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Oppo's Info!

Although some teams that we will be playing will have been to our 'Interesting Georgian Town' before, some will not. This page has been designed so that any visiting teams that don't have a clue about our town and our Clubs facilities, can look here before they travel and can read all about it! You will find various links on the homepage where you will find further info and directions. If you need more then please contact us via e-mail or guestbook.

CLUB BACKGROUND: Although the 2001/2 season is the very first for our Club, the backbone of the team have played together in various forms for a while now. There has been a team at Tesco in Blandford for more than five years, playing mainly friendlies. The crowning glory came in September 2000, when we played The Badgers from Sky Sports 'Soccer AM' programme. The match was played at Dorchester Towns' Avenue Stadium in front of around 450 people. The highlights were shown on 'Soccer AM' the following week. Although we lost 1-3, it inspired us to form this Club so we could do it every week! The bulk of our squad are made up from Tesco staff and from Wareham Wanderers [ also known as Shah Wanderers ], who have been in the Dorset Sunday League Division One for the past couple of years. But with the bulk of that squad coming from Blandford, they were keen to come back 'home' to play their football.

HOME PITCH: We have been very fortunate to secure a prime pitch in the town, at The Blandford School. A nice flat pitch too! Mostly. The facilities at the adjacent Sports Centre are first class too. They are currently planning a Lottery Bid for improved changing rooms and we hope to be a part of all that. When you get to the School, drive on down and you will find a nice large car park. The changing rooms are to be found in the Sports Centre. If one of our team hasn't met you by then, ask at the desk and they will direct you. You will find a map by clicking the 'map' link on the homepage and which also a direct link to the School website. The Groundsman can be contacted if needs be, by the number to be found on the homepage.

AFTER MATCH GRUB: Just about the best pub in Blandford is The Kings Arms Hotel, on the corner of Bryanston Street and Whitecliff Mill Street, on the left across the road from Woolworths! It is usually jam-packed of an evening but should be nice and quiet after a match on a Sunday. It does serve some lovely beer too and, luckily, it is not a Hall and Woodhouse pub!! A link on the homepage will take you to its website, which will give you exact directions, although the site doesn't look like it is kept up to date otherwise. There are a few parking spaces by the pub but you may have to park along Bryanston Street and walk back.

GETTING AROUND BLANDFORD!: The town has a wonderful one-way system in place. The easiest way to get to the pitch initially will be to come into the town at the Tesco roundabout, turning right at the bridge and following the one way system up the hill, left fork at Woolies and eventually turning left opposite the Hospital. To get to the Pub after a game will mean going right round the town again unfortunately but it will be worth it! We have just gone through a town enhancement scheme and it has caused great controversy here. It means a one lane road throughout and great hold-ups when busy. Again, a Sunday morning should be nice and quiet for you!

OTHER DELIGHTS!: Blandford is a wonderful place.....well, it is ok. Our main attraction is obviously the G-Nite Spot but you wont get to see that unless you have a night out there before playing us!! We do actually have a lot of pubs and there are some decent ones amongst them. The best of which are The Kings Arms, Nelsons, The Dolphin and The Choughs. Our best shop is definately Woolworths! A lot of our players work at Tesco, which you will probably see on your way into town. Well worth a visit if our pub grub doesn't fill you up, as it has a lovely Coffee Shop, where you can get a nice fry up! Aside from that, you are probably well advised to come to our town, have a good game of footy, get some pub grub and then run away very fast!!!
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