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After an injury occurs, the damaged area will bleed - externally or internally - and become inflamed. Healing begins as damaged tissue is replaced by collagen, perhaps better known as scar tissue. This is an inflexible substance which needs correct and careful treatment before a full return to sport is possible.
The RICE method (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) is recommended for managing a low grade injury in its early stages: The immediate use of ice reduces bleeding. For the first 48 to 72 hours following injury, an ice pack should be applied for 10 to 12 minutes every 2 waking hours. Medisport Instant Ice Packs are ideal for this purpose. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
In order to reduce further the amount of blood flowing to the injured area, elevation and compression are recommended using a tubular bandage or an elasticated support. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Rest can prevent further trauma to the damaged site. Braces, supports and strapping can help to protect low grade injuries while undertaking normal daily activities. They can also protect and support Grade 3 strains but should only be used under medical supervision. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Very light massage after initial bleeding has ceased, using any form of oil to prevent skin abrasion, can improve the function of forming scar tissue, cut healing time and reduce the possibility of injury recurrence. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Careful stretching can improve the function of scar tissue as it forms, but this only applies to muscles and tendons, NOT ligaments which benefit from massage only. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Vitamin C, taken at the time of an injury, can help promote healing. This is because collagen needs this vitamin if it is to form correctly. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
As the injury moves out of the acute phase and bleeding stops, the Medisport reusable Heat Pack and/ or Sportsbalm are ideal for increasing blood supply to the damaged area and promote healing. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
As the injury settles and heals, strengthening exercises can begin. Braces and supports can prove invaluable at this stage. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Prevention is better than cure. A heat-moulded mouthguard will protect the teeth and jaw; Medisport blister patches will prevent blisters, if applied immediately a hotspot develops and Gatorade the worlds No.1 isotonic sportsdrink, will prevent dehydration
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MUSCLE PAIN Thigh (quadriceps) strain cause and symptoms Thigh strain often occurs while carrying out an activity, such as kicking or sprinting, if the muscle being used has been inadequately prepared. Contributing factors include insufficient warm up, fatigue, lack of flexibility, strength and ballistic capabilities, muscle imbalance and progressing through exercise too quickly.
The central Quads group muscle, often called the 'kicking muscle', is commonly damaged with immediate pain apparent as the injury happens.
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