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Chip and Sarah are in love. They share happy times with sad, the good with the bad, but a single injustice hides a scandal that rocks the foundations of his Soccer manhood. It's just the tip of the iceberg.

Sarah has red-carded football. She has swapped hamstrings for heartstrings. Where once Di Canio, Beckham and Owen reigned supreme now Hanks, Clooney and Gere get their debuts. Andy Gray has been substituted by Barry Norman and Man United V's Liverpool isn't even a supporting role for Sleepless in Seattle. Chip doesn't want Oscars and Baftas, he wants Premiership trophies and FA Cups.

Sarah has become his Referee, Assistant and FA tribunal all in one. She may well be a Pretty Woman but by taking this action niggles at a groin injury from which Chip may never recover. However, all is not lost.

But for one man this Titanic story would slip by unnoticed. That man is Tim Lovejoy. With the support of the Soccer AM team he has championed the cause for his friend Chip to ensure that his plight is heard, nee shouted out loud from the stands.

Sarah must understand that Football is Hollywood. Just bigger. From what other arena could the line 'football isn't a matter of life and death, it's much more important than that' have come? Save Chip...don't let Sarah win.

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