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A little History.......

Cosmos Sports & Cultural Club abbreviated Cosmos was formed in 1973 with its original name being Dawes Road Cricket Club since all the founding members lived on Dawes Road. Some of the founding members are Lenny Ramoutar, Raffie Khan, Walter Persaud and the late Leon Suknandan. In 1974 with the influx of the new members, Wally and Nasir (Tully) Ghanny, Joe Roopnarine, Jerry Kahn, Garth Mansingh, Albert Singh, etc., the name was changed to Cosmos Sports & Cultural Club. The home ground was at Ashtonbee with Cosmos occupying one of the two cricket pitches available at the time but in 1977, Cosmos home ground moved to Miliken Park where friendly games were played.

Cosmos is a founding member of the Scarborough Cricket Association, which was started shortly through the initiative of the dedicated and famous Chetram Singh, who was its first President. Competitive game of cricket started with twelve (12) teams in the S.C.A. with Cosmos making a major contribution towards the development of competitive cricket in the S.C.A. Many members of Cosmos served on the S.C.A. Executive and Committees. Prominent among them were Wally and Tully Ghanny, Dennis Plummer, Robin Singh, Joe Roopnarine, Ronald Bacchus, Dr. Raj Singh, Dr. Rudy Singh, Dr. Nar Singh, Kalid and Samal Ali, etc. After one year, Chetram Singh had to voluntarily leave the S.C.A. to pursue the career in London, Ontario and Richard Ramlall succeeded.

Cosmos in the largest club in the S.C.A with membership in excess of fifty and having three competitive cricket teams in the S.C.A., one in each Division. Cosmos is not only large in its membership, but also outstanding in both its achievements in and out of the S.C.A. and contributed towards the rapid growth and development of the S.C.A. In fact Cosmos has attracted very talented cricketers who represent Canada, among whom are the reliable wicketkeeper/batsman, Surendra Seeraj, Pat Clark, all rounders, David Persaud and Terry Mathura, the determined all rounder, Richard Driffield, Mark Hardeen, Shruti Singh, etc. In addition, Cosmos has always has a representative on the Executive of the S.C.A. Among its major achievements over the years are: In 1990 Cosmos won the First Division trophy under the experience and astute captaincy of Brij Bissessar. In 1995 Cosmos won the Championship in the First Division of the S.C.A. under David Persaud, but lost in the Second Division to International Sports Club. In 1997 under the captaincy of the experience, dedicated, hard working and generous John Lall, Cosmos B team in the Second Division won the Fifty Overs play off games and the Twenty Overs consolation trophy on the Festival Weekend. Also in 1997 Cosmos A team for the first time won the Festival Weekend Twenty Overs competition under the enthusiastic and dynamic captaincy of Terry Mathura but lost in the finals in the Fifty Overs play off game to the Lawrence Sports Club. 1998 and 1999, Cosmos A team won the First Division Championship under skipper, Terry Mathura. In 1999 Cosmos B team also won the Percy Cummings Trophy (Festival Weekend 20 Overs Tournament) while the Cosmos A team captured the consolation trophy. In year 2000, the A team lost in the 50 Overs finals to Lawrence C.C. and in 2001, lost in the semi-finals to S.M.C.C.  In the remaining past years, Cosmos did manage to qualify for the play off games but was not fortunate enough to win the finals. Finally, Cosmos being a family oriented Club undertook several overseas tours to several places including Guyana, Barbados, Bahamas and Metro Washington with which an annual tour started in 1987.

The Cosmos current Executive for the Year 2002 season are as follows:

President - Brij Bisessar, Vice-President - Monesh Bhoopaul, Treasurer - Terry Mathura, Secretary - Daron Mahase, Manager - Suresh Persaud
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