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21 Things We Love

21- Rajani's Superstore- The Asian Superstore that offers great goods at great prices! also the home of Tina's Cafe.

20- Patrick trainers- Worn by Starr's, Star George Creese.

19-Kaliber- This liquid keeps Ash Bruno drinking pints all night long.

18- Fast Food Outlets- McDonalds,KFC,Burger King we love 'em all.

17-High Tops- The chosen hairdo for 80's dancefloor dudes. We can't wait for the day when Stew has a Kaliber too many and passes out, which mean High Top time.

16-Tipex- The white gooey liquid that help me get through my Education.

15-Xena's Great Big Ring- A weapon called a great big ring, how can you not be amused!

14-S Club 7- Tina, John, Paul, Rachel, Jo, Bradley and Hannah. Dancefloor Classics as standard.

13-Wurzels- The greatest Band of all time! the greatest night of my life was watching them perform live at Maddison square gardens (and they didn't mime)

12-Richard Pinnock- We only love him coz Billing hates him and he sets any party a light.                                                  

11-Waynes World- Hi! were in Delaware.

10-Bristol Zoo- George once had a season was great.

9-ISS Pro- If it wasn't for this game........ we'd be bored.

8-Lager- If it wasn't for this drink........ we'd be very bored!

7- Spaghetti Hoops- mmmmmmm and they come in all shapes and sizes.

6-Oasis Food Van- Food in a van.... genius.

5-4- Marcus Stewart +Barry Hayles- Worlds greatest Strikers, That have both played for the worlds greatest side.

3- Britney Spears- WOW!

2- Uncle Colin- Our adopted alcoholic uncle. Uncle Colin ..We love you.

1-Bristol Rovers F.C-

Words can't describe the greatness of this club, PURE CLASS.

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