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League Cup Final

L.A. Medics Vs Borussia

Redbridge &District Div. One Cup. Final

Aveley F.C.

14th May 2000

The day was hot and sunny with an occasional warm breeze. The kick off was on time at 3pm.
The match had been re-arranged after the original game was postponed due to a waterlogged pitch.

Although Borussia had dominated the two league fixtures, scoring thirteen goals over the two games,
Alan ‘Wodderick the Wobber’ Barrett had installed enough confidence in the Medics, with extra training sessions, since the postponement of the original fixture. All were confident of having a good attempt at winning their first trophy since the formation of the team.

First Half
Fairly evenly spread with the first attack from Borussia, after 30secs being caught offside. Less than a minute later the Medics first attack ended the same way.

Just before the fourth minute Medics were awarded a free kick about 25yds out following a trip on their captain, Jason ‘Subtitles’ Flannery. The ball was lofted into the Borussia 18yd box but due to pushing in the area a further free kick was awarded against the Medics.

In the seventh minute an attack along the right wing, by Borussia, came to nothing when the resulting cross was hit too deep for the incoming attackers. The ball eventually won by the fireman of the Medic side, Jack ‘Danny’ Deol, and cleared forward. A minute or so later a goal kick from the Medic keeper, Steve ‘Nosebleed’ Byrne, was collected on the half way line and hoisted forward by the Borussia striker but easily collected by Nosebleed.

As the game headed towards the ten minute mark L.A. Medics seemed to be retaining more of the possession, although when Borussia had possession they wasted no time in getting forward. The first ball was lamped out of the ground by Lee ‘Incest’ Coomber, the Medics right back, following a Borussia goal kick. This led to a replacement ball being bought on and another Borussia goal kick.

Both sides were creating chances without really threatening. Nosebleed having to clear from the edge of his 18yd box on 20 & 30mins. Just after the half-hour a free kick on edge of the 18yd box was hit over by Trevor ‘Rodney’ Warwick. A little later a long ball through allowed Paul ‘Dicko’ Dickinson to beat the off side, but the shot bought a fine save by the Borussia keeper.

On the stroke of half time a corner from the right was cleared by the Borussia defense. Paul ‘Moon’ Ratledge collected the ball, again on the right. Playing the ball along the wing, past an on coming defender, running inside the defender and collecting the ball a few yards further up the line he was free to make his way towards the Borussia goal line. The defender, who had stopped seeing a flag from the linesman, had no chance of making up lost ground. ‘Moon’ played the ball into the area and as the ball bobbled about on the hard surface neither the defense nor forwards were able to connect properly. Eventually the ball fell to ‘Rodney’ to the left of the 6yd box and forced the ball home through the packed area.

Due to the earlier flag, the referee went to the linesman. On consultation the decision was made that ‘Moon’ had taken the ball through on his own and there was no off side offence. All the L.A. Medic players agreed. Unfortunately one of the Borussia team didn’t and his resulting protest led to a yellow card. The half time whistle followed shortly after the restart of the game.

Second Half

The second half followed much the same pattern as the first. Fairly end to end but at times a bit scrappy. Borussia tried to increase the pressure but dogged defending by the Medic back four and organized keeping by Nosebleed helped prevent any successful attempt on goal.
On 55mins. The Medic bench sprung into life with most of the subs warming up.

On 56mins. A ball played forward by the Borussia keeper was poorly controlled in the center circle and possession was lost. Subtitles collected for the Medics and laid the ball forward to Gary ‘Rattie’ Ralph on the right. As he danced passed two Borussia players he looked up and, from the right edge of the 18yd box, played a ball towards the penalty spot. As ‘Dicko’ controlled a difficult bounce, he turned, firing a fine shot into the bottom right hand corner of the Borussia net leaving the stranded keeper little chance of making a save.

Unable to shake off an earlier injury ‘Rodney’ was replaced by Tony ‘Uncle Albert’* Crann. This led to some reorganization by Wodderick from the sideline. ‘Subtitles’ moved from midfield to right back, ‘Incest’ moved from there into cover his former Gallows Corner team mate, ‘Rodney’, in the center back roll and ‘Albert’ slipped into the midfield. A little later ‘Danny’ indicated he was struggling against the heat, pace of the game and his age**. Gary ‘Harold Hill’ Simmons stepped up to the line to replace him. ‘Danny’ made his way to the line, accepting the applause by waving to the crowd and removing his shirt. A few seconds of confusion followed when it became apparent ‘Harold Hill’ had not been named as a substitute prior to the game. This short break was followed by ‘Danny’ re-entering the field, replacing his shirt and waving to the crowd yet again, trying to muster enough energy to carry on.

Chances again were few although Borussia increased the pressure once more without any real threat. The most clear cut chance falling to ‘Uncle Albert’ for the Medics following a perfect ball across the box from ‘Dicko’. The old boy was unable to get his feet high enough off the ground to make contact with the ball.

Buck ‘You Beauty’ Deol was replaced in the 89th minute following a knock and was replaced by Jason ‘Brooklyn’ Robinson. Although Borussia continued to pressure the few minutes of injury time did not see any further goals and L.A. Medics had won their first appearance in a final 2-0.

Most made their way to the sponsoring pub, The Ferndale, and the few who could manage followed onto the Beckton Alps. From what can be remembered a good night was had by all.

*Uncle Albert would like to thank Ian ‘Magic Hands’ Maslin for his work on an injury. His superb treatment surely led to the last chance of this old boy appearing in a final.

**The team feel that being a fireman, ‘Danny’ working for 70mins, had probably exerted himself more than he would normally. Instead of going to the pub it is believed he returned to work for a long rest.

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