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About Mini Soccer


Mini Soccer is aimed at children aged 10 & under and is designed to give them more involvement in a game by reducing the size of the pitch, goals, number of players in a team and even the ball.

It recognises the fact that younger children perform better in smaller teams with simple Laws. By reducing the pitch and team size, It will give a child more opportunities to have the ball at their feet, thus enabling them to be much more involved in a game. This can only help their interest and further development in the game.

The Rules of Mini Soccer were introduced for the start of the 1999-2000 season and were designed to be uncomplicated so that children don't need to worry about such things as the offside rule.

Another big feature of Mini Soccer is that both boys and girls can play in the same team, This will encourage some girls, who may previously have found their path blocked, to take up the sport.

With the main emphasis on fun rather than results, kids can enjoy a game regardless of whether they win or not. Good sportsmanship is another feature that young children are encouraged to adopt, so that they learn respect for their opponents at an early age.

As long as children can - take an active part in the game, learn to play as a team, understand the laws and develop their ability, then Mini Soccer will have succeeded.

The following Rules are recommended by the FA:

Under 9's/10's - Pitch Size = Max 60 x 40 Min 50 x 30 (Yards) 

Under 7's/8's  -  Pitch Size = Max 50 x 30  Min 30 x 20 (Yards)

Length of Match - Under 7's/8's = 20 Minutes each way

                                 Under 9's/10's = 25 Minutes each way

Goal Size - Width = 3.6m (12ft)  Height = 1.88m (6ft)

Number of Players - Under 7's and Under 8's = 5 v 5

                                  - Under 9's and Under 10's = 6 v 6 and 7 v 7

Ball Size - Under 7's/8's = Size 3  Under 9's/10's = Size 4

Penalty Area - Length = 10 Yards  Width = 18 Yards

The Penalty Spot is 8 Yards from the Goal Line opposite the centre of the goal.                    

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