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2000 Rule Changes
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2000 Rule Changes

There have been some rules changes which will be in effect for the new season. The main ones from a playing point of view are:

The hand is no longer classed as part of the ball, so a foul should be called if the hand is slapped.

There will now be a 24 second shot clock instead of 30. The ball now also has to hit the ring for the shot clock to be reset.

The attacking team now has 8 seconds instead of 10 to get the ball over the halfway line.

A player technical foul now results in 1 free throw followed by possession from the halfway line. A coach or bench technical remains 2 shots and possession.

All games will now be made up of 4 10 minute quarters, with 4 team fouls in each quarter (Sussex are debating whether to enforce this though so things might stay at 20 minute halves).

There will be 1 time-out in each quarter, with 2 in the 4th, plus 1 in each overtime period.

All time-outs will last 1 minute.

A time-out can now be requested by the team who has just been scored against, as long as it is requested before the ball is touched again by one of their players. Previously it had to be requested before the shot was taken.

The ball can be thrown over the backboard from an out of bounds situation.

The defending team can request a substitution after they have been scored against when the clock has been stopped in the last 2 minutes of the last quarter/half. If they bring on a sub, so can the attacking team.
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