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Name: Victoria Paver
Nickname: Tori
Date of Birth: 07.07.83
Position: Right back
Number of years in football: 10 years ish
Fav. Food: Pasta, Pizza
Fav. Music: Craig David, Robbie Williams, Coldplay
Fav. Club: Leeds United
Hobbies: Hockey, football, socialising generally having fun
Fav. Player (past or present): Tony Yeboah, Eric Cantona
Biggest Influence: My dad and my primary school teacher Mr. Graham
Ambition: To be a PE teacher
Describe yourself in 3 word: motivated, committed and sporty

Name: Terri McDonald
Nickname: Tez
Date of Birth: 03.07.85
Position: Right back
Number of years in football: 8 years
Fav. Food: Fish 'n' chips
Fav. Music: Texas
Fav. Club: Heart of Midlothian
Hobbies: Football, rock climbing, mountainbiking and mountain walking
Fav. Player (past or present): Gary Lineker
Biggest Influence: Family
Ambition: To work with children in outdoor persuits
Describe yourself in 3 words: FAN BLOODY TASTIC

Name: Elly Maggs
Nickname: Snobby snobbington snobson (MBE)
Date of Birth: 31.08.1979
Position: Midfield
Number of years in football: 13 years
Fav. Food: Pasta,chicken, sweeties green ones especially
Fav music: Any music that isnt crap
Fav. Club: Newcastle and Reading f.c.
Hobbies: amazingly enough football, keeping fit, music, films
Fav. Player (past or present): Peter Beardsley
Biggest Influence: Family and friends
Ambition: Just to be the best that I can.

Name: Louise Leach
Nickname: Little Lou or Rodney Dave!
Date of Birth: 06 09 1984
Position: Forward
Number of years in football: 9 years
Fav. Food: Sunday Dinner
Fav. Music: David Gray and Toploader
Fav. Club: Liverpool
Hobbies: Footy, Cricket
Fav. Player (past or present): Robbie Fowler
Biggest Influence: My big brother
Ambition: To play for England Ladies

Name: Natalie Parker
Nickname: Nat Nat the army brat
Date of Birth: 26/09/84
Position: left back/left mid
Number of years in football: 8 years
Fav. Food: chicken
Fav. Music: n e thing that sounds good
Fav. Club: Newcastle f.c
Hobbies: playing football (der)
Fav. Player (past or present): Thierry Henry
Biggest Influence: My mam
Ambition: Play for England Ladies

Name: Natalie Kay
Nickname: Nat
Date of Birth: 15.10.1984
Position: Striker
Number of years in football: 3
Fav. Food: Spaghetti Bolognese
Fav. Music: Hip Hop/Eminem
Fav. Club: Newcastle United
Hobbies: sports/mostly tennis and football
Fav. Player (past or present): David Beckham
Biggest Influence: My Mam
Ambition: become a p.e teacher ,progress to a higher level in football

Name: Tim Paver
Nickname: Boss
Date of Birth: old
Position: Manager
Number of years in football: 35
Fav. Food: Big Soup
Fav. Music: Anything as long as it is annoying
Fav. Club: Leeds United of course
Hobbies: Football and theatre
Fav. Player (past or present): Alan Clarke and the rest of the 1970's Leeds team
Biggest Influence: Don Revie
Ambition: To Take Darlo RA Ladies back to the combination and keep them there.
Describe yourself in 3 words: dedicated, reliable and tactfull or short fat and ugly!!

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