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To set the ball rolling we kick off (excuse the puns) with extracts of an interview given by Morton to the Hinckley United FC website (picture & words nicked from

The following interview with Morton was conducted on Saturday October 6th 2001 after United had beaten Moor Green 3-1 in a Dr Martens Premier League fixture.


Q. I know you are playing cricket Morton. Are you a bowler or a batsman......and did you have a good season this year?

A. I'm an all rounder .... I have to bat.I have to bowl. I have to stay involved all the time and I love fielding as well.

Q. Its Claverdon Cricket Club you play for isn't it?

A. Yes it is. We play Village League Cricket on a Saturday and just friendlies on a Sunday.I had a terrible season cricket - wise this year because, after we won the league, I spent the whole of May drunk....and that's the truth.

I missed out on all the early season games. I played four games in June then went away on holiday and then came back for pre-season training. so I only had four games....terrible. I love my cricket...I love watching cricket.

Q. What is your highest score then?

A. I've had a few League centuries which I'm quite pleased about. It's only Village League though. I've had a 123 score but it IS only Village cricket and is not comparable to the football we're playing.

Q. So what sort of bowler are you?

A. (laughing) An erratic medium pacer. I've had one or two 'fives' but that's about it.

Q. Are you the Captain of the cricket team?

A. No...... I haven't got time for that as well !

Check out the rest of the interview on



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