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20/5/2001 15:53 GMT  Inquisitive Annonymous
Is it true that Danny V did a bit of dirtbox duty on Polly in the cellar? Though the quality of the lady is questionable, the manner in which this frolick took place is legendary. Big big-up to Vanty the dirty bas*ard, respect! 
20/5/2001 15:21 GMT  Desperate Netball Girls
Are all of you horny football boys going to the AU Ball on the 8th June? We, the netball girls have decided that we are going to go naked and are open to offers of public sex - in other words an orgy. If you attend you can have dirty sex with us, so buy your tickets as soon as possible!! 
20/5/2001 11:34 GMT  To IC
WHY? What has your page got to offer that we can't get from our dirty soap opera stylee pages? Do you offer filth? Porn? The secret to the way Danny V's dirty brain works? If so then we will gladly visit your page. Oh, free beer/money/drugs would also be appreciated.  
20/5/2001 09:50 GMT  IC
why not give us a visit for a laugh and leave your thoughts in our guestbook, at (your guaranteed a laugh!!) 
20/5/2001 09:50 GMT  IC
why not give us a visit for a laugh and leave your thoughts in our guestbook, at (your guaranteed a laugh!!) 
19/5/2001 16:05 GMT  Anon
Come off it Polly, I saw Danny digging the dirt with u in the corner of the cellar, u were groaning like a bitch with rabies! And u were walking like John Wayne with piles too! 
19/5/2001 16:02 GMT  Sarah Short
Will you please stop talking about my boyfriend as if he has jumped into bed with every woman on this planet. Neither me or danny have slept with other people, we were both virgins when we met! 
19/5/2001 16:02 GMT  Danny Vant
Come on Mellor lets see wot that little pocket rocket can do, I bet it wouldn't even touch my sides. Bring it on u little batty, if the rumours are true u might just be too gay for my gayness tolerance level. Chow Sweetie, till we meet in a dark alley and u come out walking like John Wayne with piles! 
19/5/2001 15:48 GMT  Just to say thanks
Just to say thanks to Rob for making the earth move for me the other night.Wow didn't believe it could be that good.You'll do for me anytime - can't think anyone else in the team could do it as good as you do. Don't worry about all that sweat - its natural! Don't worry hubby won't find out.Luc and Kisses from u know who (xx) Told you I'd put something on here!! 
19/5/2001 15:30 GMT  Neal Mellor
In your wet dreams vanity! By the way, it's spelt "ciao" you illiterate, earbiting f*ck. 
19/5/2001 15:27 GMT  Polly
It has recently been brought to my attention that a certain fabrication of the truth was circulating between the football boys last year, after the Christie Cup Social at the Cellar. I would now like to put the record straight... Under no circumstances did Mr. Daniel Vant's penis penetrate any part of my body. For all of you that do not understand this, I will explain in simple terms. Danny Vant did not get his brown wings from me!!!! 
19/5/2001 15:25 GMT  Lamo's mum
Yes it does Johnathan! Stop being petulent. By the way, I don't want you talking to that Chris Branigan, you don't know where he has been. 
19/5/2001 15:20 GMT  anon
I must say that i am truly excited by the revelations about Neal Mellor's sexuality! If what I am told by the girls who have had a bit of Mellor (most of whom us mere mortals can only m*sturbate over) is true, us lads r in for a real treat! It's a great shame that he won't be here next year (those Italian blokes should count themselves lucky!) not only because he is so HOT!!, but also because he is a truly great footballer. 
19/5/2001 15:06 GMT  Lamo
Jonathan doesn't have an H in it mum. 
19/5/2001 14:23 GMT  Danny Vant
I to am a virgin and have never experienced the carnal pleasures of fornication. However, I am in fact playing for the other side and now wish to be called Loretta. Neil Mellor, if you wanna make it with Luscious Loretta roll over and play dog for me, like all good homosexuals and netball girls should. Chow! 
19/5/2001 14:19 GMT  The Real Danny Vant
To all those who wrote the obscenities about my bitch. When u call her filthy, will u please put fu*king preceeding the word so we may all understand the true nature of the beast. Thank You 
19/5/2001 12:52 GMT  Lamo's Mum
Just a quick note to all of my Johnny wonny's football friends (he talks about you all the time, you know): My travelling gypsy circus, where Johnathan (or fluffy chin, as he was christened) was conceived 21 years ago, will be in Manchester next week...I will be selling fortune cookies and lucky stones (10% off for snapfax holders) and i will give any of John's freinds two palm readings for the price of one!! Please come along, Mr Latham will be cleaning out the elephant enclosure and John's sister will be there showing off her record breaking facial hair!! 
18/5/2001 11:12 GMT  The real Danny Vant's bird
Yes it is painful. 
17/5/2001 23:30 GMT  A concerned Teammate
Initially i thought thet it was inquisitiveness that made Mellor watch me in the shower, now i know that it is just blind perverse. I say to you, rid the football club of this filth now, Football is a sport for heterosexual young men and should not change (Justin Fashanu was an exception). I am truly disgusted by these revelations. I hear he is going away next year for a year out with his homosexual bumchums on the continent, good riddence to him i say!!! 
17/5/2001 20:58 GMT  Julie
Looks like Big Julie is not the only monster on the prowl, aaahhhhh Baker!!! 
17/5/2001 20:34 GMT  The REAL Andy Crook
Baker u cu*t leave my fu*king sister alone. I've seen on the netball site about u and my sister. I tell u mate I'm not happy. If u've done anything more than just pulled her I'll knock u out. At the end of the day u shouldn't do that to a mate. 
17/5/2001 20:10 GMT  London Zoo WARNING
REPEAT: DO NOT APPROACH THIS CREATURE. HIGHLY DANGEROUS. Apparently Big Julie attacks by squirting higly viscous milk from her massive mammaries which traps her victim like a spider's web. Then she approaches the prey ferociously and savages the victim's face using her tongue. Once the victim is fully dehabilitated, Big Julie envelops her meal using her vacous vagina. Sadly, reports have come in that another victim has fallen foul to Big Julie. Allegedly, student James Baker, 22, from Cornwall was overcome by the beast in the early hours of this morning. ONCE AGAIN, DO NOT APPROACH BIG JULIE. IF SIGHTED PHONE THE ARMY ON 555-GET-BIG-JULIE.  
17/5/2001 20:08 GMT  London Zoo General message
Dear netball site, we here at London Zoo are in the process of bringing a most exciting and rare breed of beast to the countries no 1 animal sanctuary. She is a magnificent creature, and a wonderful discovery for mankind. Not since the day's of the Triasic Period have we seen an animal of this size, but the finding of a Big Julie has astonished scientists who had believed it to have been extinct since the devastating tragedy of the Hindenburg disaster. Yet recently one has been discovered roaming around the urban jungle of Fallowfield. Though she has become somewhat of a local celebrity, regularly found in pie shops, kebab houses, sweet shops and pet stores, the creature has become threatened by the danger of extinction. Therefore it is of the upmost importance that you donate money to our appeal to save this most rarest and beautiful of beasts. Obviously you can understand the sheer costs of catching, and more alarmingly feeding such an enormous animal so please donate generously. Write your checks out to Mr D.Vant, and kindly leave them with Miss Dirty Desperate Debbie, thank you. P.S. WARNING:due to the nature of the beasts volatile temper and the huge mass of bodyweight, please do not attempt to approach her unless in xtreme desperation(Baker)!  
17/5/2001 16:55 GMT  Mrs Latham
Dear Son, Im so proud of u. Ur such a responsible and respectful lad and I just think the nasty things that have been said about are disgraceful and a pathetic jealous attempt to deface ur impecable reputation. I know ur not gay son, or a child/animal molester. P.S I understand that the time I caught u in a compromising position with one of our pigs was just a silly misunderstanding. Love u son, Mummy XXX 
16/5/2001 18:26 GMT  Julie
Annoyed and Bored 2. Sort your life out - at least the banter keeps the revision less boring!! 
16/5/2001 18:05 GMT  Rob
Prove it! 
16/5/2001 17:29 GMT  Annoyed and bored 2
To 'annoyed and bored'13/5 - I'd just like to say that I am now getting both annoyed and bored at the immature bitchiness towards the netball girls. EVERYBODY knows that the footaball boys have the most STDs. (Duzzy and Danny V have more than the rest of the footballers and the netballers put together). So PLEASE can you brain dead losers think of something a bit more original than slagging each other off and wasting MY time having to read your worthless drivel. Thank you for your time. PS Do you realise that this is a library NOT a brothel? 
16/5/2001 16:32 GMT  Neal Mellor
This is a declaration of my homosexuality, I hope the fascist regime allows this to be posted as i want to get it out into the open once and for all. I hope none of you will feel any different about me after this. Please Lamo leave it up, there's a blow job in it for you big boy 
16/5/2001 16:19 GMT  Lamo Lover
Lamo I really fancy you, but I hear that you are gay - is it true? 
16/5/2001 16:10 GMT  The REAL Lamo
Very f**king funny. 
16/5/2001 15:29 GMT  In reply to Lamo
But do u plead guilty to being utterly gorgeous, Beth 
16/5/2001 14:55 GMT  Lamo
I plead guilty to all of the above charges, however i have accomplices: Brannigan with regards to the fashion charge; Daniels with regards to the family members and animal charges and Stavros with regards to the fat a**e charges 
16/5/2001 13:48 GMT  Ross Mckinstry's Mum
I would just like to say what a painful experience it was giving birth to Ross. The triangle on his head almost ripped me in two as he slipped out. 
16/5/2001 13:34 GMT  Manchester Chief of Police
Jon Latham is wanted for varoius sexual offences against young children, family members, animals, and first year football freshers that he 'took under his wing'. He is also wanted for heinous crimes against fashion, blatant abuse of power, and large asses! How do u plead? 
16/5/2001 13:34 GMT  A pink lady
I think Baker is absolutely amazing and I would love to see what his performance is like under the sheets. Baker, you know who I am and you know where to find me  
16/5/2001 12:21 GMT  anon
when rob was 15 he was put on the sexual offenders list, ask him it is true. 
16/5/2001 12:21 GMT  anon
when rob was 15 he was put on the sexual offenders list, ask him it is true. 
16/5/2001 10:38 GMT  Julie
Baker is a Gaylord! 
16/5/2001 10:37 GMT  Baker
No your not Julie, you F**king love it up the ringer 
15/5/2001 17:14 GMT  Anon 2
Julie is not a dirty slag - she is a good catholic girl! 
15/5/2001 17:13 GMT  Reply to Anon
Big Julie, we know u are Anon, and that u r a dirty slag along with the other netballers. And yes we r dirty bastards and u F**KING LUV IT! 
15/5/2001 16:26 GMT  Anon
Everything written about Netballers is a lie. We are not dirty and that includes Debbie. Football boys are dirty bastards! 
15/5/2001 16:02 GMT  The REAL Lamo
You can all kiss my swingers with your sad little jibes at me. I know who you are and I have arranged for your degree results to be blocked. You all apparently owe £100 to the football club! That includes you Caz you dirty little slag... 
15/5/2001 15:09 GMT  Caz
Just thought I'd say that the Netball club have sunk incredibly low and copied your wonderful idea of having a web site. Although ours is pathetically inferiour to yours, you can still check it out at: www.intheteam/muwnc Ideal for finding out all the latest gossip about all our dirty slagish behaviour!!! 
15/5/2001 15:02 GMT  Baker
Rich Tomo, just heard a nasty rumour that you and Jo did somthing unspeakable recently in JRUL Green one, DIRTY BOY!!! 
15/5/2001 14:08 GMT  Beth
Don't believe the hype about lamo lads. His cock is only three inches ans his best ever performance was thirty seconds (including foreplay), and he pays me to talk to him, and I only pulled him for a dare, and he is lying about his job at KPMG, he is really going back to Wales and becoming a bin man. 
15/5/2001 14:03 GMT  liz the bigun
dannys bird - vanty has been ioogling my baps and squeezing them whilst I am trying to revise. he has whipped the other footballers in to a frenzy. Any idea how to deal with randy centre halves. ps dog (rob lycett) shagged dirty debbie on saturday night 
15/5/2001 13:58 GMT  Tim Nye
Don't worry about this season lads - yes we were relegated, and I owe the club personaly £2000. But I am the 'govnor' and will return next season faster than ever. 
15/5/2001 13:07 GMT  Danny Vant's bird
Could people please stop writing abusive messages about our sex life. However, I will answer a few of your queries. Yes he has got a huge schlong, I do walk funny afterwards, and he has stuck it in my arse. Thank You  
15/5/2001 10:21 GMT  Neal Mellor
Where is the story about Leighton Paul soiling himself after vod:bul? It is a true, and amusing story and he hasn't got time to rewrite it. Zieg-heil! 
14/5/2001 16:33 GMT  Herr Heinrich
Memo to the oppressive regime of the University of Manchester Website: Dear Adolf Nein to das editing of zee guestbuch u velsh sheep pomping sausage sucking fascist. Enough! 
14/5/2001 12:32 GMT  Karl Marx
I agree, the oppressive and totalitarian regime under Adolf Latham is undermining the proletariat, footballers of manchester uni unite! 
13/5/2001 13:01 GMT  Annoyed and Bored Person
Why r there is there no new stuff in the guestbook apart from the boring rubbish that has been there for the last 2 weeks. Don't tell me that no one has written in. One of the only reasons that people come to the site is to look at the guestbook so stop being little Hitler's and removing the messages while keeping the same old ones. Sort it out boys this is poor! 
17/4/2001 20:42 GMT  Phil O'Neill
Love the site. I'll bring a photy to the dinner. P.S. Duncan Mckenzie was most famous for playing for Everton. 
15/4/2001 13:01 GMT  Jon Latham
All Old Boys, if you want to come to the dinner can you please send your cheques in asap, as Sacha's, being awkward twats, want paying up front, so we have to know the numbers asap. Cheers 
12/4/2001 11:04 GMT  timshealey
Can we have less tales of raving homosexuals (Duzzy) and more stories of fat munters being shagged in pub toilets please ! 
11/4/2001 14:33 GMT  Tim Nye
It took an overdose 'cos it was sick of being shagged by me. 
11/4/2001 11:39 GMT  Tim Nye
Sorry i couldn't come to the Isle of Man lads, my pet donkey died of an overdose. 
10/4/2001 14:10 GMT  Steve Stavros
Hallo peeps! Now wha I wanna say is that why am I, the top agoalascorer in the club still playing for the 4's hey? I ablame it on the aclubacaptain Tim Nye, what do you fancy me ora somefing? 
9/4/2001 12:17 GMT  Duggy
good effort lads, nice pictures. Look forward to catching up @ the dinner. 
4/4/2001 22:41 GMT  Branigan's 'filthy bird'
I don't know who this prick mullet thinks he is or what he knows.i didn't suck on any ones balls let alone take it like lamo does.The truth is after Revolution on tuesday night i invited chris in but he turned me down. He was sorry to admit that he is in fact gay, and that would explain him wearing those awful pink and sleaveless shirts that he's got. 
2/4/2001 14:13 GMT  Graham Jack
webpage looks quality lamo, call you soon and see you all at the dinner (not you duzzy, you are still a c#nt!), nice to also see a change of venue! 
31/3/2001 20:53 GMT  Matt Charman
Can everyone please respect the site and stop logging on with stupid comments pretending to be other people!! By the way, I like girls to put household objects up my anus. 
30/3/2001 09:16 GMT  Merds
Has anyone got any pills??!! 
30/3/2001 09:13 GMT  Matt Charman
Ricky Daniels.. Is that the best you can come up with...?? 
29/3/2001 16:04 GMT  Matt Charman
I am a fag runt 
29/3/2001 15:03 GMT  Mike 'the Mullitt' Thornton
Hey, hold on there on Branagan! I was at Revolution on Tuesday and you're just too hard on yourself! Yes, she may have been small but she was pure filth! Not only did she swallow your twig and berries for a good half-hour, but she took up the sh*t box. And any way, I haven't pulled any girl at Uni yet. In fact I'm still a virgin. 
29/3/2001 14:58 GMT  Dave Warby
Hi, Dave Warby here. Just like like to let the world know that me and my boys had a stormer against Liverpool the other day. It's not about results, it's the performance that counts. And we only just got beat 8-0. 
28/3/2001 22:26 GMT  Chris Brannigan
I am just writing to apologise for my awful performance today,i pulled an absolutely filthy bird last night after Revolution, go easy on me lads remember i am ginger!I can only pull mingas, stil more than Daniels though! 
28/3/2001 22:22 GMT  Ricky Daniels
I know i look like Igor Chernobyl, but i still give 110% out ont pitch every game,i can frequently be found at firs on wednesdays saying " gerup you f**kin p**f"! 
28/3/2001 10:22 GMT  Ricky Daniel
Prosser, if you've got model-like looks, I've not got a hole in my arse. I've almost worked out who stiched me with the profile, it was either Lamo or Charman. Both of them couldn't outrun a snail, so no problems there then! 
27/3/2001 12:01 GMT  Bally
Pykey!!! - thought you'd been locked up in some Bangkok prison for drug smuggling!! whats ye email addr & when u back in UK??? 
27/3/2001 10:21 GMT  Tim Nye
I'm not gay, I just like small boys. 
26/3/2001 11:16 GMT  Tim Nye
i am actually gay you know... 
26/3/2001 09:39 GMT  Adam Hinds
I may be crap at football, but I can tune my ears into fm radio. 
25/3/2001 14:25 GMT  Hoops
Pykey fella... how you doin'? I take it you're still over East... you headed this way in the near future 'cos if you are there's a beer waiting with your name on it!! 
25/3/2001 10:46 GMT  Pykey
Top work fellas. Quality web-site. Brings back a lot of fantastic memories. Hoops how is Perth? Will be seeing you soon for a couple of beers. Bally what are you upto these days? All the best lads, Pykey 
23/3/2001 08:42 GMT  The REAL James Hannah
Mr Haydock, when you write such kind words I remember how you once made me question my sexuality! As for the Web Site - Nice one Brothers. It currently sits third place on the rostrum, just behind: and 
22/3/2001 23:14 GMT  paul prosser
okay wAN KERS - if i look like chris evans, my granny licks minge. reveal the truth to the world about my model - like looks.  
20/3/2001 21:51 GMT  Paul Haydock
I still love you James and I'll never forget the glory days ! 
20/3/2001 14:09 GMT  Jim Hannah
I agree, I am a loser, please vote for me in the poll. 
19/3/2001 22:20 GMT  Terry McKinstry's bitches
With regard to Ross' profile, all 4 of us have spent countless nights in bed with him, sometimes more than 1 at a time. Even if he can't score on the football pitch, he can certainly score with us! 
19/3/2001 17:26 GMT  Ricky Daniel
Nice website fellas - suberb photo! Whoever gave me the profile I'll find you thats a promise! 
16/3/2001 14:46 GMT  Bally
Good to see some of the old faces!!.... O'Hare get in touch for a beer 
16/3/2001 13:13 GMT  John Hartley
Duzzy, I here you have a tremendous mullet at the moment and are enjoying the rock and roll lifestyle of continually shagging minging birds in the toilets of pubs. Is that true or have i got the wrong man?????? 
15/3/2001 16:15 GMT  Stuart Grantham
Sorry I won't be able to come to the Old Boys Dinner this year, my girlfriend wants me to save our money, for our marriage next year. Somethings in life are really important, and happily marriage is one of them. I love her so much, it makes me blush with embarassment. She completes me. See you in 2002, if she lets me go. Love to all, Gran. 
15/3/2001 15:34 GMT  Simon Bray
Believe me - they were nothing comapred to some of the mingers I snared. I am the champion Beastlover.. 
15/3/2001 15:18 GMT  Tony Swallow
I shag rotters and i don't care 
15/3/2001 14:25 GMT  andy bennett
i like wearing woman's underwear 
15/3/2001 12:30 GMT  Katie Hoyle
Ben Wilson, I want you back, why did you leave me you bastard. If you don't come back to me I'll tell everyone about your little problem... 
14/3/2001 13:03 GMT  Dr Mike Hennessy (Didsbury Genito-Urinary Clinic)
Tony Swallow has herpes. I also have proof. 
13/3/2001 13:06 GMT  Tony Swallow
Danny Vant blows goats. I have proof. 
13/3/2001 13:04 GMT  Anin
I think Andy Crook has been missed too, his Jan Molby-like physique and aimless dribbling has been sorely missed.... 
11/3/2001 23:22 GMT  anon
I think Andy Crook has been missed a lot this year. I look fwd to his return to the team. A real talent! Anon.... 
11/3/2001 13:56 GMT  Mark Hooper
Well impressed by this site... hopefully will be able to catch up with people that I won't see at the dinner this year. Make sure you all have a few beers for me!! 
9/3/2001 10:26 GMT  timoleary
Thanks Steve..figure is coming along great training for the world darts championships 
9/3/2001 10:15 GMT  Mark Jessop
When is the Old Boys?? 
9/3/2001 09:36 GMT  Steven O'Hare
Amazing likeness of the photos on all the old boys.....just like seeing them all again. Tim O'Leary's belly is bigger than that though. 
8/3/2001 12:18 GMT  Ian Riddler
Not bad Lamo, but who the f**k wrote in as me on the 6th of March 
6/3/2001 17:13 GMT  timoleary
Does Tony Swallow still pull mingers? 
6/3/2001 17:00 GMT  John Hartley
Dave Jackson,give me a call. I live in Manchester now so when you're up give us a ring(07899973145), cheers bye. 
6/3/2001 12:44 GMT  Ian Riddler
Where did you get that picture of me fellas? I know I am a twat but i can't help it... 
5/3/2001 22:29 GMT  Tony Swallow
Nice one guys... Lamo you're a twat! Have you got a decent looking bird yet??? Leave my lego hair alone! And as for the std's, the answer is clearly that I'm a walking biological rancid beast!!!  
5/3/2001 17:28 GMT  TimOleary
Good website guys..will be great when everyones details are added..Matt Charman is a homo though 
5/3/2001 14:18 GMT  Dave Jackson
Fair Play to you Lamo, Jobs a gud un. 
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