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The anti Billing page

Best guestbook entries:-

21/11/2001 23:02 GMT jeffery beaver

 Very Very Very Funny Site. Ps Billing's Gay


20/11/2001 15:47 GMT 

Billing is a bible bashing god lover!!!

Reading his post i this guest book i have read at least six occasions where mr Billing has quoted the term 'god'! Make of that what you will! 
19/11/2001 11:41 GMT Haley Billing!I was drunk, why else would i get it on with you?!? Why do you keep asking to do me from behind??? And no!! i wont wear a strap on!!!
19/11/2001 11:27 GMT Julian Clary OHHHH that Lee Billing has got to be the studliest man at filon college
19/11/2001 10:58 GMT CeLl BloCK 12 pRISONER 34 Lee please break the law again so you cum back to prison ;.}
18/11/2001 00:57 GMT A very horny man looking for his bitch!! I think Lee Billing is sooooo cute ;)
8/11/2001 07:57 GMT KeBaB vAn MaN ASSISTANT Saturday at akroid booths could be a record braking nite, as Lee Billing hopes to smash his world record of talking constant boll*cks. The last eent saw Mr Billing talk sh*t about Jordon Hooper talking about PVC catsuits, and the incident with Curry for about 9 hours!
Lee Billing got caught by his dad pounding away whilst watching 'Butt-man goes to Barcelona'.
Lee Billing's Best mate in the whooooooole world is Richard Pinnock.
Lee Billing was the person that introduced Starr's player Jason Wood and Tom Ford into the pornographic delights of 'Passion Cove'.
Lee Billing's mum is a dinner lady, he hopes to follow in his mum's footsteps.
Lee Billing keeps a photo of Chris 'straight' Vittle in his wallet.

Lee Billing has got pile's

 Lee Billing Talks like Parslow

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