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Kenty Keeps 'Em Out As Steve FINNishes 'Em off

Laurence Payne  Sunday, October 28, 2001  20:23 GMT

Down Town 2 Purley Old Boys 2 aet
Down Town won 3-1 0n pens

This was as the score line shows a rip roaring cup tie. The morning didn’t start well for Down Town because joint manager Payne got an early morning call from Charlie to find out where the rest of the team was. Unfortunately Charlie had forgot to put his clock back and had turned up an hour early. It always happens to someone and I’m just pleased that Charlie phoned me.

This was Down Towns first home game with the new facilities and very nice they are too. The only down point was the failure to turn up of keeper Muzzy the vampire Issott who was obviously scared off by the extra hour of daylight in the morning.

The game took shape very early with Down Town as in previous weeks trying to hit teams on the break (which is a polite way of saying the opposition had the lions share of possession), they sat back and soaked up the early pressure as the POB’s showed their attacking flair, & with the two skill full and very aggressive ( & bigggg) Purley coloured fellas it was certain to be all hands to the pump. As with last week though DT defended stoutly and it increased their confidence & they started to play the ball about, it became apparent that POB were a bit vulnerable at the back which DT realised and they began to push forward. This led to the first goal which though flukey was well deserved. The ball was worked through the midfield by the impressive Bowness & Carl Thomas and into the path of the pacey turf munching DT top scorer Wilkinson who raced beyond the POB defence to slice a shot over the advancing POB keeper.

At the other end a fine keeping display by MOM Steve Kent kept the visitors out, “some times he doesn’t seem to save it he just can’t get out of the way” said a passing spectator on his way back from Fab 5 brekkie at Tesco (I’m hoping for a spot of commission), the best of which was a one on one which he parried and although the forward reacted quicker a strong Chinny Forber tackle saved the day.

Half time was reached at 1-0, DT came out of the blocks on fire after a half time rollicking from Wiggy Cooper and when Steve Finn kept what seemed a helpless ball in play and fired it down the line to Turfy he crossed for Richie Bowness to fire home for 2-0. What followed from here was a barrage of attack from POB and the little fella that came on at half time was pulling all the strings. Added to that he had the sort of throw normally a potent attacking tool for DT. With the pressure mounting a fine ball over the DT defence found the little lad in a bit of room, he raced through fighting of the challenge of the veteran Payne’s challenge and cooly slotted home past Kent. Game on.

Wave after wave of attack came and went, DT still looked dangerous on the break and squandered a couple of good chances and the Purley keeper made a good save from Paynes 35 yard thunder bolt. Something had to give & give it did The lone Purley forward burst through with minutes left and toe punted the ball past Kent for 2-2

Full time was 2-2 and so into extra time, chances came and went at both ends, Paul Jeffs clearing off his own line and having a header cleared off the oppositions but 2-2 it finished. NOW ON TO PENALTIES. Up stepped a POB first but he fired the ball at Kenty’s strong area, his fat arse, he sat on the ball and then clutched it 0 from 1. Chinny’s turn. He sauntered up and although the keeper had a cup of tea, a shower, nipped home for dinner he still had time to just bend down and pick the ball up. Both teams 0 from 1. POB scored in the roof of the net for 1-0. Wiggy’s turn, nothing fancy, he just blasted it down the middle, the keeper dived and shouted Ha Ha you missed me. 1-1.The star of POB’s second half stepped up and with no run up cooly planted the ball against the post. Still 1-1. War horse Payne was next, the Ref delayed things as he got all his numbers mixed up but Payne still kept his composure and blasted the ball past the flailing keeper. 1-2. POB man next, Kenty sprung to his right and pushed the fine shot away. Still 1-2. Time for Steve Finn to make a name for himself, which he did with some aplomb slipping the ball past a mesmerised POB keeper to win it 3-1.

The only thing which soured proceedings was the news later that the game should have finished at 90 minutes and been replayed next week. Surely the league can’t allow such a mis-carriage of justice to go ahead, Down Town battled like demons and thoroughly deserved the victory. But the league will no doubt blame us even though the ref was insistent on the extra time and pens. As with so many cases in Sunday morning footy we’ll just have to like it or lump it (& just carry on paying the fees).(Tony I think I'm getting emotional again)
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