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Under 18 vs Brighton Tigers

Rachael Roberts  Sunday, May 06, 2001  15:22 GMT

The Start of the Under 18's game was terrific, with Gareth Roberts in goal to start.
First period:
1st goal scored by James Marin assisted by Ricky Rutherford.
then by the lack of defence the Tigers were able to score their first goal of the game.
our second goal was scored by Mark bonathan assisted by ian jonson.
3rd goal scored by ricky rutherford,
and 4th goal by James Marin
Then by lack of defence (again) the tigers scored their second goal.
Shortly after James Gregory desided to elbow a tiger in the head and received a penalty.

Second period
Goalies were changed at the start of the period, now with Andy in goal,
the second period started quite good, with our 5th goal scored by Brad Williams, assisted by Mike Smith, then somehow the tigers scored their 3rd goal, then the tigers scored their 4th goal by getting past our defence (alex and simon)

Third period:
swaping goalies again, now with Gareth Roberts in goal.
the 6th goal was scored by Alex Harvey,
7th goal was scored by James Marin,
8th goal was a great goal scored by Bradley Williams assisted by Mike Smith and Gary Whiteley,
the the tigers got their 5th goal shortly after,
9th goal was scored by Simon Long assisted by Ricky Rutherford.

Forth Period:
Now with Andy in goal again.
Richard Lofthouse got a penalty for un sportsman like conduct as he kick one of the other players sticks.
Then a Spectacular 10th goal was scored by Bradley Williams,
then once again by the lack of defence (Richard Lofthouse and Ian Jonson) the tigers scored their 5th goal.
The final Score was 10-5
With James Marin as man of the match
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