 2 matches.  
9/4/2001 14:46 GMT  Mootang!
Good to see the vote is going well! Oh and people said northeners are losing their sense of humour.... Kalashnikoff just proved that is not true LOL  
9/4/2001 08:29 GMT  Kalashnikov
My god, scoring is so easy. I don't think i'll do it again. Oh, and if anyone calls me 'winston' again ...... See U on Thursday night. 
30/3/2001 18:07 GMT  Mootang!
Nick we do not mind the smell of old socks, it is the stink of knob cheese we hate! 
30/3/2001 15:57 GMT  Kid Killer
Umm im wondering now this towel has come out, if the old tea bag tea shirt is going to rear its ugly head - that once nice white perferated item that turned a dark grey/brown colour with huges holes in it and smelt of old socks 
28/3/2001 18:00 GMT  Mootang!
Hi chaps, Just thought I would let you know that I am in France on the 22nd of April, That is the day we have the double header at Hastings-so you can stop cheering Now! C y'all at training 
27/3/2001 21:41 GMT  Mootang!
That towel sounds lovely!I here you may have the same version in gree,brown yellow with a bit of red (really bad curry) I am sorry but feel I cannot afford such a luxury-good luck on the sale you pikey! 
27/3/2001 21:37 GMT  Pikey Greebo Nick
For Sale : "Premium" condition post-shower moisture colleting towel / paddette. Available in previously enjoyed condition, origional material 100% cotton towelette, orgional colours white & blue, complete with "HOSPITAL PROPERTY" logo & laundry mark. In bonded storage for last 15 months, now available to serious offers to a good home, COSHH certificate available. Sorry, not available for export. Fried food & beer habit forces reluctant sale. Serious offers only. No tyre kickers! Offers to Pikey Nick. 
27/3/2001 09:40 GMT  Mootang!
Dave, Si said he was tired and turned the phone OFF, Oh dear-should be a good turn out on Thursday! 
23/3/2001 14:44 GMT  Kid Killer
I was gonna turn up last night at least just to see you guys - but didnt get home from work until 8.15 - tried ringing S.P but phone was engaged all night - makes me wonder what he was doing as sara was out. 
22/3/2001 23:54 GMT  Mootang!
Ah the joys of Maulers training, four players and a knackered Goalie Bliss!! 
21/3/2001 01:54 GMT  kid killer
I think your names says it all :-) ph33r my skating skills. 
20/3/2001 19:56 GMT  Gay willly
Why haven't you old git quit - you never were any good you clowns 
20/3/2001 17:19 GMT  Mootang!
Excuse my type error ! Just to confirm the Next game is at 11.00 am on the 8th April 2001 against our friends The Predators! 
20/3/2001 10:38 GMT  Kid Killer
You boys are nothing without me - ill be back soon :) 
19/3/2001 16:42 GMT  Emma Wild
good game yesterday but we are actually playing you next on the 8th April not the 4th as advertised. Cheers Emma fixtures secretary  
19/3/2001 10:08 GMT  Mootang!
Cheers Gary! I think we just had one of those days when everything went right!!!!!see ya in a few weeks! 
18/3/2001 21:16 GMT  Gary Wild
Great result against the Predators today Hope to give you a better game next time  
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