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21 Things We Hate

21-Slipknot- Pants band, pants masks......Pants!

20-The Dunfords- The chairmen of Bristol Rovers! Nice to see the money from the sales of Nigel Martyn, Marcus Stewart, Barry Hayles, Jason Roberts and so on hasn't been wasted!

19- R'n'B- Who listens to that pap anyway??

18-Stoke- Jamie say's its crap and hes from there.

17-Jason Wood- Would be higher if we put any thought into the order

16-Yanks- They think they're better than us! But they're not!!

15-Sprouts- What?!? They're healthy??

14-Warm Beer- A great way to spoil perfection.

13-Shaggy- Sh!t songs and a yank

12-Exercise- Why?

11-Peter Beadle- Was good, played for Rovers, then for some reason joined city?!?

10-Lee Billing- Have you seen the rest of the site?? We considered renaming this the official We Hate Billing Site.

9-Dominic Mohan- Hes a , he writes in the sun AND he supports city

8- Stews cd Collection- He puts it on every fu[king time we go round and it's his w*nk R'n'B.

7-Asda- It's cheap, scaby and nowhere near as good as tesco's.

6-Scoucers- My t.v's gone along with my car, stereo, p.c and Kenny G album...and why... those thieving squeky scoucers!

5-South Bristolians- Dirty imbreds, that are about as civilised as gypo's, and Trashton Gate's there Aswell.

4-Tim Westwood- Thinks hes Black,presents sh!te music and is a bit of a nause

3-Justin Timberlake- In a boy band so has to be gay but then goes out with Britney Spears! We hate him!

2-Andy Cole- The worst player in the premiership.....except maybe for Ade Akinibyi, and like Akininyi used to play for city....hmmmm i've noticed a trend!

1-Bristol City F.C-

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