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29/6/2001 00:33 GMT  George Best
Luv your work. I am from OZ and stumbled upon the site 
17/6/2001 17:04 GMT  geoff handley
Enjoyed the reunion game,even though the score was 8-5 to the upstarts.Good to see all the old faces,useful side being put together.Regards to Alan Hilsdon. 
10/6/2001 17:49 GMT  mATT
26/5/2001 11:04 GMT  ?
visit the best ladies football team this side of huddersfield at and leave a message in our guest book. 
20/4/2001 13:37 GMT  Irish Centre
go to to see the best football site on the web and the greatest Under17 team in england. P.S. we'd kill you in a game 
9/4/2001 12:25 GMT  CARSHALTON
8/3/2001 22:04 GMT  Steve ex-manager
How do you survive without players like me, Mark Venn, Tim Pearson, Bill Laver and Geoff Handley?  
14/2/2001 14:23 GMT  Big Jay Saxton
To the hard working, highly skillfull players of the WoodChip Wanderers, how do you play soccer when the whole of Britain is under water? Or is it snow at this time of year? Do you have any new memers - it's just that I don't remember seeing anyone skilled, let alone highly skilled when I last watched you play! Ha Ha!!! ;-) 
5/2/2001 20:20 GMT  Woodchip FC
Anyone seen Enda Brady ? Old looking chap runs a Sunday Football Team. He went missing a few weeks back. Theres a reward of a pint of Guiness if you can find him !!! 
19/1/2001 08:58 GMT  Kevin Keegan
Make sure you lot listen to what I have to say about Woodchip on BBC Radio Five Live on Sunday morning between 10am and 12pm. I love you Woodchip! 
20/12/2000 15:47 GMT  Enda Brady
All the best for Christmas and 2001 lads. I picked up a knock last night playing a game and I can't train this evening, it's still too sore. See you in January. 
11/12/2000 12:01 GMT  Enda Brady
Lads I can't make training on Wednesday night as I'm away on work overnight and can't get back home til Thursday. See you all on Sunday morning bright and breezy. 
7/12/2000 17:56 GMT  Enda Brady
I'll be there on Sunday. I couldn't make training because I was away. Great result on Sunday lads, well done.  
6/12/2000 16:35 GMT  Barry Weeks
Training is on tonight and i'll be there so hopefully will be everyone else including those disapointed Sunday 
4/12/2000 10:08 GMT  D.A . Fan Club Member
In the same way we're ready to blame them when things go wrong, a pat on the back is deserved when they get it right. DA & co got it pretty spot-on on Sunday well done the Management!!! 
1/12/2000 12:49 GMT  Enda Brady
Thanks Barry, we'll be going all out to get the points for you. See you for a pint on Friday. 
1/12/2000 12:00 GMT  Barry Weeks
Good luck lads, you are good enough to win this easy so just have some belief in yourselves. Go get em !!! 
1/12/2000 09:20 GMT  Enda Brady (Assistant Manager)
Directions for Sunday are on this website. Please make sure we get there in plenty of time lads. See you all Sunday.  
29/11/2000 14:36 GMT  Barry Weeks
Please check the chairmans view, news page official Woodhip Website. Thankyou 
22/11/2000 09:01 GMT  Enda Brady
No messing about tonight lads, we need a decent showing at training if we're to get things sorted. We'll be having a chat about what went wrong on Sunday, all opinions welcome. 
18/11/2000 12:51 GMT  Enda Brady
Let's get the passion back this Sunday lads and get the points in the bag. By now we should all know how we're getting there and with who. We've a strong side for tomorrow so let's get one over on them for that 0-3 defeat at our place.  
16/11/2000 23:18 GMT  Charlie Dimmock
I've been rumbled. Ayone need a winger who can dig flower beds? 
16/11/2000 16:33 GMT  Alan Tirchmarsh
Are Ray Parlour and Charlie Dimmock the same person? I've never seen them together. 
15/11/2000 16:16 GMT  Enda Brady
Lads I want a big turn out on Sunday for our game against Mansfield Road Reserves. We need a win and I want to see a strong squad to choose from. We have a couple of injuries already, so if you're not one of the people who've contacted me to say you're injured, I'm taking it you'll be there Sunday. Full travel arrangements to follow once I've spoken to Barry.  
8/11/2000 22:10 GMT  Enda Brady
I reckon we should train that night. England won't be around to help us on Sunday! What do you think lads? We've missed too many already and DA is getting any smaller is he? 
7/11/2000 14:59 GMT  Barry Weeks
Do we want to train 15/11/2000 ? There is an Engalnd Game that night against Italy. 
6/11/2000 23:23 GMT  Enda Brady
Attention Muppet Kickers - we'll give you lot a game. Seeing as half our lot can't be arsed to train, I'm sure we can find at least six to play. I'll drop you an e-mail Chris.  
6/11/2000 13:06 GMT  The Muppet Kickers
We see that you are a local side. Fancy a six a-side friendly. We herald from the dump known as Bracknell. 
6/11/2000 12:46 GMT  Enda Brady
Training next week is going to happen lads. If you have a problem, ring me or Barry.  
6/11/2000 11:00 GMT  Barry Weeks (Chairman)
Training for 8/11/2000 CANCELLED AGAIN. See NEWS on official site for details. 
5/11/2000 12:58 GMT  The Chairman
Dont forget to check out the new celebrity look-a-like on the official web site !!! 
3/11/2000 12:48 GMT  Enda Brady
Message for Colin Donohue: Colin, please get back in touch - our midfield hasn't been the same since you went back to college. I've lost your mobile number - please ring me on 07803-189085.  
2/11/2000 20:58 GMT  Barry Weeks
The official website has been updated. Feel free to check it out and email some comments. Cheers. 
1/11/2000 12:59 GMT  Jane Gelder
Looks very nice Enda! 
31/10/2000 16:26 GMT  Enda Brady
Congratulations to Barry Weeks on his work on the all new official Woodchip website. It's at and it's superb. Maps, stats, history, pics, it's brilliant. Well done Barry. Training is on Wednesday night, by the way. 
25/10/2000 22:21 GMT  Enda Brady (Assistant Manager)
Lads, we've just forked out for a new away kit and from what our treasurer tells me, it's time a few people coughed up their dues. We'll be collecting outstanding cash on Sunday and it would be great if we could get some monies in from certain individuals as it's been a busy month with all the home fixtures we've had. If you owe any cash to the club, please make some effort to reduce the deficit on Sunday. You know who you are!! By the way, there's no truth in the rumour Darren Andrews is after the Swindon Town job! 
24/10/2000 12:55 GMT  Enda Brady (Assistant Manager)
Training is cancelled tomorrow night, Wednesday October 25th. It's back on next Wednesday at Bicester, all welcome. 
22/10/2000 09:30 GMT  Scoop McKenzie
Hi again sports fans, and we have had some devasting news from the Woodchip camp. Alex 'The Ferret' Thomas in a freak accident broke his wrist when a ball struck him during a recent game. Officals from the Woodchip training camp said we knew this was on the cards, as upto recently the poor fellow didnt have a bird and all that intensive training was bound to take its tole. 
17/10/2000 18:41 GMT  Enda Brady (Assistant Manager)
Greetings from Cyprus! Congratulations lads on that super performance against Tackley. Barry messaged me the result on Sunday afternoon. Keep up the good work this week-end against Angel Witney and I'll be home for the next game after that. I still can't believe Jonny scored two!!! Darren, I'll ring you Monday. 
6/10/2000 19:17 GMT  Larry the Lamb (Porn god)
Robbie Baughan please come & see me.I've gotta be better than some of your ex birds. 
5/10/2000 17:39 GMT  Alex Ferguson
I'm looking for a keeper who can play a season without tarting off every couple of weeks.....anyone suitable? Bye the way, does Woodchip refer to the fact that all of your players are cheap and nasty and not very well hung. 
5/10/2000 09:18 GMT  Larry the Lamb (Porn god)
May I take this opportunity to quash the rumours of that super stud Phil Nolan starring in my next steamy picture “Larry’s adventures at the cattle market”. As many of you loyal fans will know I have vowed never to work again with that loveable hunk since our unsavoury split up, which saw him elope across the border to be with that brazen scabby wool’d Cotswold breed hussy - Joyce. Although his unrivalled talent is now sorely missed in the industry he will never again be allowed near my back door….. of my pen. Anyway, with Phil out of the way there is an opportunity for any of you hunky Chip guys to take up his reins - how about you Wally, it’s about time you were made a real man…… 
4/10/2000 20:51 GMT  john aldridge
Theres only one striker who can shoot us out of this goal slump. You want the sublime talents of that man who plays centre back, you know, the one who scored that breathtaking free kick. 
4/10/2000 20:32 GMT  Oxford Squad
Denis Smith ..... you couldn't run a bath 
4/10/2000 15:11 GMT  Stan Collymore
Any chance of a transfer to Woodchip lads? I've nearly worked my way through most of the major clubs in the midlands and am thinking about moving south. I'm a great team player, with a gentlemanly conduct both on and off the pitch. Give my great friend Peter a call at Leicester City. 
4/10/2000 08:37 GMT  Denis Smith
I've just packed in Oxford Utd and I'd be very interested in running a decent club like Woodchip. Let me know if that Andrews lad leaves. Ta. 
4/10/2000 03:47 GMT  Scoop Mckenzie
Hi Scoop Mckenzie here, shock news just in.....Rumours are flying round the country that the Woodchip Manager is on the verge of quitting the club "quoted as saying "they are all a bunch of whining B******s" as yet there has been no official word from the Woodchip press officer but a statement is expected in the next few days. 
4/10/2000 03:38 GMT  Alex Furguson
My god if my chairman who also doubles up as secretary was to leave comments like that about me i'd tell him to shove his job right where the sun don't shine. 
3/10/2000 20:32 GMT  Enda Brady (Assistant Manager)
Firstly, good luck on Sunday. I will be there in spirit. Secondly, let's draw a line under this "points" nonsense and get on with what's important. To my mind, that's making Woodchip better, having a laugh as we do so and getting promoted again. We can only do all that if we're together. I certainly think Eric made the right decision to keep playing. So let's keep our passion for the field of play. Finally, what a clinical finish last Sunday from that Woodchip lad up front. Who was he again? 
3/10/2000 19:12 GMT  Spectator who was 4 miles away
Cyrus the Virus was way off, but not as much as their striker. Cor blimey he had 40 yards on the nearest defender !!! 
3/10/2000 14:55 GMT  Cyrus 'never calls it wrong' New
There is no way in hell their 3rd was offside. 
3/10/2000 10:57 GMT  Barry Weeks (Chairman)
The ratings given both last season and this are a matter of personal opinion. Last season lots of people were upset with the scores given but they should not be taken to heart. Eric I think you proved when you came on Sunday that you made the right decision to continue playing for Woodchip and I for one and very glad to have you part of the team. You always show 110% commitment and thats what counts. Long may it continue. 
3/10/2000 07:57 GMT  Paolo Di Canio
Ai wuz at zi game on the Sunday and Paolo iz veri imperessed wiz what ee zaw from zi Woodcheeps. We are aving some leetle problems finding ze net here at zi Boleyn and wuz oping zat zi big lad up front, i zink you call im Enda, could get iz arss down to east Lundon. Ee is very tall so maybe ee elp us Ammers find ze net which is idden quite hi up on zi shelf. Paolo tanks you all very much and he weesh you gooood luck for the rest of the seazon. 
2/10/2000 10:39 GMT  Eric Clapton
Kathy-Sorry if I upset you moaning about the ratings,but before the season started I was on the verge of quitting Woodchip & your 4 out of 10 rating told me I had made the wrong decision to carry on playing. Enjoy your holiday. 
29/9/2000 17:20 GMT  Enda Brady (Assistant Manager)
Just remember who picks the team lads, eh? 
29/9/2000 09:38 GMT  Robbie Fowler
I know that Enda Brady fellow, my dad used to play footie with him. Tells everyone he's only 24 but whose he trying to kid with all that grey hair. The guy is late 40's at best. If you want to keep trying that old I am 24 routine then you need "Just For Men" 
28/9/2000 19:58 GMT  Cilla Black
Alex 'Spender' Thomas took his new bird to a wine-tasting sesh at Burford Golf Club. (The posh bastard!!) 
28/9/2000 18:38 GMT  Eric Clapton
Everybody who owes money needs to bring it this Sunday otherwise I'll send Wayne Forest round to collect your debts.We know where you live Min,Wally,Jonny,Tarrant etc 
26/9/2000 18:42 GMT  Oxford Utd
Can we have this Clapton lad? Four out of ten is amazing (by our standards anyway). 
26/9/2000 13:00 GMT  Mark Lawrenson
I don't remember seeing any 4 out of 10's last season.Why wasn't this player subbed if he was that bad.Perhaps he should quit or send the match reporter to the local school of tactlessness. 
25/9/2000 16:33 GMT  Alan Hansen
Could 'Statto' possibly be 4 out of 10 Eric Clapton????? Ouch! 
25/9/2000 13:02 GMT  Statto
What an absolute joke set of ratings from Sunday's match.Any neutral would think we lost 7-0.Open your eyes & watch the whole match please. 
24/9/2000 13:22 GMT  Cilla Black
Congratulations to our Alex from Witney who has finally found lurve!!!! 
22/9/2000 21:04 GMT  Kevin Keegan
Look lads, I can see your all stuggling to find the back of the net on Sunday mornings. I`m willing to let Phil out of squad training next Sunday to help you out. So give him a shout and i`m sure he`ll knock in the odd hat-trick or three. 
22/9/2000 15:03 GMT  David Smart
Wicked site guys, glad 2 hear you've signed an old teamate of mine from back 'in the valleys', Phil Nolan is a legend back there & thats not just on the pitch, he's a big Bolton fan though, shame really!. Good luck for the season, i'll have to catch you all one very messy Sunday morning.  
13/9/2000 21:48 GMT  Garrett
What lies has Colin been telling?  
12/9/2000 07:59 GMT  Enda Brady (Assistant Manager)
Well done to all our new signings. Sunday's result was well deserved and if it's anything to go by, the new season should be a memorable on for Woodchip. Roll on the start of the league! 
9/9/2000 15:09 GMT  Barry Weeks (Chairman)
With regard to the registration forms. Officially they were due to arrive with the registration secretary 7 days before the 1st game of the season. The forms however were not in my possesion until the Tuesday before the start of the season. It would appear whoever had custody of the forms prior to myself couldn't work out that Tuesday is not 7 days before Sunday. If all you chaps could chip in we'll buy the manager ooops I mean whoever was responsible a calender. 
4/9/2000 21:30 GMT  Terry F*** Witt
Well done lads, you make me proud. Registration forms and all.  
4/9/2000 21:28 GMT  Michael Owen
Look lads, Whats all this pants about playing that manc t**t up front with me. Get Phil Cummins on the pitch with me. Then stand back and watch the fireworks !!! 
3/9/2000 18:06 GMT  TW
Jason Spriggs signature has been secured 
30/8/2000 22:05 GMT  Kevin Keegan
I've only one striker fit for our game against France at the week-end. Sod The Carriers Arms - any of you lot fancy a game at Wembley? I know sod all about tactics, but there'll be plenty of goals. I hear Alex Thomas is a great defender who never loses the ball under pressure - not like that twat Neville I keep picking. Well? 
30/8/2000 12:10 GMT  Mick McCarthy
I'm looking for someone to play upfront with Robbie Keane against Holland on Sunday. Can this Brady lad be released from your game against Carriers Arms? I'll play him because we have awful problems what with Phil Babb and Mark Kennedy getting arrested in Dublin.  
24/8/2000 18:21 GMT  Arsene Wenger
Eric Clapton should be playing up front.Enda Brady couldnt hit a barn door. 
22/8/2000 12:17 GMT  Sami Hypia
Enda Brady and John Goodgame up front ? Are you joking ? In front of a firing squad maybe !!! 
21/8/2000 12:59 GMT  Meredith
Having watched the game, I was very disappointed in Colin Donohue's performance, I know he got Man of the Match but I really feel it was undeserved. Julia I know who you are, just watch it, I'll be seeing you soon. 
20/8/2000 18:48 GMT  JULIA GOOLIA
I Think that Meredith is an absolute slut and should be shot in the head. 
4/8/2000 08:55 GMT  First Aid Officer
If a child chokes on a ice cube, dont panic...just pour a jug of hot water down its throat and hey presto...the problem would be instantly dissolved. 
3/8/2000 12:27 GMT  Meredith
Congratulation on your fantastic new signing Colin Donohue. I would just like to point out you have been spelling his surname incorrectly. As I am an avid fan. Good luck in the new season. 
3/8/2000 03:36 GMT  micky matthews (from oz)
g'day Enda thanks for the message on our Tea Tree Gully "intheteam" site down under. most of our team is made up of good looking ex-pats and a couple of ossies which is hard for me being the only gay guy in the side. please drop me a line again on our site. we are currently second from top, 4 to go, and still in the cup.  
26/7/2000 17:08 GMT  Enda Brady
Congratulations to Ben Davies, who has passed his driving test at long, long last! More lifts to the matches for the lads then! 
8/7/2000 10:42 GMT  Eagle Vaults FC
Frazer Nicol smells of piss. Barry Weeks couldn't pass water.  
8/7/2000 10:38 GMT  Mark Spencer
Phil Cummins is rumoured to be spending his Sunday's clothes shopping & was recently spotted bartering for shoes outside Brize Norton Astrabowl. 
11/6/2000 18:50 GMT  Vinny - Willowfield player
Alright lads. Some nice ideas for pages eg greatest goals, malicious gossip, our crappest players etc. Good luck 
6/6/2000 09:19 GMT  DK of Willowfield Celtic, Halifax
Thanks for your comments re our website, much appreciated. With regards to the images/pictures you should be able to upload them once you have logged in 'upload image'. 
5/6/2000 20:20 GMT  Enda Brady
Please leave your comments about this site here - and if you're within travelling distance of Oxford and fancy a friendly this summer, please get in touch. 
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