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21/11/2001 20:37 GMT  Lauren
just heard that david howe will be riding 4 wolves next season 
9/10/2001 13:48 GMT  Beefy
Theres been some great racing at the East of England Showground this year. Congratulations to Ryan on another great season, hope to see him on the Grand Prix podium next year. I think we will be a force to be reckoned with next year with Sam returning and hopefully Simon joining us. There has been talk of Mark being replaced for next year, any thoughts on who we should bring in if that is the case? 
9/8/2001 18:23 GMT
goto to let your pc earn you your fortune. 
11/7/2001 19:39 GMT  Mike
good site, needs some pictures! Just wanted to say good luck for the rest of the season, and please don't pinch Simon Stead off us next season! 
18/6/2001 10:19 GMT  Lauren
Hey good site!! Think you should get some pics thought!!! Anyway good luck panthers!! kick some butt!!!! 
9/5/2001 08:10 GMT  Big Dan
Ah, its Miss Ria, that explains a lot! 
8/5/2001 17:30 GMT  Ria
From 'Miss' Ria's daddy To Big Dan- We all have our own opinions. Eventhough some people are far from right......-not mentioning any names 'Big Dan.' 
7/5/2001 20:31 GMT  Mr Right
Big Dan- glad to see that you appreciated Sully's maximum @ Ipswich, so did I and so did all the so called fans who were booing him and asking him to be sacked @ our last home match. I also think Mark is a fantastic rider but I don't think he's gonna regain his title as there are plenty of other guys with more hunger and desire to win it. Remember that Mark didn't win his title by winning individual rounds he just picked up a "few points" in each GP! Anyway we all have our opinions and as Mark is the BRITISH world champion-I doubt many will agree with my thoughts! 
7/5/2001 18:40 GMT  Big Dan
'Mr Right', so what Ryan got a few Grand Prix pts, but i think that you are forgetting Mark is the champ, and he will retain his title! Don't get me wrong i think Ryan is a top class rider and i was very pleased to see him get 15pts against Ipswich, but he aint as good as what some people make him out to be. Mr Ria, tell me to get a life, why don't you get a decent name? 
6/5/2001 17:55 GMT  Ria
Mr 'Dan' blokie -get a life!- Everyone has a bad day, and Ry has been the first to admit his season hasnt been 2 fab so far. But its only a matter of time untill he shows the sad little lads like you just what he can do again! I 4 one support him 101% & always will- & know he will have the World Champion title one day 2!!! 
4/5/2001 13:41 GMT  grococker
I say big dan knows just what hes on about you wait and see mark will come out on top as he always does. Unlucky ryan maybe one day!(your stiil a good rider) 
1/5/2001 17:10 GMT  LOYAL panthers fan
So Big Dan admits he talks out of his arse-we all knew that anyway! LOL!!!! Ryan will be a future world champion and will laugh at people like you who didn't think he'd do it. 
1/5/2001 10:06 GMT  Big Dan
Ryan SUllivan, future World Champ, MY ARSE!!! 
24/4/2001 17:27 GMT  LOYAL panthers fan
Message to Big Dan-why dont you leave Ryan alone,so what he's had a few bad matches but think of everything hes done in the past and what he will do in the future for us. He is defintely a future world champion and deserves the fans to stick by him. Ryan will be back to his flyin self in no time!! 
24/4/2001 08:57 GMT  Big Dan
Mark Loram is a GOD!!! Nice to see the firestarter is hot as well now, pitty about cryin ryan sullivan though! 
22/4/2001 17:30 GMT  NICKI
Good site. Could have some piccys of riders such as Matej Ferjan who is sooo fit!! 
21/4/2001 03:41 GMT  Amy Rippin
Being in the sunny land of Oz it's difficult to keep up with the goings on of my favuorite team. Good job with the website - I will be a regular visitor from now on!! 
20/4/2001 11:34 GMT  laura edwards
some people have voted for mark loram to make way, why do they want this? his is the best singing this team has made in a while why would anyone want him to leave....? mail me if you have any points. 
24/3/2001 22:10 GMT  Paul Wiggins
Kevin this is a cool site like my sister said and how do you login to the club forum? but on another note lets hope we can do the terbile again this year. But no matter were we end up we still had a good team LETS WIN IT ALL  
24/3/2001 13:04 GMT  Helen
This is a cool site. How do i get into the club forum?  
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